• Published 1st Jun 2014
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Lovebirds - raritypie

What will happen when Cheese and Pinkie throw another party together? Will sparks fly or will it be an utter disaster?

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First Date

I woke up in a dark room. Where was I? What happened? I last remember being a Fluttershy's cottage and putting on the dress. Wait the dress! Its not on me! I tried to find a light and found a switch in a corner.

"Hey I'm in my bedroom!" Wait... if I'm here, how did I get here? And more importantly where's the dress?

I looked into my mirror. My mane was no longer straight and my coat needed a brushing. What happened today? I thought it was more important to focus on tonight's date. I brushed my fur and looked for an alternative outfit.

"Hmmm... I guess the Canterlot Wedding dress would be fine."

I slid it onto my body and looked once more in the mirror. I looked super duper amazing but I thought it needed one last touch. I got a clip with three balloons and put it on my mane.

"All done!"

I heard a knock on the door.

"Pinkie are you here?"

"I'm upstairs!"

I left the bedroom and walked down the stairs gracefully. Cheese was stunned by my attire but I was surprised by him as well. He wore a tuxedo jacket with a bowtie and held a giant bouquet of roses. He looked very handsome.

When I got downstairs,Cheese handed the me the bouquet. I smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thanks Cheesy."

He blushed a little and said "Shall we go?"

He held me by my hoof and led me out of SugarCube Corner.

"Don't look. It's a surprise. "

"Oki Dokey'"

He whistled and something approached the bakery. It sounded like hoof steps.

"You can look now Pinkie."

I opened my eyes to find a black carriage. A stallion drove the carriage and wore a tuxedo similar to Cheesy's.

"Awwww this is amazing."

"Not as amazing as tonight will be."

He escorted me into the carriage. We sat next to each other on the carriage's velvet seats. He held my hoof and spoke.

"I hope you really enjoy tonight. We're going to have lots and lots of fun."

"I'm glad." I had a sudden flashback to this afternoon. I saw Cheese and Rarity in town's square and they ran away the moment I spoke.

"Cheese. Why did you and Rarity run away from me?"

He hesitantly chuckled. I really hope he can tell me the truth.

"Well uh... she helped me. I couldn't make a tuxedo by myself."

Hmm... I guess that's why I couldn't go to Rarity's. But wait! That means Fluttershy knew before hand that he was going. And Rarity also knew... but only Fluttershy knew my feelings... does that mean she...

I was cut off by a loud squeal.

"We're here!"

Cheese helped me out of the carriage and brought me inside the restaurant. He spoke to the Maitre'd in a language that sounded familiar.

"Cheesy! I didn't know you knew another language."

"I speak several actually. Traveling Equestria really teaches you this kind of stuff."

I thought it was cool that he knew more than one. I'm only fluent in English and Spanish. For Cheese to know so many... it must make him more Eloquent.

The waiter arrived and escorted us to our table. It was a large round booth and Cheese and I sat next to each other.

The waiter handed us our menus and left.

"What would you like Pinkie?"

"The thing with all the swirlies and apostrophes sounds good. "

He chuckled. The waiter returned and took out orders.

"Pinkie....can I ask you something?"

"Yes?" I was really eager to know what he was going to ask.

"D-do you still want to go to Manehattan with me?"


"Would you mind if we left sooner?"

I was a little surprised. I could go but I'd have to leave my friends.

"How much sooner?"

"Tomorrow evening."

"Why so soon?"

"I'd like to get back to work on the party. Also everything we needed has been taken care of."

"... I guess that's true. "

"Hey, don't look so down. Did you still want to go with?"

"Of course! You advancing our departure makes it easier. I really want to leave Ponyville anyway."


"I think my friends have been lying to me. Why would they hide all of this from me?"

"......" Cheese wanted to tell me something but couldn't.

"Hey. Let's just enjoy the night. Don't let your friends ruin it. Okay?"

"Okay Cheese." I was able to smile again. I'm glad he was able to comfort me. But I still want answers.

The waiter soon came back with a two huge plates but there were super small portions on the plates.

"Cheese? What's this? Where's all the food?"

"Hehe Pinkie its what you ordered!"

"Okay..." I took a bite and it was so tasty!

"Wow! This is amazing!" I ate it all in two bites. I'm sad its gone.

"I hope you're ready for the next course."

"Ooooh what it it?"


I was so excited. If dinner was that good, dessert will be fantabulous!

The waiter brought two plates of chocolate cake slices. The icing shimmered and was topped with a big juicy cherry.

"This looks so delicious! Let's eat!"

I took one bite of the cake and was greeted with bursts of flavors. Exotic chocolate and a moist cake. There's no better combo! I ate ate the cake in three bites. Cheese ate his slowly.

"Hehehe done already Pinkie?"

"Yup! I'm stuffed." I patted my stomach and Cheese burst out in laughter. It was almost maniacal. I loved that.

"What is it Cheesy?"

"You just look ravishing tonight Pinkie." He slowly chuckled. A creepy grin appeared on his face. It was a bit scary but something about it entranced me.

"Pinkie....I cant take it anymore. Please let's go."

He grabbed my hoof. "What about the bill?"

"It was free. Please let's just go!"

He put me onto his back and ran.

"Cheesy you passed the carriage!"

"I know Pinkie! We have to get somewhere safe!"

"Safe? But what's happening?"

Cheese didn't answer me but continued to run. Whatever he is worried about really has him scared.
He kept running until we reached the Hay and Stay.

"Um Cheese...this is where you're staying. The bakery is across the street."

"I know. This is where its safe!"

He took me into his hotel room. I just wanted to know why he was frightened.

"P-Pinkie...I have to tell you about your friends."

"What about them?"

"For the last two days they've manipulated everything! "

Then everything began to make sense. Fluttershy had broken her promise. Rarity, Rainbow and Twilight had helped manipulate the last two days. But why?

"How do you know this? Why would they do this?!"

"Rarity told me everything and told me not to tell you. I just couldn't take it anymore. I can't lie to you Pinkie. You deserve to know the truth and if your friends can't do that, I will."

I had to think for a minute. They schemed and plotted but for what reason? I saw that hiding all of those secrets drove Cheese a little crazy but I'm glad to
know that he's the only one I can trust. Oh and Gummy. I can't forget Gummy.

"Is that why you want to leave tomorrow?"

"Yes... I just can't take this madness anymore."

"Hey don't worry Cheesy. Soon we'll be far away from it."

Cheese smiled. "I'm happy you still want to go with me."

"Me too. It seems like you and Gummy are the only two I can trust. "

"Yeah..." a grin appeared on his face.

"Thank you Cheese." I kissed him on the lips. He didn't blush but he seemed like he was expecting it.

I stopped kissing him and smiled. "Thank you for tonight. Thank you for being the only one who can tell me the truth. "

"Y-You're welcome Pinkie..."

"I think I'm going to head to SugarCube Corner. I'm getting sleepy"

"Okay Pinkie... Good night."

I went out of the hotel and walked across the street to the bakery."
I walked in and all of the lights were off except my bedroom. I ran upstairs to check it out but I only found Gummy resting on the bed.

"Hehehe Gummy you're sleepy too?"

I laid down and put Gummy beside me. "I guess it's just the four of us now..."

I laid in the dark and wondered. " I still don't know why they'd do all of this for me. I guess I'll find out tomorrow. Yeah! Cheese and I will confront them! Heheheh. I went to sleep and hoped that I would get all the answers I wanted.

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