• Published 1st Jun 2014
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Lovebirds - raritypie

What will happen when Cheese and Pinkie throw another party together? Will sparks fly or will it be an utter disaster?

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Apples and Sandwiches

The next morning I met Pinkie at Sugarcube Corner. I walked in to find her behind the counter handing out muffins to the few customers that were there.

"Hiya Pinkie!"

"Hi Cheese! Want a muffin? It's a to start the day and gives you extra brain power!"


"She's right you know. I feel two thousand times smarter when I eat a muffin." A strange grey mare said.

"You can never have too many muffins. Well until you get a tummy ache...and that's about 189 muffins for me! Aren't muffins amazing Pinkie?!"

"They sure are Ms.Hooves. Enjoy your day! "

"I will thanks!" She carried a huge pink box filled with muffins and trotted out.

"So what's our first order of business?"

"Well, I think the easiest thing to do know is to set up the food arrangements. You said you have a friend who specializes in their baked goods. Let's talk to them!"

"Yeah! Let's talk to AJ! She's probably up apple bucking but I'm sure we can speak to Granny."

"Okay let's go! You are available at the moment aren't you?"

"Yeah. I told the Cakes about us working together, so they gave me vacation for two weeks."


Pinkie and I walked out the door and began the walk to the Apple farm.

"Tell me more about the Apples."

"Well there's Applejack, AppleBloom , Big Mac and Granny Smith. Applejack is a farmer and so is her brother Big Mac. AppleBloom helps her grandmother with the chores because she's so little and Granny Smith bakes and cleans."

"Interesting. It actually seems we should talk to Granny Smith before Applejack. She would probably have more experience and could tell us all sorts of things."

"Yeah we could. However AJ is the business type. If we need anything from the Apples it has to go through her and Big Mac."

"That's fine too."

As we walked, or as I walked I noticed Pinkie bouncing along and was much further ahead than me.

" Come on Slowpoke!"

"I am Pinkie! There's so many hills though..." I was almost out of breath. Pinkie bounced to my side and said:

"If I'm going too fast for you, I guess I'll slow down. I know these hills are a doozy but it's nothing that the two of us can't conquer."

"Aww thanks Pinkie." I don't know what is about her. Her presence just makes me feel like I could do anything. It was really sweet of her to slow down. She could have bounced all the way to the farm and left me here...

"Pinkie, how do you that?"

"Bounce? I was born with a spring in my step! I'm an optimist and I feel taking four steps forward or four leaps forward makes the past go away faster. "

"That's actually really deep..."


I guess that's why she's always bouncing. It's so adorable though. She's so cute. I'm really glad to work with her again.

We soon reached the top of the hill. Down below, I saw the biggest barn I have ever seen. In fact, it was my only one, but it was so beautiful. It sparkled in the sun's morning sunshine and the grass glistened from the morning dew.

"It's nice isn't it? All we have to do is run down his hill!!"

"Finally! Let's go! "

"Let's run 1,2,3 GO! "

She sprinted down the hill, leaving me in awe. I then noticed she was running too fast and crashed into a tree.

"PINKIE!!!!! Are you okay?" I ran down at breakneck speed and checked on her.

"Yeah hehehe. I'm fine. Owwww!

"What's wrong? You didn't break anything did you?"

"No but my ankle really hurts. I can't stand."

"That's no fun. Get up on my back."

"Are you sure about it?"

"Yes! Please get on. I'm not going to leave you here."

"Alrighty then...I'll carry boneless then."

"Boneless will protect you! Isn't that right?"

Boneless said nothing back but I'm sure that he agreed.

"Alright let's go! Which way to the farm?"

"Keep going east until you see the Apple grove."


I walked and Pinkie sat on my back. I felt really sad that she hurt herself traveling the farm but I'm keeping her safe from harm's way now. I just hope the Apples can help her.

"Thanks for helping me Cheese."

"No problemo Pinkie. Just be more careful okay?"

"Okey dokey lokey! She giggled and snorted. That was the most adorable sound I'd ever heard. It was better than the mewing of kittens, or the sound of the oven timer dinging! She gets cuter by the second.

