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Just the resident Stoner brony here to read and create as much as he can.


Anonymous has been in Equestria for a while now, and all he has done is tried to live his life day to day. This is a glimpse into that life and how he deals with everyday annoyances from grocery shopping to hanging out with friends.

Chapters (5)
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I actually was thinking of something like that for the next chapter. Thanks.

I don't know how but you have discovered my one weakness adorableness, well adorableness and high levels of gamma radiation, and my allergy to cats, and guine pigs, and psychic type, also sharp sticks actually pretty much anything slightly hazardous to my health.

Anyway love the story faved.

“Why is it always me?”


5073105 So true.
Also, is that an AMX 13 90?

5074393 Batignolle Chatillon 25t.

You WOT M8?

5074453 So it's one of those annoying buggers. thx
Got that right ;)

Homosexual Anon is most original Anon.

Derpy Hooves: broest bro that ever broed.

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