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Thoughts are what we make them, but what would you say to those imaginations that become self aware? What happens to those dreams when they threaten everything you hold dear? And what if those thoughts are the only thing that can save you from utter destruction. This is the story of relationships between cartoons and thought in general. This is the story of the greatest crossing of all time. This is the story of... Across the Universe.

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What a novel idea! Hopefully it will be a bit more than your standard crossover, but I digress. Can't wait to see how this plays out.

the only cartoon i recognise on that picture is mlp. i have know idea what the rest are

I would've loved to see Dexter, and Samurai Jack, but I understand f you are just doing it McCracken-Faust related.
Still, a marvelous idea.:rainbowkiss:

This is gonna be good. :pinkiehappy: MLP FiM, Power Puff Girls, and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends are all at first glance girly shows. But all three expanded outside their apparent target demographic and became icons of their eras. PPG had the 90's, Foster's had the 00's, and MLP FiM shows no sings of going away. In my oppinion, putting them together is an equasion with only one answer, pure epicness. As a fan of all three, I look forward to reading more.

Idea certainly is novel, if the picture is any indication of your planned story...


You really need to work on your formatting at the very least. It's a big wall-o-text that is difficult to read. Double space after each paragraph please.

294789 Thanks for the imput. To be honnest, I originally wrote this in Google Docs, and just copied the whole thing here, without looking at the way I set up the paragraphs. I'll change that and see if it looks better... after all, I want this fic especially to be as good as possible...

294725 You don't know fosters home for imaginairy friends or The Power Puff girls?
I am dissapoint

294736 Funny you should mention that... no, I won't talk about that until later down the line :derpytongue2:

Wow, that's amazing, i mean the way you described it and the emotion to it, it made me believe you were telling me the intro to a true story. "Smirk" can't wait to see more.

(Every Dream is a Reality, Every Reality is a Dream. Those who See that, are those who see the truth)


I added a Comedy tab, mostly because there was one or two scenes that made me chuckle a little. Feedback would be nice.

OMG!!! :twilightsmile: Pure AWESOMENESS!!! :rainbowdetermined2: Can't wait to read more! :eeyup:

I don't get it.:rainbowhuh: Is it like a rule or something that anyone who winds up in Equestria has to be turned into a pony or other type of creature?:unsuresweetie:

okay, I'm commenting here before I read the second chapter.

This intro, while an excellent interpretation of the WSOGMM, gives me an worry, slightly. I've had long experince with each of these shows you're bringing into this crossover, and I gotta say, the grand adventure may sound awesome in theory, but in practice, massive crisises aren't good ways for characters to get to know each other. I'm a little worried that you're going to loose the spirit of the shows you're using... or WORSE end up flanderizing many of the likeable characters involved. The combined cast is HUGE: how are you going to give equal focus and keep every charcter legitimate?

I have nothing against crossovers, or even this crossover. I love crossovers and belive they are awesome.
When done right. and even humor or parody takes a lot of work to do RIGHT.
still traking and reading on. I personally, like crossovers because you get to see your favorite characters interact in different worlds. I hope this crossover lives up to the thoughtful intro I read here.

Lots of spelling errors and I have no idea whether or not it was intentional.
I... i'm sorry, but I think you need an editor. The speech in the first paragraph felt choppy, and I can't read any farther now. I'll try to give more detailed analysis when I have free time, but for now... ugh.

334496 Sorry you feel that way :fluttercry:. Any idea where I could find one? As for some of the dialouge spelling errors, I'm pretty sure I made most of them intentional. I'll look through the story again myself...

334465 The shows have one thing in common: Friendship and Teamwork to overcome obsticals. If the story goes as I've mapped it out, that will be fleshed out, as they realize what they can do as a team. I planed to take it a little slow the first few parts to flesh out the character relationships (but I disagree about the massive crisis's not having the potential to create bonds between characters. Crisis creates danger, and in danger, in order to work together, you must develop trust. Trust equals bonds and bonds equal relationship)... but in relation to your other comment that you made after this one :twilightblush: I want to emphasize that some of the dialogue was made to be exaggerated, for characters like Goo, or Cheese... Anywho, I agree with you on some things (editor, caution with characters), but I disagree that the crossover is incompatible with MLP (if that's what your saying).

LOVE IT! The funny part has to be with Cheese irritating the CMC. I gotta hand it to Sweetie Belle, she sure knows how to love and tolerate mentally challenged people or "ponies" for that matter. At the end with the surprise party Pinkie Pie planned for the Foster's Five I have a prediction on what will happen next chapter: Pinkie is the baker of sweets, Mac can't have sweets or he goes ape s###, but knowing Pinkie, she'll shove some cake or some sweet substance down Mac's throat:pinkiecrazy:, well you'll see. This is one awesome story! Keep up the story! :twilightsmile::yay::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::ajsmug::raritystarry:

When is this going to be updated? :raritydespair:

Also, where did you get that image?

574615 The image, I just found by googling it. As for the story itself, it's going to be on break for a bit, not because there's no story (in fact, I've got a whole big ol' story planned around it)... but I want it to be as good as possible. Therefore, I'm trying to practice on the humor writing and puns the show is so known for. It just wouldn't be right if I didn't try to add some level of comedy to the story to compliment the awesomeness of the show. In anycase, unless I feel like doing something different, it isn't getting legitamately continued until my other fanfic is all finished. Though if there's just a hay load of demand for it, I'll give it a work on :fluttercry: sorry for making you have to wait and stuff.

woohoo!!!! foster's + ponies = epic!!!!! :rainbowkiss:

Holy Celestia, this concept... I need a moment, 'cause I think my brain just exploded.:pinkiegasp:

:EDIT: Woah. A large amount of likes, and NO dislikes? That right there is rare as buck.:rainbowderp:

You've got a tremendous story going here (picture-perfect characterizations of the Foster's folks), though i agree you need some spelling and grammar stuffs. Duchess is spelled without a T, i think (the Duchess of Foster's might be deliberately spelled differently, don't know).

Still, continue.

The story yarn you are spinning will hopfully knit itself into a sweater of understanding in the crack of perseption you have created in my mind.:pinkiehappy:

Please please please please write more please:fluttercry:

I love this story. Really hope see more chapter's soon. Will there be any crossover pairing's in this story?

...................................................................................................................................:rainbowderp: HOLY BUCKING SHIT! This makes sense!

I just LOVE this. :pinkiehappy: You've got a great plot line, not too many spelling mistks, and in short, it's just great. Aaaaanywho, MOAR! :applecry:

Please, you have to write more. Look at all the people who love this story. I await for this story to get off hiatus. So, for now, this is Roseapple, signing off.:pinkiehappy:

How do you have 11 character tags? :trollestia::unsuresweetie: Awesome story:moustache:

3300474 Because I'm the oldest guy. But er... yeah. I was here before they enforced such a thing.

So... what. Are you dead or something?


Gotta love Cheese and his antics.

See "Sweetie's Mansion" and you'll start to craft a theory or two on why that is.

Maybe someday I'll reapproach this story, but right now, it's just the artifact of a very impatient younger me.

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