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[Romance tag is minor. Maybe...]

watch the animation first before reading
1000's of years ago, when Princess Luna realizes that no pony loves her nights, she creates a new race of ponies, the Children of the Night.More than a thousand years have past and the Children of the Night are long forgotten. But they did not leave. They waited a thousand years for their Princess, and now she has returned. With only a few ponies left they realize that they will not last forever. A young mare, Nightly Red has heard every story about how the Children of the Night came to be from the Elders. All different stories with a common denominator, the princess. She then took a risk, she wanted to know the true story, She went to Canterlot to hear the real story from Luna herself. This is the story of her adventure.

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Interesting... Looking forward to more of this.

You have my attention... :trixieshiftright:

Looking forward to the next chapter ~☆

Being a fan of the video, and of what I've read so far, I very much look to more of this story. You've hit my favorites collection.

I find it odd that Celestia would have hate-filled eyes on seeing Cougari. It is not her fault. Any anger would be directed at Luna. If anything I would expect sadness from Tia.

I'm a little confused but can't wait for the next chapter.

what can I do to make you less confused?

*grins evilly* Is she really Celestia? No I'm kidding she is. No you see, she hates Luna yes. But when she looks at the "diary" she hates what she sees. The Princess (Celestia) told Luna not to do what she did years ago. The next chapter is in Luna's point of view of what happens after Gari runs out of dinner. So i hope that clears up your doubt.

3304002 I don't know it's just the library part just seemed rushed.


ah... well... idk wat to say to that:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:



then I will give u hint! The fillies name is drawing moon... reread the first chapter:ajsmug:

Please add a new chapter:pinkiehappy:

Im kinda in a funk but I'm almost halfway doneish lol. But im glad you like the story! means a lot:heart:

I really would like to see this fic play out. I really enjoyed this chapter, it gave some insight on why Luna did it and that it was because she felt like them like no one needed her. Please continue this amazing piece of work I love this story.

It makes me so happy to hear you say that! I am working on another chapter, and it will be out within the month hopefully.

Aww. Well take your time. Quality over quantity :twilightsmile:
I await your next installment.

Yes, indeed. Have a swell day!

Nice set up chapter. And I was so happy to see this story update. Keep up the great work.:twilightsmile:
Also hope everything is alright with your personal life.

Thanks for your concern! Everythings okay for now!

you got featured

OMG! I missed it!!! Thank you for the notice!

Very interesting, also HOW did this not show up on my updated favorites list?

I have no clue! I updated this last month I believe. Sorry about my long break. I will probably be erratic with my updates.

5679062 It's ok, we all have to take a break once in a while, but try not to rush with the story, i'd and the rest of your followers would prefer if you take your time and retain the quality. :twilightsmile:

sorry, lost interest here. If Luna was back then why hasn't she visisted them.

Wait. Sorry I didn't get back to you haha. But you should definitely wait and see:raritywink:

A very interesting story. I have enjoyed reading it. I only wish you had written more of it.

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