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Lovebirds - raritypie

What will happen when Cheese and Pinkie throw another party together? Will sparks fly or will it be an utter disaster?

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Super Duper Party Ponies

I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to get Twilight from the train station. It was time to put Operation:Wedding into effect. I waited for a while and was awoken by the train's loud horn. The train eventually screeched to a halt and passengers began to depart off the train. Twilight Sparkle came out of a car with her face in a book. I greeted her with a warm hug.



She patted me on my back and I let her go.

"What are you reading there buddy?"

"A book about weddings that Cadence lent me."

"Is it interesting?"

"I think all books are interesting. Now if you excuse me." Twilight continued to read and flipped a page with her magic. She carried a variety of things with her and held them using her levitation spell. She paid no attention to me and continued to walk back to Ponyville.

"Um Twilight, Now that you're here can we get just a little bit of the wedding done?"

"What could we right now? It's not even sunrise yet."

"If you could, would you be able to manipulate the clouds for the wedding?"


"That would be awesome."

"....I should take you to the spot where I think is best to hold the wedding." Twilight pulled a scroll out of her knapsack. She opened the scroll revealing an map of Ponyville. Her hoof touched the point that she thought was best.

"Here it is. We aren't far from it."

"We just keep going west and take a left at where the Golden Oaks Library used to be."

"Yes Pinkie. I suppose you all got my letter?"

"Yup! Everything is fine and hopefully today will be just perfect."

"I'm anxious to meet the couple. How did everything go with them and the girls?"

"It went great! Fluttershy is providing entertainment with her bird choir, Applejack is on food arrangements, Rarity is helping the bride with her mane and make-up and the Flower Sisters are making flower arrangements."

"It sounds like we're in for another amazing party. What about Rainbow?"

"I don't know actually. I'm hoping she's just going to watch or help out."

"Knowing her she's definitely going to do something. Pinkie we're here!"

I looked out and Twilight and I reached a meadow. It blossomed with little Magnolias that shined in Luna's cool summer light. Overlooking the meadow was a hill,where below a watering hole lay. I however did not understand. It was beautiful but where were the clouds?

"Twilight? What makes this meadow so perfect?"

"Forgive me if you thought I chose this based on its aesthetics. It's one of the closest points from Cloudsdale to Ponyville. We could easily access the clouds now and those who aren't capable of flight wouldn't have to ride in the hot air balloon for very long either."

"You do have a point there Twilight. It's very pretty too! I'm sure they'll love it."

"Thank you. Fortunately there's enough clouds to create the Wedding."

"Phew. Another crisis avoided."

"I'll be done soon. Can you check up on Spike for me?"

"No problem! Thanks Twilight I'll be back soon."

Twilight continued to concentrate on the clouds as I walked away I heard many a poof,groan and a frustrated growl from her.

Ponyville was quiet as always. I looked into the sky and there was the oddly colored moon. It was a bright orange but I couldn't figure out what caused it to become such a beautiful color. Perhaps Twilight knew?

I approached the castle,went up the spiraling stairs and searched for Spike. I looked in the three libraries and Spike wasn't there. Nor was he in the conference or the throne room. I looked in the bedroom chambers and found him speaking with Twilight's owl.

"Look, I'm just doing what I always do."


"Unlike you, I need to sleep. Please go."

"Hoo." The owl flew out the room.

I walked in and Spike was comfortably tucked into the gigantic bed.

"Spikey..." I sang in a sing songy voice. It had only been moments since the owl left and Spike was almost sound asleep.


..... He thought I was Rarity? Perhaps this was a good chance to prank him.

"Oh yes Spikey Wikey. My darling little Spike. Hop out of this bed now!"

"Why..."He whined. Spike's eyes were still closed. Perhaps he thought this was a dream.

"Oh honey please do get up." Still doing my best Rarity impersonation I tried to persuade him to get out of bed.

"..." Spike wouldn't budge.

"I'll give you this big luscious gem."His eyes opened and he leaped out of bed.

"Oooh Rare! Where's the Gem?!" His claws clutched greedily back and forth. I giggled at Spike and his eyes opened wide.

"Wait Pinkie?"

"Yep! I had you fooled!! Hehehe!!"

"Yeah...real funny." Spike looked down at his claws sadly. He anxiously awaited his midnight snack but nothing was left in his palms.

"Hehe sorry Spikey."

"Why are you here so late anyway? It's nowhere near sunrise."

"Twilight wanted me to check on you. She's still out and probably won't be back until later."

"Hm. Okay." He was still disheartened by my little prank.

"How about we see Rarity? I'm sure she's still awake."

"Really?! You'd do that for me Pinkie?"

"Of course? We're friends!"

"Well on wards and upwards to Carousel Boutique!" Spike hopped onto me and slapped my back. I tossed him a glance.

"What? We're friends. We can do this kind of stuff can't we?"

I rolled my eyes and began to exit the castle. I proceeded to head east to Rarity's home. I began to plan what everyone was responsible for today. Cheese and I were responsible for management and making sure that the wedding ran smoothly. Twilight is the reverend, Fluttershy is responsible for entertainment, Applejack is the caterer and Rose, Lily and Daisy are on decor.

