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Ohoho~ This is gonna be interesting :ajsmug:

...Am I.. seriously first? Well then, first time for everything o3o..


oooo a Zecora fic I haven't read one of those in a while

oh and 973500 1.bp.blogspot.com/-_TkbcIBMy1Y/T2Ioh3r-T_I/AAAAAAAABGA/BAJcgUhFm7c/s1600/firstpost.jpg I believe this is what you are looking for

:facehoof: Great, another one of these... Well, at least it's got a romance tag, so there's that, and at least Zecora rhymes here. You'd be surprise how many people just don't bother with that.

You need more commas. It's kind of sounds weird reading long dialog without any pauses, and it's a bit jarring.

Oh gosh, that Bronze Hoof at the end. Scary! :fluttershbad:

I noticed a few very minor typos, but so far this and the last chapter were great :twilightsmile:

Onto the next!

Zebra Lightning! Fu--... Buck Yeah!

Well , it's good to see a positive turnout for this. The next chapter where all the action occurs is about 90% done but complications with internet have kind of been eating away at what little time I have to write.

First Zecora fic I ever read...
Interesting so far... want more ^^


Don't worry! :pinkiehappy: You should take your time 'n stuff :twilightsmile:

I can't wait until this story is updated, you're a very great writer :yay:

The first Zecora clop in a long time, and its lesbian. :facehoof:

I guess I'll read it anyway.


I do have a m/f/f fic if you are interested called "Soaring Hearts" if semi stright shipping/clop is what you desire.


And I thought I had read all the Rainbow x Soarin Clops...

Heh um...Let's see how the rest of this pans out?

Btw, for the sake of the Interwebs,

First Post!

Needs a tad bit of touch up on the sentence structure and grammar, not to mention the spelling and capitalization (Rarity and Rarity's, not rarity and rarities. It's a name, not a description). Besides that though, I like it.

This is actually interesting.. It's not just another clopfic.. It has a plot.. yay..

sounds interesting lol. ill save it for a bit of a read later

Of course it has a 'plot'... Yay! Conscious immaturity!!


Thought the same thing but you beat me to the post XD

Can I punch the colt who wants to take advantage of Fluttershy in the face? I need something to take my anger out on

Seems like an interesting development. Hope to see more! :twilightsmile:

Good so far. Ill probably look to see if it has updated when im bored later today. Good story, plot is good but could be better. all in all 7/10

following this
:moustache: a stache for you my friend!!

Why must you cliffhanger meeeeee!

When you described the halo cutie mark, it should be lower case. Halo is a game, a halo is different.

Damn! A fight scene in a clop-fic! Never would have expected that... And then there's those ghost colts... Makes you question who's really human, and who's a ghost... Or who's a pony and whatnot.

The drugstore was out, Lyra and Bonbons shop didn't have a cure and Rainbow Dash is probably riding Soarin like a bull right now.:derpyderp2:

That alone made this chapter


i like zecora for her rymes but i gues with what you sayed that she aint bounded to the rules any more, she aint needed to ryme again... but she still could. i wonder how this will escalate, if the tribe is coming its bound to be a asome show down between ponies and zebra huh?


She will stil;l rhyme here and there, It's still part of who she is and yes, I do plan to cover/wrap up all plot (heh plot) points in the next few chapters.:scootangel:

asome >.<
and lol on plot heheh your realy punny...
and i would love to see how fluttershy is, when she is all burning up... i pity the poor bronze hooves...

... The lion sleeps tonight. Very good, but now that song is on repeat in my head.:twilightangry2:

Kinda wish a favorite would = a upvote :( 115 favs and 61 makes me a sad panda :fluttercry:

Fluttershy went bright crimson. Holding her hood under Zecora's chin, pulling her close she whispered in Zecora's ear. "And just think, we get to do that every night for six more nights."


and also ''...''

and then how far did zecora traveled to get in the everfree? if so the morning would be crouded with zebra willing to get a piece of meat, and that aint a good thing >.<

Good story, but are you actually planning to use that plant thing? I mean, you spent so much time building it up and it kind of just died.


originally yes, but the requestee of this fic suggested I avoid weird hentai like play in favor of something a bit more traditional. I left it in there for a false pretense twist of sorts.

But if you're not gonna use it then I don't really see what else you could do with the story. The only other things you could do is something about what Zecora was thinking about or something else with Bronze Hoof. I'm not trying to tell you how to write the story, I'm just saying, in my point of view, there's not many other directions you could take the story.


there's multiple unresolved plotpoints, like Zecora's grandmother, the ghosts at the spring and other things. Trust me, I plan 2-3 chapters ahead sometimes.

:yay::heart: holy shit, that was hot! whoever dislikes this obviously has little imagination for what it must feel like. great story btw.

Wow...um...so...I need to stop reading clop before work :facehoof: it always has the same result.

Anywho, this was awesome in so many ways, porn with plot :twilightsmile: or plot with porn... whatever.:applejackunsure:

I'm wondering how far you plan on taking this? Their is not enough Zecroa fics out there let alone longer ones, and I would love to see more of this.:rainbowkiss:

I notice in this chapter you forget to use 'an' a lot.
She never took Zecora for the strong muscular type mainly becuase if didn't show in her body shape...
I believe it should be it.


Oddly enough I noticed many fics avoid using the word 'an' unless the author is British as Americans seem to have habit of short handing 'an' into just 'A' for usage when stressing a noun.

anyways, thanks for pointing out the typo.:scootangel:

*Aims laser at Bronze Hoof* Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!!! *Beeowm!*

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