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Just trying my hand at some stories.

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Dude, that was something else. I was not prepared, but I'm interested in knowing what happens next^^

...I love you Zecora and your silly magics (^^)

This was certainty an interesting one here. I liked it actually. Who doesn't like a tentacle clopfic every now and then. :heart: :pinkiehappy:

The fic was amazing. Until I got to the end. Then it was Bucking Hysterical. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

"Alone with her pray Chrysalis walked over to him, taking her time as she went"
Mayhap that should be prey?

"Chrysalis stoked his cock"
I'm actually not sure about that one. Can one stoke a cock?

"His stomach felt hollow, from both coming and from braking his vow to Cadence."
Breaking would correct term here, I think.

Shining remembered every detail in his dream, but didn’t want to tell Twilight everything. “Um, Chrysalis was there. What about you?”

“Oh Shining, it was awful! There were no books anywhere in the world. There was only this thick plastic sheet. They called it the ‘Kindle’.”

LIES!:twilightangry2: You're not giving us the whole detail missy. :trixieshiftright:

When Twilight finds out what a Kindle is, she won't consider it a nightmare anymore.

What you got against kindle? I'm using it to type this il now.?:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

“Oh Shining, it was awful! There were no books anywhere in the world. There was only this thick plastic sheet. They called it the ‘Kindle’.”


I could assume many a colt in Ponyville is what RD is considering, but if I had to wager a guess, there's really only one man that can fit the bill. :eeyup:
[dennismiller]Course That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.[/dennismiller]

Nice work. Keep it up, can't wait to see more!

I already know Big Macintosh is the center of this story, but I'm terrified to ask how, and what is going to happen to him

Oh god

Applebloom :twilightsheepish:

when are you gonna make another?

well thats going to be an intresting dinner topic for big mac and apple bloom

First? Cool story bro

But seriously, can't wait for the nxt chapter :3

This is a good story.

I was worried about you! Glad to see you're still up and at 'em.:eeyup:

You should do more with Gilda!!!

It is ALIVE! it is ALIVE!

Ohohoh, Twist, eh?

How about her having a dream about Snails? Going out on a date, getting a little fristy, and him dopily ignoring all her protest?
And I'd really love a Snips chapter too. That one gets so little love- either as a subject or a dream would work!

Apple Bloom, bearer of the Void Flank.

I loved this chapter it was awesome and kind of gross.I can't wait to see what happens between them all next and what happens next to them all.

I loved it all it was awesome and it had some awesome funny ,sexy sweet and a awesome read I can't wait to see what happens n'll between them all next and what happens next to them all.

Good Author, would you like me to tell you how to make it official on the site that this story is the sequel?

Pinkamena, the best, evil clop pony

From above the chatter came Sweetie Belle’s voice, “Hey Twist! You look great!”
Diamond Tiara looked over at the door and sat up in surprise. Twist had straight hair in a high ponytail and long bangs.

dun dun dun:twistnerd:

Comment posted by ServingSpoon deleted Oct 28th, 2014

Blank flank? More like... Uhh.. Oh bucking hell, it's hard to come up with jokes on the spot :twilightangry2:

“They didn’t get anything done because they couldn’t decide who was going to take meeting minutes. He said that the fighting got so bad they had to call the police.”

Well, you know how those scribe types are.

1378638 Maybe Twilight is just the sort of pony who prefers her books in book format.

4241183 actually, I have nightmares about coming to my local library and finding that it's been turned into a server farm. No books... No smell of ancient tomes... Just the hum of machines... Cold... Soulless machines...

(Curls into a ball)

I want to know more about Spike's little adventure later on.

In heat, vulnerability for pregnancy.

Before I read it, what is the Dark tag for?
And how bad does it get ?

Dammit sparkle butt, kindles are WAY FUCKING BETTER DUMBASS

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