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This story is a sequel to An Apple Doesn't Fall

She's absolutely everything anypony could dream of, and she only has eyes for him. But the harsh reality of a future with Luna weigh heavily on Big Mac's mind. Love conquers all, but can it mend the gap time will leave between them?

(This story truly belongs in a "Drama" category, but there is no such thing. Also, as an E-rated tale, certain things are left to the imagination.) :heart:

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Comments ( 21 )

Oh, the DRAMA! :raritydespair:
Man, I don't know how this earned six downvotes. That was beautiful.
Edit: Six and rising, apparently. Man, some peeps just hate those royal ships.
I also kind of feel like the Slice of Life tag is misplaced. Not much of that story was applicable to or representative of everyday life. Immortal royal girlfriends are quite a unique problem.

Although I have to figure that there must be SOME way to artificially extend ponies' lifetimes with magic. Mac doesn't give his mare enough credit.

5651818 Good point. I'll remove the tag. Thank you!

And yes... there might be. But I also may have plans. :raritywink:

I liked it. :heart:

LunaMac's a guilty pleasure of mine, probably because of the built-in "we-come-from-different-worlds" hook it has. I can respect that you chose to end the story at the point you did, but the selfish side of me wishes it went on!

Anyway, regardless of that, I did very much enjoy both scenes! Have an upvote. :)

5671349 It sets a scene. I promise... :raritywink:

Do i detect a possible sequel :pinkiehappy: if not :raritydespair:

5674372 I have plans, my good pony.

Oddly foreboding. I haven't gotten so hooked on a set of such little fics that still somehow build into something more since Jade Ring's criminally underrated continuity.

This...has me very intrigued. I look forward to more like this.

5703996 You're in luck. I'm working on something pertaining to this very soon...

I seriously think this shouldn't have ended where it did. There is awfuly lot of foreshadowing for a continuation for it to be the end.

5724668 It continues in Nova, which has just launched. :twilightsmile:

5724825 I saw. I will see what I can do.

I need MOAR! Wai- Holy cow there's another sequel!

Thank you for a very entertaining story.

That might explain why when he could be anything in his dreams he chose to be a prince...

Hey, there is a Drama tag now so you can add it.

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