• Published 30th Oct 2011
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Two's Company, Three's a Crowd - Lithe Kamitatsy

One night of fun for a certain musical pair will leave their lives upside down.

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Chapter Twenty-Six

The silence in the house was profound. The four simply stared at one another, unsure of what to say or do first. Vinyl looked at Octavia who, while she looked than she had ever seen in their time together. Kester's jaw was hanging slack off his head, and Madeline carried a similar expression. That is, until Madeline fainted.

"MOTHER!" Octavia yelled, practically leaping over the table.

"MADDY!" Kester quickly reached over and caught her before she hit the ground.

"WOAH!" Vinyl said, rushing over to help him.

"Vinyl, help me take Maddy over ta' the couch in tha' livin' room...Octavia, you an' I are goin' ta' have a talk." Kester said firmly as Vinyl helped him take his unconscious wife. Octavia sat in stunned silence, her mind having completely shut down from the shock of her mother keeling over. Kester and Vinyl laid Madeline out on the couch with a cover over her, letting her rest.

"I'll go get her some water." Vinyl said. She hurried back into the kitchen, and found herself alone. "Octy?" She noticed the kitchen door wide open, and began to panic. "KESTER! Octy's gone!"

"What?!" Kester barged into the kitchen to find the same scene that Vinyl did. He took a few steps out the door, and looked off into the distance, seeing a figure running into the nearby forest. "...Stay here with Maddy. A'll go get Octavia." He then charged off, the ground shaking slightly as the stallion raced after his daughter. A' know exactly where she's headed. She used ta' do this many times as a child...

Octavia rushed through the brush, following the path she always took when she wanted to be alone. She pushed through the foliage, heading over rocks and tree-roots, until she finally found it: A small clearing with several thick tree roots she would sit on and simply take in the sounds of the forest until she calmed down. If there was ever a time she needed it, it was now.

I have not seen Papa that angry in a long time... She thought back to the look on her father's face at that moment, and felt warm tears stinging at her cheeks. Why does this always happen? Why is this so difficult? She questioned, lowering her head into her forelegs as her emotions got the better of her.

"Octavia?! Octavia, A' know yer here! Please, A'm not mad at ye!" Kester yelled as he searched through the bush. He then stood quietly as he heard the sounds of gentle crying in the distance. He closed in on the source of the sound, and finally found Octavia, laying on a large tree-root, crying to herself. "Thank goodness yer okay, Octavia...ye scared me half ta' death!" he said as he trotted up to her. "Now now, my little one...don' cry...A'm not mad at ye..." he said, wrapping his forelegs around her as he softly ran a hoof comfortingly up and down her back.

"I-Is Mother okay? Please tell me she is alright..." Octavia pleaded.

"A' course she is. It'll take a lo' more than tha' to bring yer mother down...and A'm sorry if A' scared ye. A' was just frightened for yer mother. She's the love o' my life, and A' don't know what A'd do without 'er...without both o' ye for tha' matter." He leaned over and gave Octavia a comforting kiss on the top of her head.

"You looked so upset...it felt like I did something horrible to her...I-I-" Octavia could not continue as she broke down in her father's forelegs.

"It's alright, Octavia...ye don't need ta' worry...there's no way anythin' ye do could ever make us dislike ye' or anythin' o' the sort..." He then lifted Octavia's face to his, staring into the violet eyes that he had given her. "A' remember the day ye were born and ye opened yer eyes for the first time...A' knew then that I was in love. Ma' own little baby filly...Ma' own little 'Tavi," he smiled, gently planting a kiss on her forehead. Octavia smiled, leaning her head against her father's neck, feeling her worries drift away with the tears. "Come, let's go home..."

As the two walked, Octavia began to think. "Why did Mother pass out? I understand that it is big news, but to pass out so suddenly was alarming...has she been well?"

Kester sighed as he dug up the painful memory. "Well, A' can guarantee this: she is the happiest mare in the land right now. Yer' givin' her a grandchild, a new addition to the family...one she could not give herself."

"What do you mean?" Octavia asked, confused.

