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Celestia writes a letter not addressed to anyone where she reflects on her life and the rising threats raised towards Equestria. Feeling as though she is no longer able to protect her subjects, she expects death to grab her soon, but when Luna arrives after she has finished writing, can she comfort her dear sister and restore hope in her heart?

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We really need to have a Celestia-centric episode in season 5. Even Luna's had one by this point, Celestia is long overdue. And maybe we can get to see her a something other than a punching bag.

Heck we don't get to see her do much arse-kicking even in fanfiction, sadly...

4574276 Totally agree. :twilightsmile:

Not bad. Points to you for Celestia's motivation and conflict. The idea that Celestia fears a being stronger than her is by no means a new one, but you did an excellent job writing it. Keep up the good work.

Can't read celestia+death=super sad (SUPER SIMPLE MATH)

4663779 Celestia thinks she'll die soon, but it ends on a happy note, with her still alive and well. It is sad though, I will give you that.


I thought this was really good, but at some parts it seemed to go by too quickly. Only a few lines of dialogue and Celestia just gets over her feelings of depression? Maybe add a little more description instead of stating the feelings plainly in the dialogue. This was still a nice read, so good job.
I definitely agree with the folks saying we should get a Celestia-centric episode some time.

4733108 It was one of my earlier stories, where I was still learning the ropes (which, if I must admit, I still am :twilightsheepish:). I'm glad you enjoyed reading it, and I might come back to it and expand it a little further.

4733117 It's still really good, especially for a early attempt! I've never gotten any of my own ideas off the ground at all, so you've got a great start going.

4733139 Thanks. I'm improving bit by bit, and if you ever feel like giving writing your own stories a shot, I hope you do well. :twilightsmile:

I've always wanted to see Celestia showing a more mortal side when she's seen as so perfect. She was meant to have more episodes focused on her, but, alas, this never came to fruition. I've never really toyed with the idea of Celestia being a normal pony except when I'm writing a story where she's facing extreme turmoil. But, unlike most stories I see (again, just me), this one has Celestia overcoming that turmoil with the help of someone she cares about: her sister, Luna.

I dunno, but I've always disliked the whole "WHO'S THE BEST PRINCESS" argument and the whole "Lunar Republic" junk outside of jokes because, well... Tia is stronger when she is paired with Luna and vice versa. To see a story where they aren't shutting one another out and are instead talking things out together is really nice.

50th like! Woo! :pinkiecrazy: Anyways, I believe that you have a well-written story here. Although, in my opinion, it didn't bring an "emotional impact" as initially thought, I think this was an interesting introspective on Celestia's insecurities.

And for that I say... topkek. :moustache:

Some very sweet interaction between the sisters here. Nice job!

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