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What fills and soothes the soul will vary, but for me, I will not know until I try.


For Discord, it's not easy being a chaotic god. When mother's day roles around he tends to ignore it, or, if reminded about it, forgetting it even exists. Today would be no different if it weren't for a certain yellow pegasus who wants to meet her.


Trixie roams Equestria as a showmare extraordinaire. The bits don't flow like water, but they do pay the bills. Each year however, the showmare stashes away some bits for a special day. Today has come and her bits are spent. It's time for her greatest show of all.

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Comments ( 4 )

How interesting Celestia being Discord's mother hmmm....

I really love this concept, it sparks my imagination, and I encourage you to write more exploring this. Id want to know things like, who was the father? Was there a father? is he a magical creation? How does a beautiful white alicorn end up with a chimera for a son? Was he born a mix of animal parts or was it something he became later? What was he like as a child? So many questions with delicious fanfic potential.

4375490 Lol your avatar goes perfect with your comment!

I'm kind of curious as to her mother is. Great one shot otherwise.

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