• Published 30th Oct 2011
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Two's Company, Three's a Crowd - Lithe Kamitatsy

One night of fun for a certain musical pair will leave their lives upside down.

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Chapter Twenty-Three

Kester stared up at the massive condominium, squinting to see the top.

"Incredible...amazin' ta' see how far ponykind has come in terms a' construction and technology." he said, awed by the sheer size of the structure.

"I hear talk that we will soon be able to broadcast our images through devices known as "televisions." Madeline said as they entered the building.


"I am not entirely sure myself...seems very strange to me, to be perfectly honest." Madeline said as they walked towards the elevators.

"Somethin' just doesn't seem natural abou' it if ye ask me. Projectin' yer image? Nope, sounds like voodoo ta' me, and A' want NO part o' somethin' like tha'," he said with a snort.

Madeline laughed. "Right? Something like that not needing magic seems unusual to begin with." The elevator door opened. It was then that they realized that it was most likely going to need another elevator to get the harp upstairs.

"Maddy, you go ahead and take this one, A'll wait until it comes back down. A've always wanted ta' ride one o' these things." he grinned, eager to try one of the new commodities of city life.

"You are so easily impressed." Madeline chuckled as she shook her head. "Be sure to stop on the twentieth floor. My room number is 2045," she said as the door closed. As the elevator went up, she returned to her thoughts. I can't shake this feeling...I...I can't stop thinking about what he did for me...

The imagery in her head flashed back to the feeling of fear she had when Blake hit her, but quickly faded away to feelings of relief and safety as Kester came to her rescue. In that one instance, he was her hero.

Do...do I really see him that way? Wait a moment...am I INTERESTED in him?! She rubbed her temple with her left hoof. Ugh, mother always told me I had this issue- I'm attracted to the "stallion in shining armor"...and unfortunately, he fits the bill quite nicely...

"Um, miss...are you going to get off?" A voice said, forcefully yanking her from her thoughts. When she looked up, several ponies were waiting to get in and head downstairs, but Madeline had stopped dead right on the step.

"Oh, I am so sorry!" she apologized, hurrying off to her room to prepare for her guest.

Downstairs, Kester was patiently waiting for the elevator, pawing at the ground slightly. "Maddy's a nice lass...A' wonder what she thinks o' me?" he wondered aloud, curious. "Eh, prolly' still too soon ta' tell. A' did embarrass her a bit on the way ta' the pub...but A' did beat tha' one moron senseless. Wha's the world comin' ta' these days, a stallion hittin' a mare? Disgusting!" he spat. "If ma' father ever caught ME actin' tha' way towards a mare, he'd skin me alive, and tha's the truth!" He then pondered something. "Maybe his own father didn't love him enough..." Kester shrugged. "Not ma' problem."

The elevator door opened at long last, and several ponies exited. He scooted himself into the elevator and dragged his harp case in behind him. "Now...what floor did she say she was on?" Kester wondered. "Eh, A'm sure A'll get there eventually." He ran his hooves down the button panel, hitting all forty of them. "There. Now it'll stop at every floor until A' find Maddy."

~An Hour Later~

"Where is he?! I told him my room was on the twentieth floor!" Madeline grumbled, walking across the living room of her apartment to the door. She swung it open, and found Kester right about to knock.

"Oh thank Celestia A' finally found ye. A've been all over this blasted buildin' tryin' ta' find yer room." Kester said, the frustration in his eyes quickly leaving. "Did ye know "Madeline" is actually a common name here? A'm pretty sure A' upset a good number o' stallions when A' mentioned their wives or marefriends by name..." he laughed.

Oh yes...Kester is a SPECIAL one, alright... "Just come in before you cause any MORE chaos," she sighed as she moved out of the way so he could enter.

Kester was very much impressed with her apartment. While it wasn't huge, it was more than enough to accomodate the both of them. The living room had a couch and a fireplace, as well as a huge window that revealed the Birminghoof skyline, which was illuminated by the many lights of the city against the early evening sky.

"What a beautiful sight...A shame ye can't see the stars though. Too many lights from the city blockin' them out." Kester sighed. "Back home, A' spent many a night just starin' up at the night sky, wonderin' what lay beyond."

"That is quite profound of you, Kester. You have not ceased to impress me today." Madeline said with a small smile as she put tea out for the two of them. "Here, some tea."

"Thank ye' kindly, Maddy." He moved over to her and drank his tea. "This is pretty good. A'm not much of a tea-drinker ma'self, but A' wouldn't mind havin' more o' this."

I can't believe I'm asking this... "Um...Kester...if I may ask, why did you save me? Aside from the fact that you are a gentle-colt?"

"Well tha's simple, Maddy. Yer' important ta' me, and A' take care o' wha's important ta' me," he said, giving that toothy grin of his.

Madeline blushed wildly at his statement. "W-Well...I am very much grateful to you, Kester...I do not know what I would have done if you had not come to save me."

It was then that Kester noticed that she was shaking slightly. "Oi...are ya alright, Maddy? Wha's the matter?" He trotted over to her, and noticed that her bright green eyes were swimming with tears. "Oh, Maddy...you don't need ta' cry..." he said softly, pulling her into an embrace. Madeline felt herself be pulled into Kester's forelegs, and let herself go. She began to cry, burying her face in his neck. He closed his eyes, unable to watch her cry, his heart aching at her pain.

"I was so scared...what if he had hurt me...or worse? What if you were not there to save me?" she whimpered, clinging to him.

"A' know, Maddy...A' completely understand, but ye don't need ta' worry anymore...A'll protect ye." he soothed, holding her tightly. "Go ahead and let out whatever it is yer' feelin', Maddy...you'll feel better," he smiled. "A'm right here for ye'."

Maddy did just that, letting out all the anxiety and emotion from the event. After a short while, Maddy was calm enough to talk again. Every time I turn around, he keeps building an even better image of himself...he's quickly becoming my stallion in shining armor... she thought, letting out a raspy sigh."Thank you, Kester...you have no idea how much I appreciate this..."

"Maddy, it was no trouble at all. Why don't ye try gettin' some rest? It's been a long day for ye'. A'll sleep on the couch." he said, leading her to her bedroom.

"Thank you Kester...have a good night," she said softly, turning and entering her room. She climbed into bed, and laid down. Unfortunately, she was still far too worked up to think of sleeping.

Maybe...just maybe...I'll give him a shot...but that can wait until morning. Why can't I settle?! she grumbled, tossing and turning to try and get comfortable, her mind too active to allow herself to relax. She then sat up in bed. Ugh...I guess I'll just go back outside and- Her thoughts were cut off as the sound of music filled her ears. The notes were soft and light- she immediately recognized it as the harp.

A' can hear the poor thing tossin' and turnin' from here...hopefully this lullaby will help. A' know it helped me, Kester thought as he played. The lullaby was slow and peaceful, the notes ringing out and fading away just in time for the next note to take its place. His hooves danced expertly across the strings, plucking out each note perfectly. He closed his eyes as he felt waves of nostalgia sweeping over him, memories of his mother humming the melody to him when he was little.

Madeline laid back down and let the music fill her mind, her eyes fluttering closed. She began to imagine a beautiful meadow, covered in an endless sea of flowers. She sat in the middle of it, enjoying the gentle warmth of the sun above her, a soft breeze wrapping around her comfortingly. She turned her head, and smiled as she saw Kester take a seat next to her, smiling with her as they enjoyed their surroundings.

Within moments, Madeline was fast asleep, a few stray tears streaking down her muzzle, past the peaceful smile that adorned her face.

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