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Celestia goes through royal duties and answering all her loyal subjects request whether good or pointless every day. Princess Luna goes through the same royal duties in the evening but with subjects with lesser class in requests. All they both desires is to enjoy a evening snack with each other Celestia enjoying a freshly baked cake while Luna herself enjoys her midnight Brownies before her night's work and just enjoy the time to eat their favorite treats with each other's presence. It was any other day filled with duties and once again in the main dinning hall and the usual chef presenting the princesses desserts for the evening.... but one thing was missing.

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Nice idea to start a story with, being a vigilante of the night itself.
There are alot of grammatical errors though.

A few errors, but otherwise, interesting.

Love it. fav and follow.

Through the shadows a bipedal creature cloaked in white with a hood over his head covering his face and wearing a black cape was walking on the rooftop of the Canterlot buildings watching every noble pony passing by from their get together, parties, or social gatherings.

Wait, is he wearing a white cloak, or a black cloak? If he's wearing both, that just looks weird....

5192240 I agree with this.

You should try to find an editor to help you.

I give you a Fav and thumb up.

Entertaining and Interesting, however it could use a Editor. Also, Luna's crush seems slightly strange, after all she only saw his eyes and him beating up her own Guards. And the 'Phantom' has little character other than being badass. In conclusion, great but could use some work. Fav'd and Tracked.

That´s awesome, i think it is safe to say that, i don´t know which words i should use to describe it because i feel like i said it already to a few fanfictions, but the idea of this one, well it has all i like.
Please don´t make him an asshole later, i really like him, the first Human i saw here, which isn´t the weakest creature in Equestria.
Other Humans which are strong or are magic immune, always sleep, are on vacation or stay in the castle if a big fight like Chrysalis or anything else happen. I didn´t like it if they don´t even get the chance to help or do anything even if they are trained for the fight.

I want to be honest, i thought for a moment he would be one of those which are generous, but try not to show that they wanted to do it. I thought he would complain about loosing his cape and such things, i know that isn´t anything bad but i just wanted to say i like how you made him. For a moment i wanted to complain what he could do, but then again you showed the videos (that made it easier to understood it for me and i knew he really could have learned it.

To make it short (because i don´t know what else to say), i think i could enjoy this story really much, even the first chapter was enough to make it my favourite. I hope he remains this nice.

Please make it a long story or at let it have an open end, if the story is always as good as right now i am sure i would like a sequel.

Nice editing. It really increased the quality. :twilightsmile:

'Tis a nice story, but I'm bothered by the fact that the story keeps switching between the present and past tense without any apparent reason.

Still waiting and loving this story. This was also my first fanfic I read too. What I find this interesting or stands out the most is how you start your first chapter and how you setup your main character. He isnt magic resistant (like in some other stories), he can also use magic (at least that skips the magic lessons part) and already knows how to defend himself. One of my hope is that he plays a active role in the story and doesn't make him feel too op or too useless. Generally o really enjoy this story and i hope its got a good length to it.

Well... that will be interesting^^

...no kidding. it really short. but i love it.

YES! Thank you! MOAR!:yay:

YES, thank you cant wait for more :pinkiecrazy:

Short but who gives a @$!#. Love the use of how Phantom and Tirek can do the same spell absorbing with their hands. Will keep on waiting.

I still like it^^

I need more or I might die.

I forgot how good the story was, i liked the :pinkiehappy:music too

This is good. The site needs more adventure stories like these.

Not bad...but it really short.

Hmm... I like where this is going. Please, continue :pinkiesmile:

Why can't there be more fics like this

Dude jumps around like Cole from infamous. Very cool.

Ok where is rest of it? :applejackconfused: cliffhanger I'll get you! :twilightangry2:

"Phantom no matter what I don't want you to go and rescue my parents."

I don´t know if he is going to do it anyway, but that would maybe be a good moment for another encounter with the princess, well but i don´t know if they would go themself.

A awesome new. And of course he is going to rescue Olive Parent's^^

If u don't want him to rescue your parents then don't give him the idea. I feel like a awkward moment is gonna happen soon XD.

I am gonna follow this but I feel an intense need to comment about the use of embedded videos. They can really break up the flow of a story for me and I am sure it does for others as well. If you really want to link a video I suggest you do it with hyperlinks as they are far more subtle and just as easy to open in a new tab where it is easier to manage.

This story is going to be a long one. Two reasons the update time of each chapter and This story Is so Celetia dam interesting. Every second of the day now feels like 1000 years. I'm right now under the actual time I feel every second, More like over 9000.

sweet chapter, love the continuation of phantoms and olives reunion. i hope the princesses can do something about the diamond dog problem before its too late.:applecry:

Comment posted by twad deleted Apr 26th, 2015

Your back I see :ajsmug:

Does he really think Olive wont be a tad suspicious that he has such a wonderful bed? Or she wont hear at least a little bit about a strange bipedal creature thief while waiting in line for day court? No dude's gonna get busted by the one who knows him the most. And that will be funny as hell. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm getting the feeling that olives dads dead or broken, a misbehaving slave has no place on the line, and it would take a bit to break the guy. And the mom well.... lets hope my really screwed up head is wrong.

..... did the author changed?
You need someone to proofread you on this one pal

I like the story so far, but I can't stop thinking about how Phantom talks to himself kinda like in Watch Dogs always talking to himself, only thing that so be cleared up.

What is he talking about?
Just rob Jet Set off all his assets and share them with the common ponies (kinda robin hood, I guess). Most unicorn nobles at this era don't deserve the wealth.

I'm finding this story interesting but there is no reason this should be a present tense fix as opposed to the much more common past tense. You would also more likely be able to do it consistently instead of having tense issues where pieces are in past tense and conflicting with the present tense, sometimes only earlier in the same sentence.

Edit: correction. This needs a copy editor because I shouldn't see the Princess were rather than is princesses were or princess was/is.

Good!! Really good!

Please tell me you are still writing this story

I would like another chapter please.

Okay, Luna was on the moon for a thousand years, not a mere five centuries. Next, it is now 2016 and this story has failed to reach the 50000 word goal, never mind the 150000 word goal you set in the description. Anyway, the idea of essentially Geralt from the Thief series in Equestria is entertaining considering that almost all of his jobs are at night, and the mental image of him and Luna having a one side love/hate relationship with her becoming increasingly frustrated by him, while he pines for the princess of the night.

6955232 I thank all viewers who are still with this story despite how long it's been I plan on updating this story just as soon as I have the time to. The last year has been killing me and stealing any free time available to me. So please I ask that you all wait just a little longer. I should have it update this month or next month.

He then spots another cloth and wraps it around his face to prevent his identity being fully exposed.

Pretty sure that being an alien completely negates the hidden identity idea! :rainbowwild:

Tirek caused a great disaster back near 500 years ago to nearly take over Equestria by absorbing all the unicorns’ magic and making it his own. His plans were foiled by Luna and her and they sent him to Tarturus to ensure he doesn’t cause harm to Equestria again.

How is that possible? Luna was banished for 1000 years, therefore she couldn't have been there if the event was 500 years ago. But since we know that she was part of the event (flashback in the TV Show) it means that the Tirek incident happened over 1000 years ago! :rainbowwild:

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