• Published 30th Oct 2011
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Two's Company, Three's a Crowd - Lithe Kamitatsy

One night of fun for a certain musical pair will leave their lives upside down.

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Chapter Fifty-Nine

Octavia was the first to rise the following morning. She quietly slipped out of bed, making sure not to disturb Vinyl, who was busy snoring so loudly she found it amazing she hadn’t woken herself up. She stretched her limbs, giving a small yawn. She felt slightly heavier than the night previous, her belly much more rounded. She smiled warmly as she remembered back to the beautiful interaction between Vinyl and their unborn foal. I should probably head over to Nurse Redheart and let her know what happened... she thought.

Vinyl, having suddenly sensed the lack of a presence next to her, immediately sat up in bed, her mane looking as if she’d stuck her hoof in an electrical socket as usual. She looked around the room, and saw Octavia quietly brushing her mane as she usually did in the morning. “Hey Octy,” Vinyl said with a yawn.

“Good morning, Vinyl. Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, I slept okay.” Vinyl rubbed her eyes, and took a closer look at Octavia. “...Hey Octy?”

“Yes, Vinyl?”

“When did you get fat?”

The silence that followed that statement was electrifying. Vinyl then realized that what she had just said, had struck a nerve that she never knew existed.

“Excuse me?” Octavia replied.

“I said, ‘When did you get fat?’”

“Vinyl, I would like to see you carry a foal and not gain some weight.”

“Yeah,but yesterday you looked normal-fat. Now you look big-fat.”

At this point Octavia’s blood-pressure was reaching unhealthy levels. She had half a mind to leap over the bed and strangle her where she sat. The only thing preventing her was the genuine look of concern on Vinyl’s face. She took a deep breath and continued.

“Well, I did notice that when I stood up, I felt heavier than last night. Thank you for bringing to my attention the fact that not only is it something I feel, it’s something that can be obviously seen,” Octavia said with a bit of anger in her tone. She raised an eyebrow when Vinyl began to snicker.

“What? What is so funny?” Octavia asked.

“Pfft- you- you-” Vinyl started, unable to control her laughter. “Y-You look like a bowling ball with legs...” It was at that point that Vinyl’s howling laughter turned into howling terror as Octavia leapt out of her spot on the bed, her forelegs outstretched in an attempt to wring Vinyl’s throat until her head popped off like a bottlecap. Vinyl, sensing that her life was in imminent danger, bolted from the bed as quickly as she could.

“HELP! HELP! I’m being attacked by a pregnant meteor!” Vinyl yelled, half-laughing as she made a beeline for the door.

“VINYL! GET BACK HERE THIS INSTANT!” Octavia yelled, charging after her...and stopping short after a few feet, panting for breath.

Vinyl stood idly by as she waited for Octavia to give chase, but frowned in concern when Octavia simpy stood there, leaning against the hoof-rest of the bed, panting heavily. She slowly trotted over to Octavia, putting a hoof on her foreleg. “Octy, are you okay?”

Octavia slowly raised her head, a malicious grin stretching her face as her free foreleg suddenly snaked its way around Vinyl’s frame.

“Oh...I'm fine...” she said in a cold whisper.


The remaining residents of the house, who were all gathered in the living room chatting quietly, all looked upstairs when they heard a scream of pure terror.

“That sounded like Vinyl...” Bonbon said. Lyra rolled her eyes.

“I can only imagine what she did this time,” she said with a small laugh.

“Oh dear, I hope they aren’t rough-housing. They need to be careful,” Marianna said.

Rolando placed a reassuring hoof on her shoulder.“I am certain that whatever Vincenza is screaming about, she clearly did something to deserve it,” he said.

“A’ won’t lie, Vinyl sure knows how ta’ get ponies up and going in the mornin’,” Kester said with a hearty laugh.

“I’m sure Octavia’s feeling a little edgy right now, so it probably doesn’t help that anything Vinyl says or does just might end up costing her dearly...” Madeline commented. A few moments later, the sound of hoofs on stairs could be heard as Octavia, smiling from ear to ear as a morose and repentant Vinyl followed, rubbing a nasty lump on the side of her head.

“Good morning!” Octavia said cheerily, to which Vinyl’s mouth hung open in shock at Octavia’s sudden mood-flip.

Kester took one look at Vinyl, and began to laugh.

“What is so funny, Papa?” Octavia asked.

“Vinyl...ye called her ‘fat’, didn’t ye?” Kester asked. Madeline gasped in shock and smacked Kester on the foreleg, accidentally hitting wound he had received from the fight with the bear.

“YEOWCH!” Kester said as he jumped back.

“Oh dear, I'm so sorry! I didn’t mean to hit you there!” Madeline said, making her way over to Kester.