"Shortly after ye moved out, we felt tha' the house was a lil' too quiet, and made the decision ta' hav' another foal...unfortunately, things didn't go quite as we'd hoped. If A' remember correctly, the doctor said it was an 'ectopic pregnancy', and when tha' happens, the baby doesn't grow where it should. They had ta' operate to remove it, an' she recovered fine...but the damage had already been done." He then let out a heavy sigh. "...Yer mother can't have children anymore, Octavia. The bad pregnancy left her sterile."

"What?" Octavia whispered in disbelief.

"It's the truth, dear...believe me, A' wish it wasn't. It was very difficult for awhile, but she is much better now. She still has you, and she's about ta' get a grandchild ta' boot," he grinned as he nudged Octavia slightly, who smiled. Once they re-entered the house, they found Madeline sitting up and chatting with Vinyl. They both looked up, and before Madeline could say anything, Vinyl quite literally launched herself at Octavia.

“OCTY! Are you crazy?! What were you THINKING rushing off into the forest like that!? What if you had gotten attacked by some crazy bear-tiger thing!? What about the baby, huh!?” Vinyl yelled. She was so upset that she placed one hoof on Octavia’s forehead, and brought the other down forcefully on top of it.

“OW! Vinyl, what was that for?!” Octavia yelped, backing up a bit.

“Because I was WORRIED about you and you freaked me out, that’s what!” Vinyl yelled. To Octavia’s ultimate surprise, tears were dripping off her chin.

“Vinyl…are you crying?” Octavia asked softly.

"N-No! Shut up!" Vinyl said, turning away to wipe her face.

"Vinyl..." Octavia said with a soft smile. "It is alright to cry, you know...I will not think any less of you."

"Crying? Who's crying?" Vinyl said, having wiped her eyes clean. "Pssh, crying. Totally not my thing."

Octavia smiled, trotting up to her and giving her a kiss on the cheek, blushing all the while. "Thank you for worrying about me..."

"Why wouldn't I worry about you, Octy? I do love you after all." Vinyl said with a blush.

"I know...and I love you as well." Octavia winked.

"Well isn't this just precious?" Kester said, somewhat ruining the moment. "Kinda reminds ye o' us, don't it Maddy?"

"In more ways than one." She then saw Vinyl grin at the same time Kester did, seeing an almost mirror image. "And there it is." Octavia then trotted up to her mother, and looked her in the eyes.

"I am sorry about making you faint...I hope you are not upset with me..." Octavia said, staring at her hooves.

"Octavia, do you really think I'm that petty? That I would hate my own daughter for having a child with the pony she loves? You give me far too little credit, dear." Madeline chuckled. "I could not be happier for you, dear. Have you two made decisions on a foaling shower?"

"Oh! That reminds me- Vinyl's mother Marianna wanted you to send her a letter so the two of you could coordinate over the foaling shower. She lives in Echelon Gardens." Octavia said.

"Echelon Gardens?! Just what kind of family do you come from, Vinyl?" Madeline asked, completely shocked that a mare with such a modern appearance would come from a high-class family.

"Well, she is the daughter of Rolando Staccato...you know who he is...I used to talk about him all the time as a filly..." Octavia blushed.

"S-Staccato!? I've met him a few times when he performed at the Hippodrome- he is a FANTASTIC violinist! How interesting! I remember the last time he and I spoke his wife had just gotten pregnant with his child, and I was a few months along with you. What an amazing coincidence that you two would end up together."

"Life sure is crazy." Vinyl said, running a hoof on the back of her head.

"It sure is...Vincenza." Octavia snickered.

"URGH! I HAAAAATE THAT NAME! Why do you do this to me, Octy?!" Vinyl said, dragging her hooves down her face in disgust.

"Vincenza? Why that's a darling name. I don't see why you would be so against it." Madeline said, to which Octavia agreed.

"Well, for one, when you're as tomcoltish as myself, Vincenza can easily lead down the road to Vincent. So no, I am Vinyl and I will not respond if you call me Vincenza."

"But Vincenza, ye won't respond even if there's pie?" Kester said from the kitchen. Vinyl suddenly began to drool as an eye twitched.

"Okay...maybe just this once." She then dashed off into the kitchen to partake. Octavia and Madeline simply laughed at how easy it was to manipulate her.

"Come, let's go join her." Madeline said.

The two left the living room and entered the kitchen, taking seats around the table and eating together as a family.

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