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What's this a crossover of?

6014473 It's a crossover with the game Dishonored.

good job. this is a good story, will be keeping an eye on this.

Rushed as hell.

wait i thot this was anthro:rainbowhuh:

6143538 Only Corvo is anthro. The others are just regular ponies.

This is an interesting story. You get a like and a fav in the next chapter.

This chapter was great. I'll fav this story. Hope to see more of this story soon.

Great chapter. It's nice to see Corvo befriend Vinyl, Octavia, and Screw Loose.

Parental or sibling love perhaps?

Entertaining chapter. The Twilight/Corvo dynamic is interesting. Keep up the good job.

so awesome.
first though, I must get ghost and clean hands on normal.

This was an entertaining chapter to read.

Nice to see another chapter of this story.

I dislike the demotion thing, it seems like that will only serve to undermine his authority. Demoted from a guard created specifically for him? How humiliating.

Anyways, who's this romance going to be with? It seems like it could be with Octavia and/or Vinyl, but I could also see it being with Cadence. After all, it seems like you intentionally didn't put her in a relationship with Gleaming Shield.

The sparring match between Corvo and his guard was entertaining and the family dinner was pretty sweet. Thanks for the chapter.

I will have a look at this,


Dishonored 2 is coming OMG!!

6144082 Thank you. I was getting real confused about this whole thing. :pinkiehappy:

'Saddle Arabia?' Corvo thought. 'Really?'

Yes Corvo, Horse puns.. I know I know I love puns in all but some of them are really lame.

The doctor scowled at the stallion behind the desk, "I believe I told you that this stallion had special permission to see Miss Screw Loose."

Ohhhhh snap you got told bitch!

Corvo. Next time you see Screw Loose, Use the Heart of the Empress on her. (I know that's not what it is called but it sounds better you know?)

"And now that you are the law?" Night Light asked.

.... The Law huh...

I did not expect Daud to be here.

This is really good! I can't wait for more.

I give this story 3 runes.... out of 1! Also I will give you a Extra Bone Charm for good luck.

Re-reading this for the second time.

Why is my shipping sense tingling when I see Corvo and Screw Loose together?

I thought for a moment that you forget about my proposal. I glad I was wrong.
Nice job, by the way.:moustache:

Raven Vs Nightmare Moon. Who will win?!

Find out on the next episode of The Lord Protector of Equestria!

Is it weird that I am thinking of Shipping Corvo and Screw Loose.

ok calling it now. Deliah is in soooo much trouble,also can we get billie in here, please!

6440551 good idea and don't worry he author practically called it that already.

6573323 Sweet. I can't wait.

I should have brought cambell to this!

6579764 Yeah now that I think about it more it does and I am glad cause I love Daud.

6540454 I'll take five bits on moon, five coins on armor, and three cakes on pinkie to win!

My my! first the witch then the assassin and now the despot...the outsider really knows how to make a game interesting!

6581097 I can't wait until the gala either blueblood is going to smart off and get a fistful of corvo or daud will knock his lights out on general principle!:pinkiehappy:

6582954 Man it's going to be good!

6583126 i wonder...since corvo and daud are in equestria does that mean billie is at canterlot high or crystal prep?:duck:

6600255 That is a possibility. We will just have to see.

This story has some pretty god potential but I think that judging by Chapter 1 you seem to fall into the telling not showing problem, it reads sort of dry and a bit boring in that the only real descriptions of things are in dialogue and Corvo's inner monologue/thoughts. Also I really don't see the point of making him anthro, I would say either go full pony like the Equestrians or keep him human, having him anthro in a fully pony world doesn't make sense to me (seems a bit of a cop out in that you didn't want to figure out the mechanics for his abilities as a pony but also wanted him to be like the Equestrians(I genuinely mean no offence these are just my thoughts on what things bugged me in the first chapter.))

All-in-all a decent story with a interesting premise, hopefully in later chapters it improves as you get practice but I have to bow out here, it's just not my cup of tea. :twilightsmile:

Great chapter pal. I never really saw any whales in the game but maybe I just didn't look hard enough or maybe I just forgot. Either way I am glad you went with telling the story of Dishonored 1 the way you played it.

6695558 I saw one in the void about midway through i think?

6711701 Oh yeah! I almost forgot about the void! Thanks pal.

6711813 No prob. kinda surprised that pinkie didn't grab some popcorn and 3D glasses though.

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