Soon we arrived at the boutique. A blue light shone throughout the building illuminating the outside world. Spike hopped off my back and peeked into the windows. His eyes widened and he shouted to me: "You've got to see this!" I ran to the window and took a glance. Rarity was entranced into her work as per usual. However her work today was pro bono. I remembered her mentioning that she would make us all an outfit for the wedding. On each mannequin lay a dress. Six dresses, A Tuxedo and a miniature tuxedo for Spike. The dresses however were not finished. Usually Rarity is quick to finish dresses in a pinch like this but what was wrong?

Spike bursted into the front doors of the boutique and nearly scared Rarity to death.

"Rarity! Your dresses look beautiful as always! Would you like me to help you?" He looked starry eyed at her and she gave him a sweet reply.

"I'd love that Spike thank you. What are you doing here so late?"

"I just really wanted to see you that's all."


"Oh! And Pinkie's here too. Come on in Pinkie."

"Hey Rarity, what's up with the outfits?"

"It's...getting there. Just a bit of a complication that's all."

"A complication for you? Rarity I'm sure it's nothing."said Spike.

"Oh but it is. I really want to know what Magnolia's dress looks like. I can't finish our dresses if I don't."

"How come?"

"I don't want us to look better than the bride. It's her day. We aren't supposed to outshine her."

"You're right about that..."

"But! Pinkie. You're her wedding planner. You should know what her dress looks like!"

"...."I recalled in Manehattan my first meeting with Starstruck and Magnolia. She did say she picked her dress but she did not show it to us. Would it be a surprise to us today?

"Um..No?" I giggled nervously.

"No?" A slight twitch formed under Rarity's eye.

"Yeah. I believe she took care of that herself. Cheese and I were only responsible for party planning and the wedding."

"This is awful..." Rarity took off her glasses and laid on her famous fainting couch. Spike laid with her to help comfort her.

"Awww Rarity please don't be sad!"

"Yeah! Turn that frown upside down! I don't understand why you can't use the dresses on the mannequins."

She sat up and looked at the six dressed mannequins. " I was using these for six different fashion lines. One for a different season, however I guess I could use them..." Rarity got out of her couch and began to work again. Spike watched and helped her out. I remembered that I should check back with Twilight and see how everything went in the meadow.

"I've gotta check on Twilight! I'll see you two later. Make sure to get some rest. Okay?"

Rarity was too consumed by her work to answer me. "Just a stitch here... And maybe a different color there? Haha perfect!"

" Bye Pinkie. I'll be here with Rarity."

"Bye guys! I'll see you two later. Tell everypony to meet at SugarCube Corner at sunrise!"

"You got it Pinkie! "

I waved goodbye to Spike and left the store. Magical bursts of energy continued to light the store as I walked toward the meadow.It was now about 2AM and the orangish moon hid behind the clouds. I approached the meadow to find Twilight sitting on the ground and looking into the nighttime sky. It was hard for me to make out for me to see what was above.

"Hi Twilight! What are you looking at?"

She didn't answer but she pointed into the nighttime sky. I looked above and could see the wedding platform. There were stairs that lead from the wedding arch to the platform. Everyone who attends the wedding would sit in the box seats in the sky. It looked absolutely heavenly.

"Twilight it looks gorgeous!"

"Thanks Pinkie. I'm glad I could help."

"You should rest Twilight. You look a little tired."

"I slept a little on the way to Ponyville. Besides I would like to read a little more before the wedding."

"Oh! Perhaps you should..."

"How is Spike? Did he get to bed on time?"

"Yeah! Actually...he's with Rarity with now..."

"That's good. I guess. Wait...who's at the castle then?!"

"...Wouldn't Cheese be there? And your owl?"

"Oh yes! I completely forgot I let Cheese Sandwich stay at the castle. Did you see Owlowiscious in the castle?"

"He was bothering Spike while he was sleeping... Why?"

"I had him tell Spike prior to his bedtime that he was to feed him. Apparently he didn't."

"What a scatterbrain!"


"I'll be back Pinkie."

"Wait Twilight! Before you go, Some thing has been bothering me."

"What's wrong?"

"Why is the moon so odd?"

"I've been wondering the same thing as of late. I went through my library and a book said it was called the Luna de Amor .Curiously I searched for an answer but I did not arrive at one until I asked Princess Cadence. She told me that about a thousand years ago, Princess Luna fell in love with a stallion. They were to marry but he died unexpectedly. To honor his death and their love Luna illuminates the moon. Its effect makes love increase tenfold throughout Equestria."

"Awww how sad... I never thought something so tragic could happen. Why today of all days?"

"His death day and their wedding day were one and the same."

I clutched my chest. I could feel how terrible it must have been to lose someone so close to you. "That's terrible."

"Yeah. But Cadence and Luna use this night and a half to help spread love and hope. All over Equestria. That's better than despair isn't it Pinkie?"

"Yeah... I guess."

