• Published 30th Oct 2011
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Two's Company, Three's a Crowd - Lithe Kamitatsy

One night of fun for a certain musical pair will leave their lives upside down.

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Chapter Eleven

Rolando paced the front step of Marianna's house nervously.

"Alright, Rolando...you can do this. This is no different than the other dates you have been on. The only major one is that you are doing the pursuing...which I have never done before..." He said to himself.

"No matter...I will treat her out to an excellent night. No need to worry. I will do fine. I am a Staccato, after all. Staccatos do not fail." He said, boosting himself up.

"No, I cannot act like that...I am positive she does not like self-important idiots. I must be the epitome of a gentlecolt, just as father taught me." He said, clearing his mind.

"How long do you plan on standing there talking to yourself?" Marianna giggled, standing in the doorway watching her date for the night pace back and forth, mumbling to nopony in particular.

He seized up at the sound of her voice. "A-Ah...Marianna. So good to see you." He said, turning to face her. Once again, he felt himself surprisingly short of breath.

Marianna had dressed herself up marvelously. She was wearing a rose-gold necklace with a small sun pendant, her royal blue mane tied up in a knot at the end, the sea of royal blue hair cascading down her left shoulder. She had lightly dabbed on a light shade of purple eye shadow, bringing out her red eyes even more.

He felt like he was in rags in comparison. He mentally looked himself over. He was dressed very nicely, wearing a black jacket with a vest underneath, his jet black mane combed back neatly. He looked great, despite his own opinion.

"I...hope I did not under-dress." He said, gently moving a rock with his right hoof.

"Oh, this? No worries. I may have over-dressed a bit. I had a feeling you would come dressed nicely for the occasion, so I wanted to make sure I did as well. Is it too much?"

Rolando looked up quickly, a small look of surprise in his eyes. "A-Absolutely not! You look absolutely beautiful, and I could not count myself luckier to be accompanied by a mare such as yourself." He said. When he realized what EXACTLY he had just said, his face lit up brighter than the lamps that lit the street.

Marianna blushed as well. "What a sweet thing to say, Rolando. You are rather dashing yourself..." She said, blushing lightly.

"Well...shall we go? I set up reservations at Plume D'Or for eight this evening." He said, extending a hoof.

"Of course." She said, turning to lock the door to her home.

Once they were on their way, they chatted about trivial things, such as their trade and their interests. The pair walked fairly close together, close enough they wondered whether they would trip over one another.

She is so close to me right now, I am certain I can feel her body heat radiating off her coat... He thought, trying to fight a blush as Marianna talked.

"What about you, Rolando? Tell me a bit about the violin. Why do you enjoy it so?" She asked, curious.

"Hm? The violin? Oh, it is very simple. I love the violin, simply because it is an instrument that lets you paint an emotion in a way no other instrument can. It can play beautiful, uplifting melodies, or heart-wrenching melancholy phrases. It is a medium through which the performer portrays his soul, and it is a window to the heart through the music that comes forth from it. If there was ever a way to see into my heart, it is when I am performing. There is no other feeling like it. It is as if I have the ability to move the hearts of my listeners at my leisure...and I intend to show all of Equestria my gift. I intend to bring all the hearts and minds of Equestria together in the most peaceful of ways: through the purity of music." He said, with a smile on his face, his voice brimming with resolve.

Marianna found herself completely entranced. She was completely taken aback by the magnificence of his dream. He sounded so sure of it, that she was convinced he would do it someday.

"That...was beautiful, Rolando...I never imagined you had such an amazing dream." She said, feeling a bit inferior to him. "My dream is not quite as grand as yours..."

Rolando shook his head. "No dream is any less worth achieving than another. Tell me, what is your dream?" He asked.

Marianna blushed as she revealed her truest desire. "I want to create my own breed of rose...a rose that shines different colors when in the sunlight...one that will be so beautiful that Princess Celestia herself will wear one in her mane." She said.

