• Published 30th Oct 2011
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Two's Company, Three's a Crowd - Lithe Kamitatsy

One night of fun for a certain musical pair will leave their lives upside down.

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Chapter Thirty

Octavia woke up with a start, and sighed. Yet again, she could not sleep, her mind far too active over what had occurred. She could not shake the image of so many other ponies looking ready to kill. She shifted in bed, staring at the ceiling. Every time she shut her eyes, she could see them bearing down on her and Vinyl, and her eyes would immediately open once more. Maybe fresh air will help...

She grabbed a scarf from her drawer, and quietly exited her bedroom, leaving Vinyl asleep in bed. She silently trotted down the hallway back to her living room, hearing her father's loud snoring seeping out from under their bedroom door. How Mother has been able to sleep through that is beyond me... Octavia thought as she opened the front door, shutting it quietly. If there was ever a time of night she enjoyed, it was this one- a cold, clear, winter night. Luna's moon was in the shape of a crescent this evening, and the wind cooled her fur to just the temperature she loved. She reveled in the peace and quiet that the night brought her, watching the stars twinkle in the distance.

"Octy?" A soft voice said from behind her. Octavia turned around, seeing Vinyl standing in the doorway, rubbing an eye. "Can't sleep again?" She made her way down the steps, meeting Octavia at the front gate.

"After what happened earlier, I am surprised you were able to sleep as much as you did." Octavia pushed the gate open, letting Vinyl exit first, the two simply walking down the lamp-lit sidewalks together.

"Well, what happened happened, Octy. You can't let it get to you. It's not like we'll EVER have a reason to go back to that part of town." Vinyl reasoned with a yawn.

"You are probably right, Vinyl...I just cannot help but worry for us now...for our foal above all else. We were very lucky in this case that my father showed up when he did..." Octavia said softly, staring at the pavement as she walked. "I never realized just how dangerous this world can be for ponies like us." Vinyl shifted closer to her and gave her a reassuring nuzzle.

"Don't worry about it. We'll be fine. They accepted us in Canterlot, and they accepted us in Ponyville, and we're going to be living there from now on. We'll be fine. Our baby will be fine...you'll see." Vinyl winked, giving Octavia a kiss on the cheek. "...So, what do you wanna name it?" Vinyl asked, surprising Octavia.

"What do you mean?" Octavia returned, a bit confused.

"Well, we need to name our kid, right? What do you want to name it?" Vinyl asked again, racking her brains for possibilities.

"Hmm...I like the name Melody, if it is a filly."

"I like Roxie. Melody sounds boring." Vinyl said bluntly.

"Roxie is the name of a hoodlum, the likes of which my child will not be." Octavia huffed. "What about Sonata? Short, sweet, and flowing." Octavia suggested.

"Hmm...Sonny for short. We gotta keep that in mind." Vinyl said. "What if it's a colt?"

"Legato." Octavia said simply. "Smooth and connected." She blinked when she heard Vinyl gag.

"Ugh, those fancy-schmancy names are gonna get them beat up in school. Why not Riff? I could definitely go with Riff- or maybe Drop!" Vinyl grinned.

"Absolutely not, Vinyl! I will not name my child after what you yell at one of those 'sets' of yours!" Octavia protested. When she looked up at Vinyl, she noticed that Vinyl was shivering slightly. "Come here, Vinyl...you are going to catch a cold." Octavia then reached down, unfurled the scarf somewhat, and threw it around Vinyl's neck, the two sharing the same scarf as they walked.

"Thanks Octy...that helps." Vinyl smiled, enjoying the closeness the scarf brought.

"Of course. I daresay I would not be able to handle you being sick again." Octavia muttered, shuddering at the thought. "I was about ready to smother you in your sleep."

"I said I was sorry, Octy. I was used to getting special treatment when I got sick growing up, so when we started dating, I kinda wanted that special treatment again..." Vinyl said.

"How did you manage when you were living alone?" Octavia asked, curious.

"I just rode it out until I felt better." Vinyl said, shifting herself a little closer to Octavia as they walked.

"Well, I can understand that, but that still does not explain why you needed me next to you every waking moment."

"It's what my mom used to do when I was sick...she would lay with me and just take care of me until I felt better. I guess...you give me that same kind of comfort, Octy. I know I can count on you if I'm out of commission." Vinyl blushed, looking at her through a curtain of electric blue hair.

"Of course you can, Vinyl." Octavia said softly, leaning against her. "Oh, I remember this area!" Octavia said, looking around, noticing they were now in the more upper-class area of the neighborhood. She then remembered something with a smile. "...There is somewhere I would like to show you."

"Um, okay. Lead the way." Vinyl said, following Octavia to her destination. They hurried down several streets and around several different buildings, until they finally arrived at the spot. Vinyl was taken aback by the beauty of the area: it was a grand fountain that was surrounded by anywhere from thirty to fourty street-lamps, the light shining off the rippling water and casting flickering lights around the surrounding buildings.

