• Published 30th Oct 2011
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Two's Company, Three's a Crowd - Lithe Kamitatsy

One night of fun for a certain musical pair will leave their lives upside down.

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Chapter Fifty-Eight

{Author's Note: I am INCREDIBLY sorry about the lack of updates! The last couple of weeks have been out of control, what with getting into a car accident (don't worry, I'm fine!) and dealing with the insurance company, keeping up with school, filial responsibilities and most importantly, keeping the fillyfriend happy. I promise I'll try to be better about the updates from now on, or at least drop a note every now and again if the updates take longer than expected. Anywho, on with the story!}


"...and tha's pretty much how it happened," Kester said with a proud smile on his face, Madeline busily tending to the wound he received in the midst of saving Rolando's life.

"Again Kester, I cannot thank you enough for rescuing me. I daresay I would not have survived much longer out there...the cold was already starting to get to me. Also, very impressive work on the bear. I am willing to bet you have been in your fair share of fights growing up," Rolando stated, Marianna giving him a once-over for any injuries while the first-aid kit was still in use.

"Ye got tha' right, boyo. A've put down many a stallion in ma' day," Kester chuckled. When he saw the look on Rolando's face, he then realized what he had said came out completely wrong. "Wha'? S'not like A' killed 'em. A' just roughed 'em up a bit," he said. When he saw Rolando relax, he snickered. "Well...there was one..."

"Kester!" Madeline scolded, gently smacking Kester's shoulder, accidentally hitting the wound she had just finished patching up, causing him to yelp in shock. "Oh dear, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hit you there, it was just a-"

"A reflex, A' know...ouch..." Kester said, gritting his teeth to fight off the pain.

"Kester, I cannot thank you enough for saving my husband. You are a stallion of your word," Marianna smiled, giving him a gentle hug as to not aggravate the wound.

"Think nothin' of it, Marianna. He's family, and family protects family. It's an adage ma' father passed down ta' me, and one A've instilled in ma' child and will continue to pass down through ma' family," Kester grinned.

"You could not be more right, Papa. I am so glad you are safe..." Octavia said, making her way over to Kester and nuzzling him just under his chin. Vinyl made her way over to her own father and hugged him tightly, Rolando smiling warmly.

"Kester, I just want to apologize for the way I acted before. It was completely unwarranted and extremely immature of me," Rolando said, bowing his head slightly. "If you could find it in your heart to forgive me, I would be most grateful." Rolando's eyes opened in shock when he felt Kester wrap his forelegs around his neck in a quick hug.

"Quit bringin' it up, ye big baby. A' already forgave ye. Heck, we're practically brothers a' this point, wouldn't ye say? A' wouldn't have gone ta' save ye if A' didn't," Kester winked. Rolando was so touched by Kester's words that he himself gave Kester a hug, eliciting a hearty chuckle and a pat on the back.

Octavia sat next to Vinyl, watching the two stallions with smiles on their faces. "What a relief," Octavia said.

"Tell me about it. I was afraid Dad was gonna mess everything up, but he seems to be doing alright," Vinyl said. "In fact, we may be seeing the birth of a brand new bromance." Vinyl frowned when she saw the look on Octavia's face. "What?"

"A 'bromance'? What in Equestria is a 'bromance'?" Octavia asked. Vinyl shook her head slightly, laughing to herself.

"Nothing, Octy. Don't worry about it," Vinyl said.

"What? What is so funny?" Octavia asked.

"I just find it adorable how out of touch you are with the rest of society," Vinyl said. She knew this was one of Octavia's biggest pet peeves, so she simply waited for the inevitable outburst. Three...two...one... As if on cue, Octavia began to rant.

"Vinyl, I have said this a million times over- I am NOT out of touch! I do not need to know slang terms to keep up with the comings and goings of today!" Octavia said sternly, embarrassed at Vinyl's comment and herself for not knowing what it meant. Lyra and Bonbon simply laughed at Octavia's outburst.

"Geeze, Vinyl. You can get Octavia going in ways nopony else can," Bonbon commented.

"You got her fired up in a matter of seconds! It's pretty awesome to watch," Lyra added.

"Here's the best part- I can do that, in more ways than one..." Vinyl winked. This caused all three of the other mares to stop dead in their tracks, blushing at her comment. "Thank you, thank you. I'll be here for good."

