• Published 30th Oct 2011
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Two's Company, Three's a Crowd - Lithe Kamitatsy

One night of fun for a certain musical pair will leave their lives upside down.

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Chapter Twenty-Eight

Octavia tossed and turned, unable to sleep. She looked over at Vinyl, and felt jealousy seep into her as Vinyl snored loudly.

How is it possible she is able to sleep so easily after dropping a proposal like that? My mind is so active right now I couldn't sleep if they drugged me! Octavia sat up in bed and trotted over the window. The sun was beginning to peek out over the horizon. Great, I lost an entire night's worth of sleep... She reached into one of the old cabinets she had when she was living there, pulling a coat from it and slipping it on.

She made her way quietly down the hallways of her home and exited out onto the back porch. She smiled widely at the sight before her: the fields were covered in white, the first snow of the season having finally fallen, snow slowly falling in the peaceful silence of her father's fields. "What a beautiful sight to wake up to..." Octavia said to herself quietly, taking a seat in one of the chairs that sat on the porch.

"Aye, this is tha' season A' live for."

Octavia turned her head to see her father sitting in one of the other chairs. "Papa? What are you doing up so early?"

"A' do this every day, Octavia. Nothin' nicer than watchin' the world come to life every mornin', especially in the winter season. Celestia's sun reflects beautifully off o' the snowflakes...watch." He pointed out back towards the fields. Sure enough, as the morning sun began to rise, light began to glint off of each individual snowflake, creating a cascade of filtered light over the fields. Octavia sat in awed silence, the only sounds being her and her father's breathing, and the distant chirps of birds calling out from their nests.

"How beautiful..." Octavia murmured.

"Ye know, Octavia...A' have ta' admit. A' am extremely proud of ye." Kester said.

"What do you mean, Papa?" Octavia asked.

"Well, A'm proud o' the fact tha' ye've managed ta' come this far, and managed ta' muster up enough courage ta' stare down both sets o' parents and tell 'em yer havin' a baby. Takes guts, and fer tha' A'm proud," he smiled, leaning over and stroking her shoulder. "...But A' will warn ye." His expression became serious. "Yer mother an' ma'self maybe acceptin' of yer relationship with Vinyl, but tha' doesn't mean tha' everypony else will. Yer goin' ta' get a lot o' looks from now on, and not all o' them'll be kind. There are goin' ta' be times where it's goin' ta get rough, but A'm confident ye two will be able ta' overcome whatever's thrown at ye."

"We just want you to know that no matter what happens, you will always have this home to return to. This home will always be a refuge for you." Madeline said as she came up from behind Kester, wrapping her forelegs around his neck and resting her head against his. "We are a family, and family takes care of their own." Madeline winked.

"Thank you...both of you. You have no idea what this means to me. Especially now that-" Octavia was cut off by the sound of loud yawning as Vinyl trotted out to join the rest of them. Her mane was even more messy than usual, making it look like she had had a cattle prod taken to her.

"Why aren't you in beeeeed? It's so eeeearly. Come back to beeeeeeed." Vinyl whined as she trotted up to Octavia and practically threw herself against her, almost falling back to sleep where she stood.

"I was about to tell them the good news, Vinyl." Octavia said, trying to push Vinyl off of her. "My goodness, Vinyl you need to lay off the sweets!"

"You really wanna go there? You had three danishes back in Ponyville, and you're calling ME fat." Vinyl retorted, looking at Octavia with a deadpan expression.

"Says the one who, after eating an ENTIRE stack of pancakes, went after MORE food at Bonbon's house." Octavia returned with a smirk.

"Hey, when you've got looks like mine, you can eat whatever you want." Vinyl huffed.

"Well you look like your tail got stuck in an outlet."

"A sexy outlet."

"That doesn't even make sense!"

"Doesn't it, Octavia? Doesn't it?"

"You are clearly still half asleep. You are just babbling whatever comes to mind- oh wait, how is that different from how you are normally?" Octavia laughed, proud of herself.

"You were babbling random things last night- wait, how's that any different from every other time we- GACK!" Vinyl was stopped short as Octavia's hooves latched onto her throat like a vicegrip.

"You did NOT just say that in front of my parents!" Octavia yelled. Suddenly, she heard snickering. She looked up to see both her mother AND father laughing to themselves at the display before them.

