by raritypie

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What will happen when Cheese and Pinkie throw another party together? Will sparks fly or will it be an utter disaster?

After throwing the party of a lifetime, Cheese can't stop thinking about Pinkie Pie. Is it possible she can't stop thinking about him too? He hasn't thrown a party since Rainbow's birth-iversary. After realizing he can't throw a party on his own, he asks for Pinkie's help. Is it possible that there is something between the two?

Credit for the cover goes to Nekomash. Thanks :)

Constant Thoughts

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It's been one year since our ultimate party. I just can't get her off my mind... I plopped my head into my pillow and wondered.

"Does she even think about me? Ugh... probably not. After the way I treated her? There's no way she likes me." I sat in a solemn silence as I stared at the ceiling of my hotel room.

"I was such a jerk...."Boneless 2 ! Do you think I'm a meanie?" I waited for a reply but none was given. "I guess so." I then began to pace.

"Even if she wants to see me...How could we? I'm in Manehattan! A gazillion miles away from her. I guess I'll focus on making this party as epic as any party could be."

I went to the desk to start my plans.

"Okey Dokey! This party is a wedding party, for one of Equestria's hottest couples. Starstruck and Magnolia." Starstruck was a famous, world renowned singer and Magnolia was a painter."

"Where do I even begin? Decorations, of course! " I thought long and hard about it. How can something so simple be SO hard! Ugh. I started to doodle. Cupcakes,balloons, hearts...Pinkie's poofy mane... wait what? Okay back on task Cheese!

"I guess on to the catering and I'll work my way up! Hmmmm. Starstruck likes anything with apples. Magnolia likes sweets. Hmm.... I stared at my notepad until I figured it all out. "wait.... Pinkie ! " Thanks to the doodles, I remembered. Pinkie is a baker and a party planner! I could get help from her... It's a good excuse to see her. I just hope she wants to see me.

I tore a page out and began to write a letter.

"Dear Pinkie Pie, I am in need of your assistance. I'm planning a party in Manehattan and I am in desperate need of your party skills. I would love for us to cooperate with each other once more. I'll be back in Ponyville soon to pick up supplies. Your friend, Cheese Sandwich."

Anxiously, I put the letter in a envelope. I then put the letter in a mailbox within the hotel lobby. I really hope she answers. Eventually I returned to my room and was welcomed with darkness. I laid on the bed and tried to rid myself of those thoughts.

"Does she care? Will she care? Does she like me as much as I like her?"

I guess I'll find out the answers. If she reads my letter. I guess a good night's rest will help. I closed my eyes and hoped to wake up to a better day.


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"Oh Pinkie thanks for watching the twins while we're out in Canterlot."said Mrs. Cake

"No problema! Mrs.Cake! Pinkie has it all under control!"

The Cakes trotted out the door, leaving me with the foals. "Oh Kay, guys looks like we have the house to ourselves for the weekend.What shall we do?" The twins stared at me. "Ooooooh I know! Let's make cupcakes! I know how you babies love Pinkies homemade goodies!" The twins looked at me in awe and began to babble. "Yum yum! " the two began to cheer as I bounced into the kitchen with the babies on my back.

Let's see what we'll need... let's sing about it!

"All you have to do is take a cup of flour! Add it to the mix! Now just take a little something sweet, not sour!
A bit of salt, just a pinch! Baking these treats is such a cinch!Add a teaspoon of vanilla! Add a little more, and you count to four,And you never get your fill of...Cupcakes! So sweet and tasty! Cupcakes! Don't be too hasty! Cupcakes! Cupcakes, cupcakes, CUPCAKES!"

The oven's timer dinged as the smell of cupcakes permeated in the room. "Yum Yum! " the twins cheered. "Alrighty O, let's eat! " The twins stuffed their mouths with cupcakes until they just couldn't eat another bite. "Awwww poor babies! I guess it's naptime." I carried them to their cribs and kissed them good night. Phew! Being a baby sitter takes a TON of work. Almost as much work as cupcakes! I relaxed on a nearby couch and began to think.

Hmmmm. What was his name? Breeze Tidwich? What a weird name. Well whatever it was, he was a silly guy. Almost as silly as me! Lately I haven't been able to keep my mind off of Rainbow's party last year. It was...How did he put it... epic? I'd never worked with another party planner before, and it was the best party I'd ever thrown! I wonder where Breeze went? Now that I think about it. I got something from him. A memento of my visit he said. Now I remember! It was the chicken. Gummy loved to play with it. However it's gone. It was one of the six magical keys. Oh well. It's just a chicken.

I then heard a ring at the door. "Delivery for a Ms. Pinkamena Diane Pie!"shouted the grey coated mail mare.


"Have a complementary muffin! It's on the house."

"Thanks!!". The mail mare flew away into the sunset just as fast as she had came. I held in my hooves a yellow envelope addressed to me... from Cheese Sandwich? I better check this out. I hope it's not spam!

I read over the letter. "Someone is in need of my talents! *munch * But who? Oh. Wait. Cheese Sandwich is his name! The mysterious stranger!" I read over it once more and everything began to make sense."Of course I'll help! *munch* " I found a piece of paper and began to write.

" Dear Cheese Sandwich,
Of course I'll help! Tell me what kind of party it is and what exactly is needed. I can't wait to work with you again. When you get to Ponyville make sure to stop by Sugarcube Corner. It's where I live and its my place of employment. Neat huh! I can't wait to see you again! We'll have loads of fun!
Your friend, Pinkie Pie. "

I then sealed up the letter and put it in the mailbox outside. Boy I'm sleepy. I guess it's time for bed. I laid in my bed and Gummy laid in my name. "Hehehehehehe! Good Night Gummy!". Gummy said nothing back but I'm pretty sure he said I love you Pinkie. I then fell asleep, hoping of sweet dreams.

Starstruck and Magnolia

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I had one thing set in my agenda planner for today. meet with Magnolia and Starstruck. . We last met a few days ago yet it was very brief. They met me on the day I arrived in Manehattan, and only told me about themselves.

As I arrive to hotel lobby, I see the couple standing and chatting about something. Starstruck is a turquoise unicorn with a golden mane. Magnolia is a white Pegasus with a blonde and pink mane.

"Howdy guys!" They both turned their heads and greeted me with a warm welcome.

"Hello Cheese Sandwich! It's been a while." Greeted Starstruck.

"Hi." Magnolia greeted in a dulcet voice.

"Let's get started. Last time we met you told me about yourselves. I'll need to know more so I start planning. What kind of foods should be served?"

"Well... as I told you when we last met, I love apples. Maggie here likes sweets. Isn't that right honey?"

"Um... Yes. I do. Any type of sweets are fine, but I really love eclairs and pies."

"Perfect! What about cake? What type of cake would you like?

The couple stared at each other.

"You see... we are at a disagreement about the cake. I wanted a simple Vanilla Cake decorated with apple slices. Maggie wants a large chocolate cake"

"That's a rather big problem. However I'm sure we can fix it. Is there anything else you'd like to tell me?"

" Well the decor should be mostly flowers. Nothing too fancy. We just want a simple wedding." Magnolia told me.

"I thought we were going all out! With a rock band and stars! Every celebrity in Equestria will be there! Come on Maggie. We either go big or go home."

Magnolia was appalled at the idea of a huge wedding party. She walked out of the lobby, leaving Starstruck and I to sit in awkwardness.

"Maggie wait! I'm sorry Cheese. I guess we'll make another appointment for next week."

"It's fine. See you next week!"

Starstruck ran out of the lobby to find Magnolia.

"What a doozy of a wedding." I went back up to my hotel room to relax from today's event. When I arrived to my room, I saw a pink envelope by the door. "Could it be?!" I frantically opened the letter to see that Pinkie responded to me. I read over it and blushed. "Yay! She wants to work together again. This is going to be so much fun!" I got out my notepad and wrote my letter to Pinkie.

" Dear Pinkie,
I'm glad you are able to help me! I'll be in Ponyville soon. The couple I'm working with are having a few disagreements on the party and I could really use some advice. I can't wait to work with you."
Your friend,
Cheese Sandwich"

I sighed and sealed up the envelope. "Well Boneless 2, looks like we'll be seeing our old compadres again." Boneless 2 slouched.

"It's going to be tons of fun. You'll love it in Ponyville."

I began to relax and think more about what the week had in store for me.

"I'll be in Ponyville by Monday morning. Hopefully Pinkie has some ideas because I'm all out. I just can't wait to see her."


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The oven's timer dinged.

"Yay the chimicherry changas are all done!" Pumpkin and Pound Cake were eager to have a bite.

"No little babies! I've been giving you too many sweets. Wait there's no such thing! Have a bite guys!"

"Yum Yum!" The foals cheered in harmony.

As they ate their treats, I went to the mailbox to see if my letter arrived. "Nope nothing yet!" I was a bit sad until I saw Fluttershy trotting about.

"Hey Flutters!! Want some chimicherry changas?"

"H-hi Pinkie. I guess one couldn't hurt."

"Yay! You'll love them. I added extra cherry and more hot sauce in this batch!"

"That sounds... nice?"

Fluttershy and I sat at one of the tables.

"Are you sure you don't want one? They're sweet and spicy!"

"U-um no thanks Pinkie."

"Would you mind if I told you a secret?"

"No not at all. You can tell me anything."

"But you have to promise to keep it secret.PINKIE PROMISE!"

"Cross my heart, hope to fly,stick a cupcake in my eye."

"Okay good. Someone is coming to visit me. Remember Cheese Sandwich?"

"Of course. The pony who you helped plan Rainbow's party".

"Yeah him. He's coming to visit. Sometime next week I think.

"Really? How exciting. You must be so happy."

"I am. I'm excited for him to come. I've never felt this way about anypony."

"Awwww Pinkie! You might have a crush."

"Really? I usually feel this way about cupcakes and parties but never a pony. He has to be special if I like him more than cupcakes!"

"Awwwwwwwwwwwww! That's adorable. Why exactly is he coming?"

" He needs help party planning. I am really anxious for his arrival. I'm wondering what kind of party he's doing."

"Knowing him, it's probably something huge. Don't worry about it Pinkie."

"I have to go home. It's feeding time for the animals."

"Okay bye! Remember the pinkie promise! "

"Don't worry. It's safe with me." Fluttershy galloped away from Sugar Cube Corner.

I looked outside to see the mail mare had arrived.


"Hello Pinkie. Here's your mail."

"Thanks!" the mail mare flew away into the clouds.

"Junk mail, coupons, oooh Quills and Sofas are having a sale!" I looked through the stacks of mail until I saw a yellow envelope.

"It's from Cheese!" I skimmed over the letter. "A couple eh? Hm. I wonder what kind of party it is."

Reading over the letter once more, a word caught my eye. "Disagreement? What could anyone disagree about? It's a party! There's nothing to fight over." "He'll be back soon won't he? I'm sure he'll tell me all about It."

I decided to write one more letter to Cheese.

"Dear Cheese,

That sounds like a problem. We can't have arguments during our planning. I hope you will be here soon so that we can talk about it more in detail. What kind of party is it? I can't wait until your arrival. Gummy and I are so excited.

Your friend,
Pinkie Pie."

I put the letter in the mailbox and remembered something. "Oh no the foals! I left them alone with the chimicherry changas! Only Celestia knows how they reacted!"

I ran into the kitchen to see the babies covered in cherry juice and rested on their backs. "Awww I guess it wasn't that bad after all." I put the foals down for their afternoon nap. I sat in the rocking chair and thought: He wants to work with me! There's thousands of party planners and he chose me. He could feel the same way I feel about him!

I relaxed. *sigh* It'll be nice to see him again. I can't wait to see him. Can you Gummy?

Gummy blinked. "Hahahaha I knew you would. "

Trip to Ponyville

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"Balloons? Check."

"Extra Balloons? Check."

"Extra Shirts? Check."

"Mysterious outfit? check."

"Boneless 2? Check."

"Alrighty it's time to go!" I took a taxi to the train station. I looked upon Manhattan's beautiful sights that I've come to admire within the last few days. They soon faded away as I arrived at the station.

"Thanks Pal!" I paid the taxi driver and he flashed a smirk.

"ALL ABOARD!" The conductor yelled.

I paid for my ticket and got on the 9am train to Ponyville. I sat in my seat and the train began to move. I was a little scared because it was my first time I had been on a train since I was a foal. I usually like traveling by hoof so I can meet more ponies and explore Equestria. Sure it takes a while but it's all worth it in the end. I've made some incredible friends on my journeys. Like Boneless! Or boneless two I should say. I gave my boneless to Pinkie. I feel that it was the only way she'd remember me or I'd stand out compared to the other stallions she knows.

I sighed and then looked outside the window. I saw cities and towns where I helped many ponies with parties. Cities like Appleloosa, Dodge Junction, Las Pegasus, and Baltimare. Of course I couldn't forget Ponyville. It was the first town I visited and its where I met... her. I was just a colt when I stumbled upon her party at the schoolhouse. She's the reason I am who I am and for that I am forever grateful.

Our last party was amazing. In fact that entire day was EPIC! I had met the mare of my dreams, was reunited with a old friend, had my very first goof off and made lots of new friends. I just can't get over...her. Her adorable poofy mane andthose shimmering sea blue eyes, just wow! Her personality is amazing. She's silly and really talented. Her singing voice is incredible! She's so cute.

I decided to read her letter. Surprisingly I did not read it yet but now is a terrific time to read it. Oh man I completely forgot to tell her about the wedding! Wait.. she says "I can't wait for your arrival.". She's anticipating my arrival!
"Don't worry I'll be there soon." I blushed and slouched into my seat.

She..She's waiting for me." I sighed a love stricken sigh and thought.

What else will we do? I know I'm only there for Party purposes only but I'm sure we'll fit some time in for fun. I'm not due back in Manehattan for a week so I guess we could do something.

"Next stop Ponyville!" shouted the speaker.

"Oh boy! It's almost time."

In a few minutes, the train slowly stopped at the station. I got off and eagerly looked around.

"No sign of Pinkie." I was a little sad but then I realized two things. I never told her what day I was arriving, that's why she isn't here. Also she told me to the Sugarcube Corner to find her... I feel so stupid.

I walked out of the station and began the walk to Sugarcube Corner.

Together at Last

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"Pound Cake drop IT!"

"Nuh uh!" Pound Cake flew around the room with a spatula in his mouth.

"NOW mister! Get down."

Pound Cake continued to fly until he crashed into a bag of flour. He started to cry and Pumpkin laughed at the mess he had made.

"Aww don't cry. I know it hurts but you learned your lesson right?"

Pound Cake nodded and stopped crying.

"Okay guys. It's time to nap! No fits okay? Your parents will be home soon and I'd like them to come home to some well rested foals!"

I carried the babies upstairs in the nursery and tucked them in for their afternoon nap. I went back downstairs to clean the mess Pound had caused, when I was greeted with a familiar face.

"Hello Pinkie."

I looked and gasped. It was really him! He was in his mysterious outfit and everything!

"CHEESE! " I jumped off the stairs and hugged him tightly. I didn't know I missed him that much.

"Haha. I missed you too." He squeezed back and we stopped hugging.

"Soooo! Welcome back to Ponyville! Is there anything I can do for you?

"Oh..uh YES! Remember I told you about the party I was planning? I uh... needed some help. Your help specifically." He began to blush in embarrassment.

"Awww of course I'll help. Let's talk about it over chimicherry changas and Gummy's punch."

"What's that?"

"You'll see it when I bring it out."

I went to the kitchen, and brought out a tray of the chimicherry changas. Gummy laid in the punch I made. "Hehehe that's enough Gummy." Gummy latched onto my mane and I brought out two cups of punch and the tray of chimicherry changas.

"Ta Da! Here's the chimicherry changas. I put extra cherries and just a drop of hot sauce. "

"Oh! It makes the sweetness pop!"

"That's right! Hey... How did you know that?"

"My mother put hot sauce in everything sweet. Chocolate Milk, desserts, fruits, Peanut Butter and Jelly, you name it she put hot sauce in it."

"I never thought about that. That sounds delicious."

"It sure was." Cheese bit into his first changa and gave me a surprise look.

"This is incredible!" He continued to eat the tray of chimicherry changas until the plate was empty.

"If you're thirsty have some Gummy Punch!"

"Hm.... this is amazing! It's sweet yet sour. How did you do this?"

"Oh gummy relaxes in the punch."

"Really? How cool! I never knew alligator scales could be so helpful.

It was at that moment I realized how amazing he was. Nobody ever likes the punch Gummy and I make. He didn't even spit it out! He also loves my chimicherry changas. None of my friends cared for it but he did. I could honestly say now that I really like Cheese.

"Okay so tell me about the party."

"Well I'm planning a wedding for a famous couple. Do you know Starstruck and Magnolia?"

"Yeah! The singer and the painter. All of Equestria knows about it."

"Well I'm the planner and I was hoping.....""Yes?" I didn't know what would ask. Perhaps for more changas?

"T-that you'd host this one with me."

I spat out my drink in surprise. It got all over Cheese and he smirked.

"Hehehehehe *snort* I'm sorry Cheese. Let me wipe it off! "

"Sure? On second thought I'm fine. So will you help me?

"Of course I will! I hope you don't think I was laughing at you. I was caught by surprise by your proposal."

"It's fine. I'm glad we can work together."

"So tell me more about the couple."

"Well we had a meeting on Sunday morning. Magnolia likes sweets and Starstruck likes apples. They can't decide on food or what kind of cake to have."

"Hmmmm that's a doozy of a problem. However we can easily fix it. My friend Applejack runs the local farm which specializes in apples and its baked goods. I'm sure if we ask her it'll be no problem!"

"Awesome. They also don't know what type of wedding to have. Starstruck wants a big wedding. Magnolia wants a quiet and simple wedding.

"Oh my. That's really hard."

"Also I have an appointment with them next week. The meeting didn't go so well so I'll have to go to Manehattan again next week."


"Don't worry Pinkie! Remember you're helping with this! You should come too."


"Of course. You'll need to meet the couple too."

"It sounds like fun! I can't wait to meet them."

A few minutes later, the twins started to cry.

"Hold on Cheese. I have to get the foals."

"Um okay. Wait what?!"

I galloped up the stairs to get the babies. "Come on guys time to get up!" Pumpkin teleported downstairs and Pound flew.

"Um Pinkie? Are these foals yours?"

Pumpkin and Pound Cake held tightly onto Cheese's legs.

"Hehehe no silly! They're my bosses kids. I'm just watching them until they get back. Which should be in about an hour."

"Oh okay then! Do you know of any hotels in the area?"

"There's the hay and stay across the road. It's a really nice hotel and plus its only a few steps from Sugarcube Corner!"

"That sounds perfect. Thanks. I'm quite tired from today's events so I'll see you tomorrow.

"Bye Cheese!"

"Bye Pinkie!"

We waved until we couldn't see each other anymore. A few minutes later, the Cakes arrived.

"Um Pinkie who was that stallion who just walked out?" Asked Mrs.Cake. Mr. Cake went to clean Pound's flour mess.

"Just a friend Mrs.Cake."

"A coltfriend perhaps?"


But I wish he was.

Apples and Sandwiches

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The next morning I met Pinkie at Sugarcube Corner. I walked in to find her behind the counter handing out muffins to the few customers that were there.

"Hiya Pinkie!"

"Hi Cheese! Want a muffin? It's a to start the day and gives you extra brain power!"


"She's right you know. I feel two thousand times smarter when I eat a muffin." A strange grey mare said.

"You can never have too many muffins. Well until you get a tummy ache...and that's about 189 muffins for me! Aren't muffins amazing Pinkie?!"

"They sure are Ms.Hooves. Enjoy your day! "

"I will thanks!" She carried a huge pink box filled with muffins and trotted out.

"So what's our first order of business?"

"Well, I think the easiest thing to do know is to set up the food arrangements. You said you have a friend who specializes in their baked goods. Let's talk to them!"

"Yeah! Let's talk to AJ! She's probably up apple bucking but I'm sure we can speak to Granny."

"Okay let's go! You are available at the moment aren't you?"

"Yeah. I told the Cakes about us working together, so they gave me vacation for two weeks."


Pinkie and I walked out the door and began the walk to the Apple farm.

"Tell me more about the Apples."

"Well there's Applejack, AppleBloom , Big Mac and Granny Smith. Applejack is a farmer and so is her brother Big Mac. AppleBloom helps her grandmother with the chores because she's so little and Granny Smith bakes and cleans."

"Interesting. It actually seems we should talk to Granny Smith before Applejack. She would probably have more experience and could tell us all sorts of things."

"Yeah we could. However AJ is the business type. If we need anything from the Apples it has to go through her and Big Mac."

"That's fine too."

As we walked, or as I walked I noticed Pinkie bouncing along and was much further ahead than me.

" Come on Slowpoke!"

"I am Pinkie! There's so many hills though..." I was almost out of breath. Pinkie bounced to my side and said:

"If I'm going too fast for you, I guess I'll slow down. I know these hills are a doozy but it's nothing that the two of us can't conquer."

"Aww thanks Pinkie." I don't know what is about her. Her presence just makes me feel like I could do anything. It was really sweet of her to slow down. She could have bounced all the way to the farm and left me here...

"Pinkie, how do you that?"

"Bounce? I was born with a spring in my step! I'm an optimist and I feel taking four steps forward or four leaps forward makes the past go away faster. "

"That's actually really deep..."


I guess that's why she's always bouncing. It's so adorable though. She's so cute. I'm really glad to work with her again.

We soon reached the top of the hill. Down below, I saw the biggest barn I have ever seen. In fact, it was my only one, but it was so beautiful. It sparkled in the sun's morning sunshine and the grass glistened from the morning dew.

"It's nice isn't it? All we have to do is run down his hill!!"

"Finally! Let's go! "

"Let's run 1,2,3 GO! "

She sprinted down the hill, leaving me in awe. I then noticed she was running too fast and crashed into a tree.

"PINKIE!!!!! Are you okay?" I ran down at breakneck speed and checked on her.

"Yeah hehehe. I'm fine. Owwww!

"What's wrong? You didn't break anything did you?"

"No but my ankle really hurts. I can't stand."

"That's no fun. Get up on my back."

"Are you sure about it?"

"Yes! Please get on. I'm not going to leave you here."

"Alrighty then...I'll carry boneless then."

"Boneless will protect you! Isn't that right?"

Boneless said nothing back but I'm sure that he agreed.

"Alright let's go! Which way to the farm?"

"Keep going east until you see the Apple grove."


I walked and Pinkie sat on my back. I felt really sad that she hurt herself traveling the farm but I'm keeping her safe from harm's way now. I just hope the Apples can help her.

"Thanks for helping me Cheese."

"No problemo Pinkie. Just be more careful okay?"

"Okey dokey lokey! She giggled and snorted. That was the most adorable sound I'd ever heard. It was better than the mewing of kittens, or the sound of the oven timer dinging! She gets cuter by the second.

"Am I too heavy for you Cheesy? I can try to walk again if you want."

"No not at all. You're hurt and you need to rest. Just relax until we get there.

"Oki dokey! Since you're walking, I'll provide the tunes!"

She began to sing a familiar tune. Smile Smile Smile I think she called it. I remembered singing a little bit at the goof off. Wait she called me Cheesy. That's a nice nickname. I like it. I wonder should I nickname her?

"We're heeereee! Welcome to Sweet Apple Acres."

"Thank goodness. Let's see if we can find someone."

I knocked on the door and a elderly mare answered the door.

"Yes who is it?"

"Ma'am I'm Cheese Sandwich and this is Pinkie Pie, we're here too-"

"Wait Pinkie! Where is she? You didn't gobble her up did you?!"

"No! She's on my back!"

"You sly dog you! You can't be that way with fillies. Pinkie are you there?! "

"Yes Granny! Cheese did nothing wrong. I'm on his back because I hurt myself."

"Sweet gravy biscuits! Let's get you in the house. You come too Mr.Sandwich. "

I think walked into the house and it looked like something out of a western movie. The scent of apples filled the air giving the room a pleasant vibe.

"Sit down Pinkie . I'll get some bandages. Mr.Sandwich come with me."

"Yes of course." Granny Smith and I walked into a storage closet and she shut the door with us in it.

"Listen Sonny Boy. I don't know what's going on between you and Pinkie but you better be treating her right! I know how you colts have one thing on your mind!" Granny whispered to me and shook her hooves."

"What?! I'm just h-here...what exactly do you think I'm looking for?!"

"The sacred three letter word of course! Dont even think about it!"

"Wait what?! .... NO!!! We weren't going to do that! We're just friends! I'm here on business!"

"Why didn't you say so! You got me all worked up over nothing! Hehehe come on. Bring me the bandages on that shelf behind you."

I handed her the bandages and we walked out.

"You better treat her right. Pinkie is a special mare and deserves respect. If you do anything to hurt her, you will pay. "

"I understand. Let's go help Pinkie."

We returned into the family room, where Pinkie sat on a couch.

"Hold still Pinkie. This is going to hurt a little."

"Hehehe that tickles...Owww!"

I stood in fear. What just happened to Pinkie?

"Pinkie are you okay?!"

"Yeah I'm fine Cheesy. The wrap was a little tight."

Thank Celestia she's okay. Now we can continue working.

"Feeling better Pinkie?"

"Yup! I feel peachy keen!"

"What can I help y'all with? "

"Well the two of us are planning a wedding party for a couple in Manehattan. We needed advice on the food."

"Yeah what he said. One loves apples and the other likes sweets. Can you help us? "

"Why of course I can. I guess you could make apple fritters, brown betties, apple pie, apple eclairs there's alot you could do"

"Thats a huge help. Will you do us the honor of being our caterer?"

"Of course! I'll have to see if AJ approves. She's in Appleloosa helping some family members. I'm sure she'd approve."

"Awesome. What's next on the agenda Cheesy?"


"Oooh! We can go back to SugarCube Corner! I have ideas for decorations."

Great! Let's go!"

"Bye Granny Smith!"

"Bye Darlin' ! Bye Mr Sandwich."

Pinkie tried to walk but fell to the floor."

"PINKIE!! Are you okay?!"

"Yeah I'm fine Cheesy. I guess I can't walk yet. Pick me up?"

"Sure Pinkie." Pinkie crawled on top of my back and I walked out.

"Bye Ms.Smith" I looked back to see her eyebrows raised and she gave me a mean look.
I shrugged it off and proceeded to walk back to town.

As soon as I started walking away from the farm, my stomach growled.

"Hehehe Cheesy are you hungry?"

