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Stardust Speedster

Aloha, Folks! I am The Speedster. Lover of Art, Music, Writing, and all that other stuff. I'll write down anything in my spare time, then turn it to a story. I may seem shy, but I can surprise you.


So, it's three A.M in Canterlot, and Luna has a major case of the munchies. Celestia fails to realize the direness of this situation, so it's up to herself and Discord to create the ULTIMATE BREAKFAST! What Chaos will insue? How many pancakes will they eat? Why am I asking you all these questions?!

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4156181 Thanks! Glad some people like my really stupid ideas turned into fan fictions.

Awesome, saying I'm a pancake person myself!

4156310 Not to start a breakfast war or anything, but... PANCAKES ARE BETTER THAN WAFFLES! Ahem, uh, just my preference. ^_^

:derpyderp1: OH BOY 3am

4156338 You support the evil Pancake King and his dictatorship? I'm with Shaun Delequatious Kumquats Zecombabwe III and the Waffle Union!

(That's a thing in my school. I just had to say it. :twilightsheepish:)

P.S. Shaun Delequatious Kumquats Zecombabwe III is a REAL PERSON!!! XD

Haven't read the story yet but I love your bio:yay:

4156466 Well, of course i support the Pancake King. After all, he IS MY BROTHER!!! (Duh Duh Duh!)

I am Lord Johnathan M. Buttersworth, ruler of the Maple Syrup Empire! Without my shipments, neither side shall reach full power! Muhahaha!

4156644 :rainbowlaugh: This may be the best funny oneshot I've ever read.

4156338 look, I like pancakes better. Ps, on my states baseball team, there is a person called Joey pankake

Thumb up and a fav because I know exactly what it's like to crave pancakes in the middle of the day.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

DiscoLuna is best brotp.

4156644 :pinkiegasp: Well, the Waffle Union has a secret weapon!!! :ajsmug:

4182024 What? Impossible! I suppose I shall assemble my "secret weapons" as well. This. Means. War!!!! Uh, but just for reference, tell me your secret weapon first. :)

4182176 Shaun Delequatious trusted me with this secret. I will not squeal to the enemy!

i know what the weapon is. WHIPPED CREAM!

im hungry 4 pancakes now! :rainbowlaugh:lol!

4218401 Then my job here is done. ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY BREAKFAST FOODS! :)

Awesome story! I've been laughing the entire time!

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