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Knives And Forks

Hi, I'm Knives and Forks, but you can call me Forks. I love Rise Of The Guardians and MLP FIM. To give you some info on me, I'm a girl and I am currently doing my GCSEs in school.

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I'm Forks, and I'm a crazy brittish teenager, who likes MLP, as you can see. I'm not the the only brony/pegasister in my school, but I'm the eldest, and there are few of us. I used to be Harmonic Symphony, but that's a b it of a mouthful, isn't it? So I settled for this new name 'cause cutlery. Oh I will die if I find somepony with that as their username: Cutlery.
Anyway, Hourglaa, one of my fanfics, is probably a deadfic, but I might carry it on if I get motivated. Other than that, I am working of Dear Fanfiction writers, anf I apologise if somebody has had that idea already.
Thats all a gotta say. Bye! :derpytongue2:

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