"I guess so Pinkie. I completely forgot to eat breakfast. "

"Why didn't you eat a muffin? It gives you strength and brain power! "

"I didn't even think about it Pinkie...Sorry."

"Awwww its okay cheesy. Lets go get some lunch!"

Pinkie began to sing again and I walked us back to town.

Would this be a date? Or are we just hanging out?I guess I'll see when we get to town.

Lunch with Friends

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Cheese began the long walk back to town. He let me sit on his back to protect me from further harm. I sang songs to keep both of our spirits up.

"Okay Pinkie! Which way now?"

"Take a left at the giant oak tree and continue west. We should be there soon."

"Great. I'm getting really hungry though..."

"We could go to Hay Burger! It's nearby and its one of my favorite restaurants."

"Okey Doke! Let's go."

As I sat on Cheese's back, I started to wonder about the wedding we were planning. What else did they like besides apples and sweets? Did they have any ideas for wedding? "

"Hey Cheesy! Can you tell me more about the couple and their plans for the wedding?"

"Sure! They can't decide between a large wedding and or a small simple one"

"Hmm...which type do you think is better?"

"I can't really say. I've never been married or even thrown a wedding party. I think I'd like a large one. What do you think?"

"I would like a large one too! With streamers and balloons and a DJ! It would be so fun."

"It totally would. I would be the host to yours."

"Really? It already sounds awesome since you're planning it."

I giggled at the thought of a wedding. As much fun as it sounds, I'm not ready for it yet. Maybe within a few years.

"Hey we're here!"

We arrived at the Hay Burger and Cheese ran inside. He sat me in a booth.

"Here Pinkie you rest here. I'll order for us. What would like?"

"Anything is fine. Thanks Cheesy."

"No probs Pinkie!" Cheese walked away from out booth and stood in line to order.

I slouched in the booth. "Geez this really hurts. I guess I should be more careful." I tried to massage my ankle and saw Fluttershy and Twilight walk into the restaurant.

"Hey Flutters! Hey Twily!"

"Hey Pinkie! We were just going to eat. Wanna sit with us?" Asked Twilight.

"I would love to but no. I'm here with Cheese. You can pull up some chairs if you'd like."

Twilight levitated two chairs to the booth and they sat.


Fluttershy realized who I was with and tapped Twilight on her shoulder and pointed to the line.

"Remember him Twilight? From the birth-iversary bash?"

"Oh of course Cheese Sandwich! Why is he in town?"

"He needs help planning a party so we're working together."

" I see. Is anything else happening?..."

"Nope! Just a party! Hehehe." I chuckled nervously.

"Okay then. I'm going to order now. Fluttershy what would you like?"

"I guess I'll have Hay Fries."

Twilight approached the line which was much longer than when I last looked at it. Cheese had already order and waited in the Pick Up line.

"So, Pinkie how are you and Cheese doing? With the party I mean."

"It's going well. There's just some things we'll have to work out before next week."

"What's next week?"

"He wants me to go to Manehattan with him so I can meet the couple and finish planning."

"Awww that sounds fun. How's everything been with you two? Have you confessed?"

"It's been nice. I really wanna tell him soon. He's special! He's gorgeous and talented! He makes me wanna throw even better parties than before! I think everything will be so much better when I tell him. Like a gazillion times better."

"Awww Pinkie! That's so romantic. I'm happy for you."

"I hurt myself this morning on the way to Sweet Apple Acres. He carried me. To the farm and back to Ponyville."

"Awww Pinkie! I hope you're okay."

"I feel so much better. Cheesy is so helpful and kind."

A few minutes later, Cheese returned to the table with many trays of food.

"Okay Pinkie! I got us the super duper awesome burger special! There's 26 burgers all with different flavors!"

Fluttershy gave a terrified look as she stared at the piles of burgers. She whispered into my ear.

"I'll leave you two to eat that. I'll be with Twilight."

"Okey Doke! I'll see you later! Remember the promise!"

Fluttershy put her hoof over her eye and stood next to Twilight in the Pick up line."

"Who was that?" Cheese asked.

"One of my best friends. Come on Cheesy let's eat!"

We began to eat the burgers. I wasn't as hungry as Cheese was but he had to be starving. He ate twenty three of the burgers and I only had three.

"That was so good! I'm stuffed. Who knew there were so many flavors of burgers?" Cheese pat his belly. I thought it was funny. His protruding stomach, and his pleased look on his face. It was weirdly cute.

"Hehehe! Yeah who knew..."

"That's why I love traveling Equestria. Finding these hidden gems makes the whole trip worthwhile and meeting new friends."

"Like who?"

"I would have never met you if I never came to Ponyville. I would have never gotten my cutie mark and I wouldn't have even met you. I am eternally grateful that I met you and we have the chance to work together once more."

"Cheesy..." I began to tear up. I know I have changed ponies lives before but my life hasn't had a huge impact on someone else's being... It was really heart warming to know that he felt that way.

"Pinkie don't cry. I'm just really happy I saw you again"

" I am too Cheesy. I am too."

Cheesy outstretched his hoof, and held onto it.

I kissed him on the cheek. He blushed and turned tomato red. He was speechless.

I giggled. It's getting a little late. Can you take me to SugarCube corner?

"U-Uh yes of course! Get onto my back and we'll leave. Cheese was still stunned by my kiss. His face now a lighter shade of red, he let me onto his back.

He walked out of the restaurant and proceeded to Sugar Cube Corner. I looked around Ponyville. Not a single pony was out. Actually not a single creature was out. It was only dusk,where was everypony?

"Isn't it nice this evening Cheesy?"

"It is very beautiful."

Cheese approached the stairs if SugarCube corner and I got off of him.

Good Night Cheesy. Dream pleasant dreams.

"You too Pinkie."

Cheese came up the stairs, and kissed me on my cheek and I blushed.

We waved until we couldn't see each other. I limped into the dining area where I found Mrs.Cake by the door.

"So he's just a friend..."


"It didn't look like he was "just a friend " "

"I guess..."

"I'm happy for you Pinkie. It's nice to have someone to love."

"It really is isn't it?"

Oh Happy Day!

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I was so happy. I had finally told her how I felt! Even better she kissed me! Who cares if it was just a peck on the cheek? It was the best thing ever!
I couldn't sit still. All I could do was think about Pinkie and my brazen actions. I really did it. I told her how I felt and I feel so much better now! I have more to say but that can wait until a better time.

"What do you think Boneless? Wasn't I cool?"

Boneless said nothing but I'm sure he said "You are so cool Cheese! , I dont know why you didnt confess sooner!"

I was finally able to rest after a while. For once, I didn't dream about cheese wheels. I actually dreamt about Pinkie. It was a crazy dream... Pinkie and decided to take over the world. Using our party cannons and our pets we were able to conquer Equestria. We were an unstoppable force of nature.

The next morning, I contemplated what to do today.

"I should go check up on Pinkie first. I wanna make sure she's okay."

"Second we should go over the decor. I'm glad we able to have the Apples as our caterers and hopefully Magnolia and Starstruck can compromise."

"Third, we should talk to the local florists. We need Magnolias and I've heard that they only grow here in Ponyville."

I closed my agenda planner and placed into my bag.

"Let's go Boneless! It's time to go to SugarCube Corner!

I grabbed Boneless and placed him on my back. We proceeded out of the hotel and walked across the street to the bakery.

It was really quiet. Was I too early?

"Pinkie? Are you here?" I didn't get a response but I heard a giggle from upstairs. "

"Pinkie are you up there?"

"Shhhh Cheesy!"

She bounced down the stairs and greeted me with a tight hug.

"We have to whisper! The Cakes are still asleep. You could come upstairs to my room and we could talk."

"Sure Pinkie." Pinkie took me upstairs to her room. It was decorated with balloons and her famous party cannon sat in the corner. Her baby alligator Gummy rested on her bed.

"Welcome to Chez Pinkie! Mi casa es su casa Senor Cheesy!"

"Haha Gracias Pinkie!"

"De nada Cheesy!"

"Hey Pinkie, can you show me your decoration ideas? "

"Of course!" She pulled out a large book filled with pages and sticky pages.

"Here's my handy dandy book of ideas! I have a whole section for weddings! Did I ever tell you I helped with Princess Cadence's wedding?"

"Really? Thats cool! Tell me more!" I really wanted to know more about the wedding. I heard it was incredibly festive.

"Well it was in Canterlot. The wedding had a few.... problems. However Shining Armor and Cadence saved the day! We had a huge party to celebrate the wedding and our victory. "

"That sounds incredible! What was the party like? "

" I had gotten a DJ for the royal couple and taught a few dances, Applejack made the food, Fluttershy helped with the choir, Twilight set up everything and sang at the wedding, Rarity made our dresses and Rainbow made a sonic rainboom! "

"It sounds like fun! Tell me more about your wedding ideas."

"Oh sorry for getting off topic Cheesy! One of my ideas is a wedding at the beach! Its nice and relaxing. The couple could go to a beach house for their wedding. Another one is a wedding in the sky! We will have Twilight use her cloud walking spell on the guests and the couple and we go up to Cloudsdale for a super ultra fun wedding! "

"Both of those sound epic! The wedding in the sky seems the best for them! We should confirm it when we get to Manehattan."


Pinkie put her book on the dresser and put Gummy on her lap

"Haha Gummy you're so caring."

"What did he say?"

"He wanted to know if my ankle was fine."

"Oh. Are you okay Pinkie?"

"Yeah! I'm awesome thanks for asking. I can walk a little better too! See?"

Pinkie ran around the room and struck a pose.

"Ta Da! See im fine. Owwww! "

She grabbed her ankle and I put her on the bed.

"Pinkie you can't overdo it. You'll hurt yourself again."

"Sorry Cheesy..."

"It's fine Pinkie. Just be careful next time. Okay?"

"Okay Cheesy. Thank you for caring about me."

"No problem! That's what are friends for."

She hugged me tightly and nearly fell off the bed.

"Whoa there!" I caught her and I couldn't help but stare into those eyes of hers. Her beautiful baby blue eyes sparkled as she stared at me.

"Hehe thanks Cheese." She gave a nervous chuckle and blushed a little. It was too cute.

"N-no problem." I put her back onto the bed.

"Sooo uh...what's next on the agenda?"

"I think we should talk to some of the local florists."

"There's the three sisters who run flower stands in town square. Let's go!"

"That's perfect! Let's go."

Pinkie limped off the bed and left Gummy sitting there.

"Do you think you can walk today? Or would you like me to carry you again?"

"I'm fine. Thanks Cheesy. It will take more than a limp to get this filly down!"

"Haha okay. Let's go!"

I helped Pinkie down the stairs and noticed that the bakery was much livelier. The Cakes were serving milkshakes and lemon squares."

"Howdy Mrs.Cake! Good Day Mr.Cake! " Pinkie greeted

"Good afternoon Pinkie! Is your leg okay?" Asked Mrs.Cake

"It's feeling a little better. It's all thanks to Cheesy here."

Mrs.Cake looked over at me. "Why hello there!"

"Hello Mrs.Cake."

"Cheesy and I are going to the town square. I'll be back soon!"

"Have fun you two!"

We walked out of the bakery and headed towards the town square.

"She seems nice."

"She's more than nice. She's the sweetest person ever. She's like a second mom to me."

"Awww how sweet. How did you meet the Cakes?"

" Before I left home as a filly, my parents told me to go to SugarCube corner in Ponyville. They are friends with my parents.They would take me in temporarily and teach me about baking. You cant be an awesome party planner without baking experience!"

"T-thats really cool Pinkie." I began to tear up a little.

"Awwww don't cry Cheesy! Just because I'm here doesnt mean I don't care about my family. I just wanted to learn more about baking and parties. I was a bit restricted on our family farm."

"You're from a farm? Why couldn't you help with the catering then?"

"I can't! My family farms rocks!"

" Wow! That's sounds cool!" I was astounded about the farm. I didn't even know rocks were farmed!

"It is! You would have loved to meet my sister Maud. She came by a few weeks ago."

"Cool! Is she as amazing as you?"

"She's like a gazillion times more amazing!"

"Hehe I dont think thats possible. You are pretty amazing Pinkie."

"Thanks Cheesy! You're really sweet."

We kept walking and eventually arrived in the town square. There were many vendors. There were vendors who sold fruits, vendors who sold balloons, vendors who sold ice cream and several more.

"Pinkie, where are the flower vendors?"

"They're riiiiiiiiiiight there!"

She pointed to three mares. All three of them were earth ponies.

"Cheesy this is Rose,Daisy and Lily."

"Hi!" the three said in unison.

"Hello. We're looking for magnolias. Do you have any?"

"Of course we do! It's one of Ponyville's most abundant flowers." Said Lily

"That's awesome. We need for magnolias for a wedding we're planning."

"Oooh are you two getting married?!" Asked Lily and Rose.

Pinkie and I blushed.

"W-what? No...." I couldn't speak, Lily and Rose caught me off guard.

"Hehehe it's sweet that you girls think that. However we're just friends. We really need Magnolias for the wedding."

"Oh...Okay..." Lily was disheartened.

"Well just let us know when! We'll definitely help!"

"Hehe sure." Pinkie responded but I was still a little shocked that they thought we were getting married.

"Cheesy! I'll be at the ice cream vendor. Be right back okay?"

Pinkie limped off to the ice cream vendor, leaving me alone with the flower sisters. I didn't really want to be alone with them.

"We see the way the way you look at her. You really like her don't you?"said Daisy

"I guess you could say that. I don't just like her. I love her. Her zest for life, her enthusiasm, her creativity and she's just so amazing and gorgeous."

"Awwwwwwwwwwwww!" said the sisters.

"You should tell her everything!" said Rose.

"I told her yesterday about how I felt about us working together and how grateful I am to her."


"Here's what I think. You like her, she obviously is crazy about you so..." said Lily


"That you should go on a date."

"A date huh? I guess that would be nice."

"It will be more than nice. How about this? We'll help you out. We'll help you on your date with Pinkie. We'll help get you ready and everything!"said Rose

"Wow! That's so nice. Thanks guys."

"No problem! We just wanna see Pinkie happy. However if you make her unhappy..."said Lily

"You.Will.Pay." warned the sisters.

"Of course I'll make her happy!" Just great now I have four ponies who will come after me if Pinkie gets sad.

"Awesome!"said Daisy

"Stop by tomorrow morning and we'll start getting ready." said Rose

"Okay guys!"

"Make sure to ask her! When you come by tomorrow we'll give you a bouquet of flowers to surprise her!"

"Sounds great!"

Pinkie Pie arrived back at the flower stand. She came with two vanilla swirl ice cream cones.

"Hey guys what did I miss?"

"Oh nothing much Pinkie. We finished talking about the wedding."

"Oh yeah we did. We'll help with the flowers. Just tell us when you need them. Okay?"said Daisy

"Perfect. I'll be back tomorrow to ask more about Magnolias!"

"Bye guys!" The sisters waved as we walked away from town square.

"Sooo... What happened at the stand?"

"Nothing really. We just talked about flowers that's all."

She flashed a look of suspicion and said "Okey dokey Loki..."

I then asked Pinkie: " Pinkie.... would you like to go on a date with me?"

Pinkie blushed a little. "A date? That sounds like fun! Of course I'll go with you Cheesy!"


We soon arrived at SugarCube Corner. Not a single light was on. I thought it to be a little weird because it was only dusk.

"What time?"

"I'll pick you up at 5!"

"Morning or Night?"

"Hehehehe. Evening."

"I'll see you then." Pinkie kissed me on the cheek and walked inside the bakery.

"Yahoo! We're going on a date! Can you believe it boneless?"

Boneless said nothing but I'm sure he was excited.

I know I am.

Questions left Unanswered

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I woke up to find Gummy nibbling on my tail.

"Hehehe Gummy you're adorable!"

"Gummy what do you think Cheesy has planned for tonight?"

Gummy blinked. "I agree Gummy. Whatever it is its going to be fun!"

I just wonder what should I do to prepare..."

Maybe I should go to Fluttershy's... Perhaps she'd know what to do.

I went to Fluttershy's cottage and saw that she was feeding the animals.

"Hey Flutters!"

"Oh hi Pinkie."She peeked her head out of the window.

"Can we talk?"

"Sure come on in."Fluttershy opened the door and I walked inside.

"What did you want to talk about?"

"Cheese and I have a date tonight."

"Oh really Pinkie? How wonderful."

"Yeah it is... I just don't know what to do. Do I dress up? What do I bring?"

"Maybe you should relax. I have an idea Pinkie!"


"Why not get a makeover?"

"Yeah! I'll go to Rarity's and-"

"NO!! Don't go. I'll give you one."

"Really? Oh why not it's going to be fun! Hey why don't you want me to go to Rarity's"

"Well I...uh.. she's busy! Can't I just do it?"

"... I guess. If I can't go to Rarity's you're my next option!"

"Yay. Let's start with the dress." Fluttershy got out her sewing kit. It was kinda small compared to Rarity's. She took out her measuring tape and began to measure my body.

"Hehehe that tickles!"

"Stay still Pinkie. We need to have accurate measurements."

"Oki Doki"

Fluttershy had Angel write the measurements down in her notepad.

"Next it's time to pick out the fabrics."

Fluttershy opened a door within her closet. It was full to the brim with fabrics.

"Wow Flutters! I didn't know you were a fashionista too."

"Well Rarity isn't the only one with a passion for fashion."

I giggled. The fabrics were really beautiful. Some were shiny, some were simple and some had complex patterns.

"What color do you want your dress?"

"Hmmmm. A blue!! Maybe yellow! Awwww why is it so hard to choose?"

"I'll pick one for you. I hope you like it."

Fluttershy flew up to a shelf and brought out a sky blue fabric.

"I love it!!"

"I knew you would."

"Seriously Flutters you should become a fashion designer!"

"It isn't for me sorry... I enjoy making clothes for my animal friends though."

"Whatever floats your boat."

Flutters pulled out a sewing machine out of the closet.

"How are you going to use that?"

"I'm not. My animal friends will help sew."

Fluttershy's animals rushed in from every crevice. A bear, several mice, kittens, bunnies and birds all came in to help her.

"Thank you all so very much for helping Pinkie and I."

The animals chirped in response.

"Okay Pinkie. The dress may take a while. I think you should go home and rest a little.Today is a big day after all!"

"But I'm not sleepy!" Fluttershy pushed me out the door.

"I'm sorry Pinkie. Go rest up okay? Angel will come and get you when we're ready."

I walked back to town slowly. Why did he kick me out? Why couldn't I go to Rarity's? These mysteries bothered me. I was near SugarCube corner when I saw Cheesy and Rarity talking by the vendor stands.

"Cheesy! Rarity!" I waved at them. Cheesy looked at me and opened his mouth as if he wanted to speak. Rarity grabbed his hoof and ran out of town square.

"C-cheese?" What just happened? I was confused... I walked to SugarCube corner. It was hard for me to see because I couldn't stop crying. My hair no longer in its poofy state, I felt depressed. What were my friends hiding from me?

I ran inside SugarCube corner and found nobody there. Not even the Cakes were home. I walked up the stairs, laid in my bed and squeezed Gummy until I felt a little better.

"Why won't anypony listen to me Gummy? Why is everypony running away?"

"Gummy blinked.

"You're right Gummy... maybe I should I do something about it."

I laid on my bed to think it over,until I heard a patter of steps.

Angel came into my bedroom. "What do you want?"

Angel squeaked and did some motions with his paws.

"Oh the dress is ready.Great."

I got up and followed him back to the cottage.

Fluttershy welcomed me. "Welcome back Pinkie. Here's your dress!"

A sky blue puffy dress was on a mannequin. "What do you think about it?"

"It's fine...I guess."

"Yay. Now let's do your hair! Oh my. Pinkie did you straighten your hair?"


"I wonder how it got this way. Well now we don't have to straighten it. That's saves a lot of time."

Fluttershy gently brushed my hair. She curled the ends and put a rose in my hair.

"Pinkie you look lovely!" Fluttershy handed me a mirror.

I looked very different. I guess because of my hair and it was really hard for me to smile.

"Pinkie let's put on the dress. My birds will help us."

I didn't resist. Fluttershy's birds slid the dress onto my body.

What do you think about the dress?"

"What do I think? WHAT DO I THINK? Do you wanna know what I THINK?"

"U-um yes?" Fluttershy cowered in fear.

"I think I wanna know why isn't anyone talking to me?! Why could I go to Rarity? Why is Cheese ignoring me...."

I began to cry again and nearly ruined the dress.


"Answer me Flutters! Tell me why!?"

I started screaming maniacally because of this chaos. Why does all of this cause me pain?!

Fluttershy continued to cower in fear and didn't answer. She whispered something silently. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my back and passed out.

Unconsciously... I wondered.. Why are my friends hurting me? What happened? What did I do to be treated this way?

The Truth Hurts

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"Boy I can't wait for tonight! Can you Boneless?"

Boneless slouched in reply. "Me too! I'm so excited."

I got out my agenda planner for today. First I need to go to flower stand and talk to Rose, Lily and Daisy. Second... huh I guess I don't really know what the girls have planned. Oh well. Let's just start the day in the town square!

Boneless and I walked to town square. The only vendors open were the Flower Sisters.

"Hi Cheese!" Greeted Daisy.

"Good Morning!"

"Are you ready for tonight?" asked Rose

"Sure am!"

"Here's what we do first. Head down to the spa. It's north from here. We bought you a package. It's a deluxe relaxation method. It's to keep you from being too stressed out about tonight. When you're done meet back here."explained Lily.

"Got it! Thanks!"

"No problem! Now go quickly. We have lots to do!"said Rose.

I ran as fast as I could to northern part of Ponyville. I soon arrived at the spa. It was one of the only buildings there with the exception of three fancy houses.
I went inside and was greeted by two mares.

"Why hello there! You must be Mr.Sandwich." said the blue one.

"Yes I am, who are you two?"

"I'm Aloe." said the pink one.

"And I'm Lotus." Said the blue one.

"It's nice to meet you two!"

"Likewise" the sisters said in harmony. Almost in a sing songy voice. Twins and triplets have really started to creep me out lately.

"Let's go! We don't have all day" said Lotus

The sisters pushed me inside the Sauna room.

"Please get comfortable. This is to keep you relaxed and help remove toxins."said Aloe

"You'll be in there for about 35 minutes. Enjoy!" Said Lotus. They closed the door and it made a heavy creaking. I was a bit lonely because I had nobody to talk to. They took boneless before I got inside. I just wish it could be tonight already.

"Okey Doke. Just relax Cheese. Just relax..."

I laid down on the bench and closed my eyes. I wondered what Pinkie was doing. How would she look tonight? How would tonight be? I hoped everything would be okay. I hope that tonight marks something new for us. A new beginning. I slowly drifted off to sleep. I dreamt of cheese wheels like I usually do but this time Gummy popped out of every single wheel. It was a blissful dream but a weird one nonetheless.

A few minutes later the door swung open.

"Rise and Shiiinee Mr.Cheese. Let's have today be the best day it can be."said Lotus in a eerie voice.

"It's time for phase two of the deluxe relaxation package! Massages!"

That sounded like fun but I was still trying to wake up from my brief nap. I drowsily walked to the next room. It was a dimly lit room filled with candles.

"Mr.Cheese. This is Loving Touch. He'll be your masseuse for today." Aloe introduced.

"Enjoy your massage!" The twins said in unison.

They left leaving me with Loving Touch. He was a tall white earth pony with a golden mane. Almost similar to Starstruck's.

"Hello Mr.Cheese. Please lay down so we can begin." He had a falsetto voice. I tried my best not to laugh. I laid down on the bed and out my head between the hole.

"Just relax Mr.Cheese. Feel free to sleep or listen to our Ambient music."

He put on a stereo and a delicate tune played over the speakers. The sounds of nature were so relaxing and I fell asleep once more. I dreamt about tonight. Pinkie was gorgeous. She walked down the stairs of the bakery in such a graceful manner. I escorted her to a restaurant and we talked and ate and danced... I hope tonight could be like how I imagine it to be.

"Wake up Mr.Cheese."Loving Touch said in a dulcet voice.

He escorted me out the massage room and Lotus was waiting for me.

"It's time for the last phase! Mud Baths! It gives you an luscious shine to your coat!"

Lotus took me to the bathing area where Aloe was preparing the mud.

"Step in Mr.Sandwich." said Aloe

I sat inside the bath and relaxed.

"Good. Just relax okay?"


She placed cucumber over my eyes.

"It's to reduce the puffiness. The mud affects every part of your body. The eyes tend to puff up because of the mud affects the tear ducts."

"Relax and enjoy!" said Aloe and Lotus.

Hm.... these cucumber slices are smelling so good... I should have eaten breakfast. I never usually eat it because I'm always on the go. I know it isn't good for me but it's a habit and its not like I can cook anyway.

I continued to relax and listen to the ambient music. It sounds so pleasant. Harps and Violins played and a soft singing voice accompanied it. How lovely.

"Mr.Sandwich it's time to go!" Said Aloe

I got out of the tub and was covered in the mud. Aloe took off my cucumber slices.

"If you want you can eat them before you rinse off."

"Sure!" I ate the two cucumber slices. Boy was I hungry. It tasted just as refreshing as it smelled.

Aloe walked me to the showers. "Step in and the shower will automatically rinse you."

"I walked in only to be greeted by large bursts of water coming in every direction.

"Woo! " I yelled. The shower went off but a giant blow dryer came out of the ceiling.

"Whoa that's cooOoOL!!" The blow dryer dried me with winds up to 15mph."

Eventually it went off and my coat was shiny and straight. I went out and Aloe and Lotus met me in the lobby.

"Thanks for the spa treatment!"

"It's our pleasure."said Aloe and Lotus.

"Good luck on your date!" Said Lotus.

"Yes... good luck..." said Aloe


"But be warned....if anything happens to Pinkie Pie, if she gets sad in any way, shape or form, you will pay." They said eerily in unison.

"Um..Okay." Great. Now that's six ponies who will get me if anything happens to Pinkie. Don't they trust me?

I walked back to the flower stand. The sisters were in their booth and spoke to a white unicorn.

"Hey Cheese!" Said Lily

"Meet Rarity. She'll be helping with your wardrobe and mane. When you're done meet back here okay?"

"Alrighty." Rarity introduced herself to me.

"Why, hello Mr.Sandwich. I'm Rarity. We didn't get a chance for formal introductions last time we met."

"Oh that's right! You're one of Pinkie's friends."

"Indeed. Please follow me to my boutique and we'll begin"

I followed Rarity to her shop, but then I heard a familiar voice.