“Kester...how did you know?” Vinyl asked, surprised that he had hit it dead-on.

“Heh...what makes ye think A’ haven’t made tha’ face maself?” he grinned, wincing slightly from the pain.

“Ohh, did that ever make me angry! You men have no idea what it’s like to carry a child, much less one that weighs almost as much as you do!” Madeline said.

“But I’m not a guy...” Vinyl said.

“Thankfully, I was never so crude,” Rolando said.

“Yes, but you did pass out when I gave birth,” Marianna said. “I still haven’t quite forgiven you for that...”

“Dearest, you know I did not do it on purpose!” Rolando pleaded.

“I know but it was still a momentous occasion and you missed it!” Marianna said with a huff, folding her forelegs.

“At least your husband didn’t turn it into a sporting event!” Madeline said with a growl.

“So A’ invited family to see Tavi’ comin’ into the world! A’ still don’t see the issue,” Kester said.

“They could have waited outside like normal ponies instead of crowding around the doctor and watching me like I was a Fall-Weather Feast meal put on display!!” Madeline yelled, blushing in embarassment.

“You did WHAT?!” Octavia said in utter shock. That was all it took for Vinyl, Lyra and Bonbon to begin laughing like it was no-pony’s business.

“Look, are ye’ still mad that ma’ cousin started makin’ sound effects? He apologized a hun’red times!” Kester said.

“The last thing I needed to imagine as my baby was being born was her coming out to the sound of a slide whistle!” Madeline said, her face buried in her hooves.

“‘FlooooooOOOP!’” Kester repeated, laughing to himself. “A won’ lie- tha’ was pretty- YEOWCH!” he yelled again as Madeline dug her hoof into the bandaged wound for a few seconds. Octavia, Marianna and Rolando all stood in shocked silence as raucous laughter filled the room.

“While that is assuredly embarrassing, it is not much better when the doctor has to make sure your husband is alive while trying to pass a horned cannon-ball through a tube the size of a straw,” Marianna said.

“...Which is exactly why I passed out...the mental image was too much, and the next thing I knew I was waking up to the doctor shaking his head and complaining about how ‘stallions are such wimps these days,’” Rolando said sheepishly.

“Putting all this aside, I have excellent news!" Octavia said with a smile, shaking off the embarrassed blush as all the ponies present focused their attention on her.

"Wha's the news, 'Tavi?" Kester asked.

"Yes dear, what is it?" Madeline asked as well. Vinyl had a general idea as to what she was going to say, so she stood up and took her place at Octavia's side.

"Well...last night, something amazing happened. We were laying in bed, and the baby kicked!" Octavia said with glee. Both mothers as well as Lyra and Bonbon immediately stood up, their faces having lit up with giant smiles. Within moments the other mares were ontop of Octavia, looking for an opportunity to feel the baby kick. Octavia took a seat on the ground and rolled over on her side as each mare took a turn.

Madeline and Marianna took their turn together, and felt their hearts hitch in their chests when they felt the baby respond to their hooves.

"This is our grandchild..." Madeline said, breathless.

"Yes, yes it is," Marianna said, feeling herself becoming emotional.

"I was planning on going to the clinic today to let Nurse Redheart know. I also need to let her know that I've gained weight as Vinyl as so kindly pointed out," Octavia said.

"C'mon Octy, you know I don't say it to be mean. I say it 'cause it's true," Vinyl grinned.

"...I suppose I will let that one slide," Octavia said with a small smile.

"Can we come with you? I haven't exactly been feeling all that great myself actually," Bonbon said, putting a hoof to her stomach.

"Better safe than sorry, you know? Her family as a long list of hereditary illnesses, and we'd rather make sure she's just got a tummy-ache than it be anything worse," Lyra said.

"Of course, you're more than welcome to come along," Octavia said.

"I'm just glad we're getting out of the house. I don't think I can take another day cooped up in here!" Vinyl said. She then helped Octavia up off the ground, and the four mares set out for Ponyville Clinic. They stepped outside, and stared in awe at what they saw before them. The sun was finally out, and a good portion of the heavy snow had been cleared away, but the town was still covered in a thick blanket, and the sunlight gleaming off the snow and ice cast beautiful colors on every surface. They all took a moment to appreciate the sights, and went about their way.


Octavia and Vinyl waited in the viewing room when Nurse Redheart entered, holding Octavia's file. "Hello Octavia, how are you feeling today?"

"Funny you should ask that, Nurse. I feel that I am a bit heavier than I was last night, and Vinyl- as well as the remainder of my family- feel that I have gotten bigger as well," Octavia explained.

"Oh, and we felt the baby kick," Vinyl said.

