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This story is a sequel to Ponies Protecting Ponies

Although this story follows the events of Ponies Protecting Ponies, reading the previous story is not necessary to enjoy this one.

Amethyst Star, to put it simply, just had a very long night. On top of a productive first day of work, she now finds herself settling into the town of Ponyville for her new job. At least for the time being, she's been assigned to stay with a coworker. Of course, no one told Amethyst that her new roommate would need an occasional babysitter for one rambunctious little tyke.

Artwork by the talented Liger Storm

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 7 )

Beautiful story and nice cover. Agreed Dinky, your mother makes the best muffins! And Sparkler is a good big sister,

Hi, feature box! :scootangel:

Congrats on getting featured! :heart:

congrats man. you've earned it :)

Yay, DInky and Sparkler!!!

You guys have been given far too much power lol

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