• Published 30th Oct 2011
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Two's Company, Three's a Crowd - Lithe Kamitatsy

One night of fun for a certain musical pair will leave their lives upside down.

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Chapter ???

"This thing on? Ugh, I can never tell..."

[Sounds of fiddling with equipment.]

"I think this ought to do it..."


"Hey, it's me again, just doing another audio log for all my faithful listeners. You know, I gotta admit. Of all the holidays I celebrate, the Fall-Weather Feast has to be one of my favorites...that is, until my moms try to decide what they want me to wear. Ugh, it's the same thing every year. One puts something on me, the other yells, and it goes on and on until I have to step in and stop them. I'm willing to bet it's gonna be the same thing again this year. Hopefully they'll be able to agree on something for me to wear for once. I'm tired of them dressing me up to look like a-"

[The sounds of a loud crash drown out any other noise, followed by yelling.]

"VINYL! You did NOT just knock over the special Fall Weather Feast salad I spent the LAST THREE DAYS PREPARING!"

"I said I was sorry! B-Besides, you can just make another one, right?


"Heheh, okay Octy, let's not do anything rash here...l-let's just put the knife down-

"Another one...ANOTHER ONE!?"

"Uh oh, I'd better run downstairs before I end up with only one mom! Gotta go until next time!"




"MOM, NO!"




Author's Note

To all of my readers: Thank you all so much for your endless love and support throughout the writing process of Two's Company, Three's a Crowd. Have an amazing Happy Thanksgiving, and may your own Fall-Weather Feast be one of merriment and joy. Tomorrow, the story continues!

PS: To anyone confused about how I worded this, Two's Company is NOT NEARLY finished! I meant to say that the regular scheduled programming continues tomorrow!

PSS: I wanted to wish the most special of Thanksgivings to my friends in the FimFic IRC (ScyStorm, BillyColt, DJMidli, DashXColt, Libri, FireSoul, lam, and any others I might not have mentioned! I love you guys all so much, and thank you for being the rock in which I support myself on!)

With much Love,


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