"Oh my, how wonderful! I'm so happy for you two. As for your weight, just step on the scale and we'll get an idea as to how much you've gained since you were here last," the nurse said. Octavia did as she was told, and Nurse Redheart jotted down the number. She compared it with her notes from the last visit, and blinked in surprise.

"How odd..."

"What's wrong?" Vinyl asked.

"Well, according to my documents, Octavia's gained over thirty pounds...and you two were here last week. It's unprecedented to gain so much weight so quickly, but given how unnatural this pregnancy is..." Nurse Redheart said, her sentence trailing off. "...Would you mind if I examined you, Octavia?"

"No, not at all," Octavia said, climbing up onto the examination table with assistance from Vinyl. Nurse Redheart retrieved a stethoscope, placing the plugs in her ears. She gently placed the other end of the stethoscope on Octavia's belly, listening closely. Her eyes widened when she heard something odd.

"Oh my..."

"What's wrong? Is she going to be okay? She's not gonna explode is she?! Oh horse-apples, she's going to blow up! I knew it the moment that I saw Octy this morning!" Vinyl said in a false-panic.

"Shut up!" Octavia said, smacking her upside the head.

"Okay, I won't lie. I earned that one," Vinyl chuckled, rubbing her head.

"...It would seem the ultrasound was inaccurate," Nurse Redheart said. This caused both Octavia and Vinyl to frown in confusion.

"What do you mean?" Octavia asked.

"Well...it only showed the image from one side. It wasn't the full picture," Nurse Redheart said. "To put it simply girls...you might want to invest in two cribs, not just one..."

"Y-You mean..." Vinyl stammered, her goggles falling off her head along with her jaw.

"Yes, Vinyl... When I listened in on the baby with the stethoscopes, I heard three separate heartbeats, not just two," Nurse Redheart said. She then smiled. "Octavia's having twins." The next sound was a small squeak from Octavia, and a loud thud as Vinyl keeled over in shock. "Not again!"

Octavia was completely dumbfounded. The word 'twins' was still ringing loudly in her mind. Vinyl hadn't blessed her with one foal, but two. All she could do was numbly bring her hooves to each side of her belly, and as if on cue, she felt a hoof press back on each side. It was then that it all hit her at once- the feeling of overwhelming, beautiful, endless love as yet another foal filled a spot in her heart, a grand smile lining her face.

Vinyl came to a few minutes later, still unable to process what she had been told. She remembered hearing the word 'twins", but that caused her brain to shut down so she figured she wouldn't think about that... until she did, and it made her smile. It made her smile wider than she had ever smiled in her entire life, more than when she and Octavia had gotten together, than when she found out she was having a baby, all of it. She was the happiest she had ever been in her life. She opened her eyes, seeing Nurse Redheart standing over her as well as another assistant.

"Helloooooo, Nurse!" Vinyl said, still somewhat loopy.

"Hello, Vinyl. How are you feeling?" Nurse Redheart asked.

"I'm having twins!" Vinyl giggled, her eyes spinning in their sockets.

"Yes, yes you are Vinyl," Nurse Redheart smiled, helping her to her hooves. From a room over, they heard a loud scream followed by sobbing. Octavia and Vinyl immediately recognized the voices as Lyra and Bonbon's. Vinyl snapped back to reality, Octavia moving as quickly as she could to see what was wrong. They entered the viewing room to find Lyra and Bonbon sobbing into each other's shoulders as the nurse who was doing the examination was completely backed up against the wall in sheer shock. Vinyl and Octavia quickly made their way over to them.

"What happened?" Octavia asked, concerned.

"Bonnie, is everything okay? What's the matter?" Vinyl asked. Bonbon looked up, a smile wider than she had ever seen Bonbon have since she had met her. She touched her head to Lyra's as tears flowed freely from the both of them.

"I'm pregnant... We've been trying for so long and it finally happened..." Bonbon said softly. Vinyl and Octavia screamed in delight, embracing Lyra and Bonbon tightly as they all celebrated her wonderful news.

"This is so wonderful, Bonbon! I cannot begin to express how happy I am for you!" Octavia said.

"This is so awesome! I can't believe it!" Vinyl cheered, unable to contain her happiness.

"So what about you two? How'd the examination go?" Lyra asked as she wiped her face, Bonbon still leaning against her. Vinyl and Octavia looked at one another and smiled, soft blushes appearing on their faces.

"We're having twins," Vinyl announced, her voice cracking slightly from all the emotion. Lyra and Bonbon's expressions lit up even brighter than before, and yet again they shared another bout of hugs as they all counted their blessings. Octavia, Vinyl, Lyra and Bonbon all had a similar thought run through their minds.

This is the happiest day of my life...

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