"Wow, this is beautiful Octy." Vinyl said, impressed.

"That is not all." Octavia said, nodding her head towards the fountain. "Wait here." She slipped out of the scarf, and hurried over to where a group of musicians were getting ready to pack up for the evening. "Wait, wait! I have only one request."

"I'm sorry, but it's getting late and we're tired. Come back tomorrow." One of the violinists responded curtly.

"...Absolutely, miss. We would be more than happy to play for you." The leader said, trotting out from the middle of the group. "Is there anything in particular you would like us to play?" The elderly stallion sat at his piano, ready to play. "Anyone who is not ready to play in the next thirty seconds will be fired." He said with a smile. The other musicians scrambled to set up their instruments, ready to perform on his command.

"Anything is fine really, I have no preference." Octavia said. "Thank you so much. I will be sure to pay you tomorrow." The pianist raised a hoof.

"There is no need for that. I know who you are and I am close friends with your father," he smiled. "Go on. Go to her."

Octavia blushed, and did as she was told. She hurried back to Vinyl, quickly putting the scarf back on. "Come with me." She lead Vinyl back over to where the ensemble was, and raised a hoof. "Would you like to dance with me?"

"Uh, dance? What kind?" Vinyl asked, confused.

"Well, maybe a waltz?" Octavia suggested.

"My mom taught me how to do that as a filly...I may be rusty, seeing as I haven't really done it in years." Vinyl said, mimicking Octavia as they both took the proper pose. "Just this once, alright? You're lucky nopony else is watching." Vinyl blushed.

"That is perfectly fine, Vinyl." Octavia said. The pianist took this as a cue and began to play. First came the tinkling of piano keys, slow and graceful, leading into the basic three-beat measure of the waltz. Octavia and Vinyl danced, slowly twirling in the soft light of the street-lamps, the music beginning to grow more robust as the strings accompanied the piano.

As they danced, they simply looked into one another's eyes. Octavia peered into Vinyl's ruby irises, feeling herself becoming mesmerized by their luminosity. Even in the low light they seemed to glow. She had never quite found them to be so beautiful as they were at that moment, illuminated in soft lamp light as they gracefully spun. These are the eyes that I will see every day for the rest of my life. Octavia blushed brightly as it sank in. I don't want to see any others...

Vinyl stared back into Octavia's violet eyes, her heart racing as their bodies moved in synchronous motion with the rhythm of the piece. For the first time since she had met Octavia, she was actually enjoying the slow, beautiful piano intertwining and creating a perfect harmony with the strings. I don't think I'll ever forget this night... Vinyl felt her eyelids stop halfway down her eyes as she stared lovingly into Octavia's. Octy really is the pony I'm meant to be with...

Just as the crescendo began to build, they danced closer and closer to one another, reveling in the feeling of the other's touch and warmth, the scarf still binding them together. They let go of their respective hoof-positions, bringing their faces closer and closer, until they met in a passionate kiss, Octavia wrapping her forelegs around Vinyl's neck, Vinyl's forelegs wrapped around Octavia's waist. The pianist smiled at the endearing sight. After a few moments, the kiss was broken, the pair simply looking into each other's eyes, nuzzling a few times.

"Octy...you'll never really know how much I love you..." Vinyl whispered.

"Nor will you understand..." Octavia responded, kissing Vinyl once more. The piece finished on another crescendo, and the pair tapped their hooves against the ground in applause.

"Thank you so much for performing for us. Your music was absolutely beautiful." Octavia said.

"Yeah, it was. I actually might be developing a taste for this stuff." Vinyl chuckled.

"It was our pleasure, fillies. Have a splendid evening." The pianist said, taking a bow. "Come everypony. We are done for the evening." The pianist said, throwing a tarp over his piano and locking the bolts that held it in place on the ground. The other musicians collected their instruments, and headed home.

Octavia and Vinyl began to make their way back to the house, their tails intertwined as they walked, the scarf pulling their heads closer to one another.

"Thank you for dancing with me, Vinyl...I feel so much better now." Octavia said softly, nuzzling Vinyl affectionately.

"Anything to help you out, Octy." Vinyl smiled, appreciating the nuzzle. "Maybe you'll sleep better tonight."

"I think so, too."

"How did you know to go to that spot? It seemed pretty out of the way." Vinyl asked.

"Well, my father used to take me there all the time when he would do errands. He would talk to his friends, and I would watch the performers play," she said."I grew up listening to their music. That is why classical music has such a hold on me. It is part of my upbringing." Octavia explained.

Vinyl thought about it, and smirked. "I guess I can live with that...I may not think it's cool, but it's fine."

"Oh, shut up." Octavia blushed.

After about twenty minutes of walking, the two returned to Octavia's home. They made their way back into Octavia's bedroom, climbing into bed together. The two mares snuggled up against one another, simply listening to the sound of the other's breathing as they fell asleep. When Octavia closed her eyes, she no longer saw the image of the angry ponies. She smiled unconsciously as she continued to dance with Vinyl.

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