• Published 30th Oct 2011
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Two's Company, Three's a Crowd - Lithe Kamitatsy

One night of fun for a certain musical pair will leave their lives upside down.

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Chapter Thirty-Six

The four mares sat in the living room, staring off in different directions, save for Vinyl. Octavia couldn't bear to look Lyra or Bonbon in the face, the other two looking away in embarrassment for being caught listening in. The silence between them was palpable. Vinyl simply sat there, staring off into space, until she eventually grew frustrated with no pony talking.

"Ugh, come on! What happened happened. It's not like we were actually DOING anything. It was just a giant misunderstanding!" Vinyl yelled, annoyed. "The only question I have is why you two were listening," Vinyl said as she turned to face Lyra and Bonbon. "I'm fairly sure you two were a little more interested in watching than listening, am I right?"

Lyra and Bonbon both turned a bright shade of red at Vinyl's comment. "N-NO! Of course not! What you two do with one another is private and personal between you two, and...we're sorry for eavesdropping," Bonbon said softly.

"Honestly, I can't blame ya. I mean, who wouldn't wanna-" Vinyl started, but was cut short when Octavia slapped her hoof over Vinyl's mouth.

"You are not finishing that sentence. Not while I am still able to draw breath." Octavia said, staring at Vinyl out of the corners of her eyes. "Putting what Vinyl said aside, I do apologize if we created an...awkward situation for you."

"Oh, it's quite alright. I did tell you that the tub was a little too small," Lyra chuckled. "You said you got soap in your eyes? Which soap did you try to use?"

"The one in the green bottle." Vinyl said, rather displeased with the painful result.

"Bonbon, I thought you said you threw that out!" Lyra said, turning to Bonbon.

"Hehe...well...I guess I forgot..." Bonbon blushed, embarrassed. "Well, I recently bought Fleur De Lis' newest shampoo product. I tried it when I was on vacation in Canterlot not too long ago, and I haven't used another brand since. We have a few bottles here if you decide to take another bath."

"Fleur De Lis? I have met her a few times before. Her and her husband Fancy Pants approached me after a concert one day to praise me. She is quite grounded, and the few times we spoke she was very nice," Octavia said.

"Was she that pink mare that looked like she hadn't eaten in a month?" Vinyl asked rather bluntly.

"Vinyl! I am certain Fleur works very hard to maintain her figure. Just because you were blessed with a splendid figure does not mean the rest of us were," Octavia said.

"Heh, I am pretty sexy," Vinyl grinned, running a hoof along her side, to which Octavia face-hoofed.

"Do you see what I put up with?" Octavia sighed, shaking her head. Lyra and Bonbon merely laughed.

"She is definitely a special mare, I will give you that," Lyra said. "Well, it is getting pretty late. Bonbon and I will be turning in for the night, you are welcome to do the same. We had just finished preparing your room when...well...you know," she blushed. "Have a good night," she said as they both got up and headed up the stairs.

"Right...well, it has been a crazy day. Come along, Vinyl..." Octavia said, getting up from her seat and trotting up the stairs behind Lyra and Bonbon. Vinyl quickly followed, the two pairs splitting off into rooms across from one another. Vinyl and Octavia stared at the bed before them.

"It's kinda small," Vinyl said.

"Well, beggars cannot be choosers," Octavia said, climbing into bed. Vinyl climbed in after her, trying to find space.

"Uh, you think you could scoot over a bit?"

"Any more and I will be on the floor, Vinyl..." Octavia responded, unwilling to budge.

"I don't have any space- move over!" Vinyl said, planting two hooves on Octavia's back and pushing.


Lyra and Bonbon had just settled into bed and were reading a book together when they heard a yelp and a resounding thud coming from the room across from theirs. They both stopped for a moment, but chose to ignore it.


"V-Vinyl! I cannot believe you pushed me out of bed!" Octavia said, very much upset.

"Well, you wouldn't move, so I moved you," Vinyl said, sticking her tongue out at Octavia.

"..." Octavia merely glared at Vinyl.


Both Lyra and Bonbon looked up when they heard yet another yell coming from the other room, trying not to let their minds wander. "Just ignore it, Bonbon...I'm sure it's nothing," Lyra said.

"R-Right...of course..." Bonbon said softly, laying back down.


Vinyl climbed back up off the ground, staring at Octavia.

"You moved me, so I moved you in return," Octavia smirked, sticking her tongue out cutely.

