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i got a question is ever mare in ponyville,and CMC will fall before Twilight and her compendium of sexy spells to

This was incredibly sexy. Here's to more sexy times.

Wow, Twilight as 'slutty city girl teaching the country cowpokes how to rumble' really works. Looking forward to this.

It'll totally need a sequel where she heads back to Canterlot for some 'unfinished business'...

EDIT: Granted, 'Vastly powerful mage uses her magic to overpower and sexually assault someone for calling her a liar' is rather erky, but as no attention was really drawn to that angle in the story, I'll assume it's one of those 'fuck'em 'til they like it' stories and just enjoy the ride.

I am intrigued. I do like it when Twilight is the domineering one.

Lo and behold,twilight is a slut :trollestia:

Incredibly sensual. Well done.

Great,Twilights going to be ponyvilles JFK.....Er......Anyways.....this was bloody hot?.....Damnit i ruined the boners of everyone with the JFK thing didnt i?

"Pen Is Mightier®"

You're sittin' on a gold mine Trebek! :rainbowlaugh:

I don't normally like human stories, but this is great. The background info Twilight gave on the towns and her personal history was intriguing, although the clop scene was particularly memorable for me. It was very hot, but the way Twilight played with Rainbow and the responses of Twilight's three friends throughout it were humorous and entertaining as well. Can't wait to see what other spells and techniques she has.

And how this may affect Rarity and Applejack. :trollestia: I wonder if Rarity will bring it up to Fluttershy on spa day.

Holy balls that was HOT!! :rainbowderp: please continue:twilightsmile:

say, this was pretty damn good! i need more!

twi gets all the bitches :twilightsmile:


Hell of a first time, wasn't it Pinkie? :rainbowwild:

"Sweet, creamy frosting!" :pinkiehappy:

I think we can take that as a 'yes.' :twilightsmile:

Lookin' forward to AJ'S edumacation!

Dat Pulp Fiction reference.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

First of all:
Just a suggestion but:

You were having sleeping with men when you were sixteen

You can strike the "having" there, it just doesn't sound right.

Celestia remains best princess. :trollestia:

You know you should make twilight a bit like Barney. Just the pick up challenge part.

You know what never mind. You can make her all Barney. Even the part where he makes up tales and made up theories.

Just to see twilight doing this, i will like fav and follow, was gonna like and fav anyhow but now i shall follow. :pinkiehappy:

Because this twilight is twilightlicious and is trolling her friends with her sexy moves :trollestia:

She also screwed a princess, your argument is invalid x1000

This could be one of my new all time favorites. I eagerly await more.

Well I think two mare enjoy their gift, but I wonder who is next, Applejack who may feel left out for singling Rainbow Dash in the bar, or Rarity who wants if this chapter was any indication. Probably both.
Keep up the work and I hope :pinkiehappy::rainbowwild: enjoy their gift:yay:

That last sentence has me picturing Spike having a secret collection of photos of Twilight and her partners. And if Twilight's friends found these pictures, they would go through them to see who Twilight has been with. Rainbow Dash would find one of Twilight with Spitfire while Rarity would find one with Fancy Pants and/or Fleur de lis.

Keep up the good work.

4212912 dude, this would an awesome idea for a chapter! like, rainbow finds out about most, if not all, of the people twilight's been with from spikes pictures, and goes and asks if they can form an orgy! twilight, being the naughty kinky girl she is, happily agrees! and hopefully there's no dudes. no offence meant to those who like M/F, i just never liked guys in my clop fics. the only thing i hope doesn't happen at some point is having to read about any naughty fun time that includes spike.

I also just realized I missed my chance to put in a self-boobjob. Dammit.

make another chapter, then. maybe bring in a couple new people, have them be introduced to the groups favorite new sex toys, and have at it!

That was so fucking awesome and hot I loved it all so much and can't wait to see what happens next.


that was oddly satisfying, please continue.

Good show! Jolly good show! I absolutely love the idea of Twilight being a sex freak!

This was awesome, best part is the characterisation

Dash landed, grabbed onto Pinkie's shoulders, and started shaking her. “Say 'what' again! "Say 'what' again!" I dare you, I"double dare" you, Pinkie! Say 'what' one more time!”

HA Pulp Fiction reference

There are no words to accurately describe how much I love this.

Twilight you little devil :moustache:

The pubic hair kinda killed it for me.....

I got to get me some of those.:rainbowlaugh:


That last bit took place at breakfast. The line about pancakes was meant to clue you in.

Can we hit all of Fluttershy's fetishes, please? I share some of those...

Both sound pretty awesome. But my vote goes to Spike

One more vote for Spike. Have Twilight teach him everything.

One vote against Spike. Eugh

my votes for the Zecora chapter!

Actually I think I vote for Spike.

Clearly, the princesses will resolve their disagreement with strap-on wars. Twilight as the battlefield, naturally.

Either that, or they agree on neutral arenas. And Twilight's friends need to broaden their horizons anyway.

Expect a sort of sequel chapter in the future where Spike greed-grows


Geez, you guys, I wasn't holding a vote. Well, regardless, that seems to be what happened, so by popular demand, have Spike.

Aw, and here i was going to say why not just have a mixture of the two ideas?

You could have a chapter where Twilight teams up with Rarity to teach Applejack the joys of being a lesbian.
Plus Twilight probably wonders what its like of a Zebra and teach her some joys as well.

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