• Published 30th Oct 2011
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Two's Company, Three's a Crowd - Lithe Kamitatsy

One night of fun for a certain musical pair will leave their lives upside down.

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Chapter Thirty-Five

The smell of burnt wood and pastries still filled the air as Octavia and Vinyl made their way towards Lyra and Bonbon's home. They saw the firefighter carriage speed past them, headed back to the fire station. "I gotta say, they got there pretty quickly. If they took any longer than they did, the fire woulda spread." Vinyl said as they walked. At this point, many other ponies had come out of their homes, having both heard the explosion and smelled the fire. A group of them were making their way towards Sugarcube Corner to inspect the damage and check on the Cakes, others merely milling about as they tried to figure out what exactly happened. They eventually bumped into Lyra and Bonbon, who had come out of their home after hearing the commotion.

"Octavia, Vinyl! Did you hear about what happened? There was an explosion at Sugarcube Corner and it caught fire and nearly burned to the ground! Oh, I hope nopony was hurt..." Bonbon said, clearly shaken by the events. Lyra was standing close to her, comforting her.

"Nopony was hurt, thankfully. At least, not that we saw." Octavia said.

"What do you mean that 'you saw?' Were you there?" Lyra asked, Bonbon immediately turning her attention to Octavia.

"I would prefer if we talked about this inside...I do not want anypony getting wrong ideas..." Octavia said, looking rather nervous.

"Right." Lyra said. Lyra and Bonbon lead them back towards their house, the four entering and quickly shutting the door. Once in the light, they noticed just how disheveled both Octavia and Vinyl looked.

"My goodness! You two are covered in ash and..." Bonbon squinted. "...is that confetti?"

"Well, you see..." Octavia went on to explain the incident at Sugarcube Corner, all the way from discovering that the fillies were missing from Fluttershy's cottage, all the way up to where they stood at that very moment. "Thankfully, nopony was hurt. The girls are under the care of Applejack and Rarity, Pinkie is nowhere to be found, and Mr. Cake passed out from the shock, but was coming to as we left."

"A party cannon? That Pinkie Pie is something else..." Lyra sighed, trotting over to her couch and taking a seat. "I'm just glad the fillies are alright. What in Equestria were they thinking, though? Trying out a cannon, and Pinkie! Why would she EVER think that letting a trio of school-aged fillies operate a CANNON would be acceptable?!"

"Well, having known Pinkie for as long as I have, she probably didn't mean any harm. She just wanted to have fun and let the girls have a little fun as well," Vinyl shrugged.

"There are limits for everything, Vinyl...while Pinkie may not have meant any harm, it could have been very ugly. Thank Celestia it did not escalate from there," Octavia reasoned. "That aside, would you mind if I used your shower? I need to get all this soot off of me...Vinyl can go in after me."

"Of course, Octavia. Also, have you found a place to stay?" Bonbon asked.

"In fact, we have not. Would it be alright if we stayed here?" Octavia asked in return, trying not to dirty anything with the soot still clinging to her coat.

"Absolutely! While you take your baths Lyra and I will go prepare the guest room. Feel free to stay as long as you like. I'm afraid you might stay a little longer than you previously thought, seeing as most of the repair ponies will now be working on Sugarcube Corner," Bonbon said.

"Well, if it helps expedite the repair process, we will be more than happy to help in any way we can, right Vinyl?" Octavia suggested.

"Yeah, sure." Vinyl said. "Hey Octy, why don't we just get in the bath together? It'll be faster that way."

Octavia turned to Lyra and Bonbon. "Would it be alright? I do not want to make you feel uncomfortable in your own home."

Lyra looked at Bonbon, who didn't seem to mind. "Go right ahead, we don't mind. The bathtub is a little small, though."

"We'll be fine, Lyra. Our bathroom in our apartment in Canterlot is pretty small, so we've managed. Where can we get towels?" Vinyl asked.

"Up the stairs and in the closet on the right side of the bathroom door," Lyra pointed out. Vinyl went over to the closet and retrieved two towels for her and Octavia to use.

"We'll be out in a little bit." Vinyl said as the two slipped into the bathroom and shut the door. With that taken care of, Lyra and Bonbon made their way down the hallway and began to prepare the guest bedroom.

Octavia got the water started, Vinyl removing her goggles and setting them on the bathroom sink. Octavia did the same with her bow tie, setting it next to Vinyl's goggles. The pair entered the tub, and sighed in unison as they felt the warm water seep through their coat. "Hey Octy, want me to wash your back?"

"That would be very nice of you, Vinyl." Octavia shifted as best she could in the tub, trying to get her back to Vinyl. "Wow, this tub IS pretty small-" Octavia said as she struggled to turn.

"Here, let me help you." Vinyl leaned forward to put her hooves on Octavia's back to help her get adjusted, but slipped forward and nearly forced Octavia out of the bath, causing her to yelp in surprise.


Lyra and Bonbon looked at one another, having heard the yelp. They listened for any other sounds, and went back to their task when they were met with silence.


"Vinyl, be careful! You almost pushed me out!" Octavia reprimanded.

"Sorry Octy! I lost my balance," Vinyl apologized. "Need help getting back in place?"

"Yes, I do." Octavia reached a hoof out to Vinyl, but in turn lost her balance and fell face-first into Vinyl's chest, causing her to yell in surprise.


Lyra and Bonbon looked up once more, their eyes wide. "You don't think...?" Lyra started.

"They couldn't be..." Bonbon finished.


"Octy, that hurt! Maybe you should practice what you preach!" Vinyl said, rubbing her chest.

"Sorry, Vinyl...I was just trying to reach out to you for help," Octavia said.

"Well, now that we're not falling all over each other, let's actually take a bath," Vinyl suggested. She used her magic to levitate a bottle of soap over to them. She squeezed it, but nothing came out. "C'mon you stupid bottle!" She grunted with frustration as she repeatedly tried to get the soap out.


Lyra and Bonbon blushed as they heard the repeated grunts, their eyes wide.

"They are!" They whispered in unison. They quickly rushed out of the room and stood near the bathroom door, leaning in to listen.

"Do you hear anything?" Bonbon asked.

"Shh, shh! One of them is talking!" Lyra said, hushing her.


"Vinyl, you are going to make a mess, give it here!" Octavia said, frustrated. She reached over and began to fight with Vinyl over trying to get the soap out, until Vinyl used her magic to force it out, causing the bottle to explode and cover their faces in soap, the two screaming in pain as it got in their eyes.

"OH CELESTIA!" Octavia screamed.

Vinyl was completely incoherent, yelling loudly as she desperately tried to get the soap out of her eyes.


Lyra was speechless as she listened to the commotion within, Bonbon blushing like mad. "They're so bold! I would never think of such intimacy in another pony's home!"

"Tell me about it! I never would have guessed Octavia and Vinyl were so...liberal with their bedroom activities!" Lyra whispered in return.


Octavia and Vinyl tried to wash their eyes out, but the overly soapy water did nothing to help. They made the attempt to dunk their heads under the water, which resulted in them knocking their heads together, causing them to yell in pain yet again and sink under the water momentarily.

Lyra and Bonbon continued leaning forward until they were hitting the door. They expected resistance, and to their shock, there was none- apparently Vinyl had forgotten to close the door all the way. Lyra and Bonbon collapsed in a heap onto the middle of the bathroom floor, Octavia and Vinyl panting slightly as they had only resurfaced a moment before. They all looked at one another, the only one not blushing from embarrassment being Vinyl. Vinyl gave a bashful grin, chuckling sheepishly.

"Uh...wanna join?" Vinyl asked. The only response she got was Octavia's hoof upside her head.

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