"Vinyl! Why would you say something like that?!" Octavia hissed, absolutely mortified.

"That's easy, Octy- 'cause I can," Vinyl winked, turning Octavia's blush of embarrassment into a flush of anger.

Marianna and Madeline watched their children interact, laughing to themselves. "Octavia's always been so easy to get riled up. No wonder Vinyl does what she does," Madeline commented.

"I am just curious as to how Vinyl got so explicit. I mean, she used to speak in such a lady-like tone, and when she would sing, oh! How I used to love listening to her sing-" Marianna said. Suddenly, she felt several sets of eyes on her. The angriest set belonged to Vinyl.

"MOM!" Vinyl said in complete shock.

"Sing? You sing? Since when?" Octavia asked, stunned by this sudden revelation.

"Aw, horse-feathers..." Vinyl sighed. "Cat's out of the bag now...yes, Octy. I sing. I've been able to sing since I was little...it's actually..." Vinyl then blushed a very bright red.

"Actually what?" Octavia asked, curious to know more.

"How I..." Vinyl mumbled.

"How you...?" Octavia continued.

"Oh that is quite enough, Vincenza," Marianna sighed. She then turned to Octavia. "She earned her cutie mark through singing, dear." Octavia was absolutely speechless. This was a part of Vinyl's life that she never knew about- much less believed it to exist. "I will never forget the day she sang at the Echelon Gardens Conservatory of Music for her first recital. Her voice simply resonated with so much grandeur and life...why, if I am not mistaken, the conductor had to dab at his eyes a few times," Marianna said thoughtfully.

"Such a wonderful day that was..." Rolando said fondly.

"Ooh, now isn't this interestin'? When were ye goin' ta tell us ye can sing, Vinyl?" Kester asked, intrigued.

Madeline then asked the one question Vinyl had been hoping would never come up. "Would it be possible for you to sing for us? I would love to hear it," she smiled. Lyra and Bonbon mimicked the feelings of everypony else present, to the point where Vinyl caved.

"Fine! Fine. I'll sing for you guys- but I can't sing without instruments. Let's just go upstairs to the music room and we'll figure it out from there," Vinyl said.

"Just give me one moment, dear. I need to grab my violin," Rolando said. He made his way over to his luggage, and retrieved his violin case.

The group then made their way up the stairs, Rolando taking the lead as not to have a repeat episode of claustrophobia, and lead the way to the music room. It was sizeable enough to carry the equipment and fit several ponies in as well. Vinyl stood in the center of the room, Octavia making her way over to her cello, retrieving it from the case. Rolando opened his case, and took a seat on a nearby stool. Marianna sat on the keyboard, turning it on.

"What song will you be singing, dear?" Marianna asked. "I need to know what to play."

"The one I sang for the recital, Mom," Vinyl said, taking a deep breath and exhaling.

"Relax, dear. You're with family. We are not the judging eyes of an audience," Madeline said as she took her spot next to Kester.

"Aye, no need ta get nervous," Kester said with a wink. Vinyl felt some of the anxiety melt away, but it had still been many years since she had last sung, so she was uncertain if her voice was still good. Lyra and Bonbon took a seat next to Madeline and Kester, eager to hear her sing.

"What do I play, Rolando?" Octavia asked.

"Just follow my lead. I know you are exceptionally good at playing by ear, so this should be a simple task," Rolando said as he laid his bow across the violin.

Marianna began to play, playing in the upper octaves of the keyboard. Rolando slowly began to follow suit, playing a slow melody with Octavia backing him up several octaves below. Before she began to sing, Vinyl gathered magic in her horn, and cast it about the room, coating the room in a deep darkness; however, tiny pinpricks of light began to dance around the room like stars. Then, she began to sing.

"I'm living in nature
I touch, I feel, I cry,
Knowing that you have gone so, so, far away,
Surrounded in silence,
Believe, Forgive...
Time is running out to make it better,
I hear you call-
I reach out to where you are,
I hear your voice...
The words come from deep inside of me-
I fly, this sky, in darkness,
Light the world with hope and belief,
I fly, to you,
All my feelings here, the garden (oh) of love,
We're together,
I'm here for you...

