• Published 30th Oct 2011
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Two's Company, Three's a Crowd - Lithe Kamitatsy

One night of fun for a certain musical pair will leave their lives upside down.

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Chapter Fifty-One

As time passed, Vinyl and Octavia simply wandered around their new home, rearranging things for better appearances as well as functionality. They also began to unpack their things, placing photographs and other belongings on the tops of the furniture.

"This house is made of wood, so it should give us some good acoustics. Your cello sounded awesome, Octy. I can't WAIT until I set up my surround sound!" Vinyl grinned mischievously.

"Vinyl...I put a good amount of money down on this house, and we start making payments next month. While I understand that it is part of your career and it is a necessary part of your lifestyle, you are NOT going to destroy this house," Octavia said forcefully.

"Yeah, yeah. I got it Octy," Vinyl snickered as she set down a piece of furniture, the gray field of magic around it dispersing. As they continued their work, they both stopped when they heard a knock at their front door. "Octy, could you get that?" Vinyl asked as she used her magic to move a few boxes aside.

"I wonder who that could be..." Octavia wondered aloud as she made her way over to the door. She pulled it open, and blinked in surprise when she saw Lyra and Bonbon standing outside, bundled up to keep warm.

"Hi Octavia," Bonbon said cheerily.

"Mind if we come in?" Lyra asked.

"Absolutely not, Lyra! It must be frigid out there, please come in!" Octavia said, backing away so the two could enter. "We had just begun unpacking and shifting the furniture around. Did you two make it home alright? You looked like you had had quite a bit to drink, Lyra."

Lyra blushed hotly with embarrassment. "Oh, we made it home fine. I was just enjoying myself is all," Lyra chuckled.

"You weren't enjoying yourself throughout the night, though. I swear at one point it sounded like you were going to lose a lung," Bonbon said. "You're lucky I'm a light sleeper."

"Yeah, I am..." Lyra smiled as she gave Bonbon a kiss on the cheek. "Hey, do you need help unpacking? We don't really have anything else to do for today. I can't exactly perform in weather that cold, and Bonbon decided to take the day off," Lyra offered.

"That'd be great. We've got tons of stuff that we need to take out of these boxes, so you and Bonbon can start there," Vinyl said, using her magic to levitate several boxes over to them. They quickly got to work, retrieving photographs, electronic equipment, and many other personal items from the boxes, setting them around the living room as Octavia returned them to their rightful places. The four worked quietly until Bonbon came across a bottle of alcohol containing what looked like a caustic green substance.

"'Pan-Equestrian Gargle Blaster'...I wonder if it's any good," Bonbon said. Both Octavia and Vinyl's ears perked at the familiar name, and immediately wheeled around to face Bonbon.

"Bonnie, trust me...that stuff will knock you on your rump," Vinyl said. "It's vicious stuff. Picture every drink you've ever had, take all the alcohol out of it, and put it in that bottle."

"I...don't normally drink. It's not really my thing," Bonbon said. "I mean I enjoy a glass of wine every now and again, but nothing serious..."

"Even WORSE. For a newbie, that will literally knock you out for a good few hours," Vinyl explained.

"She could not be more right if she tried. If you value your sanity and your health, you will simply leave the Gargle Blaster alone," Octavia warned. "Just to get an idea, read through the disclaimers." Bonbon did just that, and her face grew pale as she read through them.

"Oh my..." she said softly, quickly setting down the bottle as if it had suddenly become too hot to hold. Lyra picked up the bottle and began to read the disclaimers as well, her mouth hanging open slightly as she read.

"Yikes, that's intense..." Lyra said. "I'd like to try a LITTLE bit sometime...but I still need some time to recover from last night," Lyra chuckled, rubbing the side of her head.

"I gotta say, last night's party was fun. Who knew Trixie could sing like that?" Bonbon laughed.

"I kinda had a feeling. I figured, 'Put a couple shots in her and she'll start belting out those high notes.' That was something else," Vinyl smirked. "I thought Dash was gonna laugh her wings off."

"Pinkie truly is something else," Octavia added. "That filly can dance. I had no idea a pony could bend that way," she said as she thought back. "Twilight on the other hoof..." The four remained silent as they all thought back to Twilight making what might be called an attempt at dancing.

"...Let's not go there," Lyra said.

"Agreed," Octavia answered.

"Sounds good," Bonbon said.

"Poor filly can't dance to save her life," Vinyl said, shaking her head. "Either way, I had a blast. Even Fluttershy looked like she was having a good time."