"Am I too heavy for you Cheesy? I can try to walk again if you want."

"No not at all. You're hurt and you need to rest. Just relax until we get there.

"Oki dokey! Since you're walking, I'll provide the tunes!"

She began to sing a familiar tune. Smile Smile Smile I think she called it. I remembered singing a little bit at the goof off. Wait she called me Cheesy. That's a nice nickname. I like it. I wonder should I nickname her?

"We're heeereee! Welcome to Sweet Apple Acres."

"Thank goodness. Let's see if we can find someone."

I knocked on the door and a elderly mare answered the door.

"Yes who is it?"

"Ma'am I'm Cheese Sandwich and this is Pinkie Pie, we're here too-"

"Wait Pinkie! Where is she? You didn't gobble her up did you?!"

"No! She's on my back!"

"You sly dog you! You can't be that way with fillies. Pinkie are you there?! "

"Yes Granny! Cheese did nothing wrong. I'm on his back because I hurt myself."

"Sweet gravy biscuits! Let's get you in the house. You come too Mr.Sandwich. "

I think walked into the house and it looked like something out of a western movie. The scent of apples filled the air giving the room a pleasant vibe.

"Sit down Pinkie . I'll get some bandages. Mr.Sandwich come with me."

"Yes of course." Granny Smith and I walked into a storage closet and she shut the door with us in it.

"Listen Sonny Boy. I don't know what's going on between you and Pinkie but you better be treating her right! I know how you colts have one thing on your mind!" Granny whispered to me and shook her hooves."

"What?! I'm just h-here...what exactly do you think I'm looking for?!"

"The sacred three letter word of course! Dont even think about it!"

"Wait what?! .... NO!!! We weren't going to do that! We're just friends! I'm here on business!"

"Why didn't you say so! You got me all worked up over nothing! Hehehe come on. Bring me the bandages on that shelf behind you."

I handed her the bandages and we walked out.

"You better treat her right. Pinkie is a special mare and deserves respect. If you do anything to hurt her, you will pay. "

"I understand. Let's go help Pinkie."

We returned into the family room, where Pinkie sat on a couch.

"Hold still Pinkie. This is going to hurt a little."

"Hehehe that tickles...Owww!"

I stood in fear. What just happened to Pinkie?

"Pinkie are you okay?!"

"Yeah I'm fine Cheesy. The wrap was a little tight."

Thank Celestia she's okay. Now we can continue working.

"Feeling better Pinkie?"

"Yup! I feel peachy keen!"

"What can I help y'all with? "

"Well the two of us are planning a wedding party for a couple in Manehattan. We needed advice on the food."

"Yeah what he said. One loves apples and the other likes sweets. Can you help us? "

"Why of course I can. I guess you could make apple fritters, brown betties, apple pie, apple eclairs there's alot you could do"

"Thats a huge help. Will you do us the honor of being our caterer?"

"Of course! I'll have to see if AJ approves. She's in Appleloosa helping some family members. I'm sure she'd approve."

"Awesome. What's next on the agenda Cheesy?"


"Oooh! We can go back to SugarCube Corner! I have ideas for decorations."

Great! Let's go!"

"Bye Granny Smith!"

"Bye Darlin' ! Bye Mr Sandwich."

Pinkie tried to walk but fell to the floor."

"PINKIE!! Are you okay?!"

"Yeah I'm fine Cheesy. I guess I can't walk yet. Pick me up?"

"Sure Pinkie." Pinkie crawled on top of my back and I walked out.

"Bye Ms.Smith" I looked back to see her eyebrows raised and she gave me a mean look.
I shrugged it off and proceeded to walk back to town.

As soon as I started walking away from the farm, my stomach growled.

"Hehehe Cheesy are you hungry?"

"I guess so Pinkie. I completely forgot to eat breakfast. "

"Why didn't you eat a muffin? It gives you strength and brain power! "

"I didn't even think about it Pinkie...Sorry."

"Awwww its okay cheesy. Lets go get some lunch!"

Pinkie began to sing again and I walked us back to town.

Would this be a date? Or are we just hanging out?I guess I'll see when we get to town.

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