The only two ponies present who did not have thoroughly stunned expressions on their faces were Marianna and Rolando. Vinyl's voice was as smooth as silk, and as clear as a bell. This was not the voice of somepony who had talent, this was the voice of somepony who had a gift. She had all the qualities of an exceptional singer: a strong voice, great breath-control, perfect pitch, and exceptional range. At this point Vinyl had gotten back into her rhythm. She broke her solid stare from the wall behind the two couples, and began to show more emotion as she sang, turning more towards Octavia as she did.

"I was standing in brightness...
I saw you,
And felt, you smile,
Believing you and I are always forever,
Connecting our vision, voice sighs in peace...
Singing colors are reaching out to us,
Clear our minds, we are inseparable,
Clear our eyes, nothings real until I touch you-
I fly, this sky, in darkness,
Light the world with hope and belief-
I fly, to you,
All my feelings here, the garden (oh) of love,
We're together-
I'm here for you..."

As Vinyl sang, Kester and Madeline scooted closer to one another, the emotion of the scene getting the better of them, the two sharing a quick kiss as they listened. Lyra and Bonbon had moved closer to one another as well, leaning on one another. Octavia was blushing uncontrollably, unable to contain her glee at hearing Vinyl's beautiful voice. As the song came to a close, Vinyl made her way over to Octavia and gave her an affectionate nuzzle and a wink. "I hope you enjoyed it. It'll be a long time before you hear me sing again," Vinyl said.

"But why? You were graced with such a beautiful gift..." Octavia said, puzzled by Vinyl's thinking.

"I mean, I really enjoy singing, it feels great...but it's not what I want to do with my life. I enjoy the music I create with my hoofs, not with my throat. It's kinda hard to explain," Vinyl said. "I'm sorry if I disappoint you with my choice." Vinyl blinked in surprise when Octavia wrapped her forelegs around her neck.

"Vinyl, you may be stubborn, pig-headed, obnoxious, loud, rambunctious, overly-energetic, overly-explicit, and just all-around irritating at times..." Octavia said, listing a not-so-surprisingly long list of negative qualities about Vinyl, to which she simply laughed.

"Yeah, that's me," Vinyl said.

"...But I will always love you, and nothing you do will disappoint me enough to stop that," Octavia said with a wink, hugging her closer. Vinyl smiled wide, returning the embrace.

"Me too, Octy...me too..." Vinyl said.


Some time later, with the other residents having gone to bed, Octavia and Vinyl sat in bed, conversing about the events of the previous days.

"What a wild ride this has been...our parents met, my dad flipped out, your dad fought a bear, and somehow I ended up singing. It's almost like our lives are being poked at by some crazy pony..." Vinyl said.

"A crazy pony? Really? I never would have taken you for a conspiracy theorist," Octavia said as she flipped the page of the book she was reading.

"No no, think about it. What if there's some crazy pony out there, pulling strings that make us dance like puppets, commanding us to dance and act to his will?" Vinyl said, standing on the bed in an awkward pose. Octavia simply raised an eyebrow, and sighed.

"If you keep standing like that you are going to fall over, and we cannot leave the house to take you to the hospital," Octavia said, returning to her book.

"Yeah...yeah, maybe you're right," Vinyl said, dropping the subject. She then looked at the ceiling, her eyes narrowed. "...I'm watching you..." She whispered under her breath. Vinyl then felt a sharp nudge, catching her in the side. "OW! Why'd you nudge me Octy? You know I'm sensitive there!" she said, rubbing her belly.

"What are you talking about? I did no such thing!" Octavia said, defending herself. "I would never hit you without due reason."

"Then what was..." Vinyl then looked down, noticing where exactly she had gotten hit.

"...Could it have been...?" Octavia said, following her gaze. She immediately rolled over onto her side, Vinyl staring at Octavia's belly for any signs of movement.

Vinyl gently laid her hoof on Octavia's abdomen, feeling for any kind of movement or motion. "Huh...strange," Vinyl said. "I could have sworn-" Vinyl's sentence completely dropped off when something occurred- something so momentous and beautiful that Vinyl would never forget for the rest of her life. In that instant, she felt something press back against her hoof- an extraordinarily tiny hoof, one so small that it fit in the pad of her own. Vinyl was so taken aback and left so utterly speechless by the tiny link she had just made with her baby, that the only thing that came to mind was to cry. She cried into Octavia's shoulder, hugging her tightly. Octavia simply held her, moved by the touching moment as well.

Please hurry along, little one... Octavia thought. We can hardly wait anymore...

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