"Anyway. I'll be back. I need to feed Owlowiscious." Twilight flew off into the sky. I began to think more about Luna's story. It was sweet how their love lasted so long. I wondered did she illuminate the moon when was banished. I couldn't imagine that happening to the two of us. I'd be devastated to lose Cheese Sandwich. However, it was amazing. You could feel how powerful it was but you really couldn't explain it. I guess it truly a good day for a wedding but a tragic memory for the princess.

As I looked out to the into the pond once more I saw my reflection. I looked a little sleepy and my poofy mane had some hairs out of place. I was spooked by another reflection that appeared in the pond and sat by me.

"Oh...You scared me!" I said to the figure. I looked up and it was Cheese who laid next to me.

"Sorry Pinkie. Twilight said I could find you here."

"Yeah, she was doing the wedding platforms. What's wrong?"

"I couldn't really sleep that's all. I wanted to see how you were doing."

"I'm doing okay. I asked Twilight about the strange moon."

"I've been curious about it too. What's wrong with the moon?"

I explained to Cheese about Luna's story and the moon's effects.

"That's so sad." He wiped a tear from his eye.

"Yes, but Twilight says the moon increases love in Equestria."

"How wonderful... And what perfect timing too."

"I know! It's a perfect day for a wedding."

"Could I ask you something Pinkie?"

"Sure. What's on your mind?"

"Yesterday, at the bakery when I fainted, you were worried about me. Did you really think I wasn't going to be okay?"

"It was silly of me to freak out like Cheesy but that's what I'm supposed to do. I love you and I am supposed to care. Aren't I? I'd be really really really sad to see something happen to you."

"I love you too Pinkie. I promise I will not let anything bad happen to me. Pinkie Promise."

"Cross your heart?"

"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in eye."

I pulled out a cupcake out of thin air and stuck into Cheese's eye. My friends were usually surprised by my antics but not Cheese. He seemed to think that the things I did were normal instead of outrageous like my friends do.

"What's wrong Pinkie?"

"I'd thought you say something like... "Why did you do that Pinkie?" "Stop it Pinkie!" "It was delicious!""

"It was good! But it was part of the promise. I shouldn't complain about it."

I gave him a smile and kissed him. "You truly are the best coltfriend a mare could ever have."

He blushed a little and kissed back. A rustling in the bushes interrupted us. Would we ever get a moment alone?

Cheese stood up to protect us and check out the rustling. "Who is there?"

Out of the bushes popped out a luminous pair of yellow eyes. "Hoo!"

Cheese touched its head and it spun. "Oh! It may be an owl!"

I hopped over to it. I wasn't too familiar with Twilight's owl. I knew it's name was super duper long and had owl in it! That was a start.

"Awww hey there!"

"Hoo!" The bird flew out into the bushes and fluttered in the air.

"Where's Twilight Mr.Owl?"


The owl flew in direction of Ponyville, leading us to Rarity's home. Cheese and I followed it for a while. We were lost in the darkness for a moment.

"Where are we?"

"I don't know! Where did the owl take us..."

A flash of light lit the area surprising the two of us. Following the random burst of light were overlapping voices nearby. The voices were unintelligible. We followed the sounds and the conversation began to get clearer.

"Why did you leave?!"

"It isn't my responsibility. He can take care of himself."

"As my assistant,you should take care of things while I'm gone!"

"And he is perfectly fine of taking care of himself! I have watch your entire castle while you're gone. Now you ask me to feed a pesky bird?"

"I will not tolerate anymore excuses. I'm disappointed in you."

I looked at Cheese. We both realized the scene we stumbled upon. Twilight was confronting Spike about his behavior this evening. I walked out of the bushes leaving Cheese behind and interrupting Spike and Twilight.

"Did I come in at a bad time?"'I chucked nervously. I knew that I did, I just wanted to help.

"Kind of Pinkie." Twilight was turned away from Spike with her wings flared.

Spike walking away with his arms folded. "Hey get back here mister!" I shouted.

"You shouldn't treat Twilight like that! You are supposed to help her. Even if that means dealing with her pet bird and her large castle!"


Twilight walked over to me and placed her hoof on my shoulder. "I appreciate your help Pinkie but this is something Spike and I should settle. Let's all go back to the castle."

"S-" I could barely speak and the four of us were absorbed into Twilight's beam of light. In a moment, I was a dimly lit room with Cheese and there was no sign of Twilight nor Spike anywhere.

"Where are we Cheese?"

"I think we're back in the castle. Actually..... we're in my room."

"What luck!"

"Indeed. I think I'm going to go back to sleep. It's going to be a doozy of a day and I'll need all the rest I can get."

"Cheese? May I lay with you tonight? I don't want to be alone."

"That would be nice Pinkie. I wouldn't mind."

I hopped into the bed next to Cheese, nearly making him fly out of it. We burst out in laughter. I love how silly the both of us are, how we are almost a perfect match.

We stopped laughing and Cheese laid back on the bed.

"It's been such a long night. I just need rest..."

"Yeah." We cuddled and kissed for most of the night until he fell asleep. However the moon kept me awake. Now that it wasn't a mystery, the moon's appearance made me wonder about the Stallion that Princess Luna fell head over hooves for. What was he like? How did he look? What was his talent? These questions lingered in my mind until I fell fast asleep.

