• Published 30th Oct 2011
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Two's Company, Three's a Crowd - Lithe Kamitatsy

One night of fun for a certain musical pair will leave their lives upside down.

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Chapter Thirty-Eight

Vinyl sat up quickly, the smell of maple syrup and fresh pancakes wafting over from the kitchen. When she opened her eyes, she saw Bonbon standing in front of the stove, working the griddle as she cooked. Lyra sat at the dining room table, sipping her morning coffee as she watched Bonbon cook.

"You're making your special pancakes...what's the occasion?" Lyra asked, curious to know.

"I'm in a great mood, Lyra. Vinyl and I had a wonderful conversation late last night, isn't that right Vinyl?" Bonbon said, having noticed Vinyl had woken up without looking over.

"How does she do that?" Vinyl asked.

"Sometimes I wonder who exactly uses magic..." Lyra said with a small smirk, taking another sip of her coffee. "What'd you two talk about?"

"Oh, you know...life, the universe, everything," Bonbon said as she flipped one of the pancakes.

"That smells amazing, Bonnie. How long 'til they're ready?" Vinyl asked as she got up and joined Lyra at the table. Lyra looked visibly surprised.

"Bonnie? I thought I was the only one who could call you that," Lyra said, looking at Bonbon.

"Well, do you mind that Vinyl calls me that?" Bonbon asked.

"I'll stop if it bugs you, Lyra."

"Hm, I guess I don't mind. I'll just have to get used to you calling her that," Lyra said as she took another sip of her coffee. She looked up, and saw a half-asleep Octavia slowly making her way down the stairs. "Well, look who decided to rise with the sun!" Lyra chuckled. Octavia didn't respond. She simply made her way down the stairs, took the seat next to Vinyl, and leaned against her, still looking for the comfort that her pillow had been giving her only moments before. Vinyl blushed slightly, Lyra smirking and Bonbon smiling warmly.

"How cute~" Bonbon said as she turned back to the stove to attend to the food she was cooking.

"Morning, Octy. Sleep good?" Vinyl asked as she draped a foreleg around her.

"Mmm, I slept alright...admittedly I was a bit lonely sleeping by myself last night..." Octavia mumbled with a yawn.

"Yeah...it was a little weird sleeping alone," Vinyl admitted, leaning her head against Octavia's.

"You two really are such a cute couple," Lyra commented with a smile. "Believe me I know what it's like to sleep without your significant other. It was all I could do to get myself to fall asleep when Bonbon went away to Canterlot before. I just...couldn't get comfortable."

"Same thing on my end. I kept trying to get that feeling that you have when your love is sleeping next to you...and I just couldn't find it. I had never wanted to go home so badly." Bonbon said as she reminisced.

"It was tough...but we got through it. The night Bonbon came home was the first full night of sleep I got since she had left," Lyra said.

"How long was she gone?" Octavia asked.

"About a week and a half," Lyra said. "I slept like a baby that night though," she smiled.

"Food's ready!" Bonbon said, laying the freshly done pancakes onto a platter, picking it up and setting it on the table. She passed out the plates. "Go ahead and dig in! I hope you like them."

Vinyl took a small bite of the pancake, and immediately stopped. "Is...is the syrup IN the pancakes!?" she asked, unable to believe what she was tasting.

"It's my own special recipe. Do you like it?" Bonbon asked.

Vinyl sniffled slightly. "...This is so good it's making me tear up..."

"Oh, be quiet. You are so melodramatic," Octavia said with a smirk.

"You try them! Until you have tried Bonbon's amazing, drug-filled pancakes, you have NO right to call me melodramatic, my dear Octy!" Vinyl yelled, raising a hoof.

"Vinyl, they don't use drugs..." Bonbon said with a confused smile.

"Oh, I know. It's just my brain's way of making sense why they're so good," Vinyl said. She then turned to Octavia. "Go ahead, try them." Octavia did as she was told, and took a bite out of her food. Her eyes widened in surprise.

"Bonbon, these are delectable. I cannot say I have ever had pancakes this good, aside from the ones at Sugarcube Corner," Octavia said.

"Vinyl kept mentioning that during out conversation last night. Did Mrs. Cake try out a new recipe?" Bonbon asked.

"It wasn't a recipe, more like Pinkie stole Applejack's prototype apple syrup and put it on the pancakes...what I'd give to have those again..." Vinyl said sadly.

"Apple syrup? That sounds delicious. Any idea on when Applejack is going to market it?" Lyra asked. "I'd love to try it out."

"Well, when we tried it, she said it was still not finished, so I can guess it will be a while yet," Octavia said. She then glanced at the clock on the wall near the refrigerator. "Oh, we need to hurry if we want to take part in Sugarcube Corner's clean-up."

The four quickly finished their meals and exited the house. They arrived at Sugarcube Corner within a few minutes, ponies already milling about as they tried to help with the clean-up. Octavia and Vinyl split off from Lyra and Bonbon, going to see how the Cakes were doing.

"Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Cake. What can we do to help?" Octavia asked.

"Oh no, Octavia. I would feel awful forcing you to help," Mr. Cake said.

"What kind of ponies would we be if we asked a pregnant mare to help us out?"

"No need to worry. I feel partly responsible for not trying to stop the girls, and I can still do some things as long as it doesn't require heavy lifting.

"Well...I suppose you can help sweep some of the rubble out," Mr. Cake said. "You can help Big Macintosh with your magic. He's going to be moving a lot of the broken concrete out of the building.

"You got it, Mr. Cake!" Vinyl said with a quick salute.

"I am sorry I cannot help you more..." Octavia said softly.

"It's quite alright, Octavia. It means so much that you're willing to help at all...thank you." The Cakes smiled in unison.

Octavia made her way through the collapsed wall of the first floor, surveying just how badly damaged it was. The cannon had been removed, but the deep crater it had caused had not yet been cleaned out. "I guess I will begin here," Octavia said to herself. She moved past a white unicorn that was using his magic to lift a broken chair and table, a blue earth pony following him with a wheelbarrow full of chunks of concrete and wood, struggling somewhat from the weight of the wheelbarrow.

"Do you need any help?" Octavia asked as she moved up to him.

"O-oh, no thank you miss...I'm doing just fine."

"Come along, Scroll! There's still so much work to be done!" His unicorn friend called out to him.

"Coming, White! Sorry to be so curt...I have to get back to work," He smiled, going back to dragging the wheelbarrow. Octavia shrugged and grabbed a broom, beginning to work.

Vinyl immediately recognized Applejack and made her way over to her. "Heya Applejack! Have you seen this guy named Big Macintosh I'm supposed to be helping?"

"Howdy, Vinyl. Big Mac's mah brother, he's that big feller over there," Applejack pointed. Vinyl turned to look, and her jaw dropped slightly as the red, muscular stallion pulled a huge garbage cart with the yoke around his neck.

"Afternoon," Big Mac said in a thick Southern accent. "Just lift the rubble and put it in the cart."

"Sure thing, Big Macintosh!" Vinyl said.

"Big Mac'll do fine, thanks."

"Okay, Big Mac!" Vinyl quickly made her way over to the pile of rubble, and used her magic to lift what rubble she could manage into his cart. "This okay?"


"Cool," Vinyl said as she continued to work. After about an hours worth of work, Applejack, Vinyl and Big Macintosh all sat down for a quick break. "Hey, isn't that your grandma over there?" Vinyl pointed out.

"Eeyup. She's makin' sure the fillies clean-up their mess," Big Mac said.

"Boy howdy I haven't seen Granny Smith so mad since Ah was a filly mahself," Applejack said. "Ah swear Ah thought the barn was gonna come down." Vinyl turned to watch, seeing the elderly mare sitting in her rocking chair, watching the Crusaders work.

"This stinks...it was just an accident!" Scootaloo groaned as she swept.

"Big Sister is still mad at me...she actually told Applebloom's grandma to discipline me how she wanted..." Sweetie Belle said as she used what magic she could muster to move things out of the way.

"Ah don't think Ah've ever seen Granny get that mad at me..." Applebloom sighed as she bucked off broken pieces of wood.

"Ah hear a LOTTA talkin', but Ah don't see NEARLY enough workin'!" An elderly voice said forcefully. All three girls froze in place. "DON'T MAKE ME GIT UP FROM MAH ROCKIN' CHAIR!" The three fillies sped up their pace.

"Y-Yes Granny!" The three said in unison.

"What's wrong with y'all fillies terday!? If'n Ah acted outta line like that when Ah was a filly, Ah woulda gotten the spankin' of a lifetime! Ah didn't raise no delinquents, and Ah sure as hay ain't lettin' mah granchild be friends with no delinquents, so Ah'm gonna fix the lotta ya! If'n yer granpappy wer' still around, y'all would be wishin' y'all wer' dealin' with ME!" Granny Smith yelled from her seat.

"Nothin' like a grandma's fury ter scare ya straight, ain't that right Mac?" Applejack said.

"E-eyup..." Big Mac said with a small stutter and a shiver.

"Yeesh...she MUST be tough if she's got Mac shaking," Vinyl commented.

"Bad memories..." Big Mac said, shaking his head slightly.

"Big Mac was a might bit rebellious when he was a colt. Granny would come down on him harder than a boulder durin' an avalanche," Applejack said. "When she was still able, her yells made the walls shake. Ponies were made a' tough stuff back then.

"Yeah...grandmas are the one thing you just DON'T mess with..." Vinyl said, remembering back to her own grandmother's special brand of discipline, rubbing her flank unconsciously from the painful memories.

"Well, time ta git back to work," Applejack said, standing up. The other two followed suit, and rejoined the effort to rebuild Sugarcube Corner.

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