• Published 1st Jun 2014
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Lovebirds - raritypie

What will happen when Cheese and Pinkie throw another party together? Will sparks fly or will it be an utter disaster?

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Trip to Ponyville

"Balloons? Check."

"Extra Balloons? Check."

"Extra Shirts? Check."

"Mysterious outfit? check."

"Boneless 2? Check."

"Alrighty it's time to go!" I took a taxi to the train station. I looked upon Manhattan's beautiful sights that I've come to admire within the last few days. They soon faded away as I arrived at the station.

"Thanks Pal!" I paid the taxi driver and he flashed a smirk.

"ALL ABOARD!" The conductor yelled.

I paid for my ticket and got on the 9am train to Ponyville. I sat in my seat and the train began to move. I was a little scared because it was my first time I had been on a train since I was a foal. I usually like traveling by hoof so I can meet more ponies and explore Equestria. Sure it takes a while but it's all worth it in the end. I've made some incredible friends on my journeys. Like Boneless! Or boneless two I should say. I gave my boneless to Pinkie. I feel that it was the only way she'd remember me or I'd stand out compared to the other stallions she knows.

I sighed and then looked outside the window. I saw cities and towns where I helped many ponies with parties. Cities like Appleloosa, Dodge Junction, Las Pegasus, and Baltimare. Of course I couldn't forget Ponyville. It was the first town I visited and its where I met... her. I was just a colt when I stumbled upon her party at the schoolhouse. She's the reason I am who I am and for that I am forever grateful.

Our last party was amazing. In fact that entire day was EPIC! I had met the mare of my dreams, was reunited with a old friend, had my very first goof off and made lots of new friends. I just can't get over...her. Her adorable poofy mane andthose shimmering sea blue eyes, just wow! Her personality is amazing. She's silly and really talented. Her singing voice is incredible! She's so cute.

I decided to read her letter. Surprisingly I did not read it yet but now is a terrific time to read it. Oh man I completely forgot to tell her about the wedding! Wait.. she says "I can't wait for your arrival.". She's anticipating my arrival!
"Don't worry I'll be there soon." I blushed and slouched into my seat.

She..She's waiting for me." I sighed a love stricken sigh and thought.

What else will we do? I know I'm only there for Party purposes only but I'm sure we'll fit some time in for fun. I'm not due back in Manehattan for a week so I guess we could do something.

"Next stop Ponyville!" shouted the speaker.

"Oh boy! It's almost time."

In a few minutes, the train slowly stopped at the station. I got off and eagerly looked around.

"No sign of Pinkie." I was a little sad but then I realized two things. I never told her what day I was arriving, that's why she isn't here. Also she told me to the Sugarcube Corner to find her... I feel so stupid.

I walked out of the station and began the walk to Sugarcube Corner.

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