• Published 30th Oct 2011
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Two's Company, Three's a Crowd - Lithe Kamitatsy

One night of fun for a certain musical pair will leave their lives upside down.

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Chapter Fifty-Three

Octavia and Vinyl quickly made their way over to Lyra and Bonbon, desperate to tell them the news. They were going to be in for quite a ride, and the last thing they needed was to be unaware and unprepared. They each took their mare of honor aside, and spoke to them in private.

"Did you have anything planned for the next couple of days, Lyra?" Octavia asked, fidgeting somewhat. This won't end well, I can FEEL it... Lyra pondered this for a moment.

"Well, I was planning on having a small performance at the fountain as I usually do, but my day-to-day usually consists of helping Bonnie at the candy shop. Why?" Lyra asked, more concerned than confused.

"...To put it simply, Lyra...we are snowed in. A Royal Guardscolt came by a few moments ago and informed us of the blizzard, and we are not allowed to leave until it has passed," Octavia said with a sigh. Lyra looked shocked, unsure of how to handle the news.

"How long are we going to be here?" Lyra asked.

"...Two or so days, so the rest of this one, tomorrow, and the day after..." Octavia said, waiting for Lyra's reaction. Here it comes... Lyra let out an explosive sigh, running a hoof down her face.

"For the love of Celestia...well, I guess that there's nothing that can be done, at least not now. Did he explain why there was a blizzard?" Lyra asked, trying to make sense of the situation.

"I think he mentioned a malfunction at the weather factory. Something about a mailmare accidentally dropping a package on one of the storm cloud generators when it was set to 'snow', or something along those lines," Octavia said, trying to think back. "To put it simply, the storm is far too strong for the Weather Patrol to handle it, so we are waiting it out."

"But I live next door..." Lyra started, but fell silent when Octavia shook her head.

"My father and Rolando took four steps outside and were IMMEDIATELY caught by the Royal Guard. Besides, I would prefer if you stayed here with us. We need some sort of respite from our families..." Octavia said as she looked back at the two older couples sitting in the living room, talking to their respective spouses.

"I do get that...I remember the one time my parents visited us when we were at Bonbon's parents' home for Hearth's Warming. It was..." Lyra trailed off, feeling a chill run up her spine. "...not a fun experience."

"Then you understand why I need you here. If my father tries to get Rolando to 'loosen up', somepony needs to be able to help me," Octavia said.

"Help you with what?" Lyra asked, confused.

"Help restraining my mother from killing him, of course. Who do you think has the ability to restrain him?" Octavia said with a raised eyebrow.

"I'll be honest, Octavia...I kinda wanna see that," Lyra chuckled. "To see a mare your size lunge at such a huge stallion and bring him down..."

"Believe me, Lyra- if it came to that, you would not want to be here," Octavia said flatly.


Vinyl pulled Bonbon aside, leading her away from the group. "Okay Bonnie, I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is, is that we're going to be spending more time together," Vinyl said.

"What's the bad news?" Bonbon asked, somewhat concerned.

"...The bad news, is that we're going to be spending more time together...with them," Vinyl said, pointing at her parents. "We're also trapped. We can't leave the house."

"What!? Why not!?" Bonbon said, shocked. Vinyl immediately shushed her so the others would not be alarmed.

"We're stuck in a blizzard. The Royal Guard came by and said we're stuck in here for two days...with them," Vinyl sighed. "This is gonna be a nightmare, I can already see it...Dad's gonna say something, Kester's gonna make him part of the ceiling, I'm gonna laugh, Mom is gonna freak out, Maddie's gonna try to strangle Kester...huh...maybe that wouldn't be so bad..." Vinyl said, Bonbon staring at her like she was crazy.

"Vinyl, why would you want to see your dad get floored by your father-in-law?" Bonbon asked.

"'Cause it would be funny, why else?" Vinyl asked in return.

"But-I mean-why-" Bonbon stammered, and then it all made sense. This must be one of those moments that Octavia mentioned... She then sighed. "Nevermind."

"Anyway, that's the situation, and we're stuck in the middle. All I can say, is I'm sorry for anything that happens, and if you don't wanna be my friend anymore when it's all over and done with, I'll understand," Vinyl said.

"Vinyl, relax. I'm sure you're worrying over nothing," Bonbon said as she fanned a hoof at her.

"You don't know my parents," Vinyl said, looking Bonbon straight in the eyes as she spoke. The four mares returned to the group, prepared for whatever may come.

"Is everything alright, girls?" Madeline asked.

"Just fine, mother. We just wanted to talk to our friends is all," Octavia said." Oh, that reminds me, these are going to be our mares of honor. Mother, this is Lyra Heartstrings. She and I have performed many times together, and is our neighbor," Octavia said. Lyra moved over to Madeline, and shook hooves with her. "She is also married to Bonbon, Mother."