"Hey Cheesy! Hey Rarity!"

I turned to the direction of the voice and saw Pinkie. I wanted to say hi but the moment I opened my mouth Rarity held my hoof and ran away. I saw Pinkies face frown. I never wanted to see that. I just want to make her happy. Hopefully our date changes all of that. Rarity kept dragging me until we reached her boutique,which was close to the spa.

"Why did we run away from Pinkie? She just wanted to say hello."

"Well...uh.. That's a complicated answer you see?" She chuckled hesitantly.

"I'm listening."

"Whatever you do, do not tell Pinkie. You can tell her tonight, just not now."

"What happened?"

Rarity sighed and told me everything. "The four of us really wanted to make these two days special for you two. Pinkie really deserves happiness and she's never had a romantic experience... So we helped out a little."

"What? The Last two days?"

"When you two left from lunch yesterday, the four of us were responsible for how quiet he town was. We just want the best for her."

"May I ask how you did this?"

"Twilight Sparkle was in Hay Burger yesterday, along with Fluttershy. Fluttershy already knew about your budding romance and Pinkie's feelings for you. She told Twilight and Twilight told Rainbow and I. Twilight was responsible for keeping the town quiet. She put a vanishing spell on he town's denizens and they kept quiet. They still walked about the town they were just silent. Fluttershy kept the animals quiet. Rainbow was responsible for the weather and I am helping with your wardrobe."

I couldn't believe how elaborate this plan was. It was all for Pinkie's sake...

"Rarity. Does that mean you knew about the date as well? And everyone who helped did it to protect her?"

"Yes. Well not the Flower Sisters... they just have a natural curiosity. Rainbow was spying on you two yesterday and noticed the Flower Sisters telling you about the date. After you two left, Rainbow and I spoke to them and advanced the plan further."

" ...And you four did this to protect Pinkie?"

"Yes. Do you still want to go through with it?"

"One last question before we start. How long was I included in this plan? I never even agreed!"

"Since the moment you arrived at SugarCube corner. Fluttershy knew everything about Pinkie's feelings and told us. Though Pinkie will not be too happy with her. She broke a sacred promise."

" ..."

"Anymore questions?"

"No. Let's just start."

Rarity directed me to a styling chair. She began to trim my mane. She was done in a matter of minutes. "Ta da! You look magnificent darling!"

Next she began measuring me and started to make the tux.

" Have a seat over there please. I'll be done soon."

I sat and I couldn't shake the horribly bad feeling I had. All of this, for Pinkie. They lied, plotted and schemed for Pinkie's sake. I didn't know difference between right and wrong anymore.

"All done! Let's try it on." She slid the tux jacket onto my chest.

"You look wonderful Cheese. Pinkie will be lucky to be with you." She directed me into a hallway of mirrors.

"What do think Cheese?"

"I look....different."

"You're supposed to silly! Now off to the stand you go. Good luck on your date."

I walked back to the flower stand and found Rose holding a bouquet of roses.

"Here Cheese. Good luck!"

"Thanks..." I walked to SugarCube corner and was plagued with many thoughts. I was worried for the two of us. The town was quiet due to Twilight's spell and I was really creeped out. Who knows who lurked in the shadows? I couldn't shake the horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. What was happening?

I reached the stairs of the bakery and told myself:
"Do it for her."

First Date

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I woke up in a dark room. Where was I? What happened? I last remember being a Fluttershy's cottage and putting on the dress. Wait the dress! Its not on me! I tried to find a light and found a switch in a corner.

"Hey I'm in my bedroom!" Wait... if I'm here, how did I get here? And more importantly where's the dress?

I looked into my mirror. My mane was no longer straight and my coat needed a brushing. What happened today? I thought it was more important to focus on tonight's date. I brushed my fur and looked for an alternative outfit.

"Hmmm... I guess the Canterlot Wedding dress would be fine."

I slid it onto my body and looked once more in the mirror. I looked super duper amazing but I thought it needed one last touch. I got a clip with three balloons and put it on my mane.

"All done!"

I heard a knock on the door.

"Pinkie are you here?"

"I'm upstairs!"

I left the bedroom and walked down the stairs gracefully. Cheese was stunned by my attire but I was surprised by him as well. He wore a tuxedo jacket with a bowtie and held a giant bouquet of roses. He looked very handsome.

When I got downstairs,Cheese handed the me the bouquet. I smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thanks Cheesy."

He blushed a little and said "Shall we go?"

He held me by my hoof and led me out of SugarCube Corner.

"Don't look. It's a surprise. "

"Oki Dokey'"

He whistled and something approached the bakery. It sounded like hoof steps.

"You can look now Pinkie."

I opened my eyes to find a black carriage. A stallion drove the carriage and wore a tuxedo similar to Cheesy's.

"Awwww this is amazing."

"Not as amazing as tonight will be."

He escorted me into the carriage. We sat next to each other on the carriage's velvet seats. He held my hoof and spoke.

"I hope you really enjoy tonight. We're going to have lots and lots of fun."

"I'm glad." I had a sudden flashback to this afternoon. I saw Cheese and Rarity in town's square and they ran away the moment I spoke.

"Cheese. Why did you and Rarity run away from me?"

He hesitantly chuckled. I really hope he can tell me the truth.

"Well uh... she helped me. I couldn't make a tuxedo by myself."

Hmm... I guess that's why I couldn't go to Rarity's. But wait! That means Fluttershy knew before hand that he was going. And Rarity also knew... but only Fluttershy knew my feelings... does that mean she...

I was cut off by a loud squeal.

"We're here!"

Cheese helped me out of the carriage and brought me inside the restaurant. He spoke to the Maitre'd in a language that sounded familiar.

"Cheesy! I didn't know you knew another language."

"I speak several actually. Traveling Equestria really teaches you this kind of stuff."

I thought it was cool that he knew more than one. I'm only fluent in English and Spanish. For Cheese to know so many... it must make him more Eloquent.

The waiter arrived and escorted us to our table. It was a large round booth and Cheese and I sat next to each other.

The waiter handed us our menus and left.

"What would you like Pinkie?"

"The thing with all the swirlies and apostrophes sounds good. "

He chuckled. The waiter returned and took out orders.

"Pinkie....can I ask you something?"

"Yes?" I was really eager to know what he was going to ask.

"D-do you still want to go to Manehattan with me?"


"Would you mind if we left sooner?"

I was a little surprised. I could go but I'd have to leave my friends.

"How much sooner?"

"Tomorrow evening."

"Why so soon?"

"I'd like to get back to work on the party. Also everything we needed has been taken care of."

"... I guess that's true. "

"Hey, don't look so down. Did you still want to go with?"

"Of course! You advancing our departure makes it easier. I really want to leave Ponyville anyway."


"I think my friends have been lying to me. Why would they hide all of this from me?"

"......" Cheese wanted to tell me something but couldn't.

"Hey. Let's just enjoy the night. Don't let your friends ruin it. Okay?"

"Okay Cheese." I was able to smile again. I'm glad he was able to comfort me. But I still want answers.

The waiter soon came back with a two huge plates but there were super small portions on the plates.

"Cheese? What's this? Where's all the food?"

"Hehe Pinkie its what you ordered!"

"Okay..." I took a bite and it was so tasty!

"Wow! This is amazing!" I ate it all in two bites. I'm sad its gone.

"I hope you're ready for the next course."

"Ooooh what it it?"


I was so excited. If dinner was that good, dessert will be fantabulous!

The waiter brought two plates of chocolate cake slices. The icing shimmered and was topped with a big juicy cherry.

"This looks so delicious! Let's eat!"

I took one bite of the cake and was greeted with bursts of flavors. Exotic chocolate and a moist cake. There's no better combo! I ate ate the cake in three bites. Cheese ate his slowly.

"Hehehe done already Pinkie?"

"Yup! I'm stuffed." I patted my stomach and Cheese burst out in laughter. It was almost maniacal. I loved that.

"What is it Cheesy?"

"You just look ravishing tonight Pinkie." He slowly chuckled. A creepy grin appeared on his face. It was a bit scary but something about it entranced me.

"Pinkie....I cant take it anymore. Please let's go."

He grabbed my hoof. "What about the bill?"

"It was free. Please let's just go!"

He put me onto his back and ran.

"Cheesy you passed the carriage!"

"I know Pinkie! We have to get somewhere safe!"

"Safe? But what's happening?"

Cheese didn't answer me but continued to run. Whatever he is worried about really has him scared.
He kept running until we reached the Hay and Stay.

"Um Cheese...this is where you're staying. The bakery is across the street."

"I know. This is where its safe!"

He took me into his hotel room. I just wanted to know why he was frightened.

"P-Pinkie...I have to tell you about your friends."

"What about them?"

"For the last two days they've manipulated everything! "

Then everything began to make sense. Fluttershy had broken her promise. Rarity, Rainbow and Twilight had helped manipulate the last two days. But why?

"How do you know this? Why would they do this?!"

"Rarity told me everything and told me not to tell you. I just couldn't take it anymore. I can't lie to you Pinkie. You deserve to know the truth and if your friends can't do that, I will."

I had to think for a minute. They schemed and plotted but for what reason? I saw that hiding all of those secrets drove Cheese a little crazy but I'm glad to
know that he's the only one I can trust. Oh and Gummy. I can't forget Gummy.

"Is that why you want to leave tomorrow?"

"Yes... I just can't take this madness anymore."

"Hey don't worry Cheesy. Soon we'll be far away from it."

Cheese smiled. "I'm happy you still want to go with me."

"Me too. It seems like you and Gummy are the only two I can trust. "

"Yeah..." a grin appeared on his face.

"Thank you Cheese." I kissed him on the lips. He didn't blush but he seemed like he was expecting it.

I stopped kissing him and smiled. "Thank you for tonight. Thank you for being the only one who can tell me the truth. "

"Y-You're welcome Pinkie..."

"I think I'm going to head to SugarCube Corner. I'm getting sleepy"

"Okay Pinkie... Good night."

I went out of the hotel and walked across the street to the bakery."
I walked in and all of the lights were off except my bedroom. I ran upstairs to check it out but I only found Gummy resting on the bed.

"Hehehe Gummy you're sleepy too?"

I laid down and put Gummy beside me. "I guess it's just the four of us now..."

I laid in the dark and wondered. " I still don't know why they'd do all of this for me. I guess I'll find out tomorrow. Yeah! Cheese and I will confront them! Heheheh. I went to sleep and hoped that I would get all the answers I wanted.


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I was awoken to the sound of knocking. Drowsily I went to the door and peeked out the hole.
Pinkie was there bouncing up and down. I opened the door. Why was she here so early? Celestia is still raising the sun!

" *yawn* Good Morning Pinkie"

"Hey Cheesy! We need to talk!"

"Okay... come on in."

I held the door open and she came into the room. She sat on my bed.

"What did you wanna talk about?"

"Well... I uh... I want answers."

"But I already told you-"

"Not from you. You've told me plenty. I want my friends to confess!"

"Confess eh? You want them to tell you the truth."

"Exactly Cheesy! I knew you'd understand!"

She hugged me tight, I could barely breathe.

"Let's go!!"

"Pinkie it's only sunrise. We should wait. Your friends are probably still asleep."

"Hehehe yeah right! Twilight has probably been up for hours reading, Rarity has probably been up trying to finish her fall line, Fluttershy is feeding animals and Rainbow is helping with today's weather. They are awake."

"Haha! How do you know this?"

"A filly has her ways... So let's get cracking!"

She pulled me out the door. "Let's go Cheese!"

We walked into towns square and I saw something I hadn't noticed. A huge castle on a tree. How did I miss that?

"Pinkie are we going there?!"

"Of course! It's Twilight home."

Oh right... I had completely forgot that Twilight was a princess. Pinkie put me on her back and proceeded to run up the stairs. It felt like forever. But after running up 18 flights of stairs, Pinkie made it to the conference room. Twilight was sitting on the biggest chair in the room reading a book on spells.

"Oh Twily..."Pinkie said in an eerie voice.

"Oh hi Pinkie.What do you need? Why are you here so early? "

"I want the truth! The whole truth!"

Twilight looked a little surprised. She had to know what this was about. She was the puppetmaster of this whole elaborate scheme."

"She told didn't she..." Twilight looked at me. "Rarity told you?"

I sighed and got off of Pinkie. "Yes. I had to tell. You can't lie to us. Just because you're a princess doesn't mean anything. You can't play with a pony's feelings! I understand the four of you want Pinkie to be happy, but you can't manipulate us."

"She manipulated you too?" Pinkie gave a confused look to Twilight.

"If this was to try and make me happy, you should know Twilight that I'm always happy. I don't know why you don't understand this. Cheese makes me happy whether or not you control our feelings or manipulate ponies or whatever it is that you did."

Twilight was shocked by Pinkie's words.

"Can you at least tell me the entire story? I wanna know what you all did."

" ...... I guess you deserve to know. The moment you told Fluttershy about Cheese we began planning. Rainbow spied and told us what was happening, Fluttershy told us everything, and Rarity would pose as a distraction if the need arose."

"What did you do?"

"I.... I.... put a spell on everypony in Ponyville. A vanishing spell. They were invisible to the naked eye but they still roamed the town. Life still progressed as normal Pinkie."

"Wait. The whole town was in on this?!"

"Well.... Yes and no. All of the townsfolk really care about you. Ponies who did not want a part of this scheme were told to stay in their houses and kept quiet. Ones who stayed could carry on their lives as normal.

"....You tried your best to make me happy. Somehow knowing all of this makes me feel worse."

"I...I'm sorry..."

"It's kinda late for it isn't it? I have two questions. One:Why make me happy? There's many ponies who deserve happiness but can't find it. Two: What happened to me yesterday?"

"To answer your first question, we love you Pinkie. The whole town does. You know how you get when you're upset...and we couldn't risk that happening to our best friend and local party planner."

" ... So you did ALL of this just to make sure I didn't feel depressed?! I haven't been depressed in ages. And if I did get depressed I couldn't throw parties..."

Pinkie looked as if she had an epiphany and began to scream.

"I FINALLY UNDERSTAND! If I'm depressed, I can't throw parties! That's why you kept me happy and for the town's sake..."

Pinkie looked like she was ready to burst into tears. Twilight said:

"....You're right. Out of the six of us, you are the only one to never have a romantic encounter. We didn't know how you'd feel about it but we tried our best to make it work. We wanted you to be happy. I wanted our town to be happy..."

"That's not your responsibility! I am always happy! Even when I'm down I'm happy! The town can find other ways to find happiness besides through me! You should know this if you're my friend. You know what else? Cheese makes me even more happy than you ever could. "

Twilight was surprised by Pinkie's words. It was blatant that Pinkie hurt her but they both needed to hear the truth.

"I-I'm sorry Pinkie... I guess we caused you more heartache than happiness..."

"...I'll have to think about it... Cheese and I are going to Manehattan today. I'm sure you know we're planning a wedding. I'll be there until for a week or more. Until then, I don't want so see or hear from you."

"...Okay..." Pinkie's words stung Twilight. Her expression was surprised and she was probably stunned that she was going to lose one of her best friends.

Pinkie gave her a long cold stare and said "Also tell the others what I told you. Especially Fluttershy."


"Let's go Cheese." Pinkie looked at me as she was leaving the conference room. I followed her out the door. I walked out and heard the sound of Twilight sobbing and muttering "what have we done?" several times to herself. I almost felt bad for her.

I followed Pinkie out the door. I saw that her hair was a little bit straighter. It wasn't poofy but it wasn't straight. It kinda looked like her mane deflated. Her expression was solemn and she looked less pink.

"Are you okay Pinkie?"

"I'm fine Cheese. Don't worry."

"That's a bold lie if I ever heard one. You should be a little happy. Come on! We're going Manehattan tonight!"

"...." Pinkie said nothing and continued to frown.

"Pinkie...don't be sad okay?" I kissed her in an attempt to cheer her up. Her mane inflated and she turned back to her usual shade of pink.

"Hehehe thanks Cheesy! I won't be sad anymore now that I'm with you!"

I smiled and we walked out of the castle.

"Where should we go now?"

"I'm heading to the hotel to start packing. You should pack too."

"Okey Dokey!"

"Meet me at my hotel room when you finish."

"Oki Dokey!"

We parted once more and I went to my hotel room.

"Oooohkay what do I need to pack..." I put my agenda,my shirts, the tux that Rarity gave me, my balloons, and my mysterious outfit into my suit case and put Boneless on my back.

"Alrighty O let's go!"

I made up the bed and went to the hotel lobby.

"I hope you enjoyed your stay in Ponyville." Said the Secretary.

"It was...interesting."

I paid for the room and went to SugarCube corner. It was quite noisy. The foals were crying for Pinkie and she tried her best to console them.

"Awwwww I'll back soon! Don't you want Pinkie to throw a super duper awesome amazing party?"

The foals nodded. "Good! I'll tell you what. When I get back, we'll make more chimicherry changas!"

They squealed and climbed on top of her. "Hehehe stop you guys!" She noticed me standing at the door.

"Hey Cheesy! I'm all ready to go!"

The foals looked at me and whispered something to Pinkie.

"Oh, I don't think I've introduced you two to Cheesy! Pound and Pumpkin Cake this is Cheese Sandwich."

The foals babbled. One of them flew onto my head and one teleported onto my back.

"Eesy!" they babbled.

"Awww how cute! I think they're trying to talk to you!"

"Eesy!" the unicorn filly squealed.

"Aww they are so adorable. Which is which?"

"Pumpkin is the unicorn and Pound is the pegasus."

How is that possible? Both the parents are earth ponies... I guess it's genetic?

"They are really cute." I held Pumpkin in my hooves and she fell asleep.

"What?! How did you do that? It takes forever for me to make her go to sleep."

"Ehh.. natural talent? I've always been good with foals."

"Okay Cheesy. Try Pound Cake. Get him to eat his lunch."

"Easy Peezy!" I put Pound into a high chair and Pinkie gave him his lunch. It didn't look appetizing at all.

"Come on Poundy! Eat up!"

I made a series of facial expressions. Pound laughed and I stuffed some of the Orange goop into his mouth. He tried to spit it out.

"Ah ah ah! No spitting little colt. Keep eating. It'll make you big and strong!"

Pound kept eating like I asked. Eventually I didn't need to assist him.

"Cheese you're amazing! Not even the Cakes could do that."

Pinkie put Pound Cake down with his sister and went to sleep.

"Mr.Cake and Mrs.Cake! I'm leaving now!" The Cakes came out of the kitchen.

"Okay bye now!"said Mrs.Cake

"Have fun! And be safe!"

"We will!"

Pinkie and I left SugarCube corner and headed towards the train station. I wondered how much she would enjoy Manehattan.
I bought our tickets and we waited for the train.

"Have you ever been to Manehattan?"

"I sure have! I went a few weeks ago to help Rarity and we saw Hinny of the Hills!"

"I saw that too! What's your favorite song?"

"The ballad of the hills of course!"

"Mine too!" Who knew we had so much in common.

The train arrived. We waited for the ponies to depart off the train and Pinkie zoomed off into the crowd.

"Pinkie! We have to hurry! The train's leaving soon!"

She stuck her hoof up into the air in a "okay" gesture. I followed her where I thought she would be and saw her talking to a mare with an orange coat.

"AJ! It's been forever since I last saw you"

"Aww Pinkie Pie. It hasn't been that long. I just saw you two weeks ago."

"But that's foreeveerr...!"

"I guess it doesn't matter now. I'm back from Appleloosa."

"Yay!" She hugged her tightly.

"Hey Pinkie who's that fella over there?"

"Oh it's just Cheesy. We're heading off to Manehattan to plan a party."

"Oh! Cheese Sandwich from the birthday bash! I got a letter from Granny the other day about you two."

"You did? What did she say?" I asked.

"She wanted to confirm that we'd be able to cater your event and I approved. "

"That's great!"

The train tooted it's horn and then conductor shouted "ALL ABOARD!!"

"I guess we have to go now. Bye AJ."

"Bye Y'all have a nice time. Get home safely Pinkie!"

"I will!"

"Bye Cheese Sandwich!"

"Bye!" Wow. She's probably the first pony who didn't warn me about harming Pinkie. I wouldn't hurt her. Ever. But it's nice to know some pony trust me around here.

We boarded the train and sat in a seat. Pinkie sat by the window and I sat by the aisles. The train began to move forward.

"Boy I'm tired..."said Pinkie. She yawned and rested on my arm.

"Good Night Cheesy."

"Night Pinkie. Dream sweet dreams."

"I will. I hope you have *yawn* nice dreams too..." She drifted away into sleep and quietly rested. She muttered a few words but I couldn't hear them.

I was tired too. I rested my head on Pinkie's soft mane and slept. The ride was going to be overnight so we would arrive in Manehattan around 9am tomorrow. I couldn't wait to arrive. I just wanted to put today behind us.

Meeting the Couple

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A beam of light shined into my eyes and awoke me. I was still hanging on to Cheese's arm and he rested his head on my mane.

"Hehe! Wake up Cheesy we're almost there!"

"...huh?" He woke up and muttered.

"Good morning Sleepy Head!"

' *yawn* Good Morning Pinkie."

"How did you sleep?"

"Slept like a newborn foal! How about you?"

" Best sleep I've had in years!"

Cheese looked out the window. "Hey we're in Baltimare! We have about 15 minutes until we finally arrive! Are you excited?"

" Not just excited... super duper excited! I feel like I'm gonna burst!"

"Don't burst Pinkie! I don't want you to blow up!"

"Hehe! Cheesy I'll try not to."

"Great. I'd be really sad if you did. I'd really miss you,"

"I'd miss you too. I'll try to show my enthusiasm a little more."


"OH MY CELESTIA CHEESY!! WE'RE GOING TO MANEHATTAN! omagashomagashomagash!" I shook Cheese. "Can you believe it?!"

"Haha! Yes I can Pinkie! Just wait to we get there! We'll have loads of fun."

'Yeah...Can I ask you something?"

"Sure. What is it Pinkie?"

"Did you enjoy your time in Ponyville?"

"I really did. Despite the elaborate plot that your friends came up with, being with you was a lot of fun."

"Ugh don't remind me...I'm still a little agitated."

"I'm sorry for bringing it up."

"It's okay..."

"I also enjoyed being with you for the last three days. I'm glad I came here, I would have never gotten to know you better if I didn't come to Ponyville. I really like you Pinkie and I'm excited to work with you again."

"I really like you too Cheesy." I wondered should I confess... we already went on a date and kissed. Should I admit my feelings? I really wanted to but I was interrupted,

"Pinkie... I have to tell you something..."

"Yes? I have something to tell you as well..." Was he going to confess?

"...Pinkie, I just wanted to tell you...that I think that you're an amazing pony...and..."


"A-and I like you..."

"Awww that's really sweet Cheesy. I like you too. "

"...Pinkie. I like you. Like I like like you."

What did he mean by "like like"? Did he like me as a friend or... Oh my.

His face turned red. "...I-I.." He kept stammering and couldn't make a sentence. So I finished it for him.

"Shhh" I put my hoof up to his lips." " Cheese. It's alright I understand. I like you that way too. I like you more than I can explain. You make me happy and make me laugh, I feel so happy when I'm with you. You make me feel better about myself and I'm grateful for that. Thank you so much."

I kissed him and this time he kissed back. It was brief but sweet.

"Hehe" he chuckled. I smiled back. "Are you able to speak now Cheesy?"

"...You pretty much said everything I wanted to say. I really...Like you Pinkie. You are an amazing pony and talented and sweet..."

He blushed even harder. I didn't know that it was so hard for him to confess. He held my hoof in his.

"I really care about you and I'm glad we feel the same way about each other."

He stared into my eyes and I stared into his. His huge emerald green eyes sparkled in the sunlight and I found it to be quite beautiful. His chocolate brown hair was perfectly curled and one fell down to his face. It was really cute.

We sat in silence until our gaze was broken by the squealing brakes.

"Next stop, Manehattan!" The speaker announced.

"Oh boy! We're almost there!" I looked out the window and saw that the train was traveling over the bridge to Manehattan.

"I can't believe we're finally here!"

"Me too Pinkie!"

"We have arrived at Manehattan Station. Please check your seats for any belongings. Have a nice day and we hope you enjoyed your trip on the Pony Express."

"Let's go Pinkie! We have some planning to do!" We grabbed our luggage from above the seats and left the car.

We left the station and I wondered what we're we going to do next.

"Cheesy what do you have planned for today?"

"Well let's see...I have to take you to my hotel room. I've been staying there for about a week."

"Huh... Okay what else?"

"After we get settled, I want to go to Starstruck's condo. I didn't tell them I left or wanted to advance the planning appointment."

"Hmm...Okey doke! How far is the hotel?"

"About a 10 minute walk."

"Sounds fun!"

We walked into the bustling city. Manehattan is very different from Ponyville. Ponies are a little meaner, some are sad, and everypony moves super fast! I'm glad to be here though. It's a nice change.

"What do you think Pinkie?"

"It's really different. I've been here before but it just seems a little different."

"Oh don't worry about it. You'll get used to it."

I was walking with Cheese when suddenly a pony bumped into me.

"Oh I'm sorry-"

"Can't you see I'm walking here?!"


"Your apologies mean nothing!"

"But I-"

"Whatever!" The strange pony walked off grumbling and walked into the street. He nearly got hit by a few carriages but kept yelling at the drivers.

"Cheese, is it bad that I wanted him to get hit by a carriage?"

"A little Pinkie. Just a little. But I just think that that pony needs a little happiness."

"... I guess he does." I took some time to think about this. There are a lot of unhappy ponies here. More than in Ponyville. In Ponyville, I can easily cheer up any pony. Even Cranky! But I guess it's because these ponies don't know me...

"We're here Pinkie!"

We arrived at an extravagant hotel. It was huge and shiny! Cheese escorted me into the lobby and spoke with the hotel manager. In was in another language that I didn't understand. How many languages did Cheese know?

"Come on Pinkie!" He took me into the elevator. The elevator was golden with a velvet floor. Cheese pushed a series of buttons and elevator rose.

"W-whoa!" I hadn't been on an elevator before and the ride was thrilling yet scary.

"It's okay Pinkie!" I grabbed onto him.

"This is s-so weird!"

"Hehe it'll be fine!"

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open. Cheese lead me our of the elevator and took me to a room. It had the number "2714" bolted on in a golden plate.

"Welcome to my room! Oh... You can have Boneless's bed. I forgot I had two beds.Oh well!"

"Thanks Cheesy. Sorry Boneless for taking your bed."

Boneless slouched.

