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Woo hoo hoo, you've gotten my full attention on this! I freaking love Warframe!

Good first chap. Although, I have to ask why you chose Excalibur? Is it your favorite warframe or was it a choice made to suit the stories purposes?

My starting warframes was Excalibur and it's one of my favorites.

Was that crazy Eddie from borderlands?

Yes it was! Was wondering if anyone would catch that. Wanted to throw in someone other than the merchant to add to the story.

Yeah you can never forget that crazy son of a bitch

I don't know warframe but the story sounds good

While this chapter felt a bit fast (I mean you've got the main character using their abilities almost right at the beginning as though it were nothing new) it still seems quite nice and the idea is much better portrayed in my opinion compared to the "other" displaced warframe story. Perhaps in the next few chapters you can try to take things a bit more slowly, though you don't have to, this is just my opinion. Either way I enjoyed this first chapter very much and cant wait to see more.keep up the good work.

😐😐😐please continue

Personally I like rhino prime (made mine really efficient in energy use, and have the mods for roar and iron skin) but Excalibur is a good all around frame

Now that I was able to read this story I can gladly say this is a good story, and I hope to see more.

Good chapter and somewhat expected hunhow to be in part of this but then that would leave Lotus the mother of the tenno to be talked about. It would also be cool to see Ordis in this story if you play out that way

Please continue

A bit rushed at the end there.

Like it a bit rushed at the end but good non the less please do make more chapters for this interesting story

why is everyone always so gungho about the Excalibur warframe
its pretty middle of the pack as far as usefulness goes
and wile i like him and he is fun to play he is defiantly not my fave warframe
i like Atlas more than Excalibur
i think Oberon or Valkyr are my favorite for team and solo runs respectivly

Warframe moving without the tehno... Seriously wut with recent game update and this thing is from 2017.


The Second Dream somewhat hints at the ability when the operative is having the warframe carry them. And they interact somewhat with the world even though they are awake and removed from the stasis pod they were in. I got the idea from that, may not be fully canon but could be a possibility of a master Tenno.

That is quite good piece of a story. Any chance for update, even later this year?

Starter Mag is the only warframe I need. Begone, primefags!

When's the update coming up

When you are saying Excalibur is the middle of the pack but atlas is one of the worst frames

Another dead fic πŸ˜”

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