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Moon Shooter


Zecora, a noble herbalist hits disaster when an accident causes all of her potions to fall into her cauldron. The result? A monster that escapes, and burns down her home. Meanwhile, along a path to Trotting Springs, a resort located in the center of Everfree, the Mare 6 smell smoke, and soon discover a rapidly spreading fire...
Credit of Coverart- DEAVIANart 14-bits

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Ouch... That bad huh?

295309 Yeah, You SUCK ar writing! :flutterrage:

That story was entertaining to read i wouldnt say that it sucked but it didnt really grab my attension either i think this was a good start nontheless.
Also it seems that unless sweeties mansion updates i have read about every thing you shared on Fimfiction. :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:
* 3/5 star rateing

371603 Thanks. To be honest, I didn't really think this was that good either. It was written for that fanfic contest, I kind of procrastinated and rushed at the last minute, and in the end, it didn't turn out very good. Maybe one day, I'll revise it to make it a little better.

371624 Good idea! I like the concept of the resort on fire and the whole situation! :pinkiehappy: With a few extensions and mabye 1 or 2 extra chapters this would make a great short story though not as short :derpyderp1: In short i think this has potental :pinkiehappy: although i have no good experience in writing fanfiction nor do i think i actualy have any experience writing fanfiction :twilightblush: So i trust you konw what you are doing considering the awsome fanfics you made like sweeties mansion and Across the Universe

Well. . .it's better than Sweetie's Mansion, but that's not saying much.
Okay, seriously, I thought this was okay. It didn't have any fake outs or mean spirited scenes or spend thousands of words torturing a single filly. So yeah, this story was okay.

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