Rolando couldn't help but smile. "That is a beautiful dream, Marianna. I am sure you will achieve it one day." He said with a reassuring smile.

Marianna smiled in return. "Thank you Rolando...you are a true gentlecolt." She said, leaning upward and giving him a small kiss on the cheek.

"We have to hurry, our reservations are almost up!" She said, taking him by the hoof and leading him towards the restaurant. They arrived right on time, trotting up to the host.

"Bienvenue a L'Plume D'Or. Do you two 'ave a reservation?" The host said with a thick French accent.

"Yes, dinner for two at eight?" Rolando said.

"Last name, s'il vous plait?" The host asked.

"Staccato." He said. Suddenly, the host went pale. "M-My apologies, Monsieur Staccato. Right this way." He said, leading the pair to their table. They sat down, and waited for the waiter, who arrived a moment later.

"A pleasure to see you again, Monsieur Staccato. To what do I owe this pleasant visit?" The waiter said, turning his head to face Marianna. "Oho, what a nice surprise. And you are?" He asked politely.

"Marianna. Marianna Rosada, a pleasure to meet you." She said with a smile.

"Marianna Rosada, as in THE Marianna Rosada? What an honour! We have gone to your parents for floral arrangements many times- we are frequent customers." He said.

"I noticed my mother's new lily arrangement at the entrance. I was wondering where it was going yesterday." She giggled.

"Well, how may I serve you this evening?" He said, taking another bow and waiting for their orders.

"Well, first we will start off with a bottle of your finest pinot noir, and perhaps a basket of bread."

"Right away, monsieur." The waiter said, hurrying off.


The pair laughed and talked as they trotted back to Marianna's home, closer than ever. On several occasions, Marianna would find herself leaning against him, to which he did not complain. Rolando reveled in the feel of her soft coat, and the beautiful sound of her laughter.

So this is what it is like...to be in love... He thought, with a small smile. I do not think I would trade this for anything else in the world...

Marianna leaned against his shoulder, her head resting gently against his neck. His shoulders are so broad...they appear so strong. I do not think I would not mind staying like this...maybe for the rest of my life~ She thought with a blush and a smile.

Once they arrived at her home, he walked her up to the step. "Well...this is were we part, I suppose." He said, his heart sinking slightly at the thought of separating from her, even for a short while.

"For now..." She said with a blush, noticing the small drop in his mood. "Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful evening, Rolando..." She then moved slowly up to him, and shared a soft, passionate kiss with him. His eyes nearly bugged out of his head, his mind instantly becoming mush and his heart nearly beating out of his chest.

They broke the kiss a few moments later, requiring breath. "...Perhaps we can go out again this coming Wednesday? I am free that evening." He said, hopefully.

"...I will do what I can to free my schedule." She said softly, blushing brightly. "Have a good evening, Rolando." She said. She gave him another small kiss and a nuzzle, then entered her home, the door shutting quietly.

"Yes...have a good evening..." He said, breathless.


"...and that about covers it." Vinyl said, her throat dry. "Urgh, I need more juice." She said, popping open another bottle of juice. Octavia had a light blush across her face.

"That was a beautiful story, Vinyl. They really make a cute couple...I would like to think of us the same." Octavia said softly.

"Aww, Octy. You're too cute." She laughed, taking a close seat next to Octavia, nuzzling her.

"Please, do not make this weird." She sighed.

"You know you like it." Vinyl said with a knowing smile.

"...I suppose I do." Octavia said, smirking slightly.

Octavia then looked out the window, seeing the lights of Ponyville in the near distance. "Oh, it seems we are almost there."

"Cool! Maybe Pinkie'll have a place for us to stay." Vinyl said.

"Pinkie? Who is Pinkie?" Octavia asked.

"Oh yeah. She's really cool, she's a total party-goer. I've known her for a couple years now." Vinyl said.

"If you say so." Octavia said.

The two leaned against one another as the carriage pulled into town, Celestia's sun setting over the horizon.

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