"She is such a sweetheart. You know she was a supermodel for a short while," Bonbon said.

"You know, it is quite funny that you mention that. I remember going to one of Photo Finish's exhibitions and I think I saw some of her photographs of Fluttershy. She does have the makings for a model," Octavia said.

"I can understand why she quit, though. Somepony of her personality type just could not handle the limelight for so long," Bonbon said as she pulled more belongings out of a box.

"Well, it is as plain as day that her true calling is her love for animals, so I am very proud of her for making the decision to leave the fashion world- I have known mares that have done some horrible things to themselves for the 'sake of fashion." I admit I do worry about Rarity because of that," Octavia expressed.

"Oh, you don't have to worry about her. She knows her stuff, believe me. I've gone to her for every outfit I needed for a performance, and she could not be happier working with fabric and sewing needles," Lyra said. She was about to continue when they heard another knock on the door. "Oh, I'll get it," Lyra said as she got up. She went over to the door, and swallowed when she saw a gold stallion standing just outside, a mare that looked almost like Octavia standing next to him.

"See, A' tol' ye this wasn't the house, Maddie! That's clearly no' Octavia," Kester said as he pointed at Lyra.

"That's because that is somepony else, Kester! We are at the right house!" Madeline said.

"Then why is there somepony else standin' where Octavia should be standin'?" Kester asked. "It just doesn't make sense, Maddie!"

Kester, this is the address she sent us! Why would she purposely give us the wrong address, it makes no sense!" Madeline said.

"Um...are you two looking for Octavia, because this IS her house..." Lyra said.

"Really? Then who're you?" Kester asked as he and Madeline made their way over.

"I'm Lyra, one of Octavia's friends-" Lyra was suddenly bumped out of the way as Octavia rushed to the door. "Mother? Papa!? What are you two doing here?"

"We figured we'd come by an' visit ye in yer' new little lovenest," Kester grinned, which elicited a deep blush out of Octavia and a face-hoof from Madeline.

"Can we please just come inside before your father goes on about how he dealt with worse weather than this growing up?" Madeline asked as Kester wound up for another telling.

"Ah, this weather ain't nothin'. A' had ta' deal with near zero temperatures and almost NO food for three months a' a time, and yet here A' am!" Kester said, puffing his chest out proudly.

"Yes yes, Kester. You're a model stallion now GET INSIDE!" Madeline yelled. Kester entered, and shut the door behind him.

"Well, look a' this little home ye've built for yerself, Octavia...it's very comfy!" Kester grinned as he shook off a bit of snow. Madeline sat in front of the fireplace, trying to warm herself up. Before Octavia could ask why they had shown up so unexpectedly, there was another knock at the door. Kester turned around and answered, and blinked in confusion when he saw a mare that looked strangely like Vinyl, only her mane was a deep royal blue.

"Oh, I told you we should have asked directions, Rolando!" Marianna sighed.

"For the tenth time, Marianna- we are in the right place! This was the address we received in the letter," Rolando said as he made his way over. "This is the home of Octavia and Vincenza, correct?" he asked.

"Who wants ta' know?" Kester asked in return, raising an eyebrow. Vinyl immediately recognized the other voices and brought her hooves to her face.

"Oh no...Celestia kill me now..." Vinyl muttered.

"Who is at the door, Kester?" Madeline asked as she made her way over. She took one look at Marianna, and instantly recognized her. "You must be Marianna, Vinyl's mother! Oh, it is wonderful to finally meet you!"

Marianna then smiled. "It is a pleasure to meet you as well, Madeline. May I come in?"

"Absolutely! It is actually bearable in here," Madeline said as Marianna entered, leaving the two stallions staring at one another.

"So you are Kester, Octavia's father?" Rolando asked.

"Aye...and ye' are Rolando, Vinyl's father?" Kester asked in return.

"I am," Rolando answered. A few tense moments passed, and Kester grinned.

"It's great ta' meet ye', Roly! Come on in!" Kester said, grabbing his hoof and shaking it violently.

"Th-thank you..." Rolando said, looking rather shaken and confused.

Bonbon leaned over to Vinyl, a little concerned. "Vinyl, are you alright? What's the matter?"

"Oh, nothing...it's just that today is about to get weirder than you can possibly imagine. Bonnie, if you wanna back out of my mare of honor thing, it's fine. I won't hold it against you," Vinyl said.

"Of course I won't, Vinyl. What makes you think I would?" Bonbon asked, confused.

"Oh...you'll see," Vinyl said.

The door then shut once more, the snow falling and cold wind blowing harder than ever.

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