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Hey, I have an idea if you're bored. Follow me and you get awesome stories. Yeeaah


It's a month and a half before New Years Eve, and Pinkie Pie is planning a party for all of her classmates. Only, she needs help. Since her friends are occupied, who can help her?

None other than Cheese Sandwich.

Chapters (20)
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I'm about to read the story but why does chapter 1 have 1050 words and the site says the story has 661 words in total so far?:rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh:
Or are my eyes broken?

I just finished reading the chapter and I liked it I cant wait to see what comes next. :pinkiesmile: The problems I had was that there were a good number of spelling errors in it.
P.S: "Well that isn't weird at all," Rainbow said sarcastically.

Now for the Nerdyness :twistnerd:The dance is coming up soon, and everyone's cou.ting on ME, PINKIE PIE!" Pinkie said She doesn't need to say her name and counting :facehoof:

Why can't you guys help.me why is there a period:twilightoops:

her head going bavk and forth back

Rainbkw said, putting the spinning ball down. RAINBOW
I just hate to leave them alone I'd
Pi.kie decided it's Pinkie
hks equally curly head. his equally curly head
combined,.we'll no period needed
different frim Pinkie from
infirmation gjrls information girls
I feel like ur editor or something:trollestia:

Next edition about less mistakes than last time
You don't want to talk to a cranky girl, do us?" do you
They both at it in two bites. ate it
the directions of the their homes their respective homes would fit better there
Me and flutter shy Fluttershy is one word
And this time, she will get her man," you are missing the open "quotation mark
:twistnerd: done

Comment posted by Darthdarius117 deleted Jan 3rd, 2015

"None taken. My band's songs are getting worst each time we play anyway," Flash replied, crossing his arms.
Get out of this fic NOW Flash! And NEVER COME BACK! :flutterrage:

"Oh! Right! Got off track there..um..so we should also get Twilight! Maybe she's willing to come back from Equestria!" Pinkie said. Flash smiled at that idea. Maybe he could share the traditional kiss with her when the clock strikes twelve.
*Spits on the ground* Waifu Killer!

I like it! But there are a lot of spelling mistakes. And I love that weird al reference. Just beautiful. :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Darthdarius117 deleted Jan 4th, 2015

y u no like Flashlight im glad wats he name got a bf but im in luv with cheese and u don't c me hating on best pony do u?:moustache:

ha, ha! This is amazing!
MOAR! please

I... That... Just...


That was just...




so cute! there are practically no words. no words. (in a fantabulous way)

...how old is pinkie pie? cause Weird Al is like...55 or something

Uh oh. So much bad luck.



Really? We're gonna go there?

Darn it Rarity, why must you always show up at the wrong time? :flutterrage:
Keep up the goo- No, fantastic work, I really love where this is going!!! :raritystarry:

KEEP THIS AMAZING WRITING UP! Is this on Twilight's Library yet? It should totally be! This is AWESOME!

I CAN'T wait for the next chapter! This is just, so good! I can't stop! It would be hilarious, if Cheese walks in on their 'chat'! That'd be awesome, awkward and cute!

HAHAHA!! She was about to book it once that topic came up.

YAY *explodes from happiness* ButtonBelle shipping!
Plus Sweetie Bell you got in the bag
Like apple bloom said the boy can't resist you

Let's get this partay started! If you know what I mean...

I actually know what applejack feels like in this position
Those were some crazy fifth grade moments...
Geez now that I think about it my friend was crazier than rarity...
And we had no flutter shy...

Woah what's going on?
Cheese is getting ready to kiss Pinkie already!
You better calm down mister:raritywink:

5659999 in the story they're both teenagers

5664641 seriously idk I was like
Yes! More DRAMA
This was your greatest interruption yet!
But you know if you don't feel the same way about it I totally understand

Ha! Almost everyone gets a ship!
And they knew each others which was even more hilarious

5694807 lol I just poking fun ^w^

5694829 Oh don't worry, I do feel the same way. You are doing a superb job, and I guess we all need those awkward or interrupted moments. It's what gets the reader hooked on the story, even if they do make you cringe or think "Oh how cliché" (Oh, but I'm not saying your story is like that, please don't be mad). :fluttershysad:
All I can say now is, *Takes in a deep breath*, ThisissocuteCheesePieismyOTP,willyoupleaserightmore?Huh,huhcouldyou? :raritystarry:
Sorry, I'm being a real pain in the flank aren't I? I've probably replied to you at a late time, (Well, I don't really know when a appropriate is because it's only 8 O'clock here in Britain). :twilightblush:
Anyway, you're doing amazing :pinkiesmile:

5696341 no I TOTALLY get
It man, I hope they update this soon...
We need MOAR,:flutterrage:
... Please :twilightsheepish:

5696994 lol I have been a big fan of Weird Al all my life. His joining the ponies was something I kinda approved of and from the sound of his acting he really liked it :rainbowlaugh:
and the two characters really do ship well. lol I cant see any of the other ponies being able to tolerate pinkie for a life long commitment :pinkiehappy:
ah yes... pinkie pie.... like third degree burns... better taken in shifts

Just found one mistake
Apolejack but that's it
It's so cute but the words fly by so fast:pinkiesad2:

This is so cute!

Comment posted by Neptune V deleted Mar 7th, 2015

5703371 I died when I read "Apolejack.":rainbowlaugh:

5708380 me too!
Gotta fix that it's attracting a lot of attention

Cheese accidentally dropped Pinkie to the floor.

Ouch! (Giggles hysterically anyway) :rainbowlaugh:


Cheese stopped the car.

"Hey! Don't kick me out of the car!" Pinkie said, frowning.

I laughed way too hard at this :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

SoarinDash, RariLane, and Caremeljack....I approve all these ships!!!!! :pinkiehappy: Rarity would have better luck at the Sadies dance rather than this one. Also, the end reminds me of this

I can not wait! This is better that lemmon cupcakes, and they're amazing! Please write more quickly cause this is super-de-duper!

I found this chapter really entertaining, I love how you're taking things slow and not making the characters too forward with their actions with one another. :heart:
Oh, and I especially love Cheese's Mom scene 'cause it kinda reminds me of my Mom whenever I bring friends over.:twilightblush:
Once again, keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

He is Cheese Sandwich, not Weird Al, if they used the voice actors for the human charecters then Ashleigh Ball and Andrea Libman would have split personality disorder, Tara Strong would think she was a pony princcess and Raritys voice actor would be a fashionista

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