"Hehe! He said its okay Pinkie. He will just bunk with me."

Cheese placed Boneless and began unpacking. I began unpacking as well and put my things into the dresser. As I unpacked I found the giant book of party ideas I kept.

"Hey Cheese! Do you think this will be handy at the meeting today?"

Cheese turned and gave a excited look.

"Of course! I completely forgot about your idea book. We should have them look through it when they come."

"Come? I thought we were meeting them."

"We were. It seems like they wanted to meet today as well. That's why I spoke to manager. He says that Starstruck and Magnolia will come in a few minutes."

"Oh. I guess that's fine too."

"Hey don't be so glum! We're planning a party Aren't you excited?"

"I am...I just wanted to see more of Manehattan."

"How about we go sight seeing? Not today of course but soon."

"That sounds like fun."


A knock on the door interrupted him. He went to answer it and greeted the guests.

"Hello Magnolia! Hey Starstruck! Come on in!"

The couple walked in, and Cheese introduced me to them.

"Magnolia and Starstruck, this is Pinkie Pie. She's helping me plan your wedding."

"It's nice to meet you."said Starstruck.

"Hi." Said Magnolia shyly.

"The honor is all mine! I can't wait to get started."

"So, did you both agree on how the wedding should be organized?"

"Somewhat. We agreed on the cake. A tall vanilla cake with Apple slices." said Starstruck.


"We actually already have a caterer lined up and everything! They specialize in apples so we thought you two would like that."I told them.

"That sounds amazing. I love it. We haven't been able to decide on our wedding. "

"I actually have an idea." I opened my book of party ideas.

"I think a party in the sky would be nice. It's simple yet big! Can you tell me any pony who has had their wedding in the sky? Not even pegasi get married there."

"She's right Star. Pegasi don't get married in the sky. We usually have on land because nopony can do an official one in the clouds..."

"I guess so Maggie... I actually like that. But how would I get there? I can't fly."

"I know some pony who can preform a cloud walking spell. We'll all use that and be on our merry way!"

The couple looked at each other in awe. "What? Is something wrong?"

"Nothing Ms.Pie. We 're just excited." said Magnolia.

"I'm happy for you both! Oh and please call me Pinkie."

"I'm just glad we could work this all out." Said Starstruck.

Magnolia whispered into Starstruck's ear.

"I'm sorry but we have to go. We'll try to come back soon."

"It's okay!" Said Cheese.

"Bye you two!"

Cheese escorted Magnolia and Starstruck out but before they left, Starstruck pulled Cheese to the side and spoke to him.

"Uh huh. Hmmm....No! Hmmm... I guess... That sounds okay.... Alright."

Starstruck nodded and left.

"Uh...What just happened Cheesy?"

"Oh... It's a surprise. Wait and see okay?"

"I love surprises!!"

I was really anxious to know what was the surprise. I didn't want to know because it would take the fun out of it. I hope whatever it is... Will be a doozy!

Sight Seeing

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It was mid afternoon. Starstruck and Magnolia had just left the hotel room from our meeting, Pinkie sat on her bed reading her book of party ideas and put sticky notes inside.

"Hey Cheesy, what were you and Starstruck talking about?"

"It's a surprise Pinkie, You'll see later."

"Awww why do I have to wait?"

"Because I don't want to ruin it. There's no fun in it if I tell you, is there?"

" I guess not, I'll try to wait. I'm sure it will be ultra amazing!"

"Trust me it will be" I thought. I thought back to my conversation with Starstruck.

"I'm glad we can finally work this all out."

" I am too. Is there anything else that you'd like to suggest?"

"No not really...I kinda let Maggie decide on most of the wedding. I do like the idea of a wedding in the sky. No pony has ever done it and we'll be the first to do so!"

"Indeed! There are a few things that we'll need to work out but other than that everything is going as planned. Speaking of the wedding, do you know the exact date?" I completely forgot that they did not know an exact date. All they told me was that they planned to marry this month.

"I guess the 24th? Something special is on the 24th but I can't place my hoof on it..."

"Wait the 24th?! That's next week!"

"Indeed.It's Thursday and I'm sure we'll be able to work everything out by then."

"Yes... I suppose we could."

"Oh, and Maggie wanted me to invite you and your fillyfriend to dinner tonight.

"W-what? She isn't my filly friend!"

"I see the way you look at her. You're head over heels in love."

"... I could say that..."

"Tell you what! Maggie and I will be your wing ponies.It'll be a double date!"

"Alright then... I guess that sounds okay."

"Awesome! We'll see you two then. Meet us at Chez La Mare tonight at 7!"

"Alright! We'll see you then."

Starstruck walked out of the room and followed Magnolia down the hallway.

"I guess we'll see what happens tonight." I mumbled. Pinkie was finishing up bookmarking pages in the ideas book.

"All done! I bookmarked the Sky Wedding and added the food ideas."


"Pinkie, how are we going to work everything else out?"

"Like what?"

"Well for instance, how are we going to get up to clouds? How will we walk on them?"

" I think that I said I have a friend who can help. Twilight brought us to Cloudsdale with a cloud walking spell...."

Pinkie drifted deep into thought, She probably thought about Twilight and yesterday's confrontation. A part of me couldn't help but think that Pinkie shouldn't have been so mean,but her feelings toward Twilight and the three others... were so candid. I also blamed myself for telling her everything. I didn't have to tell her but she deserved to know the truth...

"Cheesy. Is there anything else needed to do today?"

I thought for a second. It was only 3pm. We had only four hours left until we needed to be at the restaurant. I guess we could sight see like she asked.

"There's nothing more to do. Wanna go sight seeing?"

"Sure let's go!"

Pinkie bounced up and was ready to go. "Vamos Cheesy!"

I remembered something else,I completely forgot Pinkie hurt her ankle a few days ago.

"Pinkie, is your ankle okay?"

"Where have you been silly? Of course it's okay!"

" Oh sorry Pinkie. I just remembered you hurt yourself. "

" Nothing to worry about! Now let's go! I wanna see everything."

Pinkie drug me out of the door, and went into the elevator. She wasn't as frightened as she was when we first rode it.

"Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! This is so fun!"

She enjoyed the brief ride in the elevator and we proceeded out of the hotel.

"Where are we going first?"

"Let's go to Central Park." I whistled for a taxi and one soon approached us.

"Where to?" the driver asked in a gruff voice,

"To Central Park."

The driver ran and the taxi began to shake.


Pinkie nearly fell out of her seat, but instead fell into into my arms."

"Oops. Sorry Cheese."

"N-No problem Pinkie..."

"Mind if I stayed in your arms until we get there? I don't wanna fall out."

"I don't mind."

Pinkie sat in my lap until the taxi stopped. I paid the driver and he sped off.

"Welcome to Central Park!"

"Wooow! It's gorgeous! It's like a million times bigger than the Ponyville Park."

Pinkie was stunned by the sheer beauty of the park. There were few ponies there today. It was a perfect day for a walk. Where was everypony?

We walked and sat on a beautiful cement fountain.On the other side of the fountain I heard a gentle weeping.

"Awww who's crying?"

Pinkie walked over to investigate the weeping sound.

A young unicorn mare sat on the fountain crying.

"Awww what's wrong?"


"Come on! You can tell me. We're friends."

I wasn't sure if Pinkie actually knew this pony. Maybe she was just trying to help this poor pony.

"Hey come on tell me-"

"Will you just shut up?! For Celestia' s sake I don't want to talk!"

"But I just think you need a friend..."

"Forget friends. What's the point in them? The ponies you know the best can hurt you the most."


"But what?! I'm pretty sure you've hurt some pony. Or some pony has hurt you."


"That's what I thought."

The mysterious mare got off the fountain and left the park. Pinkie stared at the ground and I tried to console her.

"Pinkie don't listen to her. It's not your fault she's unhappy."

"But it is... She would have been better off crying than with my assistance..."

"I understand you just want to make ponies happy-"

"Yeah but guess what? She was right. I have hurt some pony I've cared about. My best friends. The entire town...."

Pinkie stopped staring at the ground and had an epiphany.

"I... I am a hypocrite..."

"How so..."

"My friends did all of that for me. Actually for the two of us... And I didn't appreciate it because I felt like they wanted my happiness to contribute to the well being of Ponyville... But in reality I wanted that. I want to make ponies happy. I lost sight of that. I feel so foolish. When I was talking to that pony, she made me realize something. I... Really hurt them. I didn't even think about how selfish or stupid I was..."

Pinkie' s mane returned to a semi straight hairdo. I didn't really understand her feelings but I knew that they were justified.

"'ll be okay. I'm sure they'll forgive you."

".... I don't really know Cheese. I said some really mean things."

"I'm 100% certain they will. You've been friends for a while right? They'll forgive you."

"... I guess."

Pinkie frowned and stared at the ground once more.

"Pinkie it will be fine. Trust me." I kissed her in an attempt to make her feel better. She smirked and looked at me.

"Do you really think so?"



Pinkie stood up and her mane poofed back to normal.

"Thanks Cheesy for always making me feel better."

"No problem Pinkie. That's what friends are for. Right?"

"Right! Come on Cheese! I want to see more of Manehattan."

"Okey Doke!"

We left Central Park and continued our afternoon of sight seeing. I still planned on attending the double date tonight with Pinkie, Starstruck and Magnolia. How would she feel about it? I guess I'll find out soon.

Double Date

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We spent the rest of the afternoon sight seeing around Manehattan. I enjoyed the sights. We saw Mare Liberty, The Manehattan State Building and Mareson Gardens. It was so pretty. I'm glad I spent today with Cheese, I love being with him. Even though we were reunited just a few days ago, I feel like something can happen with us. Something wonderful.

I was getting tired from sight seeing Cheese and I went back to the hotel. I plopped down on my bed, exhausted from today.

"I'm ready for a nap. Nighty Night Cheesy."

"Night...wait Pinkie! Don't sleep yet!"

"Awww why not?"

"I wanna take you somewhere!"

"Where? There's a part of the city we've haven't been today?"

"A restaurant Pinkie. I'd like to take you on a date. Do you wanna go with me?"

"Awww of course!" I bounced on the bed to hug Cheesy.I thought it was sweet that he wanted to take me on another date. I need to do something for him...he does so much for me.

"I'm glad you want to go on another date." He smiled and kissed me and I kissed him back. It was a long kiss and I enjoyed it.

He smiled. "Get dressed Pinkie. We have to be there within an hour."

"Okey doke!"

I went into my suitcase to find anything I could wear for tonight.

"Balloons...Cupcake...Paint...Idea book... Ooh a cupcake! *munch* hmm...wait what?!"

I kept looking into my suitcase and I found the missing dress that Fluttershy made. It had dirt on it but it's nothing a quick clean would take care of. I went to the bathroom and tried rinsing the dirt off.

"Come in you naughty dirt! Get off my dress!"

Cheese knocked on the door. "Is everything okay in there Pinkie?"

"Yup....everything is hunky dorry!"

"Okay then..."

I continued to wash the dress.

"You dirty dirt! Stop making my dress dirty!"

I scrubbed and scrubbed.

"Pinkie... what's going on in there?"

"I'm get...this dirt off!"

"May I come in?"


Cheese walked in. He wore his tux jacket and a bowtie.

"Mind if I try?"

"Go ahead."

I handed Cheese the dress. He did something...And the spots of dirt came out.

"How did you do that?!"

"Just a bit of spit and elbow grease."

"Haha! Amazing! Now time to dry it."

"Try using the hoof dryer. We have to go soon."

I used the dryer like Cheese suggested. The dress dried off in a matter of minutes and I slipped it onto my body.

"Oooooooooooooohhhhhh Cheese, I'm ready to go!"

I stepped out of the restroom, eager to show Cheese my dress.

"Do you like it?"

"I love it. You look stunning Pinkie."

"Thank you Cheesy. You look really handsome tonight."

Cheese blushed a little and held me by the arm.

"Shall we go?"


He escorted me out of the room and out of the hotel. He whistled for a taxi and one appeared.

"Where to?"

"Chez La Mare please."

The driver ran off and this time he didn't catch me by surprise.

"So Cheese,What is Chez La Mare?"

"It's a four star restaurant. Kinda like the one we went to in Ponyville."

"Oooh nice."

We arrived at the restaurant fairly quickly. Cheese paid the driver and he sped off. We walked into the restaurant. It was dim but a scent lingered in the air that I just couldn't name...

Cheese walked to the Maitre 'D and spoke in a familar language. Seriously how many languages did Cheese know?

He came back and told me what was happening. "We have to wait for some guests."

"Guests? Who are they?"

"We're having dinner with Starstruck and Magnolia."

"Ooooooh fun! I can't wait until they arrive… Why can't we sit now?"

"Starstruck made a reservation for four under his name. We have to wait for him."

"Awww I hope they come soon. Wait this is a double date!"

"Me too.... I guess you could call it that."

I realized something. Was this the surprise? Was this what Cheese and Starstruck talked about?"

"Cheesy...was this the surprise?"

"Of course! Were you expecting something different?"

"Kinda...But this is cool too. I like doing fun stuff with you."

"Me too Pinkie. You're such a lovely girl and you're sweet and fun and silly..."

"Awww...." I couldn't help but blush a little. Cheese is so sweet. I kissed him on the cheek.

"I feel the same about you. You're really smart, adorable and funny..."

"Awwww..." He blushed a little.

Starstruck and Magnolia soon arrived. We greeted them and we went to our seats.

The waiter handed us our menus and left.

"So...Pinkie. What's life in Ponyville like? I wanted to go there to try painting the Magnolias."

"Oh it's quaint. It's really small compared to Manehattan. It's really beautiful and every pony knows each other."

"That's lovely."

"Not to brag or anything, But Pinkie is the city's party planner."

"Really?" Asked Starstruck and Magnolia

"Yeah! I host all types of parties. Birthday Parties, Cutecineras, Welcoming Parties and more. This also isn't my first wedding party!"

"Oh my. What was your first?" asked Starstruck

"I helped host Princess Cadence' s wedding. I was responsible for the after party."

Magnolia and Starstruck gave surprised looks and could barely speak.

"Cadence' s wedding is probably the most famous wedding in Equestria. She is the first married princess and for you to have done the party... We are honored to have you as a party planner. I've heard lots of amazing things about it, unfortunately I couldn't be the singer because of my tour but I'm sure it was good!"

"It was pretty nice."

"I can't believe it Maggie. We have Cadence' s wedding planner as ours! This is amazing. And let's not forget one of the world's top party planners! Cheese!"

Cheese blushed a little. "Oh Stop it you two..."

"It's true Cheese! You are an incredible planner! At Rainbow' s party last year you proved that to me."

"This isn't your first time working with Cheese?" Asked Magnolia

"Nope! My friend Rainbow Dash had a birthaversy a few months ago. Cheese came to town and planned it. We worked together after some complications."

"Oh wow! That sounds amazing Pinkie!"

"It was. I have pictures. If you come by the room tomorrow I can show you some!!"

"That sounds fun Pinkie! I'll be there."

The waiter came back and Cheese and Starstruck ordered for us. The waiter walked away.

"What did you get Cheesy?"

"We both got salads and dessert!"

"Sounds delicious."

Magnolia hit Starstruck with her hoof, provoking him to speak.

"So....uh Cheese and Pinkie. Is this your first date?"

"Nope! We had one in Ponyville."

"It was lovely and this one will be so much better."

"It sure will be!" Cheese held my hoof under the table. I smiled at him.

"Have you both thought about going further?"asked Magnolia

Cheese and I looked at each other. What did she mean?

"What exactly do you mean Magnolia?"

"Have you both thought about being in a relationship with each other?"

We were both speechless.

"...." I was a little stunned.

"….." and so was Cheese.

"It's clear that you both love each other! Why not try? It's kinda obvious that you two really care about each other. Plus you two are holding hooves underneath the table!"

Cheese and I were shocked. How did she know?

"It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. Plus you two were a little close. If you weren't holding hooves you would be further apart."

"………" Cheese and I glanced at each other but continued to hold hooves.

"…" Magnolia sat silently leaving an awkward vibe in the air. Luckily the waiter arrived. Cheese and I had our salads and Magnolia and Starstruck had a weird looking dish.The awkward vibe still hung around but I felt the need to break the silence.

"Sooo...Starstruck. How did you two meet?"

"Welll...I had just finished a performance in Las Pegasus. I decided to take a train to my next destination. I took a seat on the train and Magnolia sat next to me. It was love at first sight. I loved her personality and her gorgeous smile. She was a little shy at first but she's really outgoing. She showed me some of her paintings and they were just so awe inspiring. I made at least 6 songs off of them."

"Wow! That's amazing! What kind of paintings were they Magnolia?"

"Ponds, valleys, buffalo, clouds.... Just random stuff. I grew up in Cloudsdale and left home alot. I was inspired by the Earth' s beauty and decided to stay here on land but my family still lives in Cloudsdale. That day I met Star changed my life. I felt terrible that day after an art show. No pony bought my paintings. I went on the train to Manehattan to do some work at my studio and I met Star. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me. He brings out everything good in me and I hope I do the same to him. Without him I wouldn't be where I am. He really helped my career and I support his. I couldn't even imagine what life would be like without him."

"Awwwwwwwwwwwww!"said Cheese and I.

Starstruck kissed Magnolia on the cheek. "You do make me feel better about myself. You talk me out of doing crazy things and have been my number one fan my whole career. I'm glad that you'll be my wife and I love you so much."

Magnolia blushed and kissed Starstruck. "I'm glad to know that."

We finished our dinners and had a quick dessert. It was mini chocolate eclairs.

"Oooh my favorite!"said Magnolia.

We ate the eclairs and proceeded out of the restaurant. We said goodbye to our friends and took a taxi back to the hotel.

"You know Pinkie... I've been thinking."

"About what?"

"What Magnolia said about us. I really like you Pinkie. A little bit more than as a friend."

"I do too..."

"And I was wondering..."


"If you'd be my fillyfriend?"

"Of course!!" I was incredibly happy. I didn't know if he wanted to be a couple yet. I hugged him tight and we kissed underneath Luna's light. It was quite romantic.

"I'm glad that you wanted to date me. I really wanted to ask but I was nervous."

"I was too..."

We smiled and I thought about how stupid I felt. I like Cheese. I should have just admitted all of my feelings when I felt them.

"It's a little late. Let's head upstairs."

We took the elevator up stairs and went into the hotel room. I was really tired. A day of party planning, sight seeing and a double date can really wear a girl out. I fell asleep on my bed as soon as I laid down. I dreamt sweet dreams and hoped more would come to me, now that I'm with Cheese everything feels so right.

Hanging Out

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I was awoken by a loud pop. Drowsily I followed the sound. It came from the hotel kitchen. I saw Pinkie cooking something.


"Good Morning Cheesy!"

"What are you doing? It's a little too early for this."

"I'm making Chimicherry Changas!"

Oh those! She made some on the first day of my visit. They were delicious and the craziest thing I have ever eaten.

"Sounds delicious!"

"Wanna help Cheesy? I'll teach you what I know!"

"Sure I'll help!"

I'm not really great at baking but I hope I can make decent changas. I don't know why I chose a room with a kitchen. I can barely cook...

"Okay Cheese. Get a bowl of cherries and mash them!"

"Okey Doke!" Sounds easily enough. I wouldn't have to cook. Not yet at least... I found a bowl and got cherries out of the refrigerator. I put them into a bowl and mashed them.

"All done Pinkie!"

She came other to where the bowl was.

"It's looking great!" She grabbed a bottle of hot sauce out of thin air and put 3 drops into the cherry mash.

"Oooooh! More hot sauce?"

"Yup! I want it to be really sweet and not too hot."

"And the sauce makes the sweetness pop!" We said in unison.

"Hehe! It's time for tortillas!"

She pulled tortillas out of a cabinet and gave a few to me and took the rest of them.

"Make sure to stuff the tortillas full of cherries and fold it when its ready."

"Okey Dokey!"

I began putting the mashed cherries into the tortillas. It was really hard to fold. The cherries fell out and made a mess.

"Oh Cheesy, It's time to fry them-"


Pinkie giggled when she saw the mess on the floor and on me. "Oh Cheesy you're so silly."

"....I am terrible at cooking. I thought I told you that."

"No pony is terrible at cooking. You just need some practice! We all make mistakes and they help to teach you not to fail again."

I thought her advice was wise and it inspired me to try again at folding,

"Don't worry you just need some practice. I'll even help you fold."

Pinkie came over and tried to teach me how to fold the tortilla.

"First you lay it out, put the cherries in, and wrap it tight. Next you make two triangles on the ends of the tortilla to close it. Annddd Ta Da!! Here's the changa! "

Pinkie wrapped the changa perfectly and sat it with the others she created.

"Now you try Cheesy! It's easy!"


I was nervous about wrapping another changa. What if Pinkie doesn't like it?

I tried wrapping once more.

"First the tortilla...then the cherries... then tightly wrap it..." I muttered under my breath.

"And Ta Da?"

My changa was different from Pinkie's. It was fat and stuffed full with cherries. Pinkie's changas were perfectly wrapped and not so full. I guess that's what years of baking experience can do...

"Awwww it's amazing!"


"Yeah! I think it's good that you stuffed with cherries."


"Time to put them in the fryer!"

Pinkie took my two changas and her's to the deep fryer.

"We have to wait about...three minutes. When we hear a pop, the changas will be ready!"

"So that's the pop that woke me up?"

"Yup! Sorry about it. I was experimenting with them."

"It's okay. I'm just glad I'm learning how to cook! I'm glad you're teaching me."

"I'm honored to be your cooking teacher."

"And I'm honored to be your coltfriend."

She turned a little red, I guess she wasn't expecting that.

" Hehe. I'm glad you are mine. I wouldn't want anypony else."

She nuzzled me. Soon we heard the changas pop.

"Yay it's finally ready!"

Pinkie ran to the fryer and put the changas on a plate.

"They have to cool down a little. Let's sit and wait!"

We sat in the dining area for a few moments and heard a knock on the door.

"Don't worry Cheesy. I got it!"

Pinkie bounced to the door and let out a squeal.

"Oh Hi Magnolia! Ready to look in the book?"

"I sure am!"

Pinkie let Magnolia in and she greeted me.

"Hi Cheese."

"Hello Magnolia."

"Maggie you're just in time! We were making chimicherry changas! You don't mind if I call you that do you?"

"Hehe! Sure, I don't mind. What's a chimicherry changa?"

"It's a tortilla stuffed with cherries and deep fried!"

"....Weird." It took her a moment to grasp the concept of fried cherries.

"Don't worry! It's delicious. Cheesy loves them."

"You do Mr.Sandwich?"

" I do. I thought they were weird when Pinkie first told me about them but they are incredible."

"Wanna try one?"

"I guess."

Pinkie went into the kitchen and brought out three plates with two changas each. I had both of the ones I made on my plate, The abnormally huge one and the sloppily made one." I bit the huge one. A explosion of flavor burst into my mouth. It was super sweet, and I enjoyed every bite."

"Mmm! This is amazing!"

"Thanks! I made the recipe myself."

"They are delicious Pinkie! You should sell these. You'd make a killing."

"Thanks Maggie! That's a good idea."

"I think Star would love these. He needs a break from all of those apples."

"Hehehe. Is there such a thing?"

"Yes! He's obsessed with apples. I think he loves apples more than me."

"That's not possible! Starstruck is head over heels in love with you! Besides he wouldn't marry an apple, that's just silly."

"Haha I guess."

I finished my changas and listened to Pinkie and Magnolia's conversations.

"Want another one Maggie? There's plenty in here."

"No thanks Pinkie. I'm trying to keep my figure for the dress."

"I completely forgot about your dress! Did we need to arrange for a fitting?"

"No you didn't. I bought my dress a few weeks ago after meeting Cheese the first time."

"Can we see the dress?"

"Sorry but no. It's a surprise."


"Hey where's Starstruck? He's usually with you." I asked.

"He's at practice. He has a concert tomorrow in Central Park."


" I'll be there to support him like always. Hey! Why don't you two come? I have two extra tickets. My best friends couldn't make it."

"Aww thank you! Of course we'll go. Right Cheesy?"

"Of Course! I'd love to see it."

"Great! I'm glad you two can go."

"Do you know what day you want the wedding?"

"Yeah! Next Thursday the 24th. "

"That's six days from now!"

"Indeed. That's why we need to finish this ASAP."

"Hmmmm..." Pinkie sat in thought for moment.

"Whatcha thinking about Pinkie?"

"Oh uh Cheesy. I was thinking about the Sky Wedding."

"What about it?"

"I would have to go to Ponyville soon and arrange things there."

"Oh... What exactly did you need to do?"

"Well we would need the sky walking spell from Twilight, The Apple's desserts, The Flower Sisters Magnolia arrangement."

"Hmmm... Magnolia you said you are from Cloudsdale correct?"

"Yup. Born and Raised!"

"Hmm... Why do pegasi get married down here? Is there something wrong with the clouds?"

" It's more traditional. They think that marrying on land is a way to celebrate your ancestry. Something weird. You do know pegasi are half bird and half pony right?"


"They just wanna celebrate the pony part of us by celebrating down on land because we didn't always have wings. In the past there were no unicorns or pegasi, every pony was a earth pony."


"So how would you get married in the sky? Who would make it official?"asked Pinkie.

"A princess. All four princesses are able to make it official because they have all of the traits of all three types of ponies."

"...!!" Pinkie realized that this was an easy problem to solve and I realized it as well.

"Maggie! Your problems are solved!"


"We know a princess!"


"Princess Twilight Sparkle! I'm sure she'd be happy to..." Pinkie drifted off into thought. I finished her statement.


"Indeed. Princess Twilight is one of Pinkie's dearest friends."


"What's wrong Pinkie?"


"She needs time to think. Some stuff happened with her and her friends a few days ago."

"Oh... I understand. I'm really surprised you two are friends with a princess!"

"I am too."

"....." Pinkie thought some more. Her silence was eerie and left Magnolia and I at the dining table. She laid on her bed.

"Awww poor Pinkie. I'm sure everything will be fine. I don't know what happened between you and your friends but I hope everything goes well."


"No problem Pinks! See you aren't the only one who can give nicknames!"

"'re silly."

"Thanks. I'm sorry Pinkie,but I need to go. I'm a little late for a doctor's appointment."

"...okay...Bye Maggie."

"Feel better Pinks." She patted Pinkie on the head and spoke to me.

"It was nice to see you all. Thanks for the changas. I'll bring some to Star! He'll love it."

"It was nice to see you too Magnolia. Tell Starstruck we said hello."

