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a home-grown australian who embraced being a member of the fandom 2 days before joining. Willingly delved into the fandom whole-heartedly and has never looked back


This is an unofficial sequel to the ORIGINAL version of Overture


written with permission from Exilo

Thunderlane awakes to find Octiava gone. He hurries out and tries to find her.

At the same time, Octavia sits at home, thinking about the previous night and wondering if she had made a mistake, leaving Thunderlane without saying anything.

Should she have stayed with Thunderlane until he woke? Should she have given him her address? Will she ever see him again? Will he come to her concert, or had she given up her one chance at love?

Featured 21/6/2014

cover art a combination of images from here and here

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 3 )

:pinkiehappy: Looking forward to the next chapter.
In Overture, Octavia found Vinyl partying with Neon passed out on the couch, not crying her eyes out. Though if you are simply basing it off the original, I suppose that detail can be overlooked.

5169915 true. I'd have obviously added the ticket part from the newer version, but I preferred the original version much better and based the fic specifically on that one, with the alternate ending, of course, since I preferred how it didn't make Vinyl seem like an obvious ass

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