"LOOK! Let's just try to get comfortable and get some rest, alright?" Vinyl said softly, trying not to yell as she climbed back up into bed.

"Fair enough," Octavia said, laying back down, trying to adjust herself so that Vinyl would get a fair share of bed space.


Lyra and Bonbon sighed with relief when the sounds stopped. "You see? They were probably just trying to get-"

"Vinyl, stop that! That hurts!"

"I'm trying Octy, but you're not giving me much to work with!"

"-comfortable?" Lyra said, her eyes wide at what they had just heard.

"I-It's just another misunderstanding, Lyra. Just ignore it," Bonbon said, a giant blush across her face.


"Vinyl, please! Your hoof is digging into my back!" Octavia whispered, wincing slightly from the pain.

"Octy, I can't move much! You're just gonna have to deal with it!"

"Ugh!" Octavia shifted again, accidentally kicking Vinyl in the flank.


Lyra and Bonbon were about to settle back down when they heard Vinyl's yelp.

"Octy, you know I'm sensitive there!"

"Well maybe if you had spread out a bit more it could have been avoided, right?"

"Just shut up and move!"

Lyra and Bonbon looked at one another, trying to think of ANY possible explanation for it, but came up short every time. Lyra saw Bonbon begin to make her way to the door, and Lyra pulled her back. "We are NOT going to investigate! We are not going to get caught doing that again!"

"But Lyraaa..." Bonbon whined, her curiosity overcoming her better judgment.


Vinyl rubbed at her aching flank, very much upset with Octavia. "That really hurt, you know!"

"I am very sorry Vinyl, but I am doing the best I can without falling out myself," Octavia responded.

"You're not doing good enough! Just move OVER!" Vinyl said, trying to push Octavia over some.


Lyra was doing her absolute best to hold Bonbon back from going to see, when the two of them froze.


The sound was immediately followed up by the two of them screaming in unison. Lyra and Bonbon were nearly tripping over one another to try and get out the door first. "LET-ME-THROUGH!" Lyra yelled.

"AFTER-ME!" Bonbon said, the two desperate to get to the door to find out what was really going on. To their horror, they were stuck. They continued to force themselves through the door-frame until eventually the constant, forced forward motion caused them to fly out of the door-frame and slam into the guest bedroom's door, knocking it off its hinges. When the dust settled, Lyra and Bonbon looked up to find Octavia on top of Vinyl, pinning her to the floor with the comforter draped over the two of them. The two were panting heavily from fighting one another for space, blinking in shock at Lyra and Bonbon's second sudden appearance.

"Um...this is EXACTLY what it looks like," Vinyl said.

"NO IT IS NOT!" Octavia yelled, immediately stepping off of Vinyl. "Do you listen to yourself when you speak!?"

"I fade in and out," Vinyl responded flatly.

"Oh, Lyra...what's wrong with us?" Bonbon said, burying her face in her hooves to hide the embarrassed blush.

"Uh...yeah...about all this...let's just forget this happened," Lyra suggested.

"Sounds good to me," Octavia said.

"Absolutely," Bonbon murmured.

"I dunno, I thought it was pretty funny." Yet again, this remark was met with a hoof to the back of the head. "You're getting good at that, Octy...ouch..." Vinyl rubbed the spot where she hit her.

"I have had practice," Octavia said sternly.

"On what, cinder blocks!?" Vinyl asked.

"Well, your head is about as thick, so yes," Octavia said.

"Ugh. I'm gonna go sleep downstairs. I'll be on the couch," Vinyl said, gathering a set of the sheets and a pillow from the bed. She walked over to Octavia, and kissed her good night, which caused her to stammer and made Lyra and Bonbon blush. "Night, Octy~" Vinyl winked as she left.

Octavia simply sat there, completely dumbfounded by Vinyl's deliberate attempt at trying to upset her. Her face took on such a deep tinge of red, Lyra and Bonbon began to wonder if a blood vessel in her face had burst.

"Um, Octavia...are you alright?" Bonbon asked.

"Fine. Just fine," Octavia said quietly.

"We'll leave you be for now...good night..." Lyra said, the two scrambling out of the guest room as quickly as they could. Once they were gone, Octavia grabbed the nearest pillow and began to scream into it as loud as she could. Vinyl could hear this from downstairs, and grinned from ear to ear as she settled down to sleep.

"Totally worth it."

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