• Published 1st Jun 2014
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Lovebirds - raritypie

What will happen when Cheese and Pinkie throw another party together? Will sparks fly or will it be an utter disaster?

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Oh Happy Day!

I was so happy. I had finally told her how I felt! Even better she kissed me! Who cares if it was just a peck on the cheek? It was the best thing ever!
I couldn't sit still. All I could do was think about Pinkie and my brazen actions. I really did it. I told her how I felt and I feel so much better now! I have more to say but that can wait until a better time.

"What do you think Boneless? Wasn't I cool?"

Boneless said nothing but I'm sure he said "You are so cool Cheese! , I dont know why you didnt confess sooner!"

I was finally able to rest after a while. For once, I didn't dream about cheese wheels. I actually dreamt about Pinkie. It was a crazy dream... Pinkie and decided to take over the world. Using our party cannons and our pets we were able to conquer Equestria. We were an unstoppable force of nature.

The next morning, I contemplated what to do today.

"I should go check up on Pinkie first. I wanna make sure she's okay."

"Second we should go over the decor. I'm glad we able to have the Apples as our caterers and hopefully Magnolia and Starstruck can compromise."

"Third, we should talk to the local florists. We need Magnolias and I've heard that they only grow here in Ponyville."

I closed my agenda planner and placed into my bag.

"Let's go Boneless! It's time to go to SugarCube Corner!

I grabbed Boneless and placed him on my back. We proceeded out of the hotel and walked across the street to the bakery.

It was really quiet. Was I too early?

"Pinkie? Are you here?" I didn't get a response but I heard a giggle from upstairs. "

"Pinkie are you up there?"

"Shhhh Cheesy!"

She bounced down the stairs and greeted me with a tight hug.

"We have to whisper! The Cakes are still asleep. You could come upstairs to my room and we could talk."

"Sure Pinkie." Pinkie took me upstairs to her room. It was decorated with balloons and her famous party cannon sat in the corner. Her baby alligator Gummy rested on her bed.

"Welcome to Chez Pinkie! Mi casa es su casa Senor Cheesy!"

"Haha Gracias Pinkie!"

"De nada Cheesy!"

"Hey Pinkie, can you show me your decoration ideas? "

"Of course!" She pulled out a large book filled with pages and sticky pages.

"Here's my handy dandy book of ideas! I have a whole section for weddings! Did I ever tell you I helped with Princess Cadence's wedding?"

"Really? Thats cool! Tell me more!" I really wanted to know more about the wedding. I heard it was incredibly festive.

"Well it was in Canterlot. The wedding had a few.... problems. However Shining Armor and Cadence saved the day! We had a huge party to celebrate the wedding and our victory. "

"That sounds incredible! What was the party like? "

" I had gotten a DJ for the royal couple and taught a few dances, Applejack made the food, Fluttershy helped with the choir, Twilight set up everything and sang at the wedding, Rarity made our dresses and Rainbow made a sonic rainboom! "

"It sounds like fun! Tell me more about your wedding ideas."

"Oh sorry for getting off topic Cheesy! One of my ideas is a wedding at the beach! Its nice and relaxing. The couple could go to a beach house for their wedding. Another one is a wedding in the sky! We will have Twilight use her cloud walking spell on the guests and the couple and we go up to Cloudsdale for a super ultra fun wedding! "

"Both of those sound epic! The wedding in the sky seems the best for them! We should confirm it when we get to Manehattan."


Pinkie put her book on the dresser and put Gummy on her lap

"Haha Gummy you're so caring."

"What did he say?"

"He wanted to know if my ankle was fine."

"Oh. Are you okay Pinkie?"

"Yeah! I'm awesome thanks for asking. I can walk a little better too! See?"

Pinkie ran around the room and struck a pose.

"Ta Da! See im fine. Owwww! "

She grabbed her ankle and I put her on the bed.

"Pinkie you can't overdo it. You'll hurt yourself again."

"Sorry Cheesy..."

"It's fine Pinkie. Just be careful next time. Okay?"

"Okay Cheesy. Thank you for caring about me."

"No problem! That's what are friends for."

She hugged me tightly and nearly fell off the bed.

"Whoa there!" I caught her and I couldn't help but stare into those eyes of hers. Her beautiful baby blue eyes sparkled as she stared at me.

"Hehe thanks Cheese." She gave a nervous chuckle and blushed a little. It was too cute.

"N-no problem." I put her back onto the bed.

"Sooo uh...what's next on the agenda?"

"I think we should talk to some of the local florists."

"There's the three sisters who run flower stands in town square. Let's go!"

"That's perfect! Let's go."

Pinkie limped off the bed and left Gummy sitting there.

"Do you think you can walk today? Or would you like me to carry you again?"

"I'm fine. Thanks Cheesy. It will take more than a limp to get this filly down!"

"Haha okay. Let's go!"

I helped Pinkie down the stairs and noticed that the bakery was much livelier. The Cakes were serving milkshakes and lemon squares."

