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The clop was really good, but I felt the story lacking. I'm usually not someone who enjoys second person. If the story is too shallow, I don't feel like I know Anon. If it's too deep, I feel like Anon doesn't 'get' me. I usually don't read them at all, but in a predictable turn of events, I turned out to be drunk tonight. I found this story to be okay overall.

That was really awesome for your first time. Or hell, for your second, third, or forth, even!

I won't be the only person waiting for a second chapter. :ajsmug:

Round 2!

Warning: Contains clop.


I actually thought the sex tag and the suggestive title/synopsis were mistakes.

Eh not bad, but very generic. This is pretty much one giant trope.

Ooh, a new human x pony fic, I wonder how it'll-



Plz make a part 2! :heart: :twilightsmile:

Again, another time I must say: Simple, but effective. :rainbowkiss:

Round 2 plz!

4661381 Ha, well, can't exactly say I was going for a Pulitzer on this one.

4661442 Yeah, I'd prefer if they actually gave their character a name, but in the end you take what you can get.

My Little Pony world setting and characters property of Hasbro.

Honestly, everyone knows that. It's implicit. Hasbro won't come to this website and order a purging of fanfics without that statement. Nor it will do it if one single fanfic forgets to mention it. It won't do it at all, since all fanfics fall under fair use. I don't get why people write that; there's no point in it.

It's even bigger than a stallion's.

Fat chance. Even if the most correct, in-universe size comparison is correct, MLP stallions would still give humans cock envy. Both in size and thickness.

The phrase 'hung like a horse' is actually something of a misnomer. When you consider their 'size' relative to their body, equines actually aren't all that big. Now barnacles, they're huge, but we humans don't do too bad; especially when you consider that we're the single largest primate in terms of sexual development, both literally and relative to body mass.

Assuming that ponies and humans have roughly the same body mass*, the average horse is more than six times larger than your average mlp pony by mass.

*And according to the few people that I'm truly willing to label experts on the subject, they do.*

In the end it really depends on how you want to write them, and just how large you want your 'little' ponies to be, but from a purely scientific perspective they are likely to be smaller than us in a lot of ways.

Just, holy crap, WOW!!:rainbowkiss:


pointless clop.

Clop isn't pointless.

awesome fic, please write a sequal soon!


Fat chance. Even if the most correct, in-universe size comparison is correct, MLP stallions would still give humans cock envy. Both in size and thickness.

But look at the length of Fluttershy's torso. There is no way that a normally proportionate horse cock would actually fit all the way inside. I would say the average length in Equestria would actually be fairly similar if not a little smaller than the average length of a human male.

Nice story and maybe the next one with pinkie.

Round two! :pinkiehappy:

I must say, I really enjoy your writing style.

Why not go Luna or Celestia for round two? There's not enough human x those two fics out there (that don't devolve into stupid futa or some other kind of ridiculous kink),

(On that note, which one of the mane six might you all want to see next? Leave your suggestion in the comments below!)

In order:
1) :twilightblush:
2) :ajsmug:
3) :raritystarry:
4) :yay:
5) :pinkiecrazy: er... :pinkiehappy:

And if you plan on going beyond the Mane 6, then Lyra, Raindrops, Flitter, and Minuette/Colgate should definitely be on the list. :rainbowwild:

this was awesome!

i agree with anonymous, celly and lulu ftw.

That was pretty adorable.

Hope the next pony is Applejack.

This is really nice stuff.

Wow really well written all together considering this is your first attempt at clop. Good Job dude! I can't wait for more. And if I had to pick another Mane 6 to see next it would be either Pinkie Pie or Rarity.

Gah, noob moment...
How do you see what the current views are on a story?
Newish to fimfic so don't know, sorry!

4683498 when you look at the top of the story, to the right of the titlle. there is a section with a bar that is red or green or both. to the right of the bar is a bar graph symbol with a number. this is the current views for a story. this story's view count is 2,197. right now.

cool I liked it. It was a very good clop you should write a 3 chapter or a sequel that takes place after this story I'd for sure read it:pinkiesmile:

"You facepalm internally. What in Equestria was wrong with you?" indeed anon . . . indeed.

4 out of five :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

I would have much more liked this if it was about RD's thoughts more then anons. But it's more my personal preference then anything wrong with the story.

It's even bigger than a stallion's.

this line completely took me out of it. how can i enjoy pretend blowjobs from dash is she's lying to me.

welllll ponies are tiny.

only when you compare over all body size to a human.
the true length of a penis is comparable to how difficult it is to impregnate the female. (see the duck for that example.):pinkiecrazy:
however the more i think about why she would lie to my face makes me unwilling to fuck her again and go with a nice little pie.

daim... im speechless...:rainbowderp:

Can't think....Libido in overdrive...so horny right now it hurts. DAMN GOOD CHAPTER!!!!!!

Nice work! Looking forward to more stories. :rainbowwild:

Fuck yeah. The onomatopoeia really helped make this hot.

Hot and romantic!:raritywink:
Love it!:raritystarry:

Wow, was this adorable or what? You got Dash down pat in this story, especially Round Two, and it really adds a lot. It makes me happy as a chick on trash when an author gets it that her personality is all about adrenaline-soaked sandpaper hiding velvety plush. :heart:

Faved and upvoted.

I....then....she....*gulp* I-I uhh....I um just....she uh.....I....b-but when.....

-takes a deep breath-

I-I can't get my libido under control right now... Damn that was HOT!:rainbowderp:

4718664 quick question.....
Why the buck did you bring pie into this? :rainbowlaugh:
Like what the actual buck made you thing "oh shit! Cum filled nap time in a shower...... I want some pie." :rainbowlaugh:



Celestia that was amazing

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