"Okay! And Pinkie make sure you show me the pictures later!"


"You better console her Cheese. Her friends aren't here and you're the only one to do so."

"I was going to."

"Good, I'll see you both tomorrow."

Magnolia walked out and I closed the door.

"Pinkie..." I sat on the bed with Pinkie.

"Everything will be fine."

"I was so mean...and now I have to beg for forgiveness and ask for their assistance..."

"Pinkie. They'll forgive you. You all are best friends, I don't see why they wouldn't.

"Because I'm a meanie......." She burst into tears. I hugged her tightly.

"Shhhh....It's okay. Please don't cry..."

She gently sobbed and she stayed in my arms.

"....Are you sure? I was so mean... I could only imagine how the others feel."

"They probably miss you like crazy! You're their best friend. They won't be upset at you."

"Th-Thanks Cheesy." She kissed me and I kissed her back. It lasted a little while but it was nice.

"Would you mind if I napped in your arms? I'm a little sleepy."

"I don't. I'm sleepy as well."

"Nighty night Cheesy..." she soon fell asleep.

"Good Night Pinkie." I wasn't too sleepy but I feel asleep anyway on Pinkie's soft mane. It was the most blissful sleep I have had in years. I dreamt about the wedding and how amazing it would be. We'd have everything arranged and the wedding went perfectly. I can't wait for it. However when it's over, would Pinkie return home?

A New Friend

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Cheese and I were still cuddling when I awoke. The room was dark and it was raining outside. It seemed it was about Midnight. The moon perfectly overshadowed the rain clouds leaving a whitish bluish aura in the clouds. It was kinda scary but really pretty. I wondered did Luna plan this or was it a accident.

I stood by the window and I heard a faint mewing.

"What is that..." I listened harder. The mewing was really faint but it sounded close.

Oh! A kitten... kittens meow but sound vastly different than adult cats. But where was it? I wondered. This poor kitty,was probably alone and had none to love it. I woke up Cheese. I needed some help getting the kitty.

"Cheeeeeese! Wake up!"


"There's a kitty but I don't know where it is! Help me!"

"A kitty huh..." He hopped out of the bed. "Where's the kitten?"

"I don't know. But if you listen reeeeeally close you can hear the rain pitter patter and a mewing sound"

"Hm..."Cheese and I put our ears to the window. The meeting became louder.

"Oh! What if it is inside the window?"

"How? That's silly. A window is made of glass!"

"No Pinkie. The sill is made of wood. It could be trapped there!"

"Oh! Hehe yeah."

"We'll have to outside and find the kitten."

"Awww..." I didn't want to go out in the rain but it was for the kitty. "Alrighty let's go Cheesy."

Cheese opened the window and allowed me to exit first. He walked out afterwards and left the window open.

"Alright! Let's listen to the mewing again."

The mewing wasn't as faint nor was it soft. The kitten sounded like he was hanging on for dear life inside the window.

"Its definitely in there..."

"How are we going to help it?!"

"Hmmm..." Cheese was deep in thought. It wasn't a time for long thoughts it was time to help this kitten!

".....!!" Cheese gave a look of fxclaim." I know what to do."


"Go get a hammer from one of the drawers so we can pull the nails out of the window."

"You're brilliant Cheese!"

I climbed back into the hotel room. I was soaking wet and water dripped from my body. I ran as fast as possible to the drawers. I needed to find this hammer... We have to save the kitten!

I pulled every drawer I could find and soon found a hammer in a dresser. What was it doing there?
I ran back out and gave the hammer to Cheese.

"Thanks Pinkie!"

"No problem! Now let's get this kitten!"

Cheese took the hammer and took out every single nail that was in the sill...until we found the kitten.

The kitten was soaking wet and shivered. Cheese took the kitten out and gave it to me.

"Go back inside Pinkie and help the kitten. I'll fix the window."

"Okay Cheese. Be safe."

Holding the kitty, I climbed back into the room. It was still shivering so I wrapped it in a towel.

"Awww you poor thing." I swaddled the kitten and held it like one would hold a newborn.

The kitten soon stopped shivering and open its eyes. It took me a little while to notice but the kitty was gorgeous. I believe the breed was a calico and it had two different colored eyes. One blue and one a goldish yellow. I kept holding the kitty until Cheese came back inside.

He was soaking wet and I thought It was adorable. His mane was down to his shoulders, his coat a different shade of yellow and his eyes still glimmered
with hope.

"I-is the kitty okay?"

"Yeah it's fine. You on the other hand don't look too okay..."

"I'm alright. I'm glad the kitten is okay."

"But you aren't. You're shivering. Try to dry off and get a little warmer."

"...O-okay P-Pinkie..."

Cheese went into the restroom to dry off and I kept holding the kitten. It slept peacefully in my arms and I continued to carry it.

Cheese soon came out of the restroom. He was dry but his mane was a little tangled.

"Is the kitty okay?"

"Yeah. Its fine."

"May I hold it?"

"Of course."

I gently handed Cheese the kitten. He looked awe at it.

"Awww. It's a Calico! Aww..."

The kitten woke up while Cheese held it. It struggled to get out of the towels. It was only asleep for a few moments and became lively.
The kitty escaped from the towels and climbed on Cheese' s head.

"Awww." He patted the kitten and it purred.

"It likes you!"

"I guess so. It's adorable. It must be tired after being inside the window for so long."


Cheese took the kitten and laid on his bed. He took it off his head and laid it next to him. The kitten purred on Cheese and fell asleep.

"Awww look at it!"

"It's so cute" He brought the kitten closer to him.

"Do you think we should keep it?"

"I guess so. This kitten doesn't seem to have a family."

"Yay! We'll be its family." I got on the bed. I laid next to the kitty. The kitten slept in the middle of us.

"This will be fun. Won't it?"

"Yeah! I think we should look for the owners. We can't just take some pony's kitten."

".....I guess you're right. Even though it's super duper cute..."

"I guess we should ask around town later."

"Indeed...I'm going to sleep for a little while. Good Night Pinkie."

"Nighty Night Cheesy."

Cheese soon fell asleep. It was about 2AM. I wasn't too tired so I stayed up the rest of the night making lost posters. Lost Kitten. A young calico kitten. Please help! If you are the owner please come to the Mane Suites on Clyde Boulevard.

All done! I made about forty signs and I couldn't wait to help find the owner of the kitty. Who would leave a poor helpless kitten to defend for themselves? I spent two hours working on the signs and felt the need to sleep.

*yawn* I hope we find the owner... I laid on the bed with Cheese and the kitten and fell asleep.

I was awoken by the kitten's paws. It scratched my face a little. The kitten laid on top of my mane.

"Hey... What are you doing? Silly kitty."

I pet it and wondered. Where did Cheesy go?

"Hey Kitty! Where's Cheese?"

"Mew!" The kitty meowed back but I had no idea what it was trying to say.

"Hehe! Maybe I'll just wait. What's your name kitty?"


"Mew? That's your name?"


The kitten seemed to understand me. It shook its head.

"No? Hmmmm maybe I'll name you..."


"....Hm. This going to take a little bit of thought. Unlike Gummy you don't really have a trait I can name you after."


"I guess I'll figure it out later..."


"Oh poor kitty! You've been here for a few hours and haven't eaten! Let's cook!


I put the kitty on my mane and began to cook.

"Hmmmm... want a Chimicherry Changa? They are super sweet!"


"You'll love it. Don't worry."


I began making changas for the three of us. I wondered where Cheese was off to. He didn't leave a note or anything. I was kinda worried. I finished the changas and sat in wait for the pop.

Thoughts plagued my mind. Where could he be? What if he's hurt? What if he ran away? What if he... "No! I must stop these wild fantasies. Cheese is fine. Right?" I asked the kitten.


"Good." The changas popped and I took them out of the fryer.

"All done!"

I gave the kitty a itty bitty changa.

"Here you go kitty! Enjoy!"

The kitty bit into it and loved the changa. It had cherries all over its tiny face.

"Awwww hehe!" There was a knock at the door. Anxiously, I bounced to the door and opened it.

"Cheesy! Where have you been!?/I'm so glad you're safe!" I gave him a tight squeeze.

"Hehe! Sorry for making you worry Pinkie. I've been out giving out these posters since the crack of dawn!"

"Oh it's okay. How did it go?"

"Well... No pony has ever seen this kitten or knows it exists."

"Soooo... we can keep it?!"

"I guess. I'd love to have a pet."

"I always thought Boneless was a pet."

"Oh no no no! Boneless is a friend. A very dear friend."

"Oh right..."

"What do you wanna name it?"

"Hmmmm... what's something we both love?"





The two of us looked down at the kitten. It was stuffing its little face in more changas.

"Oooh what about Cherry?"


"The kitty loves chimicherry changas and so do we!"

"Ooooh that does sound good!"

"So we can name it Cherry?"

"Of course!"

Cherry climbed on Cheese' s leg and mewed.


"Hehehe! Her face is covered in cherries."

We spent the rest of the morning playing with little Cherry and thinking up more ideas. We only have five days left. Every second counts. We were going to see Starstruck' s concert later and hoped we could do more there. It would be practically impossible to do more planning.

The Concert

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Pinkie and I spent the morning playing with Cherry. I have never had a pet before. I find Cherry to be an inquisitive little kitty. She is a tiny ball of fluff and is really clingy. I don't mind it. I think it's cute that she follows me around the hotel and lays in my mane.

Pinkie reminded me that Magnolia invited us to Starstruck's concert this evening. Sadly we couldn't bring Cherry with us, in fear that she'd get lost or hurt we left her in the hotel. Pinkie and I left the hotel and headed to Central Park.

"I'm gonna miss her Cheesy."

"Don't worry Pinkie. She'll be there when we get back."

"But what if she isn't?"

"Pinkie. We have had her for about 14 hours. I'm sure she'll want to stay. We spent all morning playing with her."

"...I guess."

"She's not going to leave us. I promise."

"...Okay Cheesy. I keep wondering how Gummy will react to her..."

"I'm sure he'll love her just as much as we do."

"Yeah but I've never had TWO pets before! Gummy could get jealous! Or run away!..."

"Why would you think Gummy would do that? He's your pet. He loves you."

"Yeah! But wouldn't you be jealous and furious if I went to Baltimare and came back with a new coltfriend?"

"....Point Taken."

"See! I feel Gummy would feel jealous with Cherry."

"Hmm..." I couldn't really make a rebuttal. I didn't know Gummy too well. He is a nonchalant baby alligator that loves Pinkie and her treats. I doubt that a baby alligator would be jealous of a kitten.

"Pinkie this may be a weird question but..."


"Would Gummy eat Cherry?"

"No!! Never! Gummy does not like meat. I know that he's an alligator and he'll grow to be a huge thing but he really hates meat. I've had him since he was just an egg. I've tried all sorts things. He really just eats sweets, fruit and anything that isn't meat."

"Hmmmm... That's curious. A alligator who doesn't crave flesh."

"Yeah and I love him for it. I wonder how he's doing with the Cakes."

"I hope he's doing well."

"Me too."

"...We'll have to go back to Ponyville soon. We need to finish the planning there. It would be awesome if Star and Maggie could come."

"Yeah! It would make it alot easier and we could stay until the wedding."


"Cloudsdale is above Ponyville isn't it?"

" just a few miles."

Pinkie kinda drooped her head. Maybe she was thinking about her friends again?

"Is everything alright Pinkie?"

"Everything is fine... I'm just thinking."

"You sure?"

"Yeah. Maybe things will be alright. Maybe we'll all be friends again...I hope you and Maggie were right."

"I hope so too."

We soon arrived at the Central Park Amphitheatre. It was quite empty with the exception of the occasional stage pony.

"Are we here too early?"

"I guess so. I hope we didn't miss the show!"

"Hehehe! That would be kinda sad and funny. I like being fashionably late to some events."

"That's a habit that should be broken. As a party planner we should be the earliest."

"Hehe! Maybe for you Cheesy, but I've only been early to two events in my entire life."

"Which would be?"

"My birth and Twilight' s welcome to Ponyville party."

I burst out in laughter. "How was that possible?"

"Being early to my own birth? Hehe. I caught my mommy by surprise. I was a month early."


"I'm glad I can make you smile."

"I am too. You're so silly Pinkie."

"Awww thanks. "

"Hey Pinks!" A familiar voice yelled however we couldn't find its source.

"Pinks! Cheese! I'm up here."

We looked up to see Magnolia flying above us.

"Maggie! What are you doing?"

"I was helping them set up. You two are kinda early."

"Really? I guess that makes three times."

I burst out in laughter once more.How is that possible?

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing really. Just an inside joke. Where is Star?"

"Oh I see... He's in the back of the stage practicing."

"Hmm... If I recall correctly Star isn't like a rock star or anything is he?" I asked.

"No..kinda...You'll have to watch and see for yourselves."

Magnolia flew down and walked with Pinkie. She pulled her to the side and whispered.

"Ooh really?... I have lots to tell you too... No way!....Awesome. No I didn't...Really? That's cool."

I was curious to know what they were talking about. I guess this is how Pinkie feels when I spoke to Starstruck.They stopped whispering and walked ahead of me.

"Hey Magnolia?"


"Pinkie and I were wondering if you and Starstruck could come to Ponyville with us."

"Ooh that would be perfect. I could paint my Magnolias and tour the sounds glamorous!"

"I guess we could do that as well but we need to finish the arrangements there and we'd like you both to meet the ponies who will be helping."

"Sounds good! I'll have to run it by Starry. I guess now would be a better time to tell him. I'll be backstage if you need me!"

Magnolia flew off and headed towards the stage. Pinkie and I had a long way to go to the stage.

"I wonder how he sounds. Have you ever listened to his music?"

"Yeah. They play his songs in the Ponyville Spa."

"Oh... I think I heard it when I was getting a treatment."


"Yeah. I kept falling asleep."

Pinkie giggled. "He isn't that soft of a singer."

"He has a really smooth dulcet voice."

"Yeah but boy can he sing! He's really talented. One moment it's nice and soft like a lullaby. The next he can be piercing loud or really smooth. That's why only adults are allowed unless he isn't doing a potpourri performance. That's what he calls them."

"Do you think today is a Potpourri performance?"

"No. It's usually in a closed place like an arena if it's Potpourri."

"Hmmm...Why do you think he does this?"

"He has double the fans any pony else has. He sings two different types of music and unites both fans under one roof. It's amazing!"

"That's awesome!"

"Yeah! I'm excited to see it."

"Me too!"

We finally made it to the stage. Magnolia was giving the stage ponies directions.

"Uh...Put the guitar...There behind that!"

"Hey Maggie!"

"Hey Pinks! And Cheese!"

"Hi again."

"It took you two long enough! We're starting soon."

"Yay!! Where do we go?"

"You guys get to stand backstage with me!"

"Yay!! I'm sooo excited!"


"Oh I told Starry about your idea about going to Ponyville."

"Annnnddd What did he say?"

"He'd love to go. He wants to meet every pony who is helping."


"I'm glad he wants to go."

"We'll have to talk a little more about the wedding later. I've gotta help Starry relax. He gets nervous when a concert begins. Head to the backstage and I'll see you two later."

Magnolia flew to a little building close to the stage.

"Awww poor Star. He has stage fright."

"Yeah.... I hope he gets over them."

"It's not really something you can get over its something you have to overcome."

"I've never had stage fright."


"Nope! Everypony is my friend in Ponyville. There's no reason to be shy if you're talking to friends!"

"Makes sense..."

Please make your way to your designated seat. The show is scheduled to begin in three minutes.

The PA caught everyone off guard and Pinkie and I waited backstage.

"Do you think Maggie is here now?"

"She might be. Starstruck should be here by now."

"Maggie....Oh Magggieeeee!"

"....Over here Pinkie."

We turned around and Magnolia was flittering about.

"Is everything okay Maggie?"

"Yeah things are okay. Actually pretty good..."

"I can tell that you're lying. What's up?"

"Between the three of us...Starry said this is going to be his last performance for a while."

"What?!"screamed Cheese and I.

"Yeah. I really love watching him sing. I didn't want him to end his tour."


"Hey Magnolia. I'm sure he's doing this as a break. You two are getting married next Thursday and he'd probably love to spend every minute with you."

"Yeah! He does! Maybee..."

Magnolia muttered under her breath and flew to a different part of the stage.

"I'll be back."

"I wonder what's up with Maggie. She's been acting a little weird."

"I wonder that too. Maybe it's pre wedding jitters?"


We shrugged it off. I guess Magnolia is just dealing with some things. She flew back to us and the concert began.

"What happened Maggie?"

"Nothing. Just a personal matter I had to take care of."


"The concert is starting!"

We stood behind the curtains and watched the stage. Starstruck was not there and there were thousands ready to watch him perform. Where was he?

"Maggie...where's Star?"

"He's trying something new. Just watch and see."

We stared at the stage and suddenly a bright yellow flash appeared. What was it? When we glanced back to the stage, Starstruck was there by the microphone. The fans cheered.

"Did he..."

"Yeah! He teleported on stage!"

"That's so cool!"

"I'm proud of him. He says he doesn't think he's good with magic. He's amazing. Usually he just levitates objects and luminates but he's been practicing bigger spells."

"That's great! I'm glad he can try it out in front of his fans."

We continued to watch the concert. Starstruck sang in his amazing velvet voice,nearly making fall asleep. He sang several songs. Some in English and some in other languages that I didn't understand. The concert lasted about an hour and a half. The sun began to set and Starstruck teleported away from the stage.

"Where did he go Magnolia?"

"Back to his dressing room. We can go see him if you'd like."


"I'd love to know how he does this."

Magnolia flew overhead while Pinkie and I walked down the hill to the dressing room.

"What did you think about the performance Cheesy?"

"I thought it was incredible! I think that it's cool he sang in a different language."

"Did you know the language he sang?"

"Not really."

"Awwwww I thought you would know. I wanted to know what he was saying."

"Maybe you could ask?"

"I guess."

We arrived at the dressing room. Magnolia was talking to Starstruck. They turned their heads and greeted us once more.

"Hey guys! Did you enjoy the show? Asked Starstruck

"It was amazing! I didn't expect it to sound so... enchanting!"

"Thanks Pinkie. What did you think Cheese?"

"It was incredible!"


"Was it hard for you to teleport this time Starry?"

"Not at all! Thanks to your support and my diligence I was able to do it!"


"Also, Maggie told me about going to Ponyville. I would love to go but we'd have to go tomorrow afternoon. I'm free tomorrow until Thursday. We have those days to finish planning."

"That sounds good."

"So we all meet at the train station tomorrow afternoon?"

"Yup!"'the three of us said in unison.

"Maggie and I have to go. We have to finish up some things back home. We'll see you both tomorrow!"

"Bye!"said Pinkie and I.

A bright yellow flash appeared and Magnolia and Starstruck disappeared.

"I guess we should go too Pinkie."

"Yeah. We should start packing."

We began the walk back to the hotel.

"Hey Cheese, what will you do when all of this is over?"

"I guess I'll head to my next party. I go where my cheesy sense takes me."


"Hey. We'll still be together. Don't worry about it. Yeah I may have to go to another city but we'll still be a couple won't we?"

"Yeah! I'll write you every day."

"And I will too, but for now let's enjoy the days we have together."

I kissed her on the cheek. It's sweet for her to worry about us but it's something I don't really want to worry about at the moment. I want to enjoy every single moment we have together.

Life Debts

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After Star's concert we went to the hotel and began packing. I was a little sad because this would be my last time in Manehattan for a while.

I really anxious to get back home. I wanted to apologize for everything I said to Twilight... I really hope the others can forgive me. Except Fluttershy. I want to know why she told... No pony should break a Pinkie Promise. Oh well I guess I'll figure it all out soon...

It was about 8AM. I anxiously awoke and found Cherry prowling around. Cheese was still asleep.

"Oh you silly kitty!"



I pet Cherry and she climbed on my mane. I sat by the window. The hotel overlooked most of Manehattan and I saw the sights I've come to love. The Mare of Liberty, Central Park,the restaurant that we had the double date in, and some more I just can't remember. I loved this city but Ponyville was my home. It's where all my friends are and its where I lived ever since I was a filly. I wonder how Gummy would like it here. He'd probably love it.

Cherry bounced off my mane and walked off. She began playing with my book of ideas.


"No Cherry! Don't do that!"

I took her off the book and sat her on my bed.

"Now you stay right here! Okay?"


I went back to the book and began looking over the Sky Wedding.

"Let's see... The wedding can be anywhere in the clouds, just as long as there is enough support for all the guests. This wedding is ideal for Pegasus Ponies. In the event that there are earth or unicorn ponies who wish to attend, use a Cloud Walking spell. Entertainment can range to light and lovely or super loud. Foods should be graceful and small. Ideal decor consists of Flower Arrangments, banners, and anything else nice and delicate. Because of the clouds which can not hold as many ponies, the party should be about 20 ponies at the maximum. Be sure to party on a large cloud or sets of clouds. Have fun!"

"Hmmm... 20 ponies? I hope we can fit that many. Giving that Star and Maggie are a famous couple there should be a ton of guests."

I wondered about the guest list and who they invited. Hopefully 20 ponies and under.

I heard Cheese yawn.

" *yawn* Morning Pinkie."

"Morning Cheesy! Ready to leave Manehattan?

"Yeah! I'm sad to leave it, but we have to finish wedding planning."

"I guess. We only have a few hours here."

"What should we do to pass the time?"

"Hmmmm....I guess we wait... "

"Ugh!! Booorring! Maybe we should tour the city one more time? Just the three of us."

"I guess we could. Cherry what do you think?"


"She says yes Cheesy! Let's go!"


I took Cherry off of the bed and sat her in my mane. Cheese and I walked out of the hotel and began our tour again.

"Where do you want to start Pinkie?"

"Hmmm... let's go back to Central Park."

I loved the park. It had vast open spaces, the grass always shimmered with morning dew, and the decor was beautiful. There were statues of famous ponies, fountains and lots of flowers. Some were roses,lillies,daisies and some I didn't know. Ponyville Park was small and didn't have as many decorations.

We soon passed the large fountain. It was where I saw that pony who was crying. Her words were cold but she told the truth. I had hurt ponies that I loved and loved me. They went through great lengths to show me that and I didn't care. In my time in Manehattan I've learned one thing. Friends are important. I've learned the lessons quite a few times but I did not learn it's true meaning until the last few weeks. Friends help you up when you're down, and they are ponies that we have decided to place our trust into and care about. Destroying that can change everything.

I still feel like a jerk for treating them so cruelly but I really hope they forgive me. I sat on the fountain to think for a minute.

"Something wrong Pinkie?"

"No...not really. I'm just thinking about some things that all."

"Wanna tell me what you're thinking?"

"I'm remembering when we saw that mare crying on the fountain."


"Yeah. Her words were harsh but true."

"Pinkie. I think that sometimes we have to hurt the ones we love. A little pain makes us stronger. Doesn't it? If your friendship can overcome this mere obstacle then it's proof that your relationship with your friends is stronger than ever."

"You're right. We've been through many a trial and we're still friends... So what's a little argument compared to our past obstacles?"


I felt much better after Cheese's reassurance.

"Thanks Cheesy. You always make me feel better." I kissed him.

"Come on. Let's finish sight seeing Cheesy."

"Okey Doke."

The next one we passed was the amphitheater where Star's concert was held. There were a few remnants from it. A few banners, some paraphernalia and flowers.

"This is kinda odd. Why would they leave so many things?"

"I guess they were in a rush. Still...some pony has to clean this."

"Maybe someone will come?"

"Let's hope."

"Did you like the concert yesterday Cheesy?"

"It was magnificent. I haven't been to a concert before but I hope every concert is like that one."

"Some are. Some are loud and some are quiet."

"I like both... I guess that's why every pony likes Starstruck. He appeals to almost every type of music genre. That's pretty cool."


We walked out of Central Park and began to walk to our last destination. The Mare of Liberty. Cheese and I stood under the monument and stared at its beauty.

"WOW!!! It's gorgeous!!"

"Indeed! Wanna go to the top? It's rumored only awesome ponies can make it to the top!"

"Let's do this!!"

We ran up the spiralling stairs. It felt like forever. Cherry nearly fell off my mane and I helped her back on. Eventually, the three of us arrived to the top of the Mare of Liberty. It overlooked the city of Manehattan and we could see all of the sights. The hotel in the east, the afternoon Sun, the buildings, the bridge... Wait! The afternoon Sun! We were supposed to go to Ponyville this afternoon!

"Cheesy! We've gotta go! It's-"

"Pinkie... where's Cherry?"


We both frantically searched until we found her nearly bouncing off the banister.

"CHERRY!!" We screamed.

I leaped to save her. Cherry fell off and I managed to catch her... I held onto a bar with my fore leg.



I heard a cracking sound. "Please. Oh please don't be what I think it it is..." I thought.

The bar my fore leg was on breaking and I prayed to Celestia that some pony would help me. Where was Cheese?

The bar cracked once more but this time it broke. Sending me and Cherry into the air....

"PINKIE! CHERRY! Grab onto the rope!"

We kept falling and a long rope fell. I grabbed Cherry and bit the rope.

I looked up and saw Cheese tugging the rope towards him.

"I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I disappeared. I went to find help but it looked like no pony was around. There was an emergency kit in a room below... I hope you can forgive me..."

Tears swelled in his emerald green eyes. Of course I forgave him. He saved two lives today..

Cheese soon was able to bring Cherry and I back to the balcony.

"Of course I forgive you.You saved my life and Cherry's." My eyes filled with tears of joy and I kissed Cheese.

"I love you so much Cheese.Thank you for saving me."

"I-I love you too Pinkie. You're quite welcome"

"Now we have to go. We're going to be late for the train ride to Ponyville."

Cheesepie and MagStruck

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It was about 12pm. Good thing I ordered some pony to bring our luggage to the train station. The train was scheduled to arrive in about 30 minutes and we were still waiting for Starstruck and Magnolia. Did they forget?

"Ooooooh.. Is that them? Is that them? Aww I just can't wait anymore Cheesy."

"Me either."

I can't wait to see how this wedding will be we only have four days left.

"Hey Cheesy! She's here!"

Magnolia gracefully flew through the air and landed next to Pinkie.

"Hey guys! Ready to go?"

"Hey Maggie! We sure are!"


"Magnolia,Where's Starstruck?"

"Oh he's practicing teleportation again. He'll be here."


"What's so funny Pinks?"

"How come he doesn't know it? It's simple magic?"

Pinkie laughed and snorted. I had to admit it was somewhat strange for a unicorn not to know such a basic spell.

