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Lovebirds - raritypie

What will happen when Cheese and Pinkie throw another party together? Will sparks fly or will it be an utter disaster?

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The Truth Hurts

Author's Note:

This chapter takes place during Chapter 10 in Cheese's POV.

"Boy I can't wait for tonight! Can you Boneless?"

Boneless slouched in reply. "Me too! I'm so excited."

I got out my agenda planner for today. First I need to go to flower stand and talk to Rose, Lily and Daisy. Second... huh I guess I don't really know what the girls have planned. Oh well. Let's just start the day in the town square!

Boneless and I walked to town square. The only vendors open were the Flower Sisters.

"Hi Cheese!" Greeted Daisy.

"Good Morning!"

"Are you ready for tonight?" asked Rose

"Sure am!"

"Here's what we do first. Head down to the spa. It's north from here. We bought you a package. It's a deluxe relaxation method. It's to keep you from being too stressed out about tonight. When you're done meet back here."explained Lily.

"Got it! Thanks!"

"No problem! Now go quickly. We have lots to do!"said Rose.

I ran as fast as I could to northern part of Ponyville. I soon arrived at the spa. It was one of the only buildings there with the exception of three fancy houses.
I went inside and was greeted by two mares.

"Why hello there! You must be Mr.Sandwich." said the blue one.

"Yes I am, who are you two?"

"I'm Aloe." said the pink one.

"And I'm Lotus." Said the blue one.

"It's nice to meet you two!"

"Likewise" the sisters said in harmony. Almost in a sing songy voice. Twins and triplets have really started to creep me out lately.

"Let's go! We don't have all day" said Lotus

The sisters pushed me inside the Sauna room.

"Please get comfortable. This is to keep you relaxed and help remove toxins."said Aloe

"You'll be in there for about 35 minutes. Enjoy!" Said Lotus. They closed the door and it made a heavy creaking. I was a bit lonely because I had nobody to talk to. They took boneless before I got inside. I just wish it could be tonight already.

"Okey Doke. Just relax Cheese. Just relax..."

I laid down on the bench and closed my eyes. I wondered what Pinkie was doing. How would she look tonight? How would tonight be? I hoped everything would be okay. I hope that tonight marks something new for us. A new beginning. I slowly drifted off to sleep. I dreamt of cheese wheels like I usually do but this time Gummy popped out of every single wheel. It was a blissful dream but a weird one nonetheless.

A few minutes later the door swung open.

"Rise and Shiiinee Mr.Cheese. Let's have today be the best day it can be."said Lotus in a eerie voice.

"It's time for phase two of the deluxe relaxation package! Massages!"

That sounded like fun but I was still trying to wake up from my brief nap. I drowsily walked to the next room. It was a dimly lit room filled with candles.

"Mr.Cheese. This is Loving Touch. He'll be your masseuse for today." Aloe introduced.

"Enjoy your massage!" The twins said in unison.

They left leaving me with Loving Touch. He was a tall white earth pony with a golden mane. Almost similar to Starstruck's.

"Hello Mr.Cheese. Please lay down so we can begin." He had a falsetto voice. I tried my best not to laugh. I laid down on the bed and out my head between the hole.

"Just relax Mr.Cheese. Feel free to sleep or listen to our Ambient music."

He put on a stereo and a delicate tune played over the speakers. The sounds of nature were so relaxing and I fell asleep once more. I dreamt about tonight. Pinkie was gorgeous. She walked down the stairs of the bakery in such a graceful manner. I escorted her to a restaurant and we talked and ate and danced... I hope tonight could be like how I imagine it to be.

"Wake up Mr.Cheese."Loving Touch said in a dulcet voice.

He escorted me out the massage room and Lotus was waiting for me.

"It's time for the last phase! Mud Baths! It gives you an luscious shine to your coat!"

Lotus took me to the bathing area where Aloe was preparing the mud.

"Step in Mr.Sandwich." said Aloe

I sat inside the bath and relaxed.

"Good. Just relax okay?"


She placed cucumber over my eyes.

"It's to reduce the puffiness. The mud affects every part of your body. The eyes tend to puff up because of the mud affects the tear ducts."

"Relax and enjoy!" said Aloe and Lotus.

Hm.... these cucumber slices are smelling so good... I should have eaten breakfast. I never usually eat it because I'm always on the go. I know it isn't good for me but it's a habit and its not like I can cook anyway.

I continued to relax and listen to the ambient music. It sounds so pleasant. Harps and Violins played and a soft singing voice accompanied it. How lovely.

"Mr.Sandwich it's time to go!" Said Aloe

I got out of the tub and was covered in the mud. Aloe took off my cucumber slices.

"If you want you can eat them before you rinse off."

