• Published 30th Oct 2011
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Two's Company, Three's a Crowd - Lithe Kamitatsy

One night of fun for a certain musical pair will leave their lives upside down.

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Chapter Thirty-Seven

Vinyl woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of her own rumbling stomach. Fooooood... She lifted herself up, stretching a bit as she stepped off of the couch. She felt her stomach rumble again, and made her way towards the kitchen, looking for anything to sate the hunger within her. She found herself in front of the refrigerator, throwing it open and beginning to raid it for anything edible. She grinned widely when she saw a large sliver of chocolate cake sitting on one of the shelves. "They won't miss it...I'll be doing Lyra and Bonbon a favor," she said to herself as she slid the plate out of the fridge. She went to shut the door, and forcibly restrained herself from yelling in surprise when she saw Bonbon standing on the other side of it.

"There's enough there for two of us," Bonbon said cheerily.

"Oh...right," Vinyl chuckled nervously. The two mares walked over to the dining room table, Vinyl setting the plate down at its center. Bonbon retrieved two forks and set one down in front of Vinyl.

"So what are you doing up, Vinyl?" Bonbon asked as she picked up her fork, taking a small chunk out of the cake.

"Ugh, my stomach woke me up. We never got to eat dinner, what with the craziness at Sugarcube Corner and all." Suddenly, a horrifying thought crept into her mind. "No more pancakes! Augh!" she groaned as her head dropped to the table. "I think I'm gonna cry..." Vinyl said softly. Bonbon merely giggled.

"If you want pancakes, I can make you some. We'll have to wait until tomorrow morning though," Bonbon said as she took another bite of the cake. "I will say I'll miss Mrs. Cake's chocolate cake...what a tragedy."

Vinyl raised her head, and used her magic to levitate the fork, take a scoop of the cake, and bring it to her mouth. Vinyl's face scrunched up for a moment as the wall of flavor slammed through her, her face then suddenly going slack. "...Okay. Tomorrow, we fix Sugarcube Corner come hay or high water. Cake this good must NEVER be kept away from the masses!" Bonbon simply watched as the fork continued to float near her head.

"You unicorns and your magic," she chuckled. "How would you live without your horns?"

"Honestly, I'm not really sure how you regular earth ponies manage without them," Vinyl said. It was only after Bonbon raised an eyebrow did she realize that what she said would have been offensive if taken in the wrong context. "I-I mean, I'm sure you're perfectly able to do normal stuff! Horns aren't a necessity," Vinyl chuckled sheepishly. "...Sorry." Bonbon shook her head and laughed.

"It's fine, I wasn't offended. I know Lyra uses her magic for almost everything, and ever since that one time when she caught the hornpox and she couldn't use her horn, she was more helpless than a baby bunny. She was so cute..." Bonbon blushed, bringing her hooves to one side of her face. Vinyl coughed a little bit, surprised by how cute could act.

"Well, as a unicorn, I can vouch- hornpox sucks. Your horn becomes painfully sensitive, it feels like your head catches fire every time you try to use magic, and it drains you of all your energy. Just ask Octy about the last time I got the hornpox the next time you get the chance," Vinyl said as she took another piece of cake.

"Now that we're on the topic, what's it like living with Octavia?" Bonbon asked, curious.

"Oh, it's a riot. Octy's really easy to get riled up, so I actually go out of my way to get her as mad as possible," Vinyl grinned, to which Bonbon frowned, somewhat confused.

"What's the point in getting her angry though? I mean, why bother?" Bonbon asked.

"'Cause I can, duh!" Vinyl said with a small laugh.


Octavia slept soundly, but felt a small pang of anger seep into her unconscious mind. "Must...strangle...Vinyl..." she murmured as she rolled over, getting comfortable and falling silent once more.


"Aside from that, Octy's really a sweet filly. She's got a good heart and she's really smart. She also puts on this really cute face when she gets angry- that is, until she hits me," Vinyl said with a thoughtful smile. Vinyl looked at Bonbon, and saw a knowing smile on her face. "What's that smile for?"

"To think all those months ago when you and I were sitting in that balcony, watching Octavia and Lyra audition for Hoofz Zimmer, you were 'so not into mares,'" Bonbon said with a laugh as she mimicked her. Vinyl blushed hotly as the memory resurfaced.

"W-Well, things change...I guess I was already in love with her, I just...didn't know it yet," Vinyl admitted, rubbing one of her arms with a hoof.

"Well I'm very happy for you two. You make a very sweet couple," Bonbon said as she took another bite of cake. Vinyl took this as the perfect opportunity to spin the conversation back on Bonbon.

"So, what's it like living with Lyra? I mean, before a week ago, all Octy would say about Lyra is how she was a 'crass, untalented nincompoop that didn't know music from her rump' or something like that," Vinyl said nonchalantly.