I woke up to find that I was alone in the giant bed. I frantically searched for Cheese. Where did he go? I ran out of the room and found Spike carrying a small amount of books.

"Spike! Where's Cheese?"

"Oh! He and Twilight went to SugarCube Corner. They'll be back."

"....For what exactly?"

"I guess you were all supposed to meet there but now they changed it to meeting here... I guess you didn't know?"

"No. Not at all."

"Oh, Sorry Pinkie..."

"I guess it'll be okay. It's nothing major. It's just a change in a meeting spot. And what if he didn't wanna wake me up?"

"It's a possibility. I'll see you in a little while Pinkie. I need to get to the library."

"Alrighty then. Bye."

I walked back into my room and sat on the bed. I thought about every possibility of why he didn't tell me why... but it wasn't the time to bum myself out over something so trivial. I had a wedding to execute in less that five hours. Let Operation: Wedding commence!

"I guess while Cheese is out, I could go to see Daisy,Rose and Lily..." I left the castle and proceeded to the town square. The sisters were hard at work on their flower arrangements.

"Morning Girls!"

"Hi Pinkie!"greeted the sisters.

"How are the arrangements?"

"Perfect."said Daisy

"We have the ones requested by Magnolia, the Bride's bouquet and the decor."said Lily.

Rose took me into a small garden where they worked on the arrangements. "Here it is!"

It was absolutely stunning. The bouquets consisted of Roses,Lillies,Daises,and Magnolias. The flowers had a heavenly scent that would go amazingly with the decor. "Wow! It's beautiful! I'm sure Magnolia will love it!"

"Thanks!" Said Rose.

"Could you tell your sisters to meet us at the castle in about an hour? Make sure to bring the flowers."


"I'll see you then!" I left Rose's garden and left for SugarCube Corner. I remembered that I left my gift for Starstruck in my room.

I walked into the bakery to find the twins on the floor playing with Cherry and Gummy.


"Come back!" The pets didn't look pleased and ran up the stairs. Mrs.Cake came out of the kitchen.

"Oh! Pinkie you're back. Did everything go well yesterday?"

"Yes! It went super! How was your day with the foals?"

"Lovely. Carrot and I took them to Baltimare for a day to visit their cousins."

"Sounds like fun!"

"Oh and could you watch them today? I have a few cakes I need to finish baking..."

"I'm so so so sorry Mrs.Cake but the wedding is today. I have to coordinate it."

"Oh my! I completely forgot. I'll get out of your mane... I'll just watch them. "


I bounced up the stairs and went to my room. It was messier than I remember it being. Since this would probably be my last time here for today, I brought my satchel and my ultimate party kit. That consists of balloons, my famous party cannon, an instant cupcake maker and a giant bubble blaster. It's surprising how all of this can fit in one bag..

I was prepared to leave for the next stop. Perhaps I should speak to the pony in charge of the balloon?

I left SugarCube Corner and went to the eastern corner of Town's Square. The Hot Air Balloon rental booth was just in front of the Mayor's statue.


"Why hello,Pinkie Pie." said Cherry Berry.

"I'd like to rent your balloon for the day."

"Awesome! What for?"

"We're having a wedding in the clouds and we need a balloon for the ponies who are incapable of flight."

"Oooh I see..." She rubbed her chin as she was deep in thought.

"How much will it be?"

"No cost!"

"Awww you're the best-"

"Only if I'm invited."


"Invite me to your wedding or it'll be a billion bits!"

"WHAT?! That's outrageous! I'm not the one getting married though..."

"Too bad. Pay up. Or no balloon.

I rubbed my chin because like this pony I too was deep in thought. "Fine you can go..."


"But you'll have to clean up after the wedding."


We shook hooves and I walked off. I flashed a mischievous smirk, because little did Cherry Berry know that she'd be cleaning quite the mess tonight.

It had been about an hour and I went back to the castle. Every pony stood outside waiting for me. Twilight,Cheese,Applejack,Rainbow,Fluttershy,Rarity, Starstruck, Magnolia and the flower sisters all stood on the stairs and waited.

"Oh there you are Pinkie! We've been waiting for you. Where have you been?"asked Cheese

"I was taking care of business. Sorry."

"It's fine. We just need to figure out where everypony is going now."

"Well... Applejack and Rainbow could finish the food."

"Twilight and the sisters could come with you and me to the meadow so we could decorate..."

"I think that's about it. Is there anything else?"

"Oh excuse me Pinkie. I'll be in my cottage preparing my birds. Remember they're helping out today?"

"Oh! I forgot. Sorry Fluttershy. Sure go ahead. Make sure they're perfect."

"I'll be with Magnolia! She needs help with her lovely mane and I'd love to pamper her."

"Oh Rarity...I'm flattered."

"I could do something for you too Mr.Starstruck."

"That would be nice."

Rarity escorted the couple in the direction of her home.

"So it's just the eight of us now?"I asked.

"Six of y'all I reckon. Rainbow and I are gonna cook and we'll be back soon."

"Bye you guys!"

Rainbow and Applejack trotted off to Sweet Apple Acres.

"Alright let's go to the meadow!"

