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Pokemon Emerald, one of the most adored handheld games of the Pokemon series, has one of the most infamous series of challenges set in the entire franchise - The Battle Frontier.

Luna has put an amazing amount of effort into her training and has earned six of the seven gold badges that cement her completion of the game. Now she has earned the right to face her final opponent, if she succeeds, she will earn the final gold badge of the Frontier and be one of the few gamers to ever complete this challenge.

Question is - will she succeed?

Gamer Luna Contest Submission

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Press dislike on this comment.

First thing's first- This was basically like reading a game play - not even let's play. It was just a description of a gameplay. It was boring. I thought at the end Luna would turn off the game too early or accidentally drop/break the game boy and rage in some sort of twist.

I'm not trying to hate here. It's just that there was so much you could do with this. Like have Luna commentate and get extremely dramatic or have her lose in the end and turn into Nightmare Moon.
I mean, if you're going to write a whole story with Luna, you should make it a little more about her and less about the exact details of the battle.

I can tell though that you put a lot of research and time in this, so I want you to know how this story can be better and I hope maybe one day you'll remake this. I would love to see it, from one Emerald fan to another.

6278811 Well, I appreciate the honesty. Maybe somewhere in the future or maybe not about the remake. The only I thing I can really respond to with that is it was a story I did for the Gamer Luna Contest a while ago.

In that contest, the rules were simple; Have either Luna being in the game or have Luna playing a game. I went for the latter angle.

I went for the experience of what an Emerald player would be seeing and feeling whilst playing the game. especially at that point in the game. Maybe I could have done much more with it but again it was done for a contest where I had a limit of what I could do.

Well, either way, I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my story and giving your honest opinion.

I just love seeing Gamer Luna there.
A shame they didn't have the stuff Emerald have in ORAS. Then again I might not try that stuff since I hate the whole "forced save" bit battle facilities have.

Certainly intense I say or so on how Luna manages to win.
Sadly a couple of those links to videos are sadly taken down from the looks of it.

About my previous comment, yeah.. I was pretty curious on what you think about season 9 of MLP and its finale.

Glad you enjoyed it.

In regards to your question, after season 7 I barely watched the rest of the series. I only saw a select few episodes, like the one Autumn Blaze and the Kirin.

I watched the season 9 premiere, didn’t enjoy Sombra’s voice. Watched the final episodes and though the epilogue of the after years was a quaint way to wrap the show, I wasn’t impressed by how Grogar was Discord.

That’s all I have to say about that.

How about Between Dawn And Dusk? Its a rather adorable episode with Luna and Celestia there. Along with showing there might still be issues within Luna there.

For me well.. I didn't like the whole retirement the writers had for Luna and Celestia in season 9 there.
Especially Luna since she just got back from the moon and didn't rule for much long. Nowhere near as long as Celestia and still felt like she's still in Celestia's shadow badly. Along with she didn't get to enjoy her destiny of raising the moon and dream-guarding for much long. Along with never getting to properly protect Equestria from a huge threat while she was ruler not even once.
And with how the Royal Sisters were handled in the finale, it made the retirement crap worse. The sisters really got a not-so good sendoff there, hurts so much for Luna's case. It left me bitter inside with how the writers handle the Royal Sisters through out the show, hurting a lot more for Luna's case. Unlike Celestia, Luna never got to protect Equestria good enough due to the 1000 years gap, the writers never let Luna even work on making it up for leaving Equestria hanging for a 1000 years.
Its.. one of the big factors on why I just really get bummed in seeing Celestia and (especially) Luna getting taken out like that in fics I am interested in such as that DMC fic.

Yeah... sorry about the sort of rant there..
Its just that I wished the writers of the show/comics should have done the sisters better, especially Luna..

It is a shame they didn’t give them a better send off. No worries about the rant.

I just wished the writers let Luna not get taken out/sidelined during major crisis stuff(and not get shafted for the sake of other heroes like the Mane 6).
You know, try to make up for causing Celestia the burden of protecting Equestria alone.
And also to be able to not be in Celestia's shadows..

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