"Hey! Don't laugh at Star! Just because he doesn't know simple magic doesn't mean anything"


Magnolia shrugged Pinkie off and trotted off to the ticket booth.

"Jeez what's her problem?"

Suddenly a familiar golden beam of light came down between Pinkie and I. The light faded, revealing Starstruck.

"She's just a little moody. Don't mind her."

"Hey Star!"

"Haha! Hey Pinks! Hey Cheese!"

"Was teleportation easier this time?"

"Much easier. I've been practicing alot more lately."

"That's awesome. You know Practice makes Perfect!"

"Indeed it does Cheese."

"Where's Maggie? Is she lost? I need to find to find her!"

"Whoa! Calm down Star! She just left to buy your train tickets..."


"Are you okay Star?"

"I'm just a little worried...That's all. I can't be worried about my fiancé?"


"Hey Cheese? Let's go buy the tickets." Pinkie winked at me and we left Starstuck.

"Don't you think they're acting funny?"

"Yeah just a little?"

"Not just a little. Alot."

"I've only known them a few days and something is up. Something big. Something so big I'm getting a combo!"

"A combo?"

"It's a bunch of random things happening to my body at random times that supposedly predict the future. This time it was tickly hoof,floppy ear,achey belly. I've never gotten two of those!"

"Hmm...I guess something is up. Maybe they'll tell us."

"Let's hope. I want these pinkie senses to go away!"

"Now let's buy these tickets so we can continue to Ponyville."

I bought the tickets. Pinkie and I walked over back to Starstruck and Magnolia.

"Hey guys!!"

"Uh oh hi Pinkie." Said Magnolia

"Hey Pinkie."

The trains whistle shocked us all. It arrived shortly.

"ALL ABOARD THE PONY EXPRESS!" shouted the conductor.

"Ready to Pinkie?"

"You bet?"

She bounced onto the train and I followed. Starstruck escorted Magnolia onto the train.

"Let's sit here!"

Pinkie sat in a seat with two seats. One in front of it and one next to it, so the four of us could all talk and see each other. I sat next to Pinkie and Magnolia was escorted to her chair. Starstruck sat next to her.

"We'll be there around 7:30."

"That's good."

"Hopefully I can get to Twilight's in time..."

I held Pinkie's hoof. "That will be our first order of business. We will go to Princess Twilight's Castle and tell her your feelings. We'll do it together. Okay?"

"Okay. Thanks Cheesy." She kissed me on the cheek.

" Hold on a minute!"

"How long have you've been dating?"

"A few days now. I didn't tell you Maggie?"


"Oh sorry!" Pinkie giggled and nuzzled me.

"I'm glad to see you took my advice. You two are so cute together."

"Thanks Maggie. I'm glad we did too."

The train began to move.

"So...uh how did you two meet?"



Neither of us knew how to answer the question. We meet twice. The party at the schoolyard and the birthday bash a while back.

"You don't know?"asked Magnolia.

"Well we do..."

"But..we don't know which one to say."

"Huh?!"said the couple.

"I first met Pinkie when I was a foal and she helped me get my cutie mark in party planning."

"Then I met Cheesy again a few weeks ago for a huge party."

"Ooooh!" Awed Starstruck and Magnolia.

"Tell us more about the party a few weeks ago."asked Starstruck

"It was my friend Rainbow Dash's birthday and anniversary of moving to Ponyville. I decided to throw her a party!"

"I had a feeling of Pinkie's party and I traveled there. I did the same for yours. "

"When Cheese came I felt jealous. I've never had a rival party planner so I challenged him to a goof off."

The couple looked at us weirdly. "What in Celestia's name is a goof off?"

"Exactly what the name implies."

"It's just a super silly contest."

"Oh... who won?"



"Cheese did by default."



"It was a fun party nonetheless and I promise this party will top it."

"It sure will."

" *yawn* Sorry guys... But I'm so sleepy.. Night Honey." Magnolia leaned on Stsrstruck's arms and fell asleep immediately.

"Well...She fell asleep fast."


"Sorry about that. She's been little weird lately."



"Why would you call her that?"

"She's just been acting funny."


"Yeah I can't figure it out... everytime I ask she kinda flits off or evades the question. "

"...Why do you think she's being secretive?"

"I don't know but I hope she tells me."

He turned awsy and stared out of the window.

"Poor Star. I wish there was a good way to cheer you up..."

Pinkie reached up and grabbed Cherry. She was silent due to her the close call this morning.

"Look Star!!"


Starstruck glanced at Cherry and bursted into a sneezing fit. He woke Magnolia up.

"Huh...Huh....Heyyyy!!! MAKE IT GO AWAY!!!" he kept sneezing and Magnolia drowsily flittered.

Pinkie was surprised to see that Starstruck did not like Cherry and put her back inside her mane.

"I-i just wanted you to feel better."

"You made me feel worse! Wanna make me feel better? You and that thing get away from me."

His words caught the three of us off guard.


"If that's what you want. Let's go Cherry. "


Pinkie walked away and I called for her.

"I'll come with you Pinkie!"

"Sure I don't mind."

We sat in a seat a few rows from Starstruck and Magnolia.

"I'm really anxious to get this over with."

"Me too."

"I've been trying my best to just be myself but when I do it seems like no pony wants me to be myself."

"That's not true. I want you to be yourself. If you didn't... I wouldn't be who I am now. We wouldn't be with each other. You wouldn't be the most awesome super amazing party planner ever."

"Awww thanks Cheese. I think that title belongs to you though."

"Not really. You were the original party planner."

"Thanks." She smiled.

Magnolia approached us.

"Um... Hey guys..."

"...Hey Magnolia."

"I'm sorry for what Star said back there it was unacceptable."

"It's alright but why couldn't he come here?"

"He's not too good with cat fur and still is a little flustered. He'll come by a in a little while."


"Again...We're sorry.We shouldn't treat our party planners like that."

Magnolia walked back to Starstruck.


"What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing."

Pinkie wondered for a few minutes and Starstruck walked to us.



"Is someone going to say something" I said.




"I'm sorry that you have such a filthy thing."

"EXCUSE ME?!' She's not filthy. She's an adorable little ball of fluff who saves me the time of cleaning her. She's not a thing she's a kitten!"

"Well whatever she is I don't want to see it or you again after this train ride."

"Good! Because I quit being YOUR PARTY PLANNER."

"You weren't ever our party planner. Cheese Sandwich was."

"We both were! Now go! Teleport or whatever. Oh wait I forgot you suck at doing something so simple."


"That's what I thought. Leave."

Starstruck left. I had no words for words for what happened. Was Pinkie fired or did she quit? Why would she do that? Didn't she want to work with me? Doesn't this put our relationship in danger?

"Pinkie...Why did you quit?

"I didn't quit. I never was his party planner. I was helping you. I still am."


"This will all be over soon won't it?"

"I guess."

It was silent for awhile. Until we heard a familiar voice shout:


It sounded like Magnolia was infuriated with Starstruck's actions. I was a little upset with Pinkie's as well,but as Pinkie said "this would all be over soon".

And boy was she right.


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I leaned on Cheese's shoulder.

"Cheesy. What are we going to do?"


"...Are you mad?"

"Just a little frustrated. That's all."


"It's okay."

"I'm going to go to Magnolia to see if I can fix things. I'll be back."

"Okay Cheese."

Cheese left the seat and I looked out the window. It was late afternoon and were passing Appleloosa. I remembered that Applejack attended to business there a few days ago and we saw her at the train station. I wonder what she did?

Cherry bounced out of my mane and into my lap. She was oblivious to most of today's events. She nearly died and was the cause of an argument. How can something so cute and innocent cause so much trouble? I began to speak to her.

"'re so lucky. You have no idea what's going on. You're just a baby after all..."


"Hehe.Yes. A cute little baby. You're mischievous. You've caused a lot of trouble today missy."


"It's okay. I forgive you. I hope Cheese and Maggie does too. I can't say for Starstruck either."


"Yeah he's a big meanie."


Cheese came back and Maggie was right behind him.

"Pinkie. Magnolia would like to speak to you."

"I don't mind."

"Pinkie... I don't know what harsh words Starry said to you but I hope you can still be our planner."


"Will you accept their apology Pinkie?"

"...Sorry but no."

"Why?!"they both screamed.

"I need him to apologize. I appreciate your meditation but if he's too stubborn to apologize then I won't either."



"All I did was try to cheer him up and he lashes out at me..."

"...Pinkie. Please get over your pride and apologize! He'll apologize back. This stress is not good for me at the moment."

"You're stressing him out too! You've been acting weird and he wants to know why! We all to know why!"


".....Are you going to tell us?!"

Magnolia walked back to her seat.

"Pinkie. You didn't have to do that."


"She only wanted to help. Now you have to apologize to both of them."

"I'm sorry Cheese..."

".........It's okay..... I'm going to the dining car would you like anything?"

"Not really."

Cheese walked off to the dining car.

Now I have to apologize to six ponies today. An life record for me. I don't think I've ever made that many ponies mad at me.

I decided to nap and hoped that everything would be okay when I would wake up. I dreamt that I was back at the Pie Rock Farm back when I was a filly. The skies and days were dreary and boring. We didn't know what fun was. I enjoyed life on the farm it was nice and simple. However this dream was different than my memories. It was bright and lively. Livestock helped move the rocks and my sisters smiled at the rainbows that filled the sky. My parents were proud of the farm and our hard work. What did this dream mean?

I woke up and saw that the sun was setting. It was about 6:30. We were almost to Ponyville. I looked around and I couldn't find Cheese. Where did he go?

I went to the dining car and found him with Magnolia.

"Uh..Hey guys."

"Hey Pinkie."

"I wanted to apologize for being rude to you earlier. It was wrong of me."

"It's fine really. Thanks to you I realized that I had to tell Starry."

"What happened?"

"He took it well."

I still want to know what "it" is.

"Come and sit Pinkie."

"You should eat something Pinkie. You haven't eaten since this morning."

Cheese was right. I haven't eaten in a while...

I sat down next to Cheese and ordered a plate of hay fries.

"What happened when I was asleep?"

"Nothing much."

"As I said before I talked to Star."

"And? Can you please tell me?"

"Not yet. I'll be willing to tell after the wedding or after the honeymoon."

"Awwwww...." "Do you know where you're going for it?"

"Hm...... We're going to Trottingham to visit some relatives and tour a little. The real honeymoon will be in the Crystal Empire. It'll still be fun though."


"Hey, I have to go check on Star I'll see you both when we depart."

"See you then!"

Magnolia walked out of the dining car and left Cheese and I.

"You're still going to help me aren't you?"

"Of course! Why would you think that?"

"Magnolia and I were talking about it when you were asleep. You are right you technically aren't the designated planner but you are assisting me... So your decision impacts me as well."


"Don't make bold moves like that. I know Starstruck was being out of line and I confronted him about his actions. You should be more careful though."

"What did you say to him?"

"To put it nicely, He couldn't speak to you or Cherry in such a rude manner. Also if you wanted to stop planning, I would quit."

I was surprised. I didn't expect him to protect me or stop the party over something like this. I don't think I can recall a planner ever stopping a party.

"You'd do that?"

"Of course. We're a team right? It's both of us or none of us."

I was on the verge of tears. I went to hug him as a sign of my gratitude.


"It's nothing. Really."

The waiter came to the table and brought my hay fries.

"I'm sorry about this. Maybe it would have been better if I just kept quiet."

"Don't be. Everything will be fine..."

The PA box cracked and a voice spoke. "We will be arriving at our destination in ten minutes. Please check for any lost belongings before leaving. Thank you for riding the Pony Express."

I finished my fries. Cheese and I proceeded back to the seat and waited for the train to stop.

"Are you ready Pinkie?"


"To see your friends."

"Yeah! Sorry I'm just a little distracted right now."

"What's wrong?"

"I'm just thinking about a dream I had earlier."

"What was it like?"

"I was back on my family's farm and instead of it being dreary it was lovely and bright."

"That's amazing. Why is it distracting you?"

"Because dreams have meanings. And I would like to interpret it."

"Hmm...maybe it means things are going to get better? Things have seemed rough the last week and perhaps it's a sign that good times are coming."

"That sounds possible. Especially with the wedding in a few days and I'm about to see my friends again...Thanks Cheesy. You're the best."

"No probs Pinkie. Anything to make you smile."

The brakes of the train squealed,bringing it to a halt.

"We have arrived to our destination. Have a nice evening."said the speaker.

We grabbed our luggage and waited for Magnolia and Starstruck on the train platform.

"Once we leave the train station we'll go to SugarCube Corner, drop off the luggage and go to the castle."

"Sounds good."

"Pinkie! Cheese!" Magnolia called our names. She and Starstruck walked over to us. She nudged him, forcing him to start the conversation.

".....Oh hey guys." She nudged him once more and glared at him.

"I'm sorry for my behavior on the train Pinkie. It was unacceptable. The last few days I've been worried about Maggie and its been driving me nuts, and I took it out on you. I shouldn't have done that. I hope you'll reconsider being our party planner."

"I'm sorry too. Of course I'll continue to be your planner! You two have a wedding coming up, I wouldn't leave you now."

Star smiled.

"Thank you Pinks."

"Where will you be staying while you're here?"

"A friend of mine is letting us use her vacation home."

"Awesome! Can you meet us at SugarCube Corner tomorrow morning?"

"Sure! Bye!"


A bright yellow burst of energy appeared and the couple disappeared.

"Well shall we be off?"


We began our walk to Ponyville.

"Cheese. I'd like to go to Twilight's first then SugarCube Corner."

"Sure. Ready to see your friends?"

"Yeah. I hope they still think as me as friends..."

"Don't worry. If you're truly friends, they'll forgive you."


We were quiet for most of the walk and we soon made it to Twilight's Castle. We climbed up the long spiraling stairs until we heard voices. The voices overlapped each other and belonged to Applejack,Rainbow Dash,Rarity,Twilight and ...Fluttershy. Cheese and I slowly approached the door. I peeked through, and the girls were back in the Conference Room. It was where Twilight told about everything. I eavesdropped on the conversation. It seemed that Applejack did not know what happened a few days ago.

".... I see..."

"We just wanted to help you know.."

"It didn't require y'all meddlin' in her life! This is why she ran away!"

The voices overlapped once more until I just couldn't take it.

"Girls!"'I shouted.

They were all silent. Their focus was on me.

"P-Pinkie!!" Said Applejack.

"Yes AJ it's me. I have returned. I wanted to apologize for a few days ago. I know you all were trying to do your best to help Cheese and me but it didn't require everyone's involvement. I have realized I've been a terrible friend to you all. Especially you Twilight. I pushed you away when you were helping me and that's not what friends do. I'm so sorry for being so mean. To each and every one of you."

Everypony's eyes were swelling up with tears. "It's not you that has to apologize. It's us. We should have known that you are capable are fulfilling your own happiness."said Twilight.

"I'm sorry Pinkie." Said Rainbow, Rarity and Fluttershy.

"It's okay girls. Friends are supposed to forgive each other right?"

Fluttershy looked at me with an apologetic face. "Fluttershy.It's okay. I forgive you."

"Thank you. I'm so glad you're back Pinkie..."

"I am too."

"So I hear you're throwing a wedding?"'said Rainbow

"Yup! Cheesy and I are planning it. Come on in Cheese!"

Cheese walked into the Conference Room. "Hey Everypony! Nice to see you all again."

"Hey Cheese!"everypony said in unison.

"Who's getting married?"asked Rainbow

"The famous couple Starstruck and Magnolia."

"Really? I didn't think you'd be that lucky to host it! It would be great for business if I did Magnolia's gown..."

"Sorry she already has one!"

"Bridlemaid dresses?"

"...I'll get back to you on that."


"How can we help?"asked Twilight.

"Well...we're all meeting at SugarCube Corner tomorrow so I guess we could all figure something out there."

"Sounds like a plan! Does any pony disagree or object?"

Everypony shook their heads.

"Looks like we all head to SugarCube Corner in the morning."said Twilight.

"Sounds good! I'll see you tomorrow guys."said Rainbow.

"Yes that sounds amazing! I can't wait."

"Bye y'all! See you in the morning!"

"Bye everyone."

Fluttershy,Applejack,Rarity and Rainbow Dash left the Conference Room leaving Twilight, Cheese and I.

"You're welcome to stay in the castle if need be. It gets pretty lonely at night with just Spike,Owlowiscious and I."

"Sure. Thank you Twilight."

"You're welcome Cheese."

"Would you mind if I stayed the night Twilight?"

"Not at all."

"The bedrooms are on the next floor. Make yourselves at home."

Cheese left the room and headed up the stairs.

"Pinkie. Can I ask you something?"


"How was Manehattan?"

"It was wonderful. I stayed in a lovely hotel kinda like the one we were in last time. We went sight seeing and I made a new friend!"

"New friend?"

"Her name is Cherry. Wanna see her?"


I pulled Cherry out of my mane.

"What in the name of Celestia?!"

"Meet Cherry!"

"That's a kitten. I was expecting a pony or something."

"Well she can't be a pony like us! What do you think of her?"

"She's really adorable."

"Thanks!! She's named after her love of chimicherry changas!"

Twilight face hoofed at the thought of Chimicherry Changas. What's so bad about them?

"She belongs to the both of us!"


"Cheese and I!"

"I see. What will happen to Cherry once the planning is over?"


I didn't really think about that what will happen after the wedding?

"Does that mean you and Cheese are a couple?"


"Awww... I'm happy for you Pinkie!"


"How long have you been a couple?"

"A few days now. I really enjoy it."

"I'm glad that you're happy."

"I am too. I have a question for you Twilight."


"Is it normal for a unicorn not to know the basic spells?"

"Not usually. Levitation and Lumination are simple spells. Even unicorn foals learn that."

"How about teleportation?"

"It's more advanced if you haven't practiced. A unicorn would have to be diligent to master teleportation."

"Hmmmm.....Okay! Thanks!"

"You're welcome."

"I'm going to sleep. Nighty Night!"

"Good Night." Twilight luminated the room with her horn and proceeded to read a stack of books. I left the conference room and went upstairs to the bedroom floor. I opened the first door.

The room was huge and so was the bed. The room felt a little stuffy, so I opened the large window that overshadowed the room.The moonlight was a beautiful shade of orange. It covered the town as if it was a blanket. The light left a soothing aura over the town. The cool country breeze felt good in my fur,it lulled me to sleep.I plopped myself into the bed. The softness of the blankets took me into its nighttime sanctuary and I succumbed to its call.

I dreamed a lovely dream. The wedding went by beautifully. Everyone was happy and Cheese didn't leave Ponyville... But what if the opposite happens?

Final Preparations

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I barely slept. We had three days left until the wedding. There was still a few things that needed to be prepared. I guess later this morning we'd figure everything out.

It was still late at night. About 4am. My room was pitch black and a orangish hue peeked from the curtains. I looked out and the moon was a light orange and covered the town in a lovely Darkish orange color. I wondered did all of the cities look like this tonight?

I decided to sight see around the castle. I left my bedroom and to my surprise the corridor was still lit. I wandered around the hallway. There were about thirty bedrooms on each side of the hallway. I didn't look in each but I'm sure they look as lavish as the one I'm in. I wonder is Pinkie still asleep?

I left the bedroom corridor and went to the next floor. This one had three libraries, another conference room and a room for stargazing. I found Twilight in one of the libraries, deep in thought.

"Hey Twilight."

"Oh uh Hey Cheese!"

"Aren't you supposed to be asleep?"

"No. I enjoy staying up late at night to catch up on my studies. What about you?"

"I couldn't sleep."

"Were the beds uncomfortable? Was it too loud? I'm sorry."

"Oh no. It was perfect. I'm just worried about the wedding."

"What's wrong?"

"We brought the couple here so they could see things for themselves... And it also looks like we'll be throwing it in the clouds."


"Yes. Pinkie came up with the idea of a Wedding in the Sky."

"That sounds wonderful... What types of ponies are they?"

"A Pegasus and a Unicorn."

"...So you'd need a princess?"


"I'd love to be the one who unites them. Really. But Cadence is the Princess of Love... Cases like these would have to be under her control."

"You couldn't do anything?"

"I'll have to try. I'll have Spike send a letter to her immediately."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. How did you enjoy Manehattan?"

"It was nice. I've traveled all over Equestria but that's the one place i can say is my home."

"Awwwww. That means you're quite well versed correct?"

"Yes, I'm fluent in many languages."

"Amazing! If you could go do a favor for me?"


"Take this letter to Pinkie at SugarCube Corner."

"I thought Pinkie stayed here?"

"Oh she did. She left about an hour ago. She was anxious to introduce Cherry to Gummy. I have no idea why it couldn't wait."

"Okay I'll go!"

"One last thing."


"You're very lucky to have some pony like Pinkie as a filly friend Cheese. Take care of her."

"I will."

I walked out of the library and exited out the castle. It took only a few minutes to reach the bakery. It seemed that Pinkie was the only awake. Her window was open and lit and the bakery was dark.

"Hey Pinkie...You awake?"



"Cheese?" Pinkie looked out the window and spoke to me.

"I need to give you something."

"Come on in. I'll have Gummy unlock the doors."

I waited until I heard the door's locks open. The door swung open and Gummy blinked at me. It's surprising that Pinkie trained him to do that.

"Good Gummy! Please lock them."

Gummy swung on the series of locks and posed at the end.

"Good Gummy! Here's a cupcake!"

Pinkie put a cupcake on his head and Gummy blinked.

"What's the letter for Cheesy?"

"I have no idea. Twilight wanted me to give it to you."

"Lets go upstairs. I think I may know what it is."

"Gummy!! Keep watch of things! Cherry! Keep being cute!"

Gummy blinked and Cherry mewed in response.

We went upstairs and Pinkie sat on her bed.

"May I see the letter?"


I gave her the letter and Pinkie nodded.

"Mm-hmm. This is exactly what I thought."

"What exactly is it?"

"It's my gift to the couple of course!"


"Star needed help with teleportation right? Who else is better to help him than Twilight Sparkle herself? Her letter says she'll give him lessons to improve his skills! Amazing isn't it?"

"It's very thoughtful!"

"Indeed. We're keeping it a surprise until the party."

"I should tell you what Twilight told me."

"What is It? Please don't be bad news."

"...Twilight may not be able to do the wedding."


"According to her, cases like these are under her supervision. "

".....What can we do? Cadence is far away in the Crystal Empire!"

"She said she would have a letter sent to her immediately."

"I guess that is good..."


"Why did you leave the castle Pinkie? I thought we would all come to SugarCube Corner together."

"I was really anxious to get back home. That's all. "

"Oh okay. How did Gummy react to Cherry?"

"It went better than I imagined! She sat on his head most of the night and chased each other around the bakery. They're going to be lifelong friends!"

"Awww that's sweet."


"Do the Cakes know you came back home early?"

"Not yet. It was super early when I came into the bakery. They'll be surprised though."

"It must be nice to have someone you can come back to. I don't really have a home. I've spent most of my life traveling but never found one place to call home."

"Awww Cheesy! Ponyville can be your home. It's where everything began for you right?"

"Hm..I guess it was."

"So you should always return to Ponyville! If you didn't... I'd miss you so much. Every pony else would miss you too."

I thought about it. I would miss Pinkie if I never returned. I would miss the amazing ponies I'd met in these last few weeks. I can't stay in one place though. I guess this conversation will have to wait for a better time.

"I'd really miss you too Pinkie. I think we should talk about this after the wedding."


I know it was bad for me to keep postponing this discussion with Pinkie. I didn't know how to explain my feelings. I want to stay but I also can't stay. Why must everything be so difficult?

"Cheese, I just you to know that I love you and I care about you. I will support any decision you make."

"I love you too Pinkie. Thank you."

Her baby blue eyes shimmered with hope. She gave me a soft kiss on my forehead. She then proceeded to a nearby closet.

"Pinkie? What are you doing?"

""Her voice was muffled. She sounded further and further away until she shouted "Found it!" And caught my attention once more. Shortly after, Pinkie hopped out of her closet carrying a familiar book. On closer inspection it was the Book of Party Ideas that Pinkie brought along to show Starstruck and Magnolia.

"I had an idea Cheese."


"I was reading the Sky Wedding entry and it seems,like it's lacking something you know?"

I read over the Sky Wedding entry. I didn't understand. What was the wedding missing?

"What's wrong with the wedding Pinkie?"

"It needs more...oomph!"


"Yeah! Oomph. It needs some excitement, some entertainment and something I just can't put my hoof on just yet..."

"Excitement huh? We were so hung up on Wedding Detail that we didn't really plan the Wedding Party...."

"You're right about that. I guess we should add that to our list of conversation topics at breakfast."

"Indeed we should."

A yellowish beam peeked through the curtains revealing the sunrise. We opened the windows. A lovely country breeze swayed through my mane and fully awoke me. In a daze I stared at the town, and was interrupted by a tap from Pinkie.

"Cheesy, Come with me!"

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just wanted to check on the foals. I think I heard them."

I completely forgot that Pinkie watches the Cake's children.

"Oh! Well let's go then."

We walked down the hallway to next room. It was a blue and pink nursery. Pinkie and I looked around for the foals.

"Pumpkin...Pound...?" Pinkie whispered as low as she could and proceeded to the crib with caution. I followed behind her. She approached the crib and put her hoof inside. It was welcomed with two soft giggles.

"Pinkie!!"giggled the foals.

"Awww I missed you two sooo much!" They all giggled. I walked to the crib to see the foals.

"Eesy!"babbled Pumpkin.

She disappeared and I felt a bit of weight on my head.

"Hehe! Cheesy!" Pinkie pointed to my head and I saw little Pumpkin laying on my mane.

"Awww. Little Pumpkin? Can you please come down?"


She climbed off of my mane and back into the crib. Pound Cake looked at me curiously. He began to flutter and whispered something to Pinkie.

"Hehe! No you silly colt."

"What did he say?"

"Could he sit on your head too?"

I chuckled. "Sure." I picked up the colt and placed him on my head.

"Yay!" Giggled the creme colored colt. Pumpkin glared at him and glanced at Pinkie. She put the filly on her back and gave her a ride.

"Yay!!" The foals giggled in unison.

"Me now?"asked Pound. He flitted about curiously and stared at me.