"Sure!" I ate the two cucumber slices. Boy was I hungry. It tasted just as refreshing as it smelled.

Aloe walked me to the showers. "Step in and the shower will automatically rinse you."

"I walked in only to be greeted by large bursts of water coming in every direction.

"Woo! " I yelled. The shower went off but a giant blow dryer came out of the ceiling.

"Whoa that's cooOoOL!!" The blow dryer dried me with winds up to 15mph."

Eventually it went off and my coat was shiny and straight. I went out and Aloe and Lotus met me in the lobby.

"Thanks for the spa treatment!"

"It's our pleasure."said Aloe and Lotus.

"Good luck on your date!" Said Lotus.

"Yes... good luck..." said Aloe


"But be warned....if anything happens to Pinkie Pie, if she gets sad in any way, shape or form, you will pay." They said eerily in unison.

"Um..Okay." Great. Now that's six ponies who will get me if anything happens to Pinkie. Don't they trust me?

I walked back to the flower stand. The sisters were in their booth and spoke to a white unicorn.

"Hey Cheese!" Said Lily

"Meet Rarity. She'll be helping with your wardrobe and mane. When you're done meet back here okay?"

"Alrighty." Rarity introduced herself to me.

"Why, hello Mr.Sandwich. I'm Rarity. We didn't get a chance for formal introductions last time we met."

"Oh that's right! You're one of Pinkie's friends."

"Indeed. Please follow me to my boutique and we'll begin"

I followed Rarity to her shop, but then I heard a familiar voice.

"Hey Cheesy! Hey Rarity!"

I turned to the direction of the voice and saw Pinkie. I wanted to say hi but the moment I opened my mouth Rarity held my hoof and ran away. I saw Pinkies face frown. I never wanted to see that. I just want to make her happy. Hopefully our date changes all of that. Rarity kept dragging me until we reached her boutique,which was close to the spa.

"Why did we run away from Pinkie? She just wanted to say hello."

"Well...uh.. That's a complicated answer you see?" She chuckled hesitantly.

"I'm listening."

"Whatever you do, do not tell Pinkie. You can tell her tonight, just not now."

"What happened?"

Rarity sighed and told me everything. "The four of us really wanted to make these two days special for you two. Pinkie really deserves happiness and she's never had a romantic experience... So we helped out a little."

"What? The Last two days?"

"When you two left from lunch yesterday, the four of us were responsible for how quiet he town was. We just want the best for her."

"May I ask how you did this?"

"Twilight Sparkle was in Hay Burger yesterday, along with Fluttershy. Fluttershy already knew about your budding romance and Pinkie's feelings for you. She told Twilight and Twilight told Rainbow and I. Twilight was responsible for keeping the town quiet. She put a vanishing spell on he town's denizens and they kept quiet. They still walked about the town they were just silent. Fluttershy kept the animals quiet. Rainbow was responsible for the weather and I am helping with your wardrobe."

I couldn't believe how elaborate this plan was. It was all for Pinkie's sake...

"Rarity. Does that mean you knew about the date as well? And everyone who helped did it to protect her?"

"Yes. Well not the Flower Sisters... they just have a natural curiosity. Rainbow was spying on you two yesterday and noticed the Flower Sisters telling you about the date. After you two left, Rainbow and I spoke to them and advanced the plan further."

" ...And you four did this to protect Pinkie?"

"Yes. Do you still want to go through with it?"

"One last question before we start. How long was I included in this plan? I never even agreed!"

"Since the moment you arrived at SugarCube corner. Fluttershy knew everything about Pinkie's feelings and told us. Though Pinkie will not be too happy with her. She broke a sacred promise."

" ..."

"Anymore questions?"

"No. Let's just start."

Rarity directed me to a styling chair. She began to trim my mane. She was done in a matter of minutes. "Ta da! You look magnificent darling!"

Next she began measuring me and started to make the tux.

" Have a seat over there please. I'll be done soon."

I sat and I couldn't shake the horribly bad feeling I had. All of this, for Pinkie. They lied, plotted and schemed for Pinkie's sake. I didn't know difference between right and wrong anymore.

"All done! Let's try it on." She slid the tux jacket onto my chest.

"You look wonderful Cheese. Pinkie will be lucky to be with you." She directed me into a hallway of mirrors.

"What do think Cheese?"

"I look....different."

"You're supposed to silly! Now off to the stand you go. Good luck on your date."

I walked back to the flower stand and found Rose holding a bouquet of roses.

"Here Cheese. Good luck!"

"Thanks..." I walked to SugarCube corner and was plagued with many thoughts. I was worried for the two of us. The town was quiet due to Twilight's spell and I was really creeped out. Who knows who lurked in the shadows? I couldn't shake the horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. What was happening?

I reached the stairs of the bakery and told myself:
"Do it for her."

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