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New Sir Hat! Fuck yeah!

5229701 It would appear I have made enemies.
*evil finger pyramid*

A story in the Ivory-verse where none of the characters have said "Fuck" yet.

Joel is my new favorite character. Also, Foxglove and Milky should meet. I think that would be interesting. Either that or the universe would implode.

Figures he'd also be Canadian. :trixieshiftleft:

5229903 What have you got against Canadians?:rainbowhuh:

Nothing, just stereo typical that the first guy who doesn't swear much is Canadian.

5229903 i was going to say he was my new favorite because he seems sane and perfectly well adjusted to society aside from seeming a bit awkward. Then I remembered he was Canadian and it all made sense. Also

I think this is the most I think I've seen one of your characters apologize in one chapter. Anyway, I'm noticing a lack of Irish characters.

Holy crap. I just pictured the Equestrian equivalent of Ireland and because I'm so tired I'm now laughing hysterically.

Well, good thing I didn't notice the human tag. Your rendition of the HiE theme is most delightful. A really enjoyable read!


*Laughs profusely.* I'm sorry, I just have this image of Jor El milking Milky in my head!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

"Went full Canadian."

Never go full Canadian

First chapter and already it has a place umong my favorite Ivory-verse stories.

:rainbowderp:You didn't say that he had an eye-patch.
That's both kinda :rainbowdetermined2:cool and :fluttershyouch:sad that this happened.

Hey milky
wanna beer
fuck yeah I do

I'll have to echo that. More descriptors of characters are needed in the first chapter when you have important details like that. Even just a passing mention would work. Just needs to be made available.

It's not really important to him. It's part of him, but something people tend to avoid. Thus, I kept it hidden.
Organic character building.

You don't know his haircolor, size or weight, but you might. This guy is going to develop over time.

Is it wrong I want to see a picture of this eye? It sounds so awesome I want to see it.

So…magic make him had a full recovering to the point of no scar but whatever it was in that potion made his eye, useless? but complete?

Hmmm…interesting, if there are a lot of colors, instead of just white or a white scar it could mean his eye is still adjusting, wow I can't wait to see what will result when he recover his vision, maybe will be able to see auras, or perhaps be able to had magic x ray and be able to see, ponies magic inside of them instead of bones and all that

P.S: He is working in a factory that made love potion? isn't that dangerous? also I kind of wonder what happen with the pony that cause the accident?

His eye has been fucked up for a while, he's permanently blind in his left eye. And he works in a potion factory, love potions are just one of the things they make.

Never leave a beer unattended! If you do, You'll never see it again!:fluttershbad:

But his eye can return? maybe like with some new spell they will create or maybe some special potion that revert it? I mean that pony that cause it most feel like shit and will probably wish to fix his eye

I have a plan...Read Broke's latest chapter, you'll see the idea.

On behalf of the citizens of San Antonio, I tell you we most certainly do not cuss a metric fuckton. That's just for the ***hole drivers, motards and for a few other things.

Okay, since you ask for comments: The story looks great so far (even though I find the human protagonist weird) and I did love the "Cheeseburger" thing. You get me to chuckle - I like that.
The hole eyepatch thing came unexpected but works, since you didn't describe any of that in the first chapter that could contradict it.
Lactation and crotchboobs are my fetish, so you totally have my attention.

Z0 #27 · Nov 6th, 2014 · · · Winter ·

Do you actually plan to finish this one :p

Seriously though. I love your stories and ideas, but it seems like you don't actually finish them... Then again. I kind of have the same problem XD

I'm bad at constructive criticism but you wanted a comment so "I like it so far but I'm slightly put off by how often the main charater references his heritage." That's the most you'll get out of me at 4AM on a work night.

5233910 i am leaving a comment. because that is the most unoriginal thing ever.

Details please


Mosquitoes refuse to bite him purely out of respect
His pillow is cool on BOTH sides
He once tried to acquire a cold just to see what it felt like, but it didn’t take

He is the most interesting human in Equestria

"I don't drink Dos Equis often, but when I do, I drink with pretty pastel ponies. Stay thirsty, my friends." :moustache:

i for one like where this is going and cant wait to read what happens next:twilightsmile::scootangel::pinkiesmile:

Others, people who came here first, they'll adapt slower, they'll fit in slower. They came running, for something or from something, and that's not going to make a healthy person right away.

I never actually thought of it that way. Suddenly your other stories have a whole new dimension.

Ok, i can agree on two things: (1) - that milky thinks anythin three degrees or lower is buckin freezin :ajbemused: n' (2) that Joel will spill blood if anybody tries to wax him :twilightangry2:. Which is ironic or whatever on t last one since i usually hate gettin violent unless i hav to :pinkiesad2:

:trixieshiftleft: someone is getting lucky!:trixieshiftright:

Are these potions shipped to other cities? That could make some very funny things happen in other stories.

wow that most the most casual confession ever

I covered my mouth to keep from giggling. "Jesus- me and Milky were going to go shopping, you want us to drop you off at the Bad Dragon outlet?"

For the love of all that's holy I have only the faintest idea why that parting paragraph reduced me to a cackling idiot.

It's because of those God forsaken Bad Dragon adds from not too long ago. Still found it funny as all hell though.

Keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Their place is 3 degrees inside? 3 degrees Celsius? Which is 37 Fahrenheit...

Why the heck is their place so freaking cold? It's like living in a refrigerator.

They basically live in the Anchorage of Equestria. Sea side, wooded, cold, snowy. It's nice in the sun, but without a fire at night it's wrap up time.

Quick question bro, what state do you live in?

5237832 The description of some of their effects made me think of Hat's old story "A distinct lack of Pants". Maybe a potion factory going up helped contribute to transformation?

nnnnf we need more milky way romance fanfics, my penis likes them so much

This is a pretty hilarious start to a story I know I will love.

This fic had a lot going for it till you bashed American beer... It's not all bad as long as you stay away from the cheap shit and stick to the smaller breweries try Lazy Magnolia or anything by the Kona Brewing Company. Then you insult being the little spoon.

Good chapter, I liked the bad dragon reference at the end.

This is great and I'm having a lot of fun reading it. Thank you for writing it!

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