He stopped flying and landed on my back. I began to slowly trot around the nursery. Then, I began to trot a little faster. I felt Pound bounce on my back and the began to blur. I warned Pound to hang on to me as I began to run faster. He giggled back to me. I was getting kind of tired. It was probably my fifth lap around the room and it was looking kind of blurry. I would past the crib, the changing table, the toy box and pink and orange blur that was Pinkie and Pumpkin. Seeing the same familiar blobs made me dizzy and I fainted onto the floor. I was tired from the little race but I felt pathetic that something so simple had made me faint. I awoke in a familiar room. Yes... the lobby of SugarCube Corner. The scent of a dish I have grown to love permeated through the air. A couple of voices overlapped in the kitchen and three familiar ponies walked out. I sat in a breakfast nook as the ponies approached me.

"Cheese you're okay!!"

The three flower sisters greeted me and gave me in a tight squeeze.

"Hey...girls!" I was constricted by their loving grip.

"Awww, we heard what happened and we came right away!" Said Rose.

"Yeah!! I was worried."Lily nodded in agreement.

"What happened to me? Where's Pinkie and the foals?"

"Oh...You fainted after playing with Pound Cake. We have no idea why..." Daisy pondered in thought. I wondered what made me faint so easily. It's not like me to get tired so easily. I sat in my seat and looked around. The surroundings were a bit different than it were a few hours ago. The pets didn't patrol the lobby, there was now a luscious scent floating through the air, the restaurant had a beautiful decor today but yet it was missing one thing.

"Girls..Where's Pinkie?"

"She's in the kitchen making breakfast for everypony!-"answered Daisy

"The foals are with their parents! They thought it would be best if they didn't interrupt today's meeting."interrupted Rose

"I guess that's okay?" I thought it was curious that the Cakes decided to leave the bakery.

Pinkie came out of the kitchen balancing of what smelled like Cherry Muffins. Rose, Daisy and Lily helped her balance the tray and set up plates. Eventually Cherry and Gummy came out of the kitchen and began to play. They were covered in sticky red goo and chased each other around the room until they were out of sight.

"Cheesy! Are you okay?!"

"Pinkie ran over to where I sat and leaped onto me. She smothered me in kisses.

"Please don't scare me like that again! Do we need to go to the hospital?"

"Haha I'm fine Pinkie really! Thanks for making sure."

".....Cheese. Are you super duper super dee super sure that you are okay?"


"You don't sound positive Cheese!"

"I am!"

"Pinkie Promise?"

I raised my eyebrow at the mention of "Pinkie Promise". I had no clue what one was. I remembered that her friend Fluttershy had broken one but luckily she had forgiven her. I was pulled to the side by Daisy and she whispered into my ear.

"Look Cheese. Be careful with Pinkie Promises. Like all promises you can't break them but you have to take it to the grave."

"There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with that!"

"....Alright...Just say: Cross my heart,hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye;to make it official."

I nodded and approached Pinkie. "So Cheese, Are you okay?!"

"Yes Pinkie. I am fine. I will always be fine. Please do not worry."

"Good! I hope you are."'She skipped off to the tables leaving the four of us a little confused.

"You're lucky she didn't bound you to a promise."said Rose.

"Yeah! Because Celestia forbid that something actually happens to you...She'd probably go mad because you "broke" a promise."said Daisy.

The sisters walked off to the tables to help Pinkie set up for later, leaving me alone at the breakfast nook. Would Pinkie be mad if something happened that I couldn't control? If I were to get hurt, If I had to leave, if something worse were to happen?...No....She wouldn't. She loves me. She wouldn't do so ludicrous.

The door swung open revealing the fourth visitor. Applejack barged in and welcomed us.

"Hey y'all! Where's everypony?"

"They aren't here yet! You're early as always AJ!"

"Yup! I'm surprised Twilight wasn't here before though."

It was a little odd that Twilight Sparkle wasn't first. She is known for talent in magic and her punctuality...

"Have you seen the others?"

"We planned last night to all come together but I guess everyone is being fashionably late."

"Awww...They have to come. Help yourself to some muffins AJ you must be starving!"

"Thanks Pinkie!" Applejack sat next to me on the breakfast nook and quickly ate her muffin.

"Soo..How have y'all been?"

"...Good. How has things on the farm been?"

"Good. AppleBloom and her friends have been helping with the farm can get their cutie marks! Isn't that cute?"

"Yes.Oh and AppleBloom...." She continued to ramble about her family until two more ponies entered SugarCube Corner.

"Hey Everypony." Rainbow Dash and Rarity said together. Rarity flung her perfectly coiffed mane and Rainbow flew to grab a few muffins.

"Hey Cheese how ya doin'!" Rainbow greeted me from above. She landed on the table,shocking Applejack.

"Awesome how are you-"

"Rainbow Dash! Get off the table this instant!" Rarity screeched.

"Jeez! Yes Mom!" Rainbow flew off the table giving Rarity a look of discontent. "Happy now Rare?"

"Yes! Now just please have some manners for once."

Applejack snickered at the scene and patted me. "She usually tells me to have manners."

"Rarity sat with us and spoke. "Good Morning. How are you all?"

"Wonderful Rare how are you?"

"Perfect as always!"

"And you Mr.Sandwich?"

"Fine. Thank you."


Rainbow sat next to Rarity and ate her muffins. She spoke with her mouth full.

"Hfsy Gyys"

We all turned and looked at her. Rarity was appalled by her and dragged her out of her seat. She used her magic and grabbed a napkin to take the food out Dr her mouth. We were all appalled but Applejack couldn't stop laughing at the embarrassing scene.

"Now! Please just stop."

Rainbow blushed and sat in a corner farthest away from the table. Pinkie went to console her but it did little to help her.

A short while later, Fluttershy arrived and a small purple and green dragon.

"H-Hey everypony,Sorry we're late. I had to pick up Spike from Twilight's Castle."

"Where's Twilight?"asked Applejack

"Oh, she went to the Crystal Empire for a quick visit."

The dragon was interrupted by a gasp from Pinkie.

"Oh don't worry Pinkie! She'll send me a letter within the next few minutes regarding the visit."

"Phew! Crisis Avoided."

"Pinkie and Cheese who else are we waiting for?"asked Rarity

"Why the lucky couple of course! Where could they be..."

I really thought they would be the first come so they could meet everypony. However my thought was interrupted by the door opening and the entrance of Magnolia and Starstruck. It had only been about 13 hours since I had seen them both last seen them but they both seemed different. Magnolia's ivory coat was radiant and her blonde and pink mane was changed from its usual do. Her sky blue eyes shimmered with determination and she lost her will fly.Starstruck bursted with arrogance and confidence something he usually didn't have. What made them so different?

"Hey Maggie,Hey Star!"

"Hello Pinkie." Magnolia flipped her mane looked at me.

"Hello Mr.Sandwich."

"Hey Magnolia. Hey Starstruck."

"Hello all." Greeted Starstruck.

Rarity bounced out of her seat and got to the couple's hooves.

"I can not believe you two are in our presence! Mr.Star! Your voice is just so lovely. Ms. Magnolia! Your art is divine. Even when you weren't famous I went see your art shows every single year!"

The couple glanced at each other.

"Please get up Ms.Rarity. A lady such as yourself shouldn't bow down to ponies like us."said Starstruck.

Rarity's eyes sparkled as she listened to one of her idols. "Yes. I thank you for being a fan. I didn't even know I had such support from back then."

"Why of course. Your art is lovely. My favorite is the August Galaxy . It has such exquisite colors, why it inspired a few dresses of mine."



Tears swelled up in Magnolia's eyes. "My art was so unpopular as of a few years ago. But when I met Star that all changed. Ponies thought I loved him because of his reputation but that's not true at all. He's an amazing pony and I'm lucky to have him."

"Awwww." Awed Everypony.

The sweet moment was interrupted by a belch in the corner.

"Spike! Was that Twilight?"asked Pinkie


Pinkie and Spike read over Twilight's letter.

"Hm. That's good isn't it?"


"What happened Pinkie?"

Pinkie pulled me to the side.

"Twilight says Cadence gives her permission to do the wedding however she won't be here until late this evening. So we only have today to finish getting everything ready."

"I think we could accomplish that."

"We'd have to get most of the major things out of the way today."

"Like what?"

"Nothing dealing with clouds. Only Twilight knows the Cloud Walking Spell."

"I guess that would mean everything would be settled tomorrow then. Or tonight."


Spike told everypony about Twilight's message and fortunately no pony thought about the cloud walking spell.

"Star and Maggie. As your party planners we want what's best for you. Should we take you to see the caterers,the decor and possible entertainment?"

"I'd love that Cheese. What do you think Starry?"

"I would like to see everything as well."

Everypony cheered.

The flower sisters spoke to Magnolia and Starstruck.




"LUCK!" said the sisters.

The sisters pulled out a huge flower booth showcasing the flowers they sell. The booth had Daisies,Lillies,Roses,Daffodils,Magnolias,Tulips and many unidentifiable beautiful flora. Magnolia was stunned at their glorious display of flowers. Once again she cried. Starstruck comforted her but she seemed a little overwhelmed.

"What do you think Magnolia? Do you like it?"

"I-it's perfect thank you."

The sisters smiled. "Anything to make a pony happy!"

I'd love If all the flowers were in bouquets though."

"You got it!" Said Daisy!

She pushed the cart out and the sisters followed her out of SugarCube Corner.

"Let's head onto Sweet Apple Acres. You should meet the caterers."I said

"Oh yes, and this Applejack one of the caterers for the wedding and one of my best friends!"

"Yup! If it's no trouble I'd like to cook here. My family has been kinda busy as of late."

"Oh..okay! I'm eager to try what you make Ms.Applejack."said Starstruck

"While she's cooking let's talk about the entertainment. What did you want to do?"

"I would love something quiet and harps...or something of that nature...."

" excuse me?"


"If you wouldn't mind... I would love to have my birds perform for you. It's the least I could do."

"Aww! That would be extraordinary! What's your name?"


"Fluttershy? How beautiful. I am Magnolia. I look forward to hearing your birds."

"Thank you...."

Fluttershy nervously flitted out of SugarCube Corner. Rarity and Spike sat in a table having a deep conversation and Rainbow was still in the corner figuratively dying of embarrassment. I went over to talk to her.

"Hey Rainbow, How ya Doin'?

"Pretty Terrible."

"What's wrong?"

"You know what's wrong Cheese! Rarity embarrassed me! If any pony else did that to her she'd be at home stuffing herself with ice cream and whining."

"I don't really know Rarity all that well but I know that you shouldn't let stuff get you down. So what if it was embarrassing? It gives you something to learn. To never do it again. You didn't like that feeling did you?


"You will never repeat it. That's probably the best thing that could come out of this."

"....You're right Cheese. Thanks."

"No problem."

Rainbow finally regained her confidence and began to mingle once more.

"Thanks for helping my friend Cheesy. It's hard when gets down that."

"Aww it was no problem. I just wanted to make her happy that's all."

Pinkie kissed me on the lips. "Thanks. I'm glad you helped."

I gave her a smile. The smell of freshly baked pastries brought the room to a halt. Applejack came out of the kitchen carrying a couple of Apple Pastries. The scent was wonderful and was mouth watering.

"I hope y'all are ready for a bite! "

The couple stared at the desserts Applejack placed onto their table. Fritters,Pies,Eclairs,Cupcakes and so many more. I did not have a bite but I was full after taking a glance of Applejack's mountain of food.

If recalled correctly,Starstruck loves apples. He took one bite of a Apple fritter and a smirk appeared on his face.

"I-I...Th..I??I love it!!" He gobbled it up and continued to eat the desserts.

Magnolia loved sweets. She tried one bite of an eclair and said:"Mmm. This is amazing. Pardon my fiancee's manners." Magnolia said.

Starstruck looked at Applejack and apologized. His mouth was full and every word that came out of his mouth a chunk of Apple hurled out.

"I'm sorry Ms.Applejack." She did her best to dodge the chunks of apples. Rainbow Dash laughed at how poorly Starstruck spoke as he ate. The meal was soon over and the couple gave their critique.

"Oh it was magnificent. I'm glad to have you as our caterer."said Magnolia.

"Oh shucks." Applejack blushed a little.

"You really nailed it. I love apples but never in my life have I ever tasted a dessert so expertly crafted such as that. It was beautiful...a taste meant for a princess... I am anxious to have more."

"Why thank y'all. I'm honored."

Applejack took the plates and began to clean up.

"We're glad we took today to meet everypony but if you excuse us, we have a few more things that need to be done before tomorrow. I'd like to invite all of you! Come in your best formal wear."said Magnolia.

"Magnolia... if you'd like I could help with your mane and make-up tomorrow?"

"I'd love that Rarity! Thank you. Come by this house tomorrow morning okay?"

"Okay see you tomorrow!"

"Bye everyone!"

Once again Starstruck and Magnolia disappeared into a bright yellow flash. We were dizzy for a second but Rarity broke the brief silence.

"I'll get to work making everyone a outfit for tomorrow! I have everyone's measurements already so that should make everything somewhat easier..." Rarity began to mutter.

"I'll see you all in the morning darlings! Ta-ta!"She sang as she ran from the bakery.

Rainbow had her hooves on the table and she looked around the room.


"What's up Dashie? I thought you were about to leave?"

"No not yet Pinkie. I was going to leave with AJ. I was spending the night over there."

"Oooh sounds like fun. If Twilight was here we could all stay over at the castle."

"Oh but you could! I'm there!"


"Yeah!Just because Twilight isn't home doesn't mean anything."

"Uh yes it does Spike... Now you should you get home before it's past your bedtime." Taunted Rainbow.

Spike gave her an evil eye and walked out the door. "Was it really his bedtime?"asked Pinkie

"Don't know and I don't really care."

"Awww poor Spike. All alone in that gigantic castle. Oh well Twi will be back in a few hours."

"Huh. I guess. I'm gonna help Applejack clean. See you two later." Rainbow trotted into the kitchen and was welcomed by a cacophony of clanging dishes.


"It was worth it wasn't it Pinkie."

"What do you mean?"

"We've been through alot these last two weeks and things are finally getting ready to end."

"....You're right. We've been through alot of stuff Cheese. I've realized alot of things too. This may have been only two weeks but I have learned that I am lucky to have you. Not only as friend but as a co-worker. You are an amazing pony and I'm lucky to have you as a coltfriend. You're sweet, kind, wonderful and smart and amazing. I love that you are selfless and put others before yourself. Like those times when I got hurt. You could have left me but you helped me out..."'Tears formed in her eyes and I hugged her.

"I love you Pinkie."I whispered to her.

"I love you too Cheese."

We briefly kissed but were interrupted by awes and sobs.

"Applejack? Dashie? Is that you?"

"Haha...sorry....carry on. We were just leaving."said Applejack

"Yeah." Said Rainbow.

Rainbow flew out and Applejack trotted away.

"I think I'm going to head to bed. You should head back to the castle."

"Yes. Good Night Pinkie."

"Night Cheesy."

I galloped back to the castle,up the spiraling stairs,through the corridor and finally my given bedroom. It was untouched and my sheets remained the same as they were this morning. I plopped onto the velvet bed and let the softness engulf me... It was the first time in a while I fell asleep like a foal and dreamt such a peaceful dream. I'll have to thank Princess Luna more often for these blissful dreams. I dreamt that my life was finally perfect. I lived with Pinkie. I don't know where we lived but we were happy together. Could that really be us?

Super Duper Party Ponies

View Online

I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to get Twilight from the train station. It was time to put Operation:Wedding into effect. I waited for a while and was awoken by the train's loud horn. The train eventually screeched to a halt and passengers began to depart off the train. Twilight Sparkle came out of a car with her face in a book. I greeted her with a warm hug.



She patted me on my back and I let her go.

"What are you reading there buddy?"

"A book about weddings that Cadence lent me."

"Is it interesting?"

"I think all books are interesting. Now if you excuse me." Twilight continued to read and flipped a page with her magic. She carried a variety of things with her and held them using her levitation spell. She paid no attention to me and continued to walk back to Ponyville.

"Um Twilight, Now that you're here can we get just a little bit of the wedding done?"

"What could we right now? It's not even sunrise yet."

"If you could, would you be able to manipulate the clouds for the wedding?"


"That would be awesome."

"....I should take you to the spot where I think is best to hold the wedding." Twilight pulled a scroll out of her knapsack. She opened the scroll revealing an map of Ponyville. Her hoof touched the point that she thought was best.

"Here it is. We aren't far from it."

"We just keep going west and take a left at where the Golden Oaks Library used to be."

"Yes Pinkie. I suppose you all got my letter?"

"Yup! Everything is fine and hopefully today will be just perfect."

"I'm anxious to meet the couple. How did everything go with them and the girls?"

"It went great! Fluttershy is providing entertainment with her bird choir, Applejack is on food arrangements, Rarity is helping the bride with her mane and make-up and the Flower Sisters are making flower arrangements."

"It sounds like we're in for another amazing party. What about Rainbow?"

"I don't know actually. I'm hoping she's just going to watch or help out."

"Knowing her she's definitely going to do something. Pinkie we're here!"

I looked out and Twilight and I reached a meadow. It blossomed with little Magnolias that shined in Luna's cool summer light. Overlooking the meadow was a hill,where below a watering hole lay. I however did not understand. It was beautiful but where were the clouds?

"Twilight? What makes this meadow so perfect?"

"Forgive me if you thought I chose this based on its aesthetics. It's one of the closest points from Cloudsdale to Ponyville. We could easily access the clouds now and those who aren't capable of flight wouldn't have to ride in the hot air balloon for very long either."

"You do have a point there Twilight. It's very pretty too! I'm sure they'll love it."

"Thank you. Fortunately there's enough clouds to create the Wedding."

"Phew. Another crisis avoided."

"I'll be done soon. Can you check up on Spike for me?"

"No problem! Thanks Twilight I'll be back soon."

Twilight continued to concentrate on the clouds as I walked away I heard many a poof,groan and a frustrated growl from her.

Ponyville was quiet as always. I looked into the sky and there was the oddly colored moon. It was a bright orange but I couldn't figure out what caused it to become such a beautiful color. Perhaps Twilight knew?

I approached the castle,went up the spiraling stairs and searched for Spike. I looked in the three libraries and Spike wasn't there. Nor was he in the conference or the throne room. I looked in the bedroom chambers and found him speaking with Twilight's owl.

"Look, I'm just doing what I always do."


"Unlike you, I need to sleep. Please go."

"Hoo." The owl flew out the room.

I walked in and Spike was comfortably tucked into the gigantic bed.

"Spikey..." I sang in a sing songy voice. It had only been moments since the owl left and Spike was almost sound asleep.


..... He thought I was Rarity? Perhaps this was a good chance to prank him.

"Oh yes Spikey Wikey. My darling little Spike. Hop out of this bed now!"

"Why..."He whined. Spike's eyes were still closed. Perhaps he thought this was a dream.

"Oh honey please do get up." Still doing my best Rarity impersonation I tried to persuade him to get out of bed.

"..." Spike wouldn't budge.

"I'll give you this big luscious gem."His eyes opened and he leaped out of bed.

"Oooh Rare! Where's the Gem?!" His claws clutched greedily back and forth. I giggled at Spike and his eyes opened wide.

"Wait Pinkie?"

"Yep! I had you fooled!! Hehehe!!"

"Yeah...real funny." Spike looked down at his claws sadly. He anxiously awaited his midnight snack but nothing was left in his palms.

"Hehe sorry Spikey."

"Why are you here so late anyway? It's nowhere near sunrise."

"Twilight wanted me to check on you. She's still out and probably won't be back until later."

"Hm. Okay." He was still disheartened by my little prank.

"How about we see Rarity? I'm sure she's still awake."

"Really?! You'd do that for me Pinkie?"

"Of course? We're friends!"

"Well on wards and upwards to Carousel Boutique!" Spike hopped onto me and slapped my back. I tossed him a glance.

"What? We're friends. We can do this kind of stuff can't we?"

I rolled my eyes and began to exit the castle. I proceeded to head east to Rarity's home. I began to plan what everyone was responsible for today. Cheese and I were responsible for management and making sure that the wedding ran smoothly. Twilight is the reverend, Fluttershy is responsible for entertainment, Applejack is the caterer and Rose, Lily and Daisy are on decor.

Soon we arrived at the boutique. A blue light shone throughout the building illuminating the outside world. Spike hopped off my back and peeked into the windows. His eyes widened and he shouted to me: "You've got to see this!" I ran to the window and took a glance. Rarity was entranced into her work as per usual. However her work today was pro bono. I remembered her mentioning that she would make us all an outfit for the wedding. On each mannequin lay a dress. Six dresses, A Tuxedo and a miniature tuxedo for Spike. The dresses however were not finished. Usually Rarity is quick to finish dresses in a pinch like this but what was wrong?

Spike bursted into the front doors of the boutique and nearly scared Rarity to death.

"Rarity! Your dresses look beautiful as always! Would you like me to help you?" He looked starry eyed at her and she gave him a sweet reply.

"I'd love that Spike thank you. What are you doing here so late?"

"I just really wanted to see you that's all."


"Oh! And Pinkie's here too. Come on in Pinkie."

"Hey Rarity, what's up with the outfits?"

"It's...getting there. Just a bit of a complication that's all."

"A complication for you? Rarity I'm sure it's nothing."said Spike.

"Oh but it is. I really want to know what Magnolia's dress looks like. I can't finish our dresses if I don't."

"How come?"

"I don't want us to look better than the bride. It's her day. We aren't supposed to outshine her."

"You're right about that..."

"But! Pinkie. You're her wedding planner. You should know what her dress looks like!"

"...."I recalled in Manehattan my first meeting with Starstruck and Magnolia. She did say she picked her dress but she did not show it to us. Would it be a surprise to us today?

"Um..No?" I giggled nervously.

"No?" A slight twitch formed under Rarity's eye.

"Yeah. I believe she took care of that herself. Cheese and I were only responsible for party planning and the wedding."

"This is awful..." Rarity took off her glasses and laid on her famous fainting couch. Spike laid with her to help comfort her.

"Awww Rarity please don't be sad!"

"Yeah! Turn that frown upside down! I don't understand why you can't use the dresses on the mannequins."

She sat up and looked at the six dressed mannequins. " I was using these for six different fashion lines. One for a different season, however I guess I could use them..." Rarity got out of her couch and began to work again. Spike watched and helped her out. I remembered that I should check back with Twilight and see how everything went in the meadow.

"I've gotta check on Twilight! I'll see you two later. Make sure to get some rest. Okay?"

Rarity was too consumed by her work to answer me. "Just a stitch here... And maybe a different color there? Haha perfect!"

" Bye Pinkie. I'll be here with Rarity."

"Bye guys! I'll see you two later. Tell everypony to meet at SugarCube Corner at sunrise!"

"You got it Pinkie! "

I waved goodbye to Spike and left the store. Magical bursts of energy continued to light the store as I walked toward the meadow.It was now about 2AM and the orangish moon hid behind the clouds. I approached the meadow to find Twilight sitting on the ground and looking into the nighttime sky. It was hard for me to make out for me to see what was above.

"Hi Twilight! What are you looking at?"

She didn't answer but she pointed into the nighttime sky. I looked above and could see the wedding platform. There were stairs that lead from the wedding arch to the platform. Everyone who attends the wedding would sit in the box seats in the sky. It looked absolutely heavenly.

"Twilight it looks gorgeous!"

"Thanks Pinkie. I'm glad I could help."

"You should rest Twilight. You look a little tired."

"I slept a little on the way to Ponyville. Besides I would like to read a little more before the wedding."

"Oh! Perhaps you should..."

"How is Spike? Did he get to bed on time?"

"Yeah! Actually...he's with Rarity with now..."

"That's good. I guess. Wait...who's at the castle then?!"

"...Wouldn't Cheese be there? And your owl?"

"Oh yes! I completely forgot I let Cheese Sandwich stay at the castle. Did you see Owlowiscious in the castle?"

"He was bothering Spike while he was sleeping... Why?"

"I had him tell Spike prior to his bedtime that he was to feed him. Apparently he didn't."

"What a scatterbrain!"


"I'll be back Pinkie."

"Wait Twilight! Before you go, Some thing has been bothering me."

"What's wrong?"

"Why is the moon so odd?"

"I've been wondering the same thing as of late. I went through my library and a book said it was called the Luna de Amor .Curiously I searched for an answer but I did not arrive at one until I asked Princess Cadence. She told me that about a thousand years ago, Princess Luna fell in love with a stallion. They were to marry but he died unexpectedly. To honor his death and their love Luna illuminates the moon. Its effect makes love increase tenfold throughout Equestria."

"Awww how sad... I never thought something so tragic could happen. Why today of all days?"

"His death day and their wedding day were one and the same."

I clutched my chest. I could feel how terrible it must have been to lose someone so close to you. "That's terrible."

"Yeah. But Cadence and Luna use this night and a half to help spread love and hope. All over Equestria. That's better than despair isn't it Pinkie?"

"Yeah... I guess."

"Anyway. I'll be back. I need to feed Owlowiscious." Twilight flew off into the sky. I began to think more about Luna's story. It was sweet how their love lasted so long. I wondered did she illuminate the moon when was banished. I couldn't imagine that happening to the two of us. I'd be devastated to lose Cheese Sandwich. However, it was amazing. You could feel how powerful it was but you really couldn't explain it. I guess it truly a good day for a wedding but a tragic memory for the princess.

As I looked out to the into the pond once more I saw my reflection. I looked a little sleepy and my poofy mane had some hairs out of place. I was spooked by another reflection that appeared in the pond and sat by me.

"Oh...You scared me!" I said to the figure. I looked up and it was Cheese who laid next to me.

"Sorry Pinkie. Twilight said I could find you here."

"Yeah, she was doing the wedding platforms. What's wrong?"

"I couldn't really sleep that's all. I wanted to see how you were doing."

"I'm doing okay. I asked Twilight about the strange moon."

"I've been curious about it too. What's wrong with the moon?"

I explained to Cheese about Luna's story and the moon's effects.

"That's so sad." He wiped a tear from his eye.

"Yes, but Twilight says the moon increases love in Equestria."

"How wonderful... And what perfect timing too."

"I know! It's a perfect day for a wedding."

"Could I ask you something Pinkie?"

"Sure. What's on your mind?"

"Yesterday, at the bakery when I fainted, you were worried about me. Did you really think I wasn't going to be okay?"

"It was silly of me to freak out like Cheesy but that's what I'm supposed to do. I love you and I am supposed to care. Aren't I? I'd be really really really sad to see something happen to you."

"I love you too Pinkie. I promise I will not let anything bad happen to me. Pinkie Promise."

"Cross your heart?"

"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in eye."

I pulled out a cupcake out of thin air and stuck into Cheese's eye. My friends were usually surprised by my antics but not Cheese. He seemed to think that the things I did were normal instead of outrageous like my friends do.

