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All life fades. This is fact.

Four alicorn princesses: The Sun, the Moon, Love, and Friendship. They share the weight of immortality equally. Equestria is in their hooves, and they're trusted by its citizens. It is their duty to defend and protect, for justice to prevail over all.

So when Applejack dies, it's not unexpected. But as the Tree of Harmony slowly withers, Twilight realizes she is the last Element of Harmony. Equestria is now left exposed and defenseless to attack.

With her cocky and dynamic student, Flash Freeze, Princess Twilight must slowly come to terms with immortality and find the five new Element Bearers before it's too late. And even though Flash Freeze loves her dearly, the youngest alicorn princess can't bring herself to commit to his tutorship.

Because all life fades. And so will he.

Twilight's New Student
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To answer your question...


I've considered a story like this myself, but I think you're pulling it off better. I'd love to see how this goes and follows the synopsis you have for it!

4417470 First, your name is awesome. Second, thanks so much for commenting! I'm glad you liked it and I hope I can pull this off, to be honest. Its my first attempt at a pony fanfiction. :applejackconfused:

I like the concept. Please continue.

So far, so good. I'd definitely be interested in seeing this continue.

4418372 I'm glad you liked it! I'll work on the next chapter soon.

I love this story SO much!!! Great writing-- please continue.

4419500 :twilightblush: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it, and thank you for the favorite!

4419503 Of course! This story seems extremely well thought out, although knowing me and how planned at the moment my chapters are, it migh not be! :rainbowlaugh:

4419505 xDD Thank youuuu~~~ And I have been thinking about this for a while now. I've been drawing Flash Freeze and Twilight for several months, and people kept asking for a story about them. Although this is really more about Twilight than Flash Freeze, lol. I just hope people aren't put off by OCs and AUs.

It have potential, don't waste it. I give it like as encouragement. Please, consider updating soon:scootangel:

4419910 Thank you! There's been quite a few positive responses to this so I can't scrap it. I'll work on the next chapter soon, thanks so much for commenting~ :heart:

OC stories are pretty risky but i like where this one is going.

You get a curious favorite and a like.

4421937 Thank you. I realize I have a lot of work to do, but this story is mainly going to be focusing on Twilight--I love Flash Freeze to death, but its not his story. ^^

I'm actually fairly curious about this... Looking forward to the next update!

Hm, you've caught my attention. I shall await the next chapter curiously optimistic! :trixieshiftright:

very depressing!!! i love it but im so sad! i would love to hear more from this story!!! this is my ultimate fear, the gaining of immortality and how it might feel to watch loved ones fly by in a blink of an eye... its so... sudden! thank you for this story i cant wait for the next chapter! until next time.... PEACEEEE!!!!

so far i like it and i'd like to see where this is going. but can we have some pictures if of flash freeze since you've been drawing him?

Just from reading the description
This story has great potential.
I will wait till more chapters are posted that way I can get a
better feel of where your going with this.:rainbowkiss:

Not a bad start. More please.

4423017 I'm glad you're curious! I hope to have the next chapter up soon. ^^

4423061 Curiouser and curiouser! (I think I spelled that wrong.) Glad you liked it~ :heart:

4423376 Yeah, it's fairly depressing. There are tons of great Alicorn Twilight dealing with Immortality stories out there, and I thought I'd try my hand at one of my own. Even if she's not actually immortal in the show, I still think it's a nice idea.

4423926 Yes! I edited the summary to include a couple of pictures of him and an older Twilight. :twilightsmile:

4424425 Whew! I'm glad you liked the summary, I must have edited that thing a dozen times until it sounded okay. Writing summaries are hard! Glad you liked it.

4424559 Will do!

4424728 still very depressing, and again, thank you for this story!!!

4424808 You're very welcome! And thanks for commenting! :heart:

Yes I would like a cintinuation

is blueblood alive or dead?

Rhahahaha! Well this is interesting.

4427179 He would be dead by now

Well, I'm certainly looking forward to reading more. Although I have to wonder, with the season 4 finale (assuming this takes place after that continuity-wise) and the knowledge that Shining Armor is still alive thanks to Cadence, why wouldn't the other element bearers be immortal with Twilight helping them? No need to answer, I'll assume that it will be touched on with the hopeful continuation of this story.

What order did the others die in, and did they all die from old age? Sorry if it sounds gruesome asking, but I'm curious.

Well, was it me or did Twilight thoughts seem to edge close to Celestias doom (overthrow Tia) :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

I cant wait till the next update and see what Celestia will tell Twilight about the tree of harmony :trollestia::trollestia:

very godd although i cant help but wonder what you wre trying to imply with spikes scales (i can be kinda dense sometimes) had they been a final gift to rarity, had he ripted them off in anger/sorrow?

4505074 A single scale, yes. Several of these things will come back later in the story. ^^

Well, that was an unexpected twist. :rainbowderp: Must know more! :pinkiehappy:

Ohhh boy, I think I know where this is headed XD

And another story the site neglected to tell up updated. Thank goodness for randomly deciding to flip through my favourites.

Very good. I hope Flash Freeze eventually becomes as good as Twilight, eventually becoming an alicorn. It would be a great thing for Twilight, her own student, who she'll probably end up loving like Celestia loved her (or maybe like a lover) becoming immortal. And it would be nice to see an alicorn STALLION! Alicorns are very sexist...against males! :twilightsheepish:

The Spike-gives-Rarity-a-scale was touching. In all the dragon lore I've read, their scales are very important to them and worth a lot of money, which is why dragons get killed a lot.

Hmm, it's been years since the last update but I figured I may as well throw a comment out there cuz, hey the world is falling apart and who knows... I'm actually in the process of updating one of my stories from 2015.

This is a very well paced and written story. I adore the characterization I see and I'm vey eager to learn more about not just the plot, but the characters themselves. Here's hoping you're still around and may still consider giving it another chance. Though completely understandable if not. Cheers! Thanks for letting us take a peek into this interesting world!

And I think the story is still a very good friendship story, but a bit weird. Now it is difficult for us millennials to perceive such books, but our children are a new generation, and I think they are ready to build their own morality. My oldest son used https://edubirdie.com/plagiatsprufung to prepare his daily assignment, and many will condemn him for not writing his essay on his own, but eventually, he entered a prestigious college without our help. ... These are the children of a new generation. So there is no need to talk about new moral values, especially if they are reading, and this is their favorite chapter.

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