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Hello! I am Ceehoff, and as you see, I'm the author of "Equestria's First Human". Welcome to my FimFiction page! Here, you can read the other stories I have written other than EFH. Enjoy your stay!


Shortly after the theft of Twilight's crown by Sunset Shimmer and Twilight's departure, Equestria's First Human, Connor Powell, goes through the mirror into a world he is most familiar with.

(Another story branched off of "Equestria's First Human")

(An "Equestria Girls" fic :3) (NOTE: Until a proper cover art is made, I will leave it blank for a while. Guess I forgot to draw one :3)

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 178 )

Connor in the human world Twilight went to? I hope he makes snarky comments about their illnesses.

You know, that changes their skin pigmentation. It can't be healthy to be those colours.

"Oooooooh! This just got gooooood," Pinkie Pie cooed, taking another big bite out of another rock candy pop.

Awwww yeah, it just got good. *Munches on rock candy pop with Pinkie Pie*



Wait, how did I get here?

Hey Connor, better eat some bacon while you can!

Yay! Another story starring Connor!

Hm.... I was nervous at first, but I will give this story a chance.

#1 Fave...CHECK
#2 Like....CHECK
#3 Read..CHECK...

Sorry for the really long chapter....

Who cares...This story just can be good:yay:
Please, continue...:duck:

Aja, hmmm well Angel just sending throw the a mirror and possible never seeing her colt friend again…eeyup Angel prepare yourself, to the rage of Fluttershy and Princess Celestia…he is SOOOOOOO going to wish he is death.

Also I got confused, what exactly happen? Did Connor accidentally kiss Celestia? Did he crash into the side of her posterior? What, you only said they crash and Celestia went to her fantasy…ok, why? seriously dude, What happen?:rainbow huh: you leave that very, very confusing

Also is he going to stay there longer or this like a 2 parts chapters?

3750565 I rewritten that part. It should be clearer now :3

Thanks so he collide with the side of her flank and that POFT must have be her wings extending right? ok I get it now.
I still want to see how is solve that crush of her, and I'm glad you are giving us clues now with that of Cadence noticing and all that

Ha!!! Nice fake outs!! You think he's going into the mirror first time?? Nope!! Think he's gone in third time??! Nope. Whew, that was close..almost went into *FWAP*!! ANGEL, YOU SON OF A..*Poof* goes into the mirror :D

This looks like it'll be pretty good. So don't mind if I dive right in. :pinkiehappy:

That moment when your name is Connor...

alright its on, connor you better be the hero in this one!

Alright! This is awesome! I'm so nervous-cited! Keep up the great work!:pinkiehappy::heart:

Love it already :twilightsmile:

More, more more more. Also, HOORAY FOR SUNBUTT COLLISION. Anywho, in all seriousness, you've done a fair balance of including the movies material and adding new stuff.

Angel is going to get punish right? I mean he send him in and almost destroy the space time line, he REALLY deserve a punishment, please tell me, he is going to get punished?

Please stop involving Angel, I just want to see him mashed into a fine red paste and it's distracting from everything else.

Also, bullshit on a 5-lbs rabbit knocking a 200-lbs+ stallion across a room.

Are you ever going to do like a quick cover art for it?

He'd better come out of there with stewed wabbit to show to Angel.

Connor: Next time? YOU.
Angel: *Scream Face*

And after seeing her colt friend entering a enchanted mirror and not knowing if she would ever see him again, Fluttershys paitence with the small White furry pest was finally over, and she snapped his damn neck!!!

Please continue D;

Now, logic states he's going to have a MAJOR romance crisis with humanShy


Cartoon physics, Angel exploits them fairly often, admitedly mainly to eat large foodstuffs. But remember he also slammed Shy's door shut easily enough.

3753384 Yeah, but once you think about it, he was able to kick Fluttershy out of her own cabin :fluttercry: :flutterrage:

my reaction to the cliffhanger

I'm on the edge of my seat right now waiting for the next chapter because when ceehoff writes something its so good it needs to be put in the hall of fame

Whoa, haven't seen this series in a long time.

Then again, that's probably my fault seeing as I never read any of your new content.

But I can make an exception.

Wow, after two weeks away from this site It looks like that I came back just in time :pinkiehappy:

Soo, something really bad happened to Connor that made him miss the "Crystal Empire","Pinkie Pie invasion", "Magic Duel" and "Discord's revival" incidents, right? xd At least that's what I thought when I noticed this new history.
Long chapter? I think it was fine. I even wished that it was longer... im a bit impatient when it comes to fanfics :applejackunsure:

Have fun writing the next episodes :ajsmug:

@ 6:40

Wow, then he definitely is going to get one severe punishment,

Angel? Oh you can bet your flank he will!:pinkiecrazy:

Hurray! Now I just wonder what Connor go back to her world, je I just can't WAIT to see what happen when he stumble into human Fluttershy, well at least he will have an objective find Human Twilight…unless he find the human Twilight that belong in there and…boy is that will be confusing.

P.S: I really hope human Luna will not find him attractive there, why human Luna, you ask? Irony

The irony will already be at maximum :pinkiecrazy:

Wow, you are an ass to put in those two sike! moments. Especially by putting the cliffhanger at the end there. You monster.

You'd best be deliverin' me some mor 'o this here story, boy, or else things could get pr-et-ty unpleaseant for ye.
*uses crowbar as one would a sword, dragging the curved tip across your throat*
I hope ye be choosin' a path that extends yer life that much longer.

Oh, dear. Here we go again.

Most entertaining!:pinkiehappy:

But I actually find myself wondering what will happen to Angel, I hope Celly doesn't like rabbit stew :pinkiecrazy:!

The parts I find interesting are Celestia's "crush" on Conner. Does she even know that he's in a relationship with Fluttershy?

Wow only you Molestia.:trollestia:

3767985 Herds aren't unheard of, and she is a princess. I doubt she would do anything but having a crush isn't bad.

Whatever happpened to the art related to this chapter?

I wonder what Connor is going to do when he gets there?
Search of for the alternate fluttershy? Or immediately search for the nearest bacon joint:unsuresweetie:

3753384 there is no logic in equestria, exhibit A. Pinkie Pie:pinkiehappy:, exhibit B. Derpy:derpytongue2:

3831458 I imagine he'll meet his old friend back in high school. After all, he WAS involved in that crash, so I imagine he'll have to relearn what he already learned and forgot in that crash. I also think he'll introduce Twilight and Spike. It's only a guess, but it's a damn good one :eeyup:

3881120 or.... He is an alternate universe where anthropomorphic ponies have taken over earth and eradicated eradicated the human race which was forgotten over the years into a myth :pinkiegasp:

3882606 or....... Went into the EG universe:ajbemused:

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