• Published 30th Oct 2011
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Two's Company, Three's a Crowd - Lithe Kamitatsy

One night of fun for a certain musical pair will leave their lives upside down.

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Chapter Thirty-Three

Octavia found herself in the center of town, by the fountain that marked it. I think I need to sit down...I am feeling a bit winded. She made her way to the nearest bench and sat on it, taking some time to gather herself. She took a moment to take in the scenery, the cool winter breeze sweeping through her mane and coat, cooling her nicely. She sighed happily, enjoying her surroundings when she heard the sounds of a familiar instrument. Is that a lyre? Octavia looked around and found a certain unicorn, doing a small performance for a tiny crowd of maybe seven or eight other ponies. "I never knew Lyra did street performances...is she ailing that much financially?" Octavia simply sat back as she listened.

Lyra swayed to the simple rhythm of the piece she was playing, her eyes closed as she envisioned a scene. A meadow under the moonlit sky, the moon casting beautiful rays of pale white light upon the area. The wind sang its melody as it brushed by, the grass and the trees swaying as if bowing in reverence at its beauty. Lyra hoped that maybe today, the crowd would be more generous.

Octavia was swept away by Lyra's playing. I always knew she was good, but I never even fathomed she was at this level. She deserves so much more than that small crowd... Octavia opened her eyes and looked around. One of the nearby flower carts was about to close. She quickly hurried over. "Miss, I would like to make a quick purchase before you close." The mare running the cart sighed, unable to deny a customer.

"What would you like to buy, Miss?" she smiled.

"One bouquet of roses, please." Octavia requested.

"That will be eight bits, please," she said in return. Octavia reached into her saddlebag and retrieved the pouch her mother had left in the right pocket. She placed the eight bits on the cart, and received the bouquet.

"These are magnificent. They are perfect."

"I am so glad you like them. Have a good evening!"

"Same to you," Octavia said as she made her way over to the small group. Lyra finished her piece, and gave a bow. She heard the gentle tapping of hooves...but nothing else. She felt her heart sink as the confidence she had built up came crashing down- until she heard the sound of leaves rustling. She opened her eyes, and saw a gorgeous bouquet of roses laying at her hooves. She looked up and saw Octavia smiling warmly.

"I hope you like them. That was a beautiful piece, and when a musician performs a beautiful piece, the performer should be awarded with roses." Octavia said.

Lyra felt her heart hitch, her eyes brimming with tears. Never in her life did she imagine that her dream would be fulfilled, even if on such a minor scale, by a pony she once considered her mortal enemy and her greatest rival.

"Octavia, I...I don't know what to say...I..." Lyra stammered, completely overwhelmed by Octavia's gesture. She lifted the bouquet of roses to her nose, taking in their soft scent. "They're absolutely beautiful."

"I am so glad, Lyra. Come, you and I should talk for a little while. I am a bit ahead of schedule, so I can spend a little time."

"Of course. Just let me pack up my things and take these roses home. I will be right back!" Lyra said, giddily running off to put her roses in water.

Octavia smiled, proud of herself. I did a good thing today. Once Lyra returned, they began to walk around the fountain, circling over and over as they talked.

"How long have you been doing street performances? With your level of skill I would have imagined you would have a much bigger following." Octavia asked.

"Well, I do have a small following, but I make my real money through my concert performances, as you know. Unfortunately, my performance ability seems to only be truly appreciated in Canterlot, which I will admit, was one reason I didn't like you- you had the life I wanted. You are an incredibly talented performer, and you don't even need magic. I've even been compared to you, such as 'She doesn't need magic, you should be better than her- you actually HAVE magic' and 'The fact that she is so much better than you without the use of magic goes to show that you've already hit your peak,' amongst other very wounding comments..."

"I am so sorry, Lyra...I had no idea." Something then came to mind. "Lyra...how would you like to become the accompanying lyre to our harpist? I am certain that Harpo would not mind." Octavia suggested.

"Octavia...are you...are you offering me a position in your ensemble?" Lyra asked, completely stunned by the sudden offer.

"Did I stutter?" Octavia smirked, to which Lyra smiled.

"I'd be honored, Octavia." Lyra replied. "Look at us, being so friendly to one another after fighting for so long...it really was petty, thinking back on it."

"Indeed...which is why I also want to make this request of you, and you have every right to deny it, judging by the fact that I am sure there are things you still have not forgiven me over." Octavia said, building her courage.

"What request?" Lyra asked, stopping to listen closely.