"Well...that is quite the colorful insult, even if it was warranted at times,,," Bonbon chuckled softly. "Well, Lyra is indeed a special mare. She's needy, she's a dreamer, she's a bit lazy...but she has a beautiful dream, and she has such a wonderful talent as well as a beautiful heart. I don't know what I'd do without her..." Bonbon said, blushing hotly as she placed a hoof to each cheek.

"What's her dream?" Vinyl asked, curious. Bonbon smiled as she set her hoofs down on the table.

"One day, she hopes that her music will inspire ponies so deeply, they'll throw flowers at her hooves. Lyra told me about what Octavia did for her earlier after she finished performing. She couldn't even finish telling me what had happened she was crying so hard...I've never seen her so happy," Bonbon said, remembering the scene vividly. "It meant all that much more that it was Octavia who had given her the roses...and not just one, a whole bouquet. In music, to throw a bouquet of roses is the ultimate sign of appreciation and love for a piece, and for Lyra to receive such a huge gesture from somepony she thought hated her, well...it was a little overwhelming for her."

Vinyl smiled wide. "That's my Octy..." she said with a light blush, proud of Octavia's gesture of kindness.

"Lyra also told me about what Octavia requested of her...what an unbelievably sweet gesture of her to ask Lyra to be her mare of honor. I'm so happy that you and Octavia have made the decision to get married like us."

"Heheh, about that...um...I was wondering if maybe you...well...maybe wanted to 'complete the set?'" Vinyl asked, blushing wildly. Jeez this is hard!

"What do you mean?" Bonbon asked. "Are you alright? You're pretty flushed..."

"I-I'm fine. What I'm trying to ask is...well..." C'mon! Just say it already! "...How would you...like to be MY mare of honor?" Vinyl asked, hiding her huge blush behind her electric-blue mane as she tapped her hooves together shyly.

Bonbon blinked a few times, completely taken aback. "Wh-what?"

"Well...I mean, you were the one who opened my eyes as to how I felt about Octy...so I kinda owe you one...and you're like, my best friend aside from Octy...so what do you say?" Vinyl asked. "Will you do this for me?"

Bonbon clapped her hooves to her mouth as tears immediately began to flow down her face. She couldn't find the right words, so she simply nodded. Vinyl gave a massive sigh of relief. Mission accomplished...

Bonbon got up from her seat and trotted over to Vinyl, giving her a hug. "Thank you so much, Vinyl. You don't know what an honor this is...you've given me so much comfort in the knowledge that I'll always have you as a friend," Bonbon sniffled.

"Yeah...you've always got me as a friend, Bonbon..." Vinyl said as she patted Bonbon on the back. Bonbon let go, and returned to her seat.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get so emotional...it's just all very exciting," Bonbon smiled.

"Tell me about it...I'm actually kinda nervous. I mean...will I be a good partner for Octy? Will I be a good mom to our kid?" Vinyl asked as the worry became evident on her face.

"Vinyl, I'm sure you are worrying over nothing...I think you and Octavia are perfect for one another, and I am even more certain that you will be a wonderful mother. You're laid-back, you're energetic, and you're fun! Your child will adore you both," Bonbon reasoned. "Of that I'm certain."

Vinyl smiled as she felt her worries disappear. "Thanks Bonnie...I needed to hear that."

"Anytime, Vinyl- wait, did you just call me 'Bonnie?'" Bonbon blinked, a bit confused.

"Well yeah, I give all the ponies close to me nicknames, so I figured I'd call you Bonnie. You're okay with that, right?"

"Oh, of course! That makes you and Lyra that call me that, and I'm perfectly fine with it," Bonbon said.

"Cool," Vinyl said with a grin. She then yawned, feeling exhaustion starting to creep up on her once more. "Starting to feel sleepy again. Why not continue this conversation over those pancakes you promised?"

"Sure thing, Vinyl. Have a good night," Bonbon said as she got up from her seat and headed back upstairs.

"Night, Bonnie." Vinyl responded as she put the empty cake-plate in the sink. That was some awesome cake...I really hope Sugarcube Corner opens up again... She made her way back over to the couch and flopped on it. I kinda wish I was in bed with Octy... she thought, sleep overcoming her a few moments later.

Bonbon climbed back into bed with Lyra, doing her best not to wake her up. "...Everything alright, Bonnie?" Lyra mumbled, half-asleep.

"Everything's fine, Lyra. Go back to sleep," Bonbon said.

"Mkay...love you," Lyra said softly as she rolled over to face Bonbon.

"Love you, too..." Bonbon responded, the two sharing a gentle kiss as they snuggled into one another, quietly falling back to sleep.

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