• Published 1st Jun 2014
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Lovebirds - raritypie

What will happen when Cheese and Pinkie throw another party together? Will sparks fly or will it be an utter disaster?

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I was awoken to the sound of knocking. Drowsily I went to the door and peeked out the hole.
Pinkie was there bouncing up and down. I opened the door. Why was she here so early? Celestia is still raising the sun!

" *yawn* Good Morning Pinkie"

"Hey Cheesy! We need to talk!"

"Okay... come on in."

I held the door open and she came into the room. She sat on my bed.

"What did you wanna talk about?"

"Well... I uh... I want answers."

"But I already told you-"

"Not from you. You've told me plenty. I want my friends to confess!"

"Confess eh? You want them to tell you the truth."

"Exactly Cheesy! I knew you'd understand!"

She hugged me tight, I could barely breathe.

"Let's go!!"

"Pinkie it's only sunrise. We should wait. Your friends are probably still asleep."

"Hehehe yeah right! Twilight has probably been up for hours reading, Rarity has probably been up trying to finish her fall line, Fluttershy is feeding animals and Rainbow is helping with today's weather. They are awake."

"Haha! How do you know this?"

"A filly has her ways... So let's get cracking!"

She pulled me out the door. "Let's go Cheese!"

We walked into towns square and I saw something I hadn't noticed. A huge castle on a tree. How did I miss that?

"Pinkie are we going there?!"

"Of course! It's Twilight home."

Oh right... I had completely forgot that Twilight was a princess. Pinkie put me on her back and proceeded to run up the stairs. It felt like forever. But after running up 18 flights of stairs, Pinkie made it to the conference room. Twilight was sitting on the biggest chair in the room reading a book on spells.

"Oh Twily..."Pinkie said in an eerie voice.

"Oh hi Pinkie.What do you need? Why are you here so early? "

"I want the truth! The whole truth!"

Twilight looked a little surprised. She had to know what this was about. She was the puppetmaster of this whole elaborate scheme."

"She told didn't she..." Twilight looked at me. "Rarity told you?"

I sighed and got off of Pinkie. "Yes. I had to tell. You can't lie to us. Just because you're a princess doesn't mean anything. You can't play with a pony's feelings! I understand the four of you want Pinkie to be happy, but you can't manipulate us."

"She manipulated you too?" Pinkie gave a confused look to Twilight.

"If this was to try and make me happy, you should know Twilight that I'm always happy. I don't know why you don't understand this. Cheese makes me happy whether or not you control our feelings or manipulate ponies or whatever it is that you did."

Twilight was shocked by Pinkie's words.

"Can you at least tell me the entire story? I wanna know what you all did."

" ...... I guess you deserve to know. The moment you told Fluttershy about Cheese we began planning. Rainbow spied and told us what was happening, Fluttershy told us everything, and Rarity would pose as a distraction if the need arose."

"What did you do?"

"I.... I.... put a spell on everypony in Ponyville. A vanishing spell. They were invisible to the naked eye but they still roamed the town. Life still progressed as normal Pinkie."

"Wait. The whole town was in on this?!"

"Well.... Yes and no. All of the townsfolk really care about you. Ponies who did not want a part of this scheme were told to stay in their houses and kept quiet. Ones who stayed could carry on their lives as normal.

"....You tried your best to make me happy. Somehow knowing all of this makes me feel worse."

"I...I'm sorry..."

"It's kinda late for it isn't it? I have two questions. One:Why make me happy? There's many ponies who deserve happiness but can't find it. Two: What happened to me yesterday?"

"To answer your first question, we love you Pinkie. The whole town does. You know how you get when you're upset...and we couldn't risk that happening to our best friend and local party planner."

" ... So you did ALL of this just to make sure I didn't feel depressed?! I haven't been depressed in ages. And if I did get depressed I couldn't throw parties..."

Pinkie looked as if she had an epiphany and began to scream.

"I FINALLY UNDERSTAND! If I'm depressed, I can't throw parties! That's why you kept me happy and for the town's sake..."

Pinkie looked like she was ready to burst into tears. Twilight said:

"....You're right. Out of the six of us, you are the only one to never have a romantic encounter. We didn't know how you'd feel about it but we tried our best to make it work. We wanted you to be happy. I wanted our town to be happy..."

"That's not your responsibility! I am always happy! Even when I'm down I'm happy! The town can find other ways to find happiness besides through me! You should know this if you're my friend. You know what else? Cheese makes me even more happy than you ever could. "

Twilight was surprised by Pinkie's words. It was blatant that Pinkie hurt her but they both needed to hear the truth.

"I-I'm sorry Pinkie... I guess we caused you more heartache than happiness..."

"...I'll have to think about it... Cheese and I are going to Manehattan today. I'm sure you know we're planning a wedding. I'll be there until for a week or more. Until then, I don't want so see or hear from you."

"...Okay..." Pinkie's words stung Twilight. Her expression was surprised and she was probably stunned that she was going to lose one of her best friends.

Pinkie gave her a long cold stare and said "Also tell the others what I told you. Especially Fluttershy."


"Let's go Cheese." Pinkie looked at me as she was leaving the conference room. I followed her out the door. I walked out and heard the sound of Twilight sobbing and muttering "what have we done?" several times to herself. I almost felt bad for her.

I followed Pinkie out the door. I saw that her hair was a little bit straighter. It wasn't poofy but it wasn't straight. It kinda looked like her mane deflated. Her expression was solemn and she looked less pink.