The meadow wasn't too far from the castle. It was pristine and was left untouched. It looked even more beautiful in the daylight. The animals were frolicking about. The flowers blossomed and a small waterfall trickled.

"Rose,Daisy,Lily. I'll fly above and place your arrangements above."

The sisters nodded. "What should Cheese and I do Twilight? The balloon isn't here yet."

"I guess I could give you both wings."

"That would be awesome!! But uh.. what if they melt like last time?"

"Don't worry. Since I became a princess my magic has become much stronger. Besides, I won't use that spell. I can give you faux Pegasus wings. They look and feel like them they just aren't real wings."

"Oooh sounds fun. What do you think Cheese? I won't do it if you won't."

"I really wanna be a Pegasus for day!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes!!"Cheese and I said.


Twilight closed her eyes and released a magical surge of energy. It was blinding. I couldn't see for a second but I felt a tickle and tight squeeze in my torso. Ooohs and Aaahs came from far away and I assumed it was probably the sisters watching our spectacle. I was released from the spell. I felt constricted for a moment.

"How do you both feel?"

I felt my new limbs. "Amazing! Is this how it feels to be a Pegasus?"

"Pretty much. How do you feel Cheese Sandwich?"

"Not bad..."

He opened up his beautiful golden wings. They were much larger than mine.

"Go ahead practice! You never know! You could be a natural born flyer."

I flapped my wings. Deep in my soul, I have always thought I was born to be a pegasus. The moment my wings flapped, I flew. I didn't drop to the ground like a newborn chick. I soared through the air and enjoyed the breeze through my mane. I heard Twilight call me.

"Good Job Pinkie!" She flew with me. I looked below and Cheese had a proud large grin spread across his face.

"Thanks! Now it's Cheese's turn."

I dived to the ground and tried to make a decent landing but I almost hurt myself in the process.

"Pinkie!!! Are you okay?! Are you hurt?!"

"I'm just fine Cheese. Now it's your turn to fly."


He flapped his wings and struggled get off the ground.

"Come on Cheesy..."

He tried and tried. Rose,Daisy and Lily cheered him on.

"Go Cheese Go!" They chanted.

Twilight gave him pointers. "Don't think about it too much. I know it's hard. Just keeps trying."

Twilight flew up into the and resumed her work. She monitored Cheese's progress from above almost like an guardian angel. The sisters fell asleep underneath a tree and I continued to help Cheese fly.

He flapped once more lifting his body a few inches off the ground. "A little more! Just flap a little harder!"

As I advised, Cheese flapped his wings harder and flew.

"I'm flying!"

Cheese and I spent few minutes practicing flying in the clouds and helping Twilight with the decorations.

"Alright. It seems that we're done here! Should we go gather everypony else?" I asked.

"I think. Let's go to Rarity's first. She said she was making everypony an outfit for today wasn't she?"

"She did say that...let's go!"

"The girls and I will be staying here until the wedding starts."said Daisy


"Yeah we'd thought it be necessary if we got out of your mane for a bit. Besides have our dresses with us."

"Cool! We'll be back soon."

"Hey Twilight? Would it be alright if we flew to Carousel Boutique?"

"That's fine with me! Are you comfortable with flying Cheese?"

"Sure! Let's go!"

The three of us flew to Rarity's home. I couldn't wait to see their reaction to our wings. Is this how Rarity felt as well?

Twilight knocked on the door and Rarity answered. Rarity wore her designer glasses which means she was still fixing the dresses.

"Is something wrong Rarity?"

"Everything is perfect with the exception of this dress! I had it worked out! Until I realized it was suited for a Pegasus!! What is a filly to do?!"

"By chance...who's dress is it?"

"It's supposed to be Pinkie's! Why didn't I check this sooner..."

"Well Rarity you won't believe this-..."

"I'm a Pegasus!"

"Well if you just magically woke up this morning a different type of pony then yes. But I saw you about six hours ago Pinkie Pie and you were the same Earth Pony I know and love."

"No!" I opened my wings.

"Sweet Celestia! But how... Only alicorn magic is... Oh." Rarity still hadn't gotten used to Twilight Princess.

"Cheese is one too! Show her!"

He spread his wings and knocked over a mannequin. "Oh my... How exquisite."

"Thank you."

"I guess this is better news... now I don't have to make any changes. Please try on your outfits and give me your critique!"

Rarity gave three of us hangers and pushed us into dressing rooms. I slid the dress onto my body. I had problems getting my new wings into their spaces. "Come on...silly wings...You can do it..." I whispered. Until they popped into the sleeves. I looked into the mirror. The dress fit perfectly. It was a light blue dress with little dark blue gems on the torso.

"Pinkie? I would love to see how it looks on you Darling."

I walked out of my dressing room. "What do you think?"

"It. Is. PERFECT!" Her eyes shined and beamed with excitement.

"Where's the others?"

"Oh they're probably still getting dressed. Twilight? Mr.Sandwich? May I see how you look?"

Twilight stepped out of her dressing room. Her dress was a simple long violet dress.

"You look stunning. You just need some pearls! And you'll look extravagant!"