"What's wrong Pinkie?"

"I'd thought you say something like... "Why did you do that Pinkie?" "Stop it Pinkie!" "It was delicious!""

"It was good! But it was part of the promise. I shouldn't complain about it."

I gave him a smile and kissed him. "You truly are the best coltfriend a mare could ever have."

He blushed a little and kissed back. A rustling in the bushes interrupted us. Would we ever get a moment alone?

Cheese stood up to protect us and check out the rustling. "Who is there?"

Out of the bushes popped out a luminous pair of yellow eyes. "Hoo!"

Cheese touched its head and it spun. "Oh! It may be an owl!"

I hopped over to it. I wasn't too familiar with Twilight's owl. I knew it's name was super duper long and had owl in it! That was a start.

"Awww hey there!"

"Hoo!" The bird flew out into the bushes and fluttered in the air.

"Where's Twilight Mr.Owl?"


The owl flew in direction of Ponyville, leading us to Rarity's home. Cheese and I followed it for a while. We were lost in the darkness for a moment.

"Where are we?"

"I don't know! Where did the owl take us..."

A flash of light lit the area surprising the two of us. Following the random burst of light were overlapping voices nearby. The voices were unintelligible. We followed the sounds and the conversation began to get clearer.

"Why did you leave?!"

"It isn't my responsibility. He can take care of himself."

"As my assistant,you should take care of things while I'm gone!"

"And he is perfectly fine of taking care of himself! I have watch your entire castle while you're gone. Now you ask me to feed a pesky bird?"

"I will not tolerate anymore excuses. I'm disappointed in you."

I looked at Cheese. We both realized the scene we stumbled upon. Twilight was confronting Spike about his behavior this evening. I walked out of the bushes leaving Cheese behind and interrupting Spike and Twilight.

"Did I come in at a bad time?"'I chucked nervously. I knew that I did, I just wanted to help.

"Kind of Pinkie." Twilight was turned away from Spike with her wings flared.

Spike walking away with his arms folded. "Hey get back here mister!" I shouted.

"You shouldn't treat Twilight like that! You are supposed to help her. Even if that means dealing with her pet bird and her large castle!"


Twilight walked over to me and placed her hoof on my shoulder. "I appreciate your help Pinkie but this is something Spike and I should settle. Let's all go back to the castle."

"S-" I could barely speak and the four of us were absorbed into Twilight's beam of light. In a moment, I was a dimly lit room with Cheese and there was no sign of Twilight nor Spike anywhere.

"Where are we Cheese?"

"I think we're back in the castle. Actually..... we're in my room."

"What luck!"

"Indeed. I think I'm going to go back to sleep. It's going to be a doozy of a day and I'll need all the rest I can get."

"Cheese? May I lay with you tonight? I don't want to be alone."

"That would be nice Pinkie. I wouldn't mind."

I hopped into the bed next to Cheese, nearly making him fly out of it. We burst out in laughter. I love how silly the both of us are, how we are almost a perfect match.

We stopped laughing and Cheese laid back on the bed.

"It's been such a long night. I just need rest..."

"Yeah." We cuddled and kissed for most of the night until he fell asleep. However the moon kept me awake. Now that it wasn't a mystery, the moon's appearance made me wonder about the Stallion that Princess Luna fell head over hooves for. What was he like? How did he look? What was his talent? These questions lingered in my mind until I fell fast asleep.

I woke up to find that I was alone in the giant bed. I frantically searched for Cheese. Where did he go? I ran out of the room and found Spike carrying a small amount of books.

"Spike! Where's Cheese?"

"Oh! He and Twilight went to SugarCube Corner. They'll be back."

"....For what exactly?"

"I guess you were all supposed to meet there but now they changed it to meeting here... I guess you didn't know?"

"No. Not at all."

"Oh, Sorry Pinkie..."

"I guess it'll be okay. It's nothing major. It's just a change in a meeting spot. And what if he didn't wanna wake me up?"

"It's a possibility. I'll see you in a little while Pinkie. I need to get to the library."

"Alrighty then. Bye."

I walked back into my room and sat on the bed. I thought about every possibility of why he didn't tell me why... but it wasn't the time to bum myself out over something so trivial. I had a wedding to execute in less that five hours. Let Operation: Wedding commence!

"I guess while Cheese is out, I could go to see Daisy,Rose and Lily..." I left the castle and proceeded to the town square. The sisters were hard at work on their flower arrangements.

"Morning Girls!"

"Hi Pinkie!"greeted the sisters.

"How are the arrangements?"

"Perfect."said Daisy

"We have the ones requested by Magnolia, the Bride's bouquet and the decor."said Lily.

Rose took me into a small garden where they worked on the arrangements. "Here it is!"

It was absolutely stunning. The bouquets consisted of Roses,Lillies,Daises,and Magnolias. The flowers had a heavenly scent that would go amazingly with the decor. "Wow! It's beautiful! I'm sure Magnolia will love it!"

"Thanks!" Said Rose.

"Could you tell your sisters to meet us at the castle in about an hour? Make sure to bring the flowers."


"I'll see you then!" I left Rose's garden and left for SugarCube Corner. I remembered that I left my gift for Starstruck in my room.

I walked into the bakery to find the twins on the floor playing with Cherry and Gummy.


"Come back!" The pets didn't look pleased and ran up the stairs. Mrs.Cake came out of the kitchen.

"Oh! Pinkie you're back. Did everything go well yesterday?"

"Yes! It went super! How was your day with the foals?"

"Lovely. Carrot and I took them to Baltimare for a day to visit their cousins."

"Sounds like fun!"

"Oh and could you watch them today? I have a few cakes I need to finish baking..."

"I'm so so so sorry Mrs.Cake but the wedding is today. I have to coordinate it."

"Oh my! I completely forgot. I'll get out of your mane... I'll just watch them. "


I bounced up the stairs and went to my room. It was messier than I remember it being. Since this would probably be my last time here for today, I brought my satchel and my ultimate party kit. That consists of balloons, my famous party cannon, an instant cupcake maker and a giant bubble blaster. It's surprising how all of this can fit in one bag..

I was prepared to leave for the next stop. Perhaps I should speak to the pony in charge of the balloon?

I left SugarCube Corner and went to the eastern corner of Town's Square. The Hot Air Balloon rental booth was just in front of the Mayor's statue.


"Why hello,Pinkie Pie." said Cherry Berry.

"I'd like to rent your balloon for the day."

"Awesome! What for?"

"We're having a wedding in the clouds and we need a balloon for the ponies who are incapable of flight."

"Oooh I see..." She rubbed her chin as she was deep in thought.

"How much will it be?"

"No cost!"

"Awww you're the best-"

"Only if I'm invited."


"Invite me to your wedding or it'll be a billion bits!"

"WHAT?! That's outrageous! I'm not the one getting married though..."

"Too bad. Pay up. Or no balloon.

I rubbed my chin because like this pony I too was deep in thought. "Fine you can go..."


"But you'll have to clean up after the wedding."


We shook hooves and I walked off. I flashed a mischievous smirk, because little did Cherry Berry know that she'd be cleaning quite the mess tonight.

It had been about an hour and I went back to the castle. Every pony stood outside waiting for me. Twilight,Cheese,Applejack,Rainbow,Fluttershy,Rarity, Starstruck, Magnolia and the flower sisters all stood on the stairs and waited.

"Oh there you are Pinkie! We've been waiting for you. Where have you been?"asked Cheese

"I was taking care of business. Sorry."

"It's fine. We just need to figure out where everypony is going now."

"Well... Applejack and Rainbow could finish the food."

"Twilight and the sisters could come with you and me to the meadow so we could decorate..."

"I think that's about it. Is there anything else?"

"Oh excuse me Pinkie. I'll be in my cottage preparing my birds. Remember they're helping out today?"

"Oh! I forgot. Sorry Fluttershy. Sure go ahead. Make sure they're perfect."

"I'll be with Magnolia! She needs help with her lovely mane and I'd love to pamper her."

"Oh Rarity...I'm flattered."

"I could do something for you too Mr.Starstruck."

"That would be nice."

Rarity escorted the couple in the direction of her home.

"So it's just the eight of us now?"I asked.

"Six of y'all I reckon. Rainbow and I are gonna cook and we'll be back soon."

"Bye you guys!"

Rainbow and Applejack trotted off to Sweet Apple Acres.

"Alright let's go to the meadow!"

The meadow wasn't too far from the castle. It was pristine and was left untouched. It looked even more beautiful in the daylight. The animals were frolicking about. The flowers blossomed and a small waterfall trickled.

"Rose,Daisy,Lily. I'll fly above and place your arrangements above."

The sisters nodded. "What should Cheese and I do Twilight? The balloon isn't here yet."

"I guess I could give you both wings."

"That would be awesome!! But uh.. what if they melt like last time?"

"Don't worry. Since I became a princess my magic has become much stronger. Besides, I won't use that spell. I can give you faux Pegasus wings. They look and feel like them they just aren't real wings."

"Oooh sounds fun. What do you think Cheese? I won't do it if you won't."

"I really wanna be a Pegasus for day!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes!!"Cheese and I said.


Twilight closed her eyes and released a magical surge of energy. It was blinding. I couldn't see for a second but I felt a tickle and tight squeeze in my torso. Ooohs and Aaahs came from far away and I assumed it was probably the sisters watching our spectacle. I was released from the spell. I felt constricted for a moment.

"How do you both feel?"

I felt my new limbs. "Amazing! Is this how it feels to be a Pegasus?"

"Pretty much. How do you feel Cheese Sandwich?"

"Not bad..."

He opened up his beautiful golden wings. They were much larger than mine.

"Go ahead practice! You never know! You could be a natural born flyer."

I flapped my wings. Deep in my soul, I have always thought I was born to be a pegasus. The moment my wings flapped, I flew. I didn't drop to the ground like a newborn chick. I soared through the air and enjoyed the breeze through my mane. I heard Twilight call me.

"Good Job Pinkie!" She flew with me. I looked below and Cheese had a proud large grin spread across his face.

"Thanks! Now it's Cheese's turn."

I dived to the ground and tried to make a decent landing but I almost hurt myself in the process.

"Pinkie!!! Are you okay?! Are you hurt?!"

"I'm just fine Cheese. Now it's your turn to fly."


He flapped his wings and struggled get off the ground.

"Come on Cheesy..."

He tried and tried. Rose,Daisy and Lily cheered him on.

"Go Cheese Go!" They chanted.

Twilight gave him pointers. "Don't think about it too much. I know it's hard. Just keeps trying."

Twilight flew up into the and resumed her work. She monitored Cheese's progress from above almost like an guardian angel. The sisters fell asleep underneath a tree and I continued to help Cheese fly.

He flapped once more lifting his body a few inches off the ground. "A little more! Just flap a little harder!"

As I advised, Cheese flapped his wings harder and flew.

"I'm flying!"

Cheese and I spent few minutes practicing flying in the clouds and helping Twilight with the decorations.

"Alright. It seems that we're done here! Should we go gather everypony else?" I asked.

"I think. Let's go to Rarity's first. She said she was making everypony an outfit for today wasn't she?"

"She did say that...let's go!"

"The girls and I will be staying here until the wedding starts."said Daisy


"Yeah we'd thought it be necessary if we got out of your mane for a bit. Besides have our dresses with us."

"Cool! We'll be back soon."

"Hey Twilight? Would it be alright if we flew to Carousel Boutique?"

"That's fine with me! Are you comfortable with flying Cheese?"

"Sure! Let's go!"

The three of us flew to Rarity's home. I couldn't wait to see their reaction to our wings. Is this how Rarity felt as well?

Twilight knocked on the door and Rarity answered. Rarity wore her designer glasses which means she was still fixing the dresses.

"Is something wrong Rarity?"

"Everything is perfect with the exception of this dress! I had it worked out! Until I realized it was suited for a Pegasus!! What is a filly to do?!"

"By chance...who's dress is it?"

"It's supposed to be Pinkie's! Why didn't I check this sooner..."

"Well Rarity you won't believe this-..."

"I'm a Pegasus!"

"Well if you just magically woke up this morning a different type of pony then yes. But I saw you about six hours ago Pinkie Pie and you were the same Earth Pony I know and love."

"No!" I opened my wings.

"Sweet Celestia! But how... Only alicorn magic is... Oh." Rarity still hadn't gotten used to Twilight Princess.

"Cheese is one too! Show her!"

He spread his wings and knocked over a mannequin. "Oh my... How exquisite."

"Thank you."

"I guess this is better news... now I don't have to make any changes. Please try on your outfits and give me your critique!"

Rarity gave three of us hangers and pushed us into dressing rooms. I slid the dress onto my body. I had problems getting my new wings into their spaces. "Come on...silly wings...You can do it..." I whispered. Until they popped into the sleeves. I looked into the mirror. The dress fit perfectly. It was a light blue dress with little dark blue gems on the torso.

"Pinkie? I would love to see how it looks on you Darling."

I walked out of my dressing room. "What do you think?"

"It. Is. PERFECT!" Her eyes shined and beamed with excitement.

"Where's the others?"

"Oh they're probably still getting dressed. Twilight? Mr.Sandwich? May I see how you look?"

Twilight stepped out of her dressing room. Her dress was a simple long violet dress.

"You look stunning. You just need some pearls! And you'll look extravagant!"

Last but not least Cheese came out of his dressing room. His tuxedo matched my dress. He had a black suit and a shirt but a lovely light blue bow tie made of gems to complement the outfit. He looked handsome. It reminded alot of our first date here in Ponyville.

"You look ravishing Cheese Sandwich! In fact you all look amazing!"

"Aww thank you Rare. Thanks for making these amazing clothes."

"Oh! It's nothing...really."

"Where did Magnolia and Starstruck go?"

"They were going to meet the guests at the train station."

"Perfect. That gives us ample enough time to finish getting ready."said Twilight.

"Let's go find the others..." I said as I tried to walk out.

Applejack,Rainbow and Fluttershy stood outside the doors of Carousel Boutique. "How convenient! They were just coming to get you three!"

"We came because the food was finally done. Shouldn't we put it somewhere?"

"Yes! Rainbow,Fluttershy and I will go to the wedding platform and take the cake and food."said Twilight.

"Okey Dokey! Good Luck!"

Rainbow and Twilight lifted the heavy tray of food together and Fluttershy tried her best to direct them.

"Okay Applejack now it's your turn."

"For what?"

"To wear your dress! Do it! I worked really hard."

"Okay! Sheesh."

Applejack rolled her eyes as Rarity handed her a dress.She stepped out and looked out herself. Applejack wore a caramel dress with embroidered gold. It was a simple dress but it was still classy.

"So... What do you think?"

"I like it. Thank you."

"You look very pretty."

"Well uh..thank you sugarcube."

"Is there anything you'd like me to fix?"

"...Well..." Applejack tapped her hoof to her chin and thought about her the dresses' flaws.

"Oh it's really itchy! The dress is a little tight and..." She rambled on longer and began to incite an argument with Rarity. I shrugged it off and talked to Cheese.

"You look awesome!!"

Thank you! As do you Pinkie."

I giggled. "Do you something planned for them?"

"For the Wedding?"


"Hm... is this what you meant earlier by oomph?"


"And on a scale to... simple welcoming party by your standards to Princess Cadence' s Wedding how much oomph are we giving it?"

"Around... goof off or birthaversary levels." I chuckled nervously. At the mention of Rainbow's birthaversary he froze in place and appeared to have a flashback to a few months ago. A slow and creepy smile appeared on his face.

"Yeah...I guess we could do that."

"...What's wrong Cheese?"

"...I haven't forgiven myself."

"For what?"

"I was just so mean at the party... all I desired was your attention and I didn't mean for it to get out of hand."

"Cheese. I forgive you. It's the past! Everything back then doesn't really matter. You can't change it."

"I guess..."

"Cheesy...cheer up please. I hate to see you frown."

"Sorry Pinkie."

I kissed him on the cheek. "It's fine. Just turn that frown upside down! We have a wedding to finish."


Applejack and Rarity had finally stopped their bickering. "How did things go with Star and Maggie today Rarity?"

"Oh just marvelous. Her dress is divine and her mane is a work of art! Starstruck took a bit of work but he looks magnificent! I can't wait for you all to see him. I hate that we broke the rules though..."

"What rules?"

"Maybe not rules... Perhaps tradition? Usually the bride and groom do not see each other until they get married."

"Oh! They were together today.... Awww..."

"They refused to be apart. Who am I to tear apart such undying love?"

Maybe it was just the effect of the moon or maybe it was truly their own thoughts on their relationship.

Rainbow,Twilight and Fluttershy burst through the doors of the boutique.

"It's all done!"yelled Rainbow.

"However we may have a small problem."said Twilight.

"Oh no! What happened?! Did the clouds explode? Did the flowers turn into flying dragons?! Did Star and Maggie combust?!"

Cheese hugged me in an effort to calm me down. "No Pinkie. They're just coming back with their guests now."

"Oh! That's not too bad."

"Really Pinkie."said Rainbow.

"Well if they're coming... Cheese, Twilight and I should go to the meadow and welcome them! Fluttershy,Rainbow,Rarity make sure to get ready! Applejack can you go to Town Square and get the balloon?"

"I'm on it!"

"Sure thing Pinkie!"

The three of us ran out of the store and flew for the meadow. I enjoyed flying. I loved the gentle breeze and the fluffy clouds on my hooves. I was a little sad it would only last a day. We landed in the meadow to find a crowd of about fourty ponies. Fortunately the box seats Twilight made would seat everypony.

"Pinkie! Cheese!"

Magnolia flew and gave us both a hug.

"Are you nervous?"

"No! Somewhat... Okay just a little."


Twilight flew into the air and announced with a powerful voice: "I need all ponies incapable of flight on this side of the meadow. All Pegasus Ponies please take a seat in the seats above. "

Unicorns and Earth Ponies formed a group in the meadow and Twilight shot a magical beam of light at them. The ponies were in awe of the feeling and let out many remarks.

"I feel tingly!"

"What did she do to me?!"

"Do I have superpowers now?"

Unaware of their hidden ability, the ponies stumbled about like newborn foals and frolicked in the grass. A giant purple blur blocked the sun. On a second glance it was Applejack and Cherry Berry in the hot air balloon.

"Yeehaw!" Applejack yelled as the balloon landed. Twilight performed the cloud walking spell on the two of them.

"Let's bring everypony to the clouds!"

Cherry Berry began to bring ponies to the clouds. Rarity,Rainbow and Fluttershy soon arrived. Rarity wore a ruby red dress that shimmered with diamonds, Rainbow an Amethyst dress laced with Gold and Fluttershy wore a simple Emerald dress.

Twilight performed her spell on Rarity and the rest of us flew up to the seats. All of the guests were seated, Twilight stood at the arc. We waited for the arrival of Magnolia and Starstruck.

A few moments later, what appeared to be the bridlemaids and groomsmen walked to the arc.

"Oh don't they look ravishing!"said Rarity.

"They do look pretty nice."said Fluttershy

"But not as good as us!" Said Applejack

"Oh girls."

Starstruck was the next to appear. His mane was slicked back,which was quite different from its normal appearance. Everything about him was radiating. His mane, his body, his attitude even his tuxedo radiated in Celestia's rays.

"Oh my he looks lovely."said Fluttershy.

"He does look rather handsome."

Magnolia was escorted by a golden stallion with a silver mane. He appeared to be a Pegasus. Magnolia' s dress was a light tint of blue and shimmered in the sunlight. She was hidden from view by her veil. The stallion kissed her on the cheek and left her at the altar with Starstruck and the others.

"It's finally happening Cheese! Are you excited?"

"Of course!"

Twilight proceeded with the wedding.

"Do you Starstruck take Magnolia to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

"Do you Magnolia take Starstruck to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

"With the power vested in me, I now pronounce you mare and gentlecolt."

The audience cheered and a few sobs were heard. There was a stairwell leading to where party was going to held. The new couple and the audience made their way up to the next platform.

I hadn't been on the platform. It was quite expansive and perfect for what I had planned.

"Oh my... Twilight you certainly have a way with the clouds."

"Thank you. It was my first time, and I just wanted to experiment a little."

Applejack had the ponies sit in the tables, and began to serve food with Rainbow Dash. Fluttershy's birds chirped pleasant melodies to keep every pony entertained.

Cheese called me over to table where he, Rarity and Twilight sat."Pinkie!"

I bounced over to him. "Yes Cheesy?"

"What did you want to do to add... oomph?"

"I think it'll be a surprise. What's on your mind?"

He whispered in my ear.

"Ooh... Yes.. I like it. Let's do it!"

He nodded. " Do you have anything that could be of use?"

"Only what's in my handy dandy satchel."

He peeked inside my satchel. "How did you get of that in there?!"

"Don't question it. Just bask in its awesomeness."

"Ahem!" A voice made everypony silent. I turned around and it appeared that Star wanted to make an announcement.

"I would like thank everypony for attending our wedding. It means the world to Magnolia and I. I would love to thank our party planners Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie.None of this could have been possible without your assistance."

Everypony clapped and cheered. "I'd like to thank you too Pinkie."


"If it weren't for you, this wedding wouldn't be as amazing as it is now. You could have chosen to not answer my letters but yet you did. I'm forever thankful to you.

"Aww it's nothing. Now let's get started!"

"Yes!Let Operation:Surprise commence!"

I went into my bag and took out the Cupcake Baker. In today's surprise I was going to need more than mere cupcakes. I set it to "Surprise me!" For 5 seconds... And a hollow cake with confetti popped out.

"What's that?"

"Shh. All will be revealed in due time. No more questions please."

Next were my party cannon and the bubble blaster. I set the cannon and the blaster in two corners of the room. I had a switch so that any moment I could trigger either of the machines.

"Okay I'm ready!"

"What exactly are we going to do?"

"We're going to be in that cake. The cake will roll to the middle of the ballroom and that's when I pull the switch for the machines. Then we fly out of the cake and surprise everypony!"

" It seems kinda risky, but if you wanna go with it..."

"Yup! Now let's go Cheesy!"

We got into the cake and made sure we weren't seen. We began to roll to the center of the room. The room had this awkward silence fall upon it as the cake entered. I clicked the switch to activate the party cannon and bubble blaster. A loud roar of cheering and applauding succeeded it.

We waited for the crowd to hush once more for the next surprise. We held hooves and counted to three for the next surprise.





We flew out of the cake, leaving the crowd stunned. Most of the audience didn't expect ponies popping out of a cake nor did they expect the two of us flying for a day. All eyes were on the two of us. We flew around the room blowing bubbles, dazzling ponies below, and doing random tricks. Cheese and I were about 150 feet above the platform and everypony still was watching.

"Hey Cheese watch this!" I did a loop de loop like Rainbow Dash does sometimes. However mine wasn't successful. My wing wouldn't flap. I was stuck.

"Cheese help!" I felt that I was getting further and further to the ground. My left wing wouldn't answer to me. Why of all times now? I felt that I was going to meet an untimely death until I heard a close flapping. I had come to the realization that my wings were not working anymore. Who was saving me?


"Pinkie. Please don't ever scare me like that again."

He carried me in his arms. "I'm so sorry Cheese..." I started sobbing. It was just so scary.

"It's alright... Its going to be fine."

"But that's the second time you've saved my life..."

"...Yes. There's nothing wrong with that. I won't let you die Pinkie."

Cheese flew me down to the platform where Twilight ran to me.

"Pinkie are you okay?!"

"No... Could you get rid of these for me..."

"Sure. How about you Cheese?"

"That would be good. Thank you."

Twilight performed her spell to remove the wings and placed a cloud spell.

"Phew! I hope you're feeling okay Pinkie."

"Thanks Twilight."

"Oh the couple is getting ready to leave. They wanted to speak with you two before the bouquet toss."

"Awww... let's go Cheese!"

I looked around and laughed at the mess I made with Cheese.

"What's so funny?"

"Cherry Berry has to clean this all up."

Cherry pouted in the corner while we both laughed.

Starstruck and Magnolia were laughing at their table together and noticed us approach their table.

"Hey guys!"

"Hey Star and Maggie! Did you enjoy yourselves?"

"It was a lot of fun. I'm really going to miss you two."

"Me too..."

"Oh! We have a present for you Star." I pulled out the scroll.

"It'll teach you how to teleport! Now you'll have no problems with it."

"That is amazing Pinkie Pie. Thank you."

"Aww I'm just going to miss you both... let's take pictures to commemorate the occasion."

A nearby camerapony took our pictures. Our faces beamed with joy and silliness because who knew when was the next time we'd all be together?

"Alright! It's time for the bouquet toss!"

Magnolia flew to the ground below and into her carriage. Star,Cheese and I were on the balloon and were ready to land. We landed on the meadow and I was with my friends in the toss. We waited patiently for Magnolia to toss the flowers.

"So who do you think is getting the bouquet?"asked Fluttershy

"Moi! I would love to be the next one who gets married..." said Rarity.

Magnolia tossed the bouquet and all the mares went frantic. I jumped through the air and was knocked by a blur. When I looked up the bouquet was in my hooves.

"Awwww!"everypony awed.

It took me a moment to grasp what happened but I immediately felt the warmth in my cheeks. Being the superstitious pony that I am, I feel like it could actually happen to me. I looked over at Cheese who was also a tomato red. Was it possible he felt the same?

"Aww congrats Pinks! We'll be sure to attend your and Cheese's wedding! It'll be so divine!"

"Hahaha what? Who said...?"

" Well we need to go! It's been nice seeing you all!" Said Starstruck.

Starstruck got into the carriage and the two of them rode into the sunset together.

"Can you really believe it's over? It went by super fast."

"Yeah! But I'm glad they enjoyed themselves."

"What will you now? Now that's it's over?"

"I do what I always do Pinkie Pie. I mosey on to the next town in need of a good party."

I frowned a little. I wasn't ready for him to go.

"Awww don't be sad honey. I'm just a party away. Whenever you need me...just call and write to me.Okay?"


"I'll see you soon." He kissed me goodbye and wiped my tears away. I watched him go into the sunset. It had been an unforgettable two weeks. Full of smiles, tears, New friends, dangers and goodbyes. It was something I would always treasure and something I had learned to treasure even more. True Love. I never thought it really existed. "There's some pony out there for everypony." That's what everypony says. I never thought it was true until we met again. I've also come to realize what love means. It's different to us all. It's the undying faith and respect we have for our significant other. I've never really been in love but I can say without a doubt that my love for Cheese Sandwich is real and I hope more ponies experience a love so amazing.