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After a long day, it's time for the Cutie Mark Crusaders to head home from their club house. Rainbow Dash has come to take Scootaloo home. Rainbow Dash has some things to discuss with the little filly.

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I'm not sure if I understood the story right, but, has not only Rainbow Dash's mother died from lung cancer because she smoked, but did Rainbow Dash began to smoke as well and was shortly before informed about it that she has gotten sick with lung cancer that cannot be cured anymore and that she will die soon because of that?
And is the reason why she says to her mother that she will meet her tomorrow, because she wants to kill herself to not suffer from a long painful death and is the reason why she had that talk with Scootaloo because she wanted to make sure that she will never began with smoking and at the same time say goodbye to her with that?

I'm not sure if I got it right, but that's the way I interpret that story.


That's quite the interesting interpretation of it.

The story falls a little flat towards the end because I had some difficulty with the writing. I couldn't get a good visual on how to make it end.

There would have been a "next" day of sorts where Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash go back to the same cloud they were on. It would turn out to be a floating memorial to Nacreous, dedicated by the Wonderbolts since she was a promising candidate for their ranks. Dash would say she wants to become a wonderbolt to honor her mother, and that pegasi who smoke can't get enough air into their bodies to fly appropriately. This would help to show Dash's care towards Scootaloo as a little sister, and it would also reinforce why Scootaloo's choice to refuse was appropriate to begin with, adding clarity to Dash's harsh tone.


Ah, I see. That's also an interesting idea.
But, why was she so harsh to Scootaloo? I still don't understand that.
Scootaloo got offered a cigarette, yes, but she already decided against starting to smoke, so, she already did the right thing before Rainbow Dash could even talk to her.
Why did Rainbow Dash gave her that talk then when it was not really necessary anyway?

i was led to this fanfic because I loved scribblers audio book on this. I love the fanfic too!

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