"It's nice to meet you Mrs. Philharmonica," Lyra said.

"It's wonderful to meet you as well, Lyra. Octavia mentioned you in her last letter to me, and she spoke very highly of you," Madeline smiled.

"So ye're her mare o' honor, eh?" Kester said, looking her up and down.

"Yes I am," Lyra said resolutely.

"Aye, A' like this lass, she's made o' tough stuff," Kester chuckled. "Ye'll make a' fine mare o' honor," he winked.

Vinyl then decided it was time to do the same with Bonbon. She made her way over to her parents with Bonbon following close behind.

"Mom, Dad, this is Bonbon. She's my mare of honor. She's a really good friend of mine, and she was the one who helped me get together with Octy," Vinyl said, introducing her. "Oh, and she's married to Lyra."

"Oh, how lovely it is to meet you, Bonbon. Thank you so much for guiding Vincenza through what I am sure was not an easy time for her," Marianna said. Vinyl let out an audible groan when she heard her full name.

"Um, who?" Bonbon asked, confused. Marianna frowned, confused as well.

"Vincenza. Octavia's fiancee'. My daughter," Marianna chuckled. It then dawned on her that 'Vincenza' was Vinyl's real name, and did her best to stifle a laugh.

"Oh...I see...well, you're quite welcome. I was just helping a friend out," Bonbon said, her chin quivering slightly as she resisted the urge to laugh. Vinyl simply face-hoofed.

"Well, you certainly picked a lovely mare for your mare of honor Vincenza," Rolando said. "Tell me, dear. What do you do for a living?" he asked, curious.

"Well, as my name implies, I work with candies, and other sweets. My craft is my passion, as they say," Bonbon said.

"Believe me, I understand. The violin is my calling in life, and I could not love the instrument anymore than I already do," he smirked. "I am quite pleased with your choice, Vincenza."

"...Please, for the love of Celestia and all that is holy, stop calling me that!" Vinyl said.

"Oh, it's not so bad...Vincenza," Bonbon said, snickering to herself. Octavia then took the center of the room, and cleared her throat, preparing to drop the bomb.

"Well, now that introductions have been made, I have a bit of bad news..." Octavia said. The two sets of parents then leaned in, intent on hearing what Octavia had to say. Vinyl took a step back, waiting for the imminent outburst.

"When the Royal Guard stopped by earlier, one of the soldiers informed me of something we all need to be aware of- we are currently in the middle of a blizzard. While it is nothing threatening to those who remain indoors, that is precisely where we must stay- indoors," Octavia said.

"What're ye' sayin', Octavia?" Kester asked.

"You don't mean..." Madeline said.

"...We are effectively snowed in for the next two days," Octavia said. She could have sworn she heard the bomb whistling, and the loud explosion as it dropped. Marianna and Madeline looked as though they had just been told the world was coming to an end. Even though they were no longer fighting, Kester and Rolando simply glared at one another. To say they were acquaintances was saying too much- to say they were friends was a flat-out lie. "Now, there are more than enough rooms for all of us, so please, feel free to use whatever room you like," Octavia finished. Kester let out a small grunt of disapproval, and got up.

"A' need a drink..." he said as he moved past them and made his way into the kitchen.

Marianna immediately rounded on Rolando. "Rolando, I swear if you cause anymore trouble for Vincenza, there WILL be consequences!"

"Marianna, I will not start trouble, but I will also not allow a question to go unanswered..." he said simply.

"Don't worry, Marianna. I will do my best to keep Kester under control..." she then looked to the girls for support on that endeavor, who all nodded, even if they felt a bit unsure as to how they would be able to restrain or stop a stallion of Kester's size. Octavia then moved into the kitchen to check on her father, and stared in horror as he threw away a bottle. A familiar bottle. A familiar bottle that once held green liquid.

"Heeey, Tavi'! Why're there five o' ye?" Kester asked, somewhat confused as he hiccupped.

"...Celestia, kill me now..." Octavia said to herself. "Papa, stay right here, okay? Do not go anywhere!"

"Sure thin', Tavi'...A'll just stare a' the pretty dragon on the ceilin'," Kester said as he sat down and stared blankly at the empty ceiling. Octavia quickly rushed out of the kitchen and found Vinyl.

"Vinyl, we have a MAJOR issue!" Octavia said, almost frantic.

"Woah, calm down, Octy! What happened?" Vinyl asked.

"...Papa finished the bottle," Octavia said.

"Bottle of what, Octy?" Vinyl asked, confused.

"...The Gargle Blaster..." Octavia said. Vinyl's eyes widened as her blood ran cold.

"Celestia help us..." Vinyl said softly.

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