"I am getting married, Lyra. Vinyl and I are engaged..." Octavia said. She swallowed hard, and took the plunge. "I was curious if you would be willing to be my mare of honor..."

Lyra blinked, completely shocked by Octavia's sudden request. "I-I-I-" Lyra stuttered.

"You have every right to say no, Lyra. I do not want you to feel pressured." Octavia said, raising a hoof.

Lyra blushed heavily. "Octavia...that's a spot reserved only for your closest friend...do you really see me that way?"

Octavia blushed slightly, rubbing the side of her head. "Well, I have known you for a long time, and while it was not on the best terms, I would like to think that that is behind us and that we are close enough to consider us friends...so yes, I would like it if you would be my mare of honor."

Lyra smiled. "I'm very touched that you think of me that way, Octavia. I'd be happy to. Oh, and congratulations on your engagement," she grinned. The two shared a quick embrace.

"Thank you, Lyra. It really does mean a lot to me. I hate to end this so quickly, but I need to go visit Twilight. We are looking for a place to stay until our home is ready, and there are a few things I need to request of her."

"Oh, alright. If she doesn't have room, Bonbon and I will gladly lend you our guest room." Lyra said as Octavia headed off.

"I will definitely keep that in mind." Octavia smiled. That went over swimmingly...what a relief. I'm grateful Lyra was so willing. Maybe Bonbon will be willing to do the same for Vinyl... She arrived at the Library, and knocked a few times. The door opened, and Octavia was forced to look down when she saw nopony there.

"Oh, you're back! How was your trip, Octavia?" Spike asked, opening the door for her to enter.

"It was interesting to say the least, Spike. I appreciate you asking, though. You are turning out to be the fine gentlecolt."

"Heh, yeah. I am, aren't I?" Spike grinned, always appreciating a good ego-stroking.

"Is Twilight home?" Octavia asked.

"Yeah, she's just upstairs. Be sure to knock though. She was doing a bit of studying, so she didn't want any distractions," he advised.

"I will only be just a minute." Octavia said, heading up the stairs. She went to knock on the door, when she felt it open slightly. She peeked inside, seeing Twilight fast asleep at her desk. Octavia blinked in surprise when she saw Trixie appear from the edge of her view, draping a comforter over Twilight so she could rest comfortably without being disturbed from her slumber. She smiled when she saw Trixie lean over and give Twilight a gentle kiss on the side of her head, brushing a bit of her mane out of her face. Octavia immediately backed up when Trixie began to make her way towards the door. Unfortunately, she wasn't quick enough.

"Trixie demands you explain to her your presence here!"

Oh, right. The illeism. "I just wanted to speak to Twilight. I did not intend to peek in on you two. What you did was very sweet, though." Octavia smiled, to which Trixie blushed heavily.

"The only pony that will ever get treatment like that from The Kind and Loving Trixie is Twilight Sparkle. As you saw, Twilight is asleep. Perhaps there is something Trixie can help you with?"

"Would Twilight have an extra room for Vinyl and I to stay in for a few nights?" This immediately set off Trixie's penchant for being over-protective of Twilight.

"Perhaps something else?" Trixie asked, unamused.

"Can you conjure fireworks?" Octavia asked simply.

"Fireworks? Bah! Such a feat is water under the bridge for a showmare the caliber of The Great and Powerful Trixie! What kind of event is it for?"

"A wedding."



Trixie blinked. "Yours? Oh, right- the unicorn with the lightning mane. Well, Trixie is content that you two have decided to take the big step." As well as jealous. Trixie has not yet mustered the courage to propose... "Trixie will talk to Twilight in the morning about a fireworks performance."

"Oh, thank you so much, Trixie! I am confident in your abilities."

"As you should be."

Octavia headed back downstairs, finding Spike getting ready for bed. "So was Twilight able to help you out?"

"Twilight is fast asleep. Trixie was very helpful, though." Octavia said, making her way towards the front door.

"Trixie? Helpful? Are you sure we're talking about the same pony here?"

"She has a silver mane and an azure coat, no?" Octavia asked, turning to face him.

"Yeah?" Spike returned.

"Then we are talking about the same pony." Octavia giggled, shaking her head slightly.

"If you say so." Spike said, climbing up the stairs. "I still don't believe you, though.

"Have a good night, Spike."

"Same to you, Octavia." Spike said, waving her off.

Octavia shut the door behind her, hearing the door lock a moment later. "Hm. I guess if Fluttershy and Pinkie do not have space, I will definitely take Lyra up on her offer," she said to herself.

Octavia then began to make her way towards Fluttershy's cottage, pleased with the progress she had made so far.

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