"Ain't it a wonder how much they remind us o' when we were datin', love?" Kester chuckled.

"Absolutely. Only I won every argument." Madeline said with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

"Ye may have won tha' arguments, but A' dominated tha' bedroom." Kester laughed. He felt Madeline's hooves trying to crush his neck like Octavia was doing to Vinyl, but simply chuckled. "Ma' neck's too thick for ye' ta'-" Kester felt himself go airborne for a moment as Madeline tackled him into the snow, beating on him with her hooves.

"STOP SAYING THOSE THINGS! Do you have ANY IDEA how EMBARRASSING THAT IS?!" Madeline yelled, blushing wildly in embarrassment as she rained hooves down on him. Kester didn't respond- he was laughing too hard.

"Hey, that kinda looks like fun!" Vinyl said, rushing out into the snow. "Come on, Octy! You gotta come join me!"

"That is quite alright, Vinyl. I am perfectly content sitting here-" She was stopped when a snowball hit her square in the face. When she wiped it off, she saw Vinyl winding up to throw another one.

"...YOU ARE GOING DOWN!" Octavia yelled, diving into the snow and returning fire. After a quick exchange of snowballs, Octavia threw one that tagged Vinyl right in the face.

"OW! That one had a rock in it!" Vinyl yelled, clutching her face. Fearing that she had actually hurt Vinyl, Octavia rushed up to her to see if she was okay.

"I'm so sorry, Vinyl! Are you al-" Octavia's mouth was suddenly filled with snow as Vinyl pegged her at point-blank with a snowball. She spit out what she could, and frowned. "That was a dirty trick, Vinyl!"

"All's fair in love and war, and I don't see any love here!" Vinyl said, winding up for another throw. Before the snowball left her hoof, Octavia pushed her down into the snow, pinning her where she lay. "What was that for?!" Without warning, Octavia leaned down and kissed Vinyl, feeling her breath as well as her blush warm her down to her very bones.

"We have news to deliver, remember?" Octavia said with a smile.

"Oh, right!" Vinyl quickly squirmed out from under Octavia, the two walking back towards the house. Octavia found her parents sitting near the fireplace, leaning against one another. "Mother, Papa, we have more news."

"What else could you possibly have to tell us that is more exciting than the baby?" Madeline questioned.

"Well...um..." Octavia blushed, having a hard time finding the right words.

"We're getting hitched!" Vinyl said cheerily.

"...Subtle, Vinyl. Real subtle." Octavia said, looking at Vinyl like she was about to lay her out.

"Oh, this IS wonderful news! When are you planning on the wedding?" Madeline asked.

"The spring, Mother. It was Vinyl's idea. She asked me what season I liked the most, and she used my answer as an opportunity to propose." Octavia blushed as Vinyl beamed.

"She's a smart lass. A' remember when A' proposed ta' Maddie. It was pretty romantic, don't ye think?" Kester said, reminiscing with a smile.

"If by 'romantic' you mean 'absolutely mortifying', then yes. Yes it was." Madeline said, remembering every moment of it.

"It was not mortifyin'! A' had ta' build up tons o' courage just ta' do wha' A' did!"

"You knocked over the karaoke singer, stole his microphone, and screamed 'MADDIE! MARRY ME, MADDIE!' over and over until I said yes."

"A' still don' see why tha's so bad."

"You got us kicked out of the restaurant. I LIKED that restaurant."

"It wasn't all tha' great." Kester grunted, remembering back to the day. "The waiters were rude, the food took forever ta' get served, an' tha' portions would've let a mouse starve!"

"Either way, while it was not exactly romantic, it was memorable." Madeline said, leaning against him. "I guess that counts."

"You are right about that." Octavia said, nuzzling Vinyl affectionately.

"Anywho, let's jus' sit around the fire an' get warmed up. Sound good?" Kester offered, scooting over slightly to make room.

"Sounds good to me!" Vinyl said, taking a seat in front of the fireplace. Vinyl looked at Octavia, patting the ground next to her with a hoof. Octavia smiled and took a seat next to her. This time, it was Vinyl's turn to lean against Octavia, who looked surprised.

"What? I think I'm allowed to do this every now and again." Vinyl grinned.

"I suppose I can allow it...every now and again." Octavia smiled.

The two couples sat in front of the fire, warming each other's hearts not with the flames burning before them, but with each other's presence.

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