"Howdy Mrs.Cake! Good Day Mr.Cake! " Pinkie greeted

"Good afternoon Pinkie! Is your leg okay?" Asked Mrs.Cake

"It's feeling a little better. It's all thanks to Cheesy here."

Mrs.Cake looked over at me. "Why hello there!"

"Hello Mrs.Cake."

"Cheesy and I are going to the town square. I'll be back soon!"

"Have fun you two!"

We walked out of the bakery and headed towards the town square.

"She seems nice."

"She's more than nice. She's the sweetest person ever. She's like a second mom to me."

"Awww how sweet. How did you meet the Cakes?"

" Before I left home as a filly, my parents told me to go to SugarCube corner in Ponyville. They are friends with my parents.They would take me in temporarily and teach me about baking. You cant be an awesome party planner without baking experience!"

"T-thats really cool Pinkie." I began to tear up a little.

"Awwww don't cry Cheesy! Just because I'm here doesnt mean I don't care about my family. I just wanted to learn more about baking and parties. I was a bit restricted on our family farm."

"You're from a farm? Why couldn't you help with the catering then?"

"I can't! My family farms rocks!"

" Wow! That's sounds cool!" I was astounded about the farm. I didn't even know rocks were farmed!

"It is! You would have loved to meet my sister Maud. She came by a few weeks ago."

"Cool! Is she as amazing as you?"

"She's like a gazillion times more amazing!"

"Hehe I dont think thats possible. You are pretty amazing Pinkie."

"Thanks Cheesy! You're really sweet."

We kept walking and eventually arrived in the town square. There were many vendors. There were vendors who sold fruits, vendors who sold balloons, vendors who sold ice cream and several more.

"Pinkie, where are the flower vendors?"

"They're riiiiiiiiiiight there!"

She pointed to three mares. All three of them were earth ponies.

"Cheesy this is Rose,Daisy and Lily."

"Hi!" the three said in unison.

"Hello. We're looking for magnolias. Do you have any?"

"Of course we do! It's one of Ponyville's most abundant flowers." Said Lily

"That's awesome. We need for magnolias for a wedding we're planning."

"Oooh are you two getting married?!" Asked Lily and Rose.

Pinkie and I blushed.

"W-what? No...." I couldn't speak, Lily and Rose caught me off guard.

"Hehehe it's sweet that you girls think that. However we're just friends. We really need Magnolias for the wedding."

"Oh...Okay..." Lily was disheartened.

"Well just let us know when! We'll definitely help!"

"Hehe sure." Pinkie responded but I was still a little shocked that they thought we were getting married.

"Cheesy! I'll be at the ice cream vendor. Be right back okay?"

Pinkie limped off to the ice cream vendor, leaving me alone with the flower sisters. I didn't really want to be alone with them.

"We see the way the way you look at her. You really like her don't you?"said Daisy

"I guess you could say that. I don't just like her. I love her. Her zest for life, her enthusiasm, her creativity and she's just so amazing and gorgeous."

"Awwwwwwwwwwwww!" said the sisters.

"You should tell her everything!" said Rose.

"I told her yesterday about how I felt about us working together and how grateful I am to her."


"Here's what I think. You like her, she obviously is crazy about you so..." said Lily


"That you should go on a date."

"A date huh? I guess that would be nice."

"It will be more than nice. How about this? We'll help you out. We'll help you on your date with Pinkie. We'll help get you ready and everything!"said Rose

"Wow! That's so nice. Thanks guys."

"No problem! We just wanna see Pinkie happy. However if you make her unhappy..."said Lily

"You.Will.Pay." warned the sisters.

"Of course I'll make her happy!" Just great now I have four ponies who will come after me if Pinkie gets sad.

"Awesome!"said Daisy

"Stop by tomorrow morning and we'll start getting ready." said Rose

"Okay guys!"

"Make sure to ask her! When you come by tomorrow we'll give you a bouquet of flowers to surprise her!"

"Sounds great!"

Pinkie Pie arrived back at the flower stand. She came with two vanilla swirl ice cream cones.

"Hey guys what did I miss?"

"Oh nothing much Pinkie. We finished talking about the wedding."

"Oh yeah we did. We'll help with the flowers. Just tell us when you need them. Okay?"said Daisy

"Perfect. I'll be back tomorrow to ask more about Magnolias!"

"Bye guys!" The sisters waved as we walked away from town square.

"Sooo... What happened at the stand?"

"Nothing really. We just talked about flowers that's all."

She flashed a look of suspicion and said "Okey dokey Loki..."

I then asked Pinkie: " Pinkie.... would you like to go on a date with me?"

Pinkie blushed a little. "A date? That sounds like fun! Of course I'll go with you Cheesy!"


We soon arrived at SugarCube Corner. Not a single light was on. I thought it to be a little weird because it was only dusk.

"What time?"

"I'll pick you up at 5!"

"Morning or Night?"

"Hehehehe. Evening."

"I'll see you then." Pinkie kissed me on the cheek and walked inside the bakery.

"Yahoo! We're going on a date! Can you believe it boneless?"

Boneless said nothing but I'm sure he was excited.

I know I am.

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