"Are you okay Pinkie?"

"I'm fine Cheese. Don't worry."

"That's a bold lie if I ever heard one. You should be a little happy. Come on! We're going Manehattan tonight!"

"...." Pinkie said nothing and continued to frown.

"Pinkie...don't be sad okay?" I kissed her in an attempt to cheer her up. Her mane inflated and she turned back to her usual shade of pink.

"Hehehe thanks Cheesy! I won't be sad anymore now that I'm with you!"

I smiled and we walked out of the castle.

"Where should we go now?"

"I'm heading to the hotel to start packing. You should pack too."

"Okey Dokey!"

"Meet me at my hotel room when you finish."

"Oki Dokey!"

We parted once more and I went to my hotel room.

"Oooohkay what do I need to pack..." I put my agenda,my shirts, the tux that Rarity gave me, my balloons, and my mysterious outfit into my suit case and put Boneless on my back.

"Alrighty O let's go!"

I made up the bed and went to the hotel lobby.

"I hope you enjoyed your stay in Ponyville." Said the Secretary.

"It was...interesting."

I paid for the room and went to SugarCube corner. It was quite noisy. The foals were crying for Pinkie and she tried her best to console them.

"Awwwww I'll back soon! Don't you want Pinkie to throw a super duper awesome amazing party?"

The foals nodded. "Good! I'll tell you what. When I get back, we'll make more chimicherry changas!"

They squealed and climbed on top of her. "Hehehe stop you guys!" She noticed me standing at the door.

"Hey Cheesy! I'm all ready to go!"

The foals looked at me and whispered something to Pinkie.

"Oh, I don't think I've introduced you two to Cheesy! Pound and Pumpkin Cake this is Cheese Sandwich."

The foals babbled. One of them flew onto my head and one teleported onto my back.

"Eesy!" they babbled.

"Awww how cute! I think they're trying to talk to you!"

"Eesy!" the unicorn filly squealed.

"Aww they are so adorable. Which is which?"

"Pumpkin is the unicorn and Pound is the pegasus."

How is that possible? Both the parents are earth ponies... I guess it's genetic?

"They are really cute." I held Pumpkin in my hooves and she fell asleep.

"What?! How did you do that? It takes forever for me to make her go to sleep."

"Ehh.. natural talent? I've always been good with foals."

"Okay Cheesy. Try Pound Cake. Get him to eat his lunch."

"Easy Peezy!" I put Pound into a high chair and Pinkie gave him his lunch. It didn't look appetizing at all.

"Come on Poundy! Eat up!"

I made a series of facial expressions. Pound laughed and I stuffed some of the Orange goop into his mouth. He tried to spit it out.

"Ah ah ah! No spitting little colt. Keep eating. It'll make you big and strong!"

Pound kept eating like I asked. Eventually I didn't need to assist him.

"Cheese you're amazing! Not even the Cakes could do that."

Pinkie put Pound Cake down with his sister and went to sleep.

"Mr.Cake and Mrs.Cake! I'm leaving now!" The Cakes came out of the kitchen.

"Okay bye now!"said Mrs.Cake

"Have fun! And be safe!"

"We will!"

Pinkie and I left SugarCube corner and headed towards the train station. I wondered how much she would enjoy Manehattan.
I bought our tickets and we waited for the train.

"Have you ever been to Manehattan?"

"I sure have! I went a few weeks ago to help Rarity and we saw Hinny of the Hills!"

"I saw that too! What's your favorite song?"

"The ballad of the hills of course!"

"Mine too!" Who knew we had so much in common.

The train arrived. We waited for the ponies to depart off the train and Pinkie zoomed off into the crowd.

"Pinkie! We have to hurry! The train's leaving soon!"

She stuck her hoof up into the air in a "okay" gesture. I followed her where I thought she would be and saw her talking to a mare with an orange coat.

"AJ! It's been forever since I last saw you"

"Aww Pinkie Pie. It hasn't been that long. I just saw you two weeks ago."

"But that's foreeveerr...!"

"I guess it doesn't matter now. I'm back from Appleloosa."

"Yay!" She hugged her tightly.

"Hey Pinkie who's that fella over there?"

"Oh it's just Cheesy. We're heading off to Manehattan to plan a party."

"Oh! Cheese Sandwich from the birthday bash! I got a letter from Granny the other day about you two."

"You did? What did she say?" I asked.

"She wanted to confirm that we'd be able to cater your event and I approved. "

"That's great!"

The train tooted it's horn and then conductor shouted "ALL ABOARD!!"

"I guess we have to go now. Bye AJ."

"Bye Y'all have a nice time. Get home safely Pinkie!"

"I will!"

"Bye Cheese Sandwich!"

"Bye!" Wow. She's probably the first pony who didn't warn me about harming Pinkie. I wouldn't hurt her. Ever. But it's nice to know some pony trust me around here.

We boarded the train and sat in a seat. Pinkie sat by the window and I sat by the aisles. The train began to move forward.

"Boy I'm tired..."said Pinkie. She yawned and rested on my arm.

"Good Night Cheesy."

"Night Pinkie. Dream sweet dreams."

"I will. I hope you have *yawn* nice dreams too..." She drifted away into sleep and quietly rested. She muttered a few words but I couldn't hear them.

I was tired too. I rested my head on Pinkie's soft mane and slept. The ride was going to be overnight so we would arrive in Manehattan around 9am tomorrow. I couldn't wait to arrive. I just wanted to put today behind us.

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