Last but not least Cheese came out of his dressing room. His tuxedo matched my dress. He had a black suit and a shirt but a lovely light blue bow tie made of gems to complement the outfit. He looked handsome. It reminded alot of our first date here in Ponyville.

"You look ravishing Cheese Sandwich! In fact you all look amazing!"

"Aww thank you Rare. Thanks for making these amazing clothes."

"Oh! It's nothing...really."

"Where did Magnolia and Starstruck go?"

"They were going to meet the guests at the train station."

"Perfect. That gives us ample enough time to finish getting ready."said Twilight.

"Let's go find the others..." I said as I tried to walk out.

Applejack,Rainbow and Fluttershy stood outside the doors of Carousel Boutique. "How convenient! They were just coming to get you three!"

"We came because the food was finally done. Shouldn't we put it somewhere?"

"Yes! Rainbow,Fluttershy and I will go to the wedding platform and take the cake and food."said Twilight.

"Okey Dokey! Good Luck!"

Rainbow and Twilight lifted the heavy tray of food together and Fluttershy tried her best to direct them.

"Okay Applejack now it's your turn."

"For what?"

"To wear your dress! Do it! I worked really hard."

"Okay! Sheesh."

Applejack rolled her eyes as Rarity handed her a dress.She stepped out and looked out herself. Applejack wore a caramel dress with embroidered gold. It was a simple dress but it was still classy.

"So... What do you think?"

"I like it. Thank you."

"You look very pretty."

"Well uh..thank you sugarcube."

"Is there anything you'd like me to fix?"

"...Well..." Applejack tapped her hoof to her chin and thought about her the dresses' flaws.

"Oh it's really itchy! The dress is a little tight and..." She rambled on longer and began to incite an argument with Rarity. I shrugged it off and talked to Cheese.

"You look awesome!!"

Thank you! As do you Pinkie."

I giggled. "Do you something planned for them?"

"For the Wedding?"


"Hm... is this what you meant earlier by oomph?"


"And on a scale to... simple welcoming party by your standards to Princess Cadence' s Wedding how much oomph are we giving it?"

"Around... goof off or birthaversary levels." I chuckled nervously. At the mention of Rainbow's birthaversary he froze in place and appeared to have a flashback to a few months ago. A slow and creepy smile appeared on his face.

"Yeah...I guess we could do that."

"...What's wrong Cheese?"

"...I haven't forgiven myself."

"For what?"

"I was just so mean at the party... all I desired was your attention and I didn't mean for it to get out of hand."

"Cheese. I forgive you. It's the past! Everything back then doesn't really matter. You can't change it."

"I guess..."

"Cheesy...cheer up please. I hate to see you frown."

"Sorry Pinkie."

I kissed him on the cheek. "It's fine. Just turn that frown upside down! We have a wedding to finish."


Applejack and Rarity had finally stopped their bickering. "How did things go with Star and Maggie today Rarity?"

"Oh just marvelous. Her dress is divine and her mane is a work of art! Starstruck took a bit of work but he looks magnificent! I can't wait for you all to see him. I hate that we broke the rules though..."

"What rules?"

"Maybe not rules... Perhaps tradition? Usually the bride and groom do not see each other until they get married."

"Oh! They were together today.... Awww..."

"They refused to be apart. Who am I to tear apart such undying love?"

Maybe it was just the effect of the moon or maybe it was truly their own thoughts on their relationship.

Rainbow,Twilight and Fluttershy burst through the doors of the boutique.

"It's all done!"yelled Rainbow.

"However we may have a small problem."said Twilight.

"Oh no! What happened?! Did the clouds explode? Did the flowers turn into flying dragons?! Did Star and Maggie combust?!"

Cheese hugged me in an effort to calm me down. "No Pinkie. They're just coming back with their guests now."

"Oh! That's not too bad."

"Really Pinkie."said Rainbow.

"Well if they're coming... Cheese, Twilight and I should go to the meadow and welcome them! Fluttershy,Rainbow,Rarity make sure to get ready! Applejack can you go to Town Square and get the balloon?"

"I'm on it!"

"Sure thing Pinkie!"

The three of us ran out of the store and flew for the meadow. I enjoyed flying. I loved the gentle breeze and the fluffy clouds on my hooves. I was a little sad it would only last a day. We landed in the meadow to find a crowd of about fourty ponies. Fortunately the box seats Twilight made would seat everypony.

"Pinkie! Cheese!"

Magnolia flew and gave us both a hug.

"Are you nervous?"

"No! Somewhat... Okay just a little."


Twilight flew into the air and announced with a powerful voice: "I need all ponies incapable of flight on this side of the meadow. All Pegasus Ponies please take a seat in the seats above. "

Unicorns and Earth Ponies formed a group in the meadow and Twilight shot a magical beam of light at them. The ponies were in awe of the feeling and let out many remarks.

"I feel tingly!"

"What did she do to me?!"

"Do I have superpowers now?"

Unaware of their hidden ability, the ponies stumbled about like newborn foals and frolicked in the grass. A giant purple blur blocked the sun. On a second glance it was Applejack and Cherry Berry in the hot air balloon.

"Yeehaw!" Applejack yelled as the balloon landed. Twilight performed the cloud walking spell on the two of them.

