• Published 30th Oct 2011
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Two's Company, Three's a Crowd - Lithe Kamitatsy

One night of fun for a certain musical pair will leave their lives upside down.

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Octavia and Vinyl entered their apartment, talking and laughing like old friends as they set their things down. “Vinyl, that was so much fun. I must say, I give you far less credit than you are owed.”

“Yeah, a little more credit would be nice,” Vinyl winked. She took a deep breath and sighed, feeling her heart racing slightly as Octavia’s lilac perfume wafted from her neck. She watched as Octavia removed her scarf from her neck, throwing it on the sofa. Vinyl felt a small flush of heat rush through her as she watched Octavia walk away, her eyes focused intently on the swishing of Octavia’s tail as she walked. “Hey, Octy...?” Vinyl asked softly.

“Yes, Vinyl?” Octavia asked, turning to face her. She blinked in surprise when Vinyl had already closed the distance, their faces only inches apart.

“You’re really cute, you know that?” Vinyl whispered softly, her eyes sparkling like rubies in the soft light. Octavia blushed brightly at the compliment.

“Thank you, Vinyl...but it’s clear that you have had a few too many to-” Octavia was cut off as Vinyl forcefully pressed her muzzle to Octavia’s, their lips locked in an electrifying kiss. Vinyl’s warm, smooth tongue danced with Octavia’s, Octavia feeling her knees shake slightly from the strength and intensity of the kiss.

“V-Vinyl, what has g-gotten into you?” Octavia mumbled softly as Vinyl continuously broke and restarted kisses and nuzzles, the unicorn being more aggressively affectionate than usual.

Vinyl forced her lover back further toward their bedroom. “You just look... sexy tonight, but I wouldn’t worry about what’s gotten into me. You might wanna think about what’s gonna get into you...” she spoke as sensually as she could muster.

Octavia’s face turned a deep shade of crimson, returning the kisses almost as intensely as her partner. The kisses grew more intense and more frequent with every passing moment, the cellist finally forced onto her back when her rear legs made contact with their bed. Vinyl immediately straddled Octavia, continuing to shower her with gentle kisses and brushes of her mane, her tail gently twirling itself around her lover’s. Octavia’s mind was in a flurry. Vinyl is being more aggressive than usual…I could DEFINITELY get used to this… She thought as a smile spread across her flushed face.

She practically squealed in delight when she felt Vinyl slowly begin to move down her body, her horn beginning to glow softly in the dark light of their room. “Same as always, Octy?” Vinyl questioned softly.

“Same as always…” Octavia responded, her heart racing.

That night, neither pony slept.

~Several Weeks Later~

Octavia watched the doctor pony walk out of the room and shut the door, leaving the cellist to the silence of the room around her, as well as her thoughts. She gazed around the room, looking to the familiar white-washed walls, as well as a familiar painting of what appeared to be a young colt staring at a vision chart while the doctor prepared a syringe behind him. She then noticed a rack of pamphlets near the door. She squinted a bit to read the print on one of the covers.

'Proper Hoof-Care for the Active Pony…’ Octavia thought. Mother and father always took good care of me as a filly, so I never had to worry much about that…Vinyl on the other hoof- ugh! She should at least file them down so they do not look like saw blades!

She grumbled inwardly, shaking her head. What on earth has gotten into me lately? I have been overly sensitive to everything around me…oh, I hope I am not suffering performance exhaustion-

Her thoughts ground to a sudden halt, her face turning beet red as she thought of the now two different types of “performance” that filled her head. NO, NO, NO! Not THAT type of performance! Oh, Octavia get a HOLD of yourself! she yelled at herself, doing her best to shake both the thought and the blush away. I’m even starting to THINK like her…

She then yawned, rubbing at her eyes briefly. I will say this, I have been feeling a little weak lately…maybe it WAS a good idea to listen to Vinyl…for once. Celestia knows this will be her last GOOD idea for a while- no, I should not say that. Vinyl is far from being dumb, it is just the sheer lack of coherence in her thought process that-


The voice made Octavia jump. She was so deep in thought she hadn’t heard the nurse pony enter, holding some documents. She chuckled, her heart finally slowing down to a normal pace. “N-Nurse Redheart, so good to see you again.”

The cream colored pony with a soft pink mane and a red cross for a cutie mark gave her a warm smile. “It’s good to see you too, Octavia. I have your results with me.”

The nurse walked over to a nearby table, placing her papers upon it and taking a few moments to review them. After a few moments of silence, the nurse spoke up. “Well, I’m very pleased with the results of your check-up. It would appear the problems you brought up with Doctor Haysworth were nothing to worry about. You just need more bed rest, is all…especially now.”

The last part passed right over Octavia’s head. “Oh good, I was worried that the recent string of concerts and lack of rest because of them-“ she paused for a moment and thought -and because of a certain unicorn- then continued, “-would have begun to affect my health.”

The nurse smiled. “Well, you have nothing at all to worry about. You have a clean bill of health. Your blood-work came out fine; your hemoglobin is up, and your white blood cell count is normal. Although your blood pressure is a little higher than normal,” she stated.

Octavia chuckled to herself. She loved Vinyl to death, but at times the DJ would just grate against her nerves. “No surprise there.”

“Oh, and the doctor wanted me to remind you that you need more iron in your diet. Remember, you’re eating for two now,” she said, giggling afterward.

Octavia frowned. “Eating for two? I do not quite understand what you mean… have I gained weight?”

It was the nurse’s turn to frown. “What do you mean you don’t understand? Did the doctor not tell you when he was done examining you?”

Octavia’s expression grew from one of confusion to one of worry. “Tell me what? Is there something wrong with me? Am I ill?!” she questioned, beginning to panic.

The nurse sighed. …They don’t pay me NEARLY enough for this… She then smiled. “Well, I guess then it’s my job to say: Congratulations, Miss Philharmonica. You’re pregnant!”

Octavia’s jaw unhinged itself from the rest of her skull. “C-Could you please repeat that?!”

The nurse giggled. “I said you’re pregnant, Octavia. You’re going to have a foal! Isn’t this exciting?!”

“Oh… very exciting… why is the world spinning?”

Apparently it was all too exciting, because it was only a moment later that Octavia ended up on the floor, unconscious from the shock.

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