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Applejack's got herself in a pickle. She broke a few bones in her hind legs when she bucked a tree too hard, and now she needs somepony to take care of her until she heals. With Rainbow Dash living in a cloud, Fluttershy tending to her animals, and Pinkie being busy at Sugarcube Corner, she has to choose between Rarity and Twilight.

Who will be able to take care of her more? And what feelings might crop up along the way?

Teen for some mildly suggestive dialogue.

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New story from cooopercrisp? Count me in. :pinkiehappy:

Overdone, maybe, but I love this kind of stories, so :pinkiehappy: The only complaint I could have is fact that you tell too much, instead of showing it. Most of informations is delivered through the dialogue. Anyway, it looks like an interesting story, so I'm going to read the rest of it. So far so good.

No genre tagging?

Edit: Cute but too rushed for my liking. ^^;

Wish you wouldn't have put a Rarity tag on this or made it more clear that it was Twilight/AJ from the beginning.

Reiku #5 · May 9th, 2014 · · · 5 ·

This was adorable, the character taga made me think Rarity would be a bigger part. Shame, I'm a mark for Rarijack.

Still, really sweet story.

4351138 4363606 Took Rarity off the character tag so no one else gets misled. Thanks for pointing it out. Also, thank you for reading. :pinkiehappy:

raw666 #7 · Jun 5th, 2014 · · · 5 ·

This feels like too big of a jump. I think the chapters could used more devlopment, esecially this one as it seem like a waste.

Was going great, then this chapter... suddenly weeks latter and some things get said... then 2 months latter and happiness...
In other words I loved it until the jump, just seemed like you got bored and decided to just kill the story. ..
Sorry don't mean to be rude, Im just not a fan of random jumps in time that skip alot of the stuff that should make the story... cut out all parts of them actually getting close to one another!
So much potential for awkward situations and or touching moments missed just for a quick end... now I feel like an ass saying all of this... sorry again

I liked the story, I found it really had a lot of potential. But i have to agree with alot of the other comments you've received. 1) There seemed to be a lot of telling, not showing. this got better around the middle, ut came back with a vengenance in this last chapter 2) The story felt really rushed, like this was sitting on your plate for a while andd you wanted to get it out and published before it was ready to be. 3) a combination of 1 and 2 for this last chapter. Way too much jumping around. we are given an exposition dump from Rainbow Dash that tells us Twilight is acting out of character and Applejack saying theres nothing there followed immediately by her telling Twilight that there might be something followed immediately again by a two month time gap where they are dating.

I really did like the story, it kept me engaged but pacing is the big enemy here

Oooowwhhhhh.... I wished you put the romance tag.. now I had just read a lesbi shipping fanfic ( it's a cute fic but I for one didn't like these kinds of shippings)

Good story though! ! ^_^

For someone who doesn't want others' help, AJ sure is bossy... Ya might wanna go over the characterization with a fine-toothed comb, cause that really screams OOC

So this is Legit amazing 𝓲 𝘴𝓽ꪖ𝘳𝓽ꫀᦔ 𝘴ꫝ𝓲ρρ𝓲ꪀᧁ 𝓽᭙𝓲𝓳ꪖᥴ𝘬 A̸G̸A̸I̸N̸ a̸ f̸e̸w̸ d̸a̸y̸s̸ a̸g̸o̸

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