"Let's bring everypony to the clouds!"

Cherry Berry began to bring ponies to the clouds. Rarity,Rainbow and Fluttershy soon arrived. Rarity wore a ruby red dress that shimmered with diamonds, Rainbow an Amethyst dress laced with Gold and Fluttershy wore a simple Emerald dress.

Twilight performed her spell on Rarity and the rest of us flew up to the seats. All of the guests were seated, Twilight stood at the arc. We waited for the arrival of Magnolia and Starstruck.

A few moments later, what appeared to be the bridlemaids and groomsmen walked to the arc.

"Oh don't they look ravishing!"said Rarity.

"They do look pretty nice."said Fluttershy

"But not as good as us!" Said Applejack

"Oh girls."

Starstruck was the next to appear. His mane was slicked back,which was quite different from its normal appearance. Everything about him was radiating. His mane, his body, his attitude even his tuxedo radiated in Celestia's rays.

"Oh my he looks lovely."said Fluttershy.

"He does look rather handsome."

Magnolia was escorted by a golden stallion with a silver mane. He appeared to be a Pegasus. Magnolia' s dress was a light tint of blue and shimmered in the sunlight. She was hidden from view by her veil. The stallion kissed her on the cheek and left her at the altar with Starstruck and the others.

"It's finally happening Cheese! Are you excited?"

"Of course!"

Twilight proceeded with the wedding.

"Do you Starstruck take Magnolia to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

"Do you Magnolia take Starstruck to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

"With the power vested in me, I now pronounce you mare and gentlecolt."

The audience cheered and a few sobs were heard. There was a stairwell leading to where party was going to held. The new couple and the audience made their way up to the next platform.

I hadn't been on the platform. It was quite expansive and perfect for what I had planned.

"Oh my... Twilight you certainly have a way with the clouds."

"Thank you. It was my first time, and I just wanted to experiment a little."

Applejack had the ponies sit in the tables, and began to serve food with Rainbow Dash. Fluttershy's birds chirped pleasant melodies to keep every pony entertained.

Cheese called me over to table where he, Rarity and Twilight sat."Pinkie!"

I bounced over to him. "Yes Cheesy?"

"What did you want to do to add... oomph?"

"I think it'll be a surprise. What's on your mind?"

He whispered in my ear.

"Ooh... Yes.. I like it. Let's do it!"

He nodded. " Do you have anything that could be of use?"

"Only what's in my handy dandy satchel."

He peeked inside my satchel. "How did you get of that in there?!"

"Don't question it. Just bask in its awesomeness."

"Ahem!" A voice made everypony silent. I turned around and it appeared that Star wanted to make an announcement.

"I would like thank everypony for attending our wedding. It means the world to Magnolia and I. I would love to thank our party planners Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie.None of this could have been possible without your assistance."

Everypony clapped and cheered. "I'd like to thank you too Pinkie."


"If it weren't for you, this wedding wouldn't be as amazing as it is now. You could have chosen to not answer my letters but yet you did. I'm forever thankful to you.

"Aww it's nothing. Now let's get started!"

"Yes!Let Operation:Surprise commence!"

I went into my bag and took out the Cupcake Baker. In today's surprise I was going to need more than mere cupcakes. I set it to "Surprise me!" For 5 seconds... And a hollow cake with confetti popped out.

"What's that?"

"Shh. All will be revealed in due time. No more questions please."

Next were my party cannon and the bubble blaster. I set the cannon and the blaster in two corners of the room. I had a switch so that any moment I could trigger either of the machines.

"Okay I'm ready!"

"What exactly are we going to do?"

"We're going to be in that cake. The cake will roll to the middle of the ballroom and that's when I pull the switch for the machines. Then we fly out of the cake and surprise everypony!"

" It seems kinda risky, but if you wanna go with it..."

"Yup! Now let's go Cheesy!"

We got into the cake and made sure we weren't seen. We began to roll to the center of the room. The room had this awkward silence fall upon it as the cake entered. I clicked the switch to activate the party cannon and bubble blaster. A loud roar of cheering and applauding succeeded it.

We waited for the crowd to hush once more for the next surprise. We held hooves and counted to three for the next surprise.





We flew out of the cake, leaving the crowd stunned. Most of the audience didn't expect ponies popping out of a cake nor did they expect the two of us flying for a day. All eyes were on the two of us. We flew around the room blowing bubbles, dazzling ponies below, and doing random tricks. Cheese and I were about 150 feet above the platform and everypony still was watching.

"Hey Cheese watch this!" I did a loop de loop like Rainbow Dash does sometimes. However mine wasn't successful. My wing wouldn't flap. I was stuck.

"Cheese help!" I felt that I was getting further and further to the ground. My left wing wouldn't answer to me. Why of all times now? I felt that I was going to meet an untimely death until I heard a close flapping. I had come to the realization that my wings were not working anymore. Who was saving me?


"Pinkie. Please don't ever scare me like that again."

He carried me in his arms. "I'm so sorry Cheese..." I started sobbing. It was just so scary.

"It's alright... Its going to be fine."

"But that's the second time you've saved my life..."

"...Yes. There's nothing wrong with that. I won't let you die Pinkie."

Cheese flew me down to the platform where Twilight ran to me.

"Pinkie are you okay?!"

"No... Could you get rid of these for me..."

"Sure. How about you Cheese?"

"That would be good. Thank you."

Twilight performed her spell to remove the wings and placed a cloud spell.

"Phew! I hope you're feeling okay Pinkie."

"Thanks Twilight."

"Oh the couple is getting ready to leave. They wanted to speak with you two before the bouquet toss."

"Awww... let's go Cheese!"

I looked around and laughed at the mess I made with Cheese.

"What's so funny?"

"Cherry Berry has to clean this all up."

Cherry pouted in the corner while we both laughed.

Starstruck and Magnolia were laughing at their table together and noticed us approach their table.

"Hey guys!"

"Hey Star and Maggie! Did you enjoy yourselves?"

"It was a lot of fun. I'm really going to miss you two."

"Me too..."

"Oh! We have a present for you Star." I pulled out the scroll.

"It'll teach you how to teleport! Now you'll have no problems with it."

"That is amazing Pinkie Pie. Thank you."

"Aww I'm just going to miss you both... let's take pictures to commemorate the occasion."

A nearby camerapony took our pictures. Our faces beamed with joy and silliness because who knew when was the next time we'd all be together?

"Alright! It's time for the bouquet toss!"

Magnolia flew to the ground below and into her carriage. Star,Cheese and I were on the balloon and were ready to land. We landed on the meadow and I was with my friends in the toss. We waited patiently for Magnolia to toss the flowers.

"So who do you think is getting the bouquet?"asked Fluttershy

"Moi! I would love to be the next one who gets married..." said Rarity.

Magnolia tossed the bouquet and all the mares went frantic. I jumped through the air and was knocked by a blur. When I looked up the bouquet was in my hooves.

"Awwww!"everypony awed.

It took me a moment to grasp what happened but I immediately felt the warmth in my cheeks. Being the superstitious pony that I am, I feel like it could actually happen to me. I looked over at Cheese who was also a tomato red. Was it possible he felt the same?

"Aww congrats Pinks! We'll be sure to attend your and Cheese's wedding! It'll be so divine!"

"Hahaha what? Who said...?"

" Well we need to go! It's been nice seeing you all!" Said Starstruck.

Starstruck got into the carriage and the two of them rode into the sunset together.

"Can you really believe it's over? It went by super fast."

"Yeah! But I'm glad they enjoyed themselves."

"What will you now? Now that's it's over?"

"I do what I always do Pinkie Pie. I mosey on to the next town in need of a good party."

I frowned a little. I wasn't ready for him to go.

"Awww don't be sad honey. I'm just a party away. Whenever you need me...just call and write to me.Okay?"


"I'll see you soon." He kissed me goodbye and wiped my tears away. I watched him go into the sunset. It had been an unforgettable two weeks. Full of smiles, tears, New friends, dangers and goodbyes. It was something I would always treasure and something I had learned to treasure even more. True Love. I never thought it really existed. "There's some pony out there for everypony." That's what everypony says. I never thought it was true until we met again. I've also come to realize what love means. It's different to us all. It's the undying faith and respect we have for our significant other. I've never really been in love but I can say without a doubt that my love for Cheese Sandwich is real and I hope more ponies experience a love so amazing.

Author's Note:

I'd like to thank everyone who has been reading the story so far. It's been tough trying to finish it but yay its done. The alternative ending might be a story all its own instead of a chapter. Also, there may be a sequel, or a spinoff in the works in the upcoming months. So that's something. Follow me to stay updated.

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Comment posted by Phoenix Heart 20 deleted Jul 29th, 2014

4767478 how do you feel?

4778840 There will most likely be a sequel. :pinkiehappy:

Nice story. I think you did a great job. I hope you have fun writing the sequel.

When the story about the orange moon was mentioned I was like oh. But this is the funny part. I read this at night and after I had go out somewhere. So now I'm in the car, I looked out the window and coincidentally saw that the moon WAS somewhat orange. :rainbowderp: :rainbowlaugh:

4976312 my story came true :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

"It was my first time, and I just wanted to experiment a little."

That's what he said!

This was an adorable story. But didn't Magnolia say she had a surprise for Pinkie and Cheese after the wedding? (Although I can guess what it is.)

5651560 Hm maybe. I've thought of putting them into the sequel but perhaps it would be a bit redundant.

5759594 Thank you! I'm glad to know people are still reading.

6202608 it's what you think ;)

I was taking care of business. Sorry.

Rarity still hadn't gotten used to Twilight Princess.

I know the graphics were new and a bit strange but that was in 2006 you should be used to it by now Rarity.

Oh no! What happened?! Did the clouds explode? Did the flowers turn into flying dragons?! Did Star and Maggie combust?!


Twilight proceeded with the wedding.
"Do you Starstruck take Magnolia to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
"I do."
"Do you Magnolia take Starstruck to be your lawfully wedded husband?"
"I do."
"With the power vested in me, I now pronounce you mare and gentlecolt."

You failed so hard at that. I'm sorry but that was....


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