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Hello! I am Ceehoff, and as you see, I'm the author of "Equestria's First Human". Welcome to my FimFiction page! Here, you can read the other stories I have written other than EFH. Enjoy your stay!


((For those who haven't seen Godzilla 2014 yet, MAJOR SPOILER ALERT IN FIRST CHAPTER!! You have been warned.))

Whenever the King of the Monsters is in need of care, he knows the one small soul suitable for the job. However, how will his caretaker keep him a secret just to prevent pandemonium and chaos to all of Ponyville?

A short Godzilla(2014)/MLP crossover fic, just for creativity's sake... (And I freaking loved the movie). XD

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Shortly after the theft of Twilight's crown by Sunset Shimmer and Twilight's departure, Equestria's First Human, Connor Powell, goes through the mirror into a world he is most familiar with.

(Another story branched off of "Equestria's First Human")

(An "Equestria Girls" fic :3) (NOTE: Until a proper cover art is made, I will leave it blank for a while. Guess I forgot to draw one :3)

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(An "Equestria's First Human" side-story.)

Before the arrival of Equestria's First Human...
Before the founding of "Dragonfire"...
There was a stallion named Hellfire...
This is his story...
How it all began...

(This story has gore in the last two chapters.)

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Connor and Sweetie Belle have been doing some quality time together: helping with homework, walking to school, playing, talking, comforting after a personal dispute. After a while, Sweetie Belle begins to crush on the colt. She wants more than anything for him to be her coltfriend, but what will hold her back? The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Connor's obliviousness, or the fact that Connor is already dating Fluttershy? Dun-dun-DUNNNNNNN!

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The Mane 6 have been cordially invited to the Royal Wedding... Connor, too!

This branched off of my first fic, "Equestria's First Human."

Written in sync with the Canterlot Wedding episodes. (I know I did not make those episodes.)

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(The Redone Version) (EFH has it's own TV Tropes page! Thanks to redandready45! )

A human has been teleported to Equestria after a lightning bolt struck him. The ponies of Ponyville had never seen anything like him before. Full of fear and uncertainty, all of Ponyville, except for the Mane 6 and Spike, avoided him. The human, with the help of the Mane 6, must earn Ponyville's friendship before a way back home